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Liliana Nightingale

"Every person has something that makes them special."

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a character in “Four Hearts”, as played by Horseygirl







Half Swedish, half French

Female one

⌈Face ClaimβŒ‹
Joana GrΓΆblinghoff


⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹
Platinum blonde

⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹
Bright blue

⌈Skin ToneβŒ‹
Light ivory



⌈Physical DescriptionβŒ‹
Lily's entire appearence is very light. She has light, pale blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulders. Her eyes are striking, a very bright ocean blue that always seem very gentle. Her skin is a very light ivory, quite pale if you were to ask her, with a dash of petal pink at her cheeks and lips. She has a tattoo of three butterflies on her back. One blue, like her eyes, one orange, and one red.
Lily has a very small build. She's barely 5'1", with a light hourglass figure. She has a dainty, lithe build. Everything about her seems rather small, and not at all threatening.


⌈Romantic InterestβŒ‹
Currently involved with (FC: Connor Franta), but also may have feelings for Pascal that are more than just friendship

    ✦ Eidetic memory ||
    She remembers everything that she has ever seen, heard, felt, smelled, with perfect precision. She doesn't forget anything, although sometimes she wishes she could.

    ✦ Soothing ||
    Lily has the uncanny ability to soothe people around her. Wether it's one of her friends that's gotten all worked up, or a hysterical stranger.

    ✦ Music ||
    She plays just about every instrument out there. Given that she doesn't forget anything, she learns how to play new instruments very quickly and masters them quick after.

    ❖ Biting her lip ||
    When Lily is nervous, she tends to bite her lip, or the inside of her cheek. If she's really nervous, she can bite right through the skin. She's done it before.

    ❖ Blurting random facts ||
    Whenever there is a lull in conversation, especially with someone she doesn't know really well, she gets nervous and blurts out a bunch of random, although usually interesting facts. Or at least she thinks they're interesting.

    ❖ Excuse her French ||
    Lily speaks English, French, and Swedish. When she's upset she lapses into Swedish, and when she's excited or nervous she lapses into French. She doesn't notice when this happens, and Pascal now picks up most of what she says now.


    β™₯ Horses ||
    β™₯ Her cat ||
    β™₯ Learning new things ||
    β™₯ Pascal ||
    β™₯ Elliot ||
    β™₯ Making people smile ||
    β™₯ Warmth ||
    β™₯ Having fun ||
    β™₯ Helping people ||

    ✘ Arrogance ||
    ✘ Feeling alone ||
    ✘ Rude people ||
    ✘ Bitterness ||
    ✘ Silence ||
    ✘ Upsetting others ||
    ✘ Being underestimated ||
    ✘ Dull people ||

[list]⌘ Being hated ||
⌘ Drowning ||
⌘ Hurting someone she loves ||


Shy | Gentle | Positive | Fun-loving

Lily often comes off as shy, yet very polite and sweet. It's easy to see how selfless she is. She's the kind of person that would give the shirt off her back to a complete stranger. She is rather quiet around strangers, although very polite. She's the kind of person that is too shy to approach people unless they approach her first. But once she grows close to people, she's very different. She's outgoing, upbeat, and loving.

Lily may seem very shy around strangers, she certainly isn't around her friends. She loves to make them smile, and mess with them. Teasing her friends is one of her favourite pass times. She's definitely one that will joke around with her friends, even though she is really very tender. Since she's usually rather well-behaved, every now and then she likes to do something wild and dangerous with her friends. She loves witty banter, and anyone that can keep up with her tends to win her over quickly.
While she can be very teasing and playful, she is also very gentle. She can sense if something is wrong and act accordingly. She is very tender, and loves affection. She can listen to her loved ones vent for hours, and give great advice. Just being close to people makes her happy. She always finds the brighter side of things, and tries to get other people to see it too. She won't force it upon people, but she tries to help. Lily can't stand to see anyone in pain, or upset. She will do anything to take that pain away, even if it is at her own expense. She puts the needs of others above her own, and trusts very easily. She sees the good in everyone.

While Lily is undoubtedly a sweetheart, she does like to have fun. She does her best not to break too many rules, to keep her and her friends from getting into too much trouble, but if someone makes an offer that she thinks sounds fun there's no way that she'll refuse. So long as it doesn't hurt anyone or break any laws, she's up for it. Part of her just likes to prove that she's not as innocent as everyone thinks.



Not much is known about Liliana Nightingale's early life. She was born in southern France. Her father was kind Swede, and her mother was a gentle French girl. They were young, just 21, when they has Lily. To say their family didn't approve would be a bit of an understatement. Dominik, her father, doted on his daughter and both of her parents loved her with all of their hearts. It was the kind of warm, comforting love that shapes a person. Her childhood is the only thing she doesn't remember vividly- she was too young. She remembers her last year with them, though. She can remember being held, loved, and doted on. They didn't have much time with her, but in that time they did their best to be the very best role models they could be. They were both very intelligent and worked for every penny they had.
When Lily was four, they visited Sweden in an attempt to mend the gap in her father's family. They rejected the three, and wouldn't so much as let them through the door. They wouldn't even look at Lily. With a heavy heart, they left the home and were distracted when they drove. A car hit them head-on. Her mother, who had been sitting in the back seat with her daughter, instinctively wrapped herself around her daughter to protect her. Both of her parents were killed, but their little daughter survived unscathed. On the surface, at least.

Since none of her family members in Sweden would take little Lily in, she was sent off to live with her aunt and uncle in America. They lived in the middle of nowhere, on a horse ranch. Not only was the little girl severely traumatized, but she didn't speak any English. She spoke both French and English fluently, but not a word of English. She was very shy, and barely even spoke in her native tongue. She grew very attached to the horses, and mostly could be found hiding in the barn with her aunt and uncle's horses. They tried their best to get bambi-eyed Lily to come out of her shell. Being from a small town, the neighbors grew interested. Especially a little boy that lived next door. Pascal.
He would peek in the stables, and try to get Lily to play with him. For months, she would shyly keep to herself. Eventually, he wore her down. They didn't talk much, givin that Lily didn't speak much English, but he helped a lot in teaching her English. In return, she taught him mostly French.

By the time that she was ten, she spoke fluent English and Pascal and her were inseperable. They were never seen apart, and for a while she really only would hang around him and her horses. She was an excellent rider, and the horses seemed to love her. She had a soft spot for really any animals, and the feeling seemed to be mutual. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian.
She is currently in college to become a veterinarian, and she works at an animal clinic on the weekends.

So begins...

Liliana Nightingale's Story