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Veronica Lennon

"If it comes down to it, I'll do it."

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a character in “Fourteen Paper Hearts”, as played by Grrbot


Veronica Lennon

Name: Veronica Rose Lennon

Nickname, if any: Ronnie, Ron.

Age: 17 Years Old.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Match: Octavian Chadsey


Personality: Ronnie is a kind spirited girl. She loves to help others and aid in any way she can if someone needs help. Ronnie is quick to obey her superiors but it won't stop her from hating them with a burning desire... Ronnie isn't one to hold grudges or get upset easily but she absolutely hates the society. She thinks the rules are stupid and hates that they confined everything to 100 paintings, 100 songs, etc.

Ronnie is a closet rebel.. There isn't any other way to explain except she acts innocent and obedient in public but inside she's a firecracker, ready to explode. She's very opinionated and most of those would get her into trouble with officials so she keeps quiet and puts on a smile... Many commend her for being so obedient and she just smiles and nods. Ron is pretty out there, not liking to be alone or silent. She likes to be heard but saying that, she is not an attention seeker. She is very humble and grateful for all that she receives and she isn't shallow like many girls she knows.

Ronnie is intelligent and witty, often knowing the right things to say at the right time. She's charismatic and knows how to flirt well. Often she can manipulate her peers into getting what she wants... If she wanted but she'd rather not. Ronnie isn't a big fan of manipulating people or hurting them but her motto is "If it comes down to it, I'll do it." which she lives by. Ronnie rarely is offended. She has grown up building walls around her and has heard so many insults it doesn't even phase her. Of course she would never insult somebody back but she likes to remind people that she is a person with feelings.

Appearance: Ronnie has long dark brown hair which is a mix of straight and curly hair... Maybe you could say wavy? Her eyes are hazel and bright with life. Her lips are plump and she has a nice smile which exposes dimples. Her nose is small and dotted with freckles too. Her teeth are white and straight, she's tall standing at 5'8" and she only weighs 115 pounds. Veronica also has pale skin and rosy cheeks. She likes to wear oversized, baggy shirts or warm sweaters. She usually sports jeans but occasionally she'll wear a skirt or dress accompanied by tights and a cardigan.

History: Veronica was born to Amelia and Neil Lennon in a quiet borough in Amaris Province. Her mother was a official from Central who moved to Amaris after she was matched with Neil Lennon. Her father was sorter who grew up in Amaris province. Her childhood was good. She often went to the park with her grandmother and she loved to play in the dirt. Early on they could tell Ron wasn't a girly girl from the way she played and acted. She often spent her time hanging out with boys and getting messy. Some of the girls in her class would make fun of that aspect but soon they let it go because Veronica got pretty upset as a child and would throw fights.

Growing up Veronica lost her anger and started being happier... Although she still had her hot temper, she restrained it. She kept her thoughts to herself and smiled at the girls. In school she had an average amount of friends. She wasn't a loner but she wasn't popular. A majority of her friends were guys and Veronica wasn't phased by that. All through out school she had good grades, often making it on the honour roll. Many were surprised because seeing how in her first 5 years she was such tom boy, they figured she'd be a rebel and not have good grades but boy were they wrong. Veronica was still a rebel but she kept that side a secret. From an early age she was highly intelligent and clever.

Later in high school she was involved with many extracurriculars and she loved to help out. She helped plan dances, set up for events and if you asked, she'd do it. She was happy to help out and thats why she was often the teacher's pet. She had many who despised her saying she was "perfect" but Ronnie just shrugged and shook it off as if it was nothing. Ronnie dreaded the months leading up to her match. She hated the society and the thought of being confined to one choice. She'd be surprised if she actually loved her match. Weeks before her match she fell in love with an anomaly named Matthew and they dated in secret but they both knew they could never keep it up so they broke up and she chose to get matched.

+ Reading
+ Music
+ Going for walks

- The Society
- Being confined (Mentally and Physically)
- Not being able to choose

So begins...

Veronica Lennon's Story