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The once peaceful country of Rhindeval is taken over by an evil enchantress when she kills all of the rulers of the kingdoms and kidnaps their children. Brainwashing all of them, she keeps the princes as servants and banishes the princesses to Earth.

Characters Settings Groups
Character Portrait: Maris de Megekhali WIP (will continue working on it in the morning)
Character Portrait: Christian Lovelace The only difference between you and a dead body is... time.
Character Portrait: Raya Elmalik A free-spirited musician, artisan, and entertainer.
Character Portrait: Shaban Elmalik A highly-regarded scholar, keeper of the histories, and scribe to the Queen.
Character Portrait: Isa Givens Unknowingly a Princess, Poised, and Confidently Existing
Character Portrait: Kyri Shokira The Banished Princess of Fire
Character Portrait: Kiran Shokira The Demon Prince of Fire
Character Portrait: Aurora Givens One of the princess who tends to get lost in her own head and dreams a lot of Rhindeval
Character Portrait: Richard Livingstone One of the princes who is now a spy for the current queen
Character Portrait: Lilith Evers Good Sorceress who plans to stop her sister and help save the kingdoms
Character Portrait: Ivelda Evers Evil Enchantress currently in control of Rhindeval