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Elias Alistair

"If you expect the worst, you'll never be disappointed."

0 · 203 views · located in Amaris

a character in “Fourteen Paper Hearts”, as played by Thadine


Elias Alistair


| Name |
Elias Alistair

| Nickname |
He’s often called β€˜Eli’, though he much prefers use of his full name.

| Age |
17 Years Old, born on November 17th.

| Gender |


| Appearance |

Elias has a rather gentle look about him, and is often deemed easily approachable by most based on his appearance and clothing style, even though his personality may be quite the opposite. His hair is a light ash brown, though depending on the lighting can appear a light chestnut. It's cut in short layers, and often styled upwards, though on more casual days he'll leave it down. It's short, and barely touches the nape of his neck in the back.

His eyes are as well brown, though they are a lighter shade with an almost golden hue to them when seen in the sunlight.

Most of his features are quite small. His lips are narrow and thin, his nose is tiny. It all seems to work though, as his face is more narrow and long than wide, and his forehead is small as well.

He's of moderate to above average height, reaching a bit below 6 feet. He weighs about 160lbs, thin and lithe due to a lack of straining physical activity. His high metabolism is enough to keep him the way he is.

Elias often wears casual clothing of more pale and pastel colours. He sticks to band t-shirts or wrinkled button-up tops, often paired with a pair of slim grey or black jeans. He almost is never seen without his pair of white polo shoes. On occasion though, he'll wear tops that have patterns and designs that are random, and often receives odd looks because of it. Flamingos, boats, leaves and more can be found on his clothing. He very much enjoys wearing sunglasses, as he believes that eyes are the windows to the soul and he doesn't want anyone looking in on his.


| Personality |

Elias, while seeming easily approachable, is often a very demeaning person to be around, often due to his cynical and bitter nature. He has many negative traits about him on the surface, and it'd take a lot of patience to overlook these things and find what's underneath. Because most people don't have the patience to do this, he's often referred to and seen as nothing more than an arrogant and rude jerk. This attitude is mostly seen on his worst days which is..well, pretty much almost everyday.

He's a very negative person, a pessimist, and when he sees people trying to be optimistic about things, he will bring them down. He believes very much in the fact that ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power. He basically thinks that this society is doomed, and no matter what you do, nothing will ever change the government and their ways. He looks at rebels with near sympathy, for they believe that they can change things, but he knows nothing will really happen. People who ignore the facts and try to keep their innocence and happiness about, well, he thinks they are foolish. It's these types of people that really get on his nerves, and he can't help but shoot down every last hope they may have with his cold truth.

Elias is really a person with good intentions. Yes, he'd like to be free of the whole matching system and everything about the controlling society, but he has simply decided that nothing will work. Very little things bring happiness to him, and most of those things are little. Some food he likes, a simple activity...these only work for awhile though, and soon he's back to his regular self. Some days he'll wake up with a bit of hope, and believe that maybe, someday while he's still here, something will change. These don't happen very often though, and each time he realizes at the end that his hopes are all for naught.

The way he acts isn't overly aggressive, more passive-aggressive in a way, but it's his constant pessimistic attitude and spite that causes people to dislike him. It would definitely take someone special to give him the hope he needs, but he doubts that person will ever come along. Amongst all of this negativity however, he's a very patient and calm person, often serious, and because of this he is able to focus on things like work very easily. He's book smart, and with certain people who he deems right, he'll be like any other person. Considerate, friendly, even a bit foolish.


| Likes |

+ Swimming
+ Masquerade Masks
+ Reading
+ The Smell of Peppermint
+ Salty Food
+ The Ocean
+ Warm Weather
+ Snakes

| Dislikes |

- Optimists
- Bright Colours
- Dogs
- Winter
- Being the Center of Attention
- Chocolate
- Hospitals
- Their Government
- The Matching Program

| History |


Eli grew up as an only child in a moderate middle class home. His mother and father seems alright with eachother. They weren't madly in love, but they didn't despise eachother either. Their relationship was more on of tolerance. They were able to be around eachother's company without much a word between them, and oddly this lack of communication was probably what kept them together. The house was often quiet, and Elias often had to find a way to entertain himself besides talking to other children his age. His parents seemed to resent him having extremely close friends, but pushed him to do well in school. At times, they'd seem loving to him, and a minute layer they may be scolding him for doing something as simple as looking out the window.

It was an odd childhood, yet Elias never questioned it. He knew he was safe with his parents. That was until the absences started happening. At random times during the week, either his mother or father would leave. Sometimes for a day, sometimes for nearly a week. He had no idea where they were going, yet one another never acted like it was anything odd. It was like it always happened. When he got a bit older, old enough to take care of himself, they often left completely for a few days at a time, but always came back, never speaking about what happened. Eli was curious, but never questioned it. It was a few days after one of his parents trips that some men knocked on their door and pulled his parents aside.

Elias watched silently from a different room, catching words such as 'conspiracy', 'government', and 'rebellion'. After the experience with the men his parents were much more on edge, and constantly hassled him about what he was doing every moment of the day. After a few more visits from the people, and eavesdropping on his parent's conversations, he found out that they were part of a group that was trying to find some way to overthrow the government and eliminate or at least tone down all of the rules, and someone had found out. About a week later some news came out that a woman had went missing, most speculated that she had managed to escape the society despite all of the extreme watchfulness amongst everyone.

Was this the only way to really be happy? Elias had started to get hopeful for his parents after realizing they were part of a rebellion, but after awhile it all died down and a few people he had heard about from his mother and father were even starting to get found and punished by the government. After seeing all this unfold around him, the failure of a huge group of people who wanted nothing more than to be free, the only way to escape all this being to run away...he realized that any sort of vendetta against the government wouldn't do anything. It would all end in punishment and failure.

So begins...

Elias Alistair's Story