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Sullivan Hughes

"I don't know much, but I was raised to know what it right and what is wrong."

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a character in “Four Heroes”, as played by Slybop



"We all got problems pal, you don't see me killing a joe for 'em."

Sullivan "Sully" Hughes




Dialog Colour:

Long ago are the days where Sullivan thought about what he wanted or what his future might hold for him. He hasn't thought about what he wanted since he was 8 years old. Sully is an incredibly selfless and honest man. He either says what he thinks, or is kind enough to not say anything at all. Rarely returns a spiteful word but will quickly return a punch if one is levied his way. He has given up any dreams he once had for the sake of his family. He is quiet and kind to all he meets and gives most people the benefit of the doubt in most situations. He can be a little gullible at times, but that mostly comes from his constant state of desperation for enough food to eat and feed his family or enough money for medicine for his little brother, Stephen.

Sully was never educated properly and thus has a lot of trouble reading or writing very well. Due to this he can feel rather intimidated by people who can do both well or sometimes even awestruck by it. He never put much effort into it as he never really believed he would ever really use it. Regardless of his lack of education, Sully was never really going to be much of a scholar. He is not very bright and can usually come off as shy and earnest to most. Sully is not too good with people and usually just tries to keep it to friendly hellos and how ya doings. He usually just keeps his head down and tries not to make waves, afraid he might say something stupid or insulting. His mother and father raised him to be a gentleman and he treats women with the utmost respect and would not even dream of hitting one for any reason.

Sully is very kind and often tries to help out his neighbors or complete strangers the best he can. From carrying a heavy load up some flights of stairs to pushing a motor car a few blocks. He believes most people in the world are good and he tries his best to do his part. Though, he's not naive. He grew up on the streets of Detroit during the Depression. He is aware of the evils of men and how a few rich men in power destroyed the futures of thousands with their greed. There are things in the shadows of the city no one talks about and Sully has seen them all. Sully is also not above hurting someone for the sake of his family. For extra cash, a couple of his factory buddies talked him into underground boxing matches. Sully is bigger than most men twice his age and has been working with steel since before his balls dropped, there are few men more physically intimidating than him. He takes out most int he first round and take such a beating that most give up before he passes out.

At the end of the day, Sully is just trying to survive with his family. His family is Catholic and got to mass every Sunday. Sullys prayers hold his little brother and mother in good health for another month and that his factories machines take no more hands or lives. That his city receivers and that this horrible disease will leave his brother alone. Polio is sweeping the nation and his brother contracted it from his textile job. He has to be secluded to a room, but Sully goes in their without a second thought at the end of every shift to bring him some food and a bit of company. He knows the world is a dark place and that he can do nothing to change that. Though, he does fight every day to make his little corner as bright as it possibly can be.

Sullivan Hughes was born in 1909 in Detroit Michigan to a Irish-American couple Atticus and Dierdre Hughes. They lived in a run down tenement building that had more holes than not. Life was hard for them but they managed to scrape by. His father was good man who often had a smile on his face and a joke on his lips. He always kept a high spirit even when everything was at its worst. Sully always admired his father for that. He was so strong. while Sullivan always used to cry at the drop of a hat or the kick of a a dog.

Then the country went to war when Sullivan was about 8 and as his father was shipped out to go fight Jerry, Sully was volunteered to work at the Detroit Bullet factory to help support his countries cause. He was paid for it, so he could feed his mother who was pregnant at the time with his brother. It was grueling, miserable work, but he could hold the fort down until his father came back. Unfortunately, that never happened. A year into the conflict, they received a letter that his father had died in France, the letter came with a Silver Cross for exemplary bravery and honor in service. Sullivan had never cried harder that night, nor since. His mother made the Cross into a necklace that he wears around his neck to remind him of the legacy his father left behind for him.

Though Sully could never be a war hero, he could be the best man he could and support his family as best he can. He decided to devote his entire life living up to his fathers memory by being the bread winner of the family. When he was 12, he got a job at the Chrysler Motor Car Company constructing Cars from their parts. He learned a lot about metal and heat from his job. What metal melts at what temperature and how different metals can be combined to create harder or more brittle material. While he didn't love his job, he was filled with content at the thought of his work contributing to his families well being. The work was hard but honest and he even made some friends along the way.

When he got older, he also got much bigger and got put on bigger machines, which also meant his paycheck got bigger. It was just in time for his little brother Stephen to contract Polio. The extra money he had been making immediately disappeared into medical bills and back alleys snake smiths when the clinics were cleaned out. Some of his buddies convinced him to join a boxing ring under some bars to earn extra cash. Though he didn't like the idea of hurting another human being for profit, his dwindling pocket weight and the decreasing strength of his brother changed his mind quickly. He found he was a natural boxer and could take just as well as he could give. His hands were like hammers and his body like steel. He became known as "Sully the Sledge" due to him felling many opponents in just a few swings. Thought he money was good, he felt dirty and his mother hated it. But, what could he do?

Finally, they let Women vote and work. At first, Sullivan was very against the idea of his mother toiling in the same factory as him, believing she was too good for the work. However after a few weeks of seeing his mothers strength and determination, he decided to stop speaking of the matter. He realized that he was just like her. She wanted to give all she had to keep her family afloat, and now had the rights to accomplish that. Sullivan didn't like it, but he had too much respect for his Mother to ask her to stop.

The new adventure awaiting him has many trials that will test everything he believes in. Sullivan will face many things he could not accept and must overcome them if he is to possibly return to his family he holds so dear. After one fateful accident at the Chrysler factory, his life will never be the same again.

Sully has the ability of Magnetism. He can manipulate and control ferrous metals. Sully can sense metal in a certain distance from himself even being able to feel it in the ground. He can control a vast amount of metal at once such ripping the blades out of the hands of an enemy battalion and attacking them it or flipping war wagons on top of themselves. Though his powers seem vast and amazing, they can enact an immense toll on his body and mind if he tries to control tons of metal for a lot of time. Also physical injury can affect his concentration as well.

So begins...

Sullivan Hughes's Story