Octavian Chadsey

"Everything comes with a price."

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"The name's Octavian. Pleasure to meet you."

ImageName: Octavian James Chadsey
Nickname, if any: Tavian, or simply Octavian will suffice. He rarely gets called by his full name, except by his teachers - and his parents when he's in trouble.
Age: 17 Years Old.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Bisexual, with a tendency towards straight.

Face Claim: Logan Lerman

ImagePersonality: Octavian is a laid-back, friendly person with a quick wit and a great sense of humor. He is extremely likeable and friendly, always with a smile on his face and a sort of swagger about him that many people - particularly women - find difficult to resist. He often comes across as arrogant and cocky, which usually annoys people if they aren't already swayed by his innate charm. His nature is to savor things as they come, and not to spend time trying to find love or get ahead in a career. Instead, Octavian simply enjoys life's every twist and turn, while he just goes along for the ride.

{Intelligent} ~ Octavian is remarkably smart and witty, best described as a quick thinker and a rapid problem-solver. Few questions in the world can have him stumped for long, and he isn't afraid to give new things a try - even if they result in a scratch or two.

{Extroverted} ~ Octavian is on the more extroverted side of the social spectrum, always ready with a laugh or a grin for his friends. Because of his easygoing nature, he fits well in nearly all groups and situations, and it isn't hard for him to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. Octavian is quite sensitive to other people's emotions and understands when they want a little quiet and space. Still, when they're ready to have a great time, he'll definitely be there.

{Opinionated} ~ While Octavian is by no means a 'rebel' against authorities, he nonetheless values his independence and personal freedom above all else. The idea of Officials dictating love and occupation isn't met with welcome in his case, yet he is well aware of the consequences if he - or anyone else - were to protest. Octavian isn't much of a fan of 'true love' and whatnot, but if properly swayed to join the opponents of the government, would make a good ally.

ImageAppearance: Octavian is tall for his age and of light weight, standing at 5'11" and weighing 150 lbs. His easy smile and all-too-adorable features give him a pleasing appearance, in a way that makes you like him from the start.

{Eyes} ~ Octavian's eyes are a warm hazel in color, framed by light brown lashes and highlighted by an arched brow. They are apt to change colors depending on his mood, and range from a stormy grey - when unhappy - to a mesmerizing green - when in a more cheerful mood.

{Hair} ~ Octavian has dark brown - nearly black - hair, the color of coffee without milk. He tends to leave it slightly rumpled, giving him an almost goofy yet attractive look.

{Clothing} ~ Octavian isn't a big stickler for fashion, but he does like keeping up with the latest trends. He is as comfortable in something formal as he is in a t-shirt and shorts. Octavian's favorite colors to wear are blue and green.

ImageHistory: Octavian's childhood was like many others: He was born to Ron and Kate Chadsey as the oldest of three children, and raised in a happy and content family. Fortunately, his parents, despite being Matched themselves, loved each other dearly, so Octavian grew up oblivious to the negative side of governmental intrusion. The Officials always keep your best interests in mind, he was told, and so he believed.
Octavian was born in a relatively rural town, and only moved to Amaris at the age of ten due to his father's job transferal. At the time, the concepts of dating, social networking, and cellphones were all but foreign to him, but he adapted well, becoming the model image of a 'city boy' in no time.
As he grew older, Octavian was slowly exposed to the full truth of the Officials, which differed greatly from his initial imaginations. Stories of Matches gone wrong directly butted heads with the praise his parents lavished upon the Society. Torn, Octavian met his upcoming seventeenth birthday with semi-anticipation and semi-dread, wondering if his own Match would be a 'happily ever after' or far from it.

{Family} ~ Ron Chadsey (45); Kate Chadsey (43); Octavian Chadsey (17); Lily Chadsey (10); Carter Chadsey (6).

+ Spending time with friends and family.
+ Independence and freedom.
+ Easygoing people.
+ Photography.
+ Writing.

- Too much control; spending too much time in one place or doing one thing.
- Closed, indoor spaces. (Octavian has mild claustrophobia.)
- People who are loud or overly enthusiastic; arrogant or rude people.

Desired 'Match': To Be Addressed.

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