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Euphemia Isadora Apolline Regana Lavorre III

Seriously, just call her Reese.

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a character in “Fractured Kingdoms”, as played by CabbageAngel





I can't take this pressure no more
Got a love like a hurricane.


Reese Winters






Choppy, spiky blonde hair. Green eyes.




Reese is a troublemaker, petty criminal and screw up - sure, an unfortunate combination, but she excels at all three. She's just as good at maneuvering her way out of trouble as she is at getting into it. She's quick to get into a fight or any other life-endangering activity for the fun of it. A total adrenaline junkie, she seeks thrills that push everything else out of mind - she's found this feeling in reckless driving. Her favorite past time is blasting the music high and skidding around the track. Despite all of the stupid things she gets up to and the substances she abuses, she's remarkably intelligent and seems to just be choosing to use these wits for a lackluster purpose.
She's rebelled against every authoritative figure in her life... not knowing that all this time, she's really been fighting against the world because of the instinctual feeling that she's imprisoned there.


Euphemia Isadora Apolline Regana Lavorre the Third didn't suddenly become a rebel after getting her memory erased. She always had a bit of it in her. She came from the Kingdom of Emperia, home to the grandest library in all the lands, famous for many of the greatest breakthroughs in magical studies and technologies, and renowned keepers of Rhindeval's lore and forbidden knowledge. They revered knowledge and wisdom over all things, and it was common for people from other kingdoms to travel to Emperia to seek the advice of the ancient magical creatures the Lavorre family paid tribute to. This all meant a lot of expectations on little Princess Euphemia's head and a lot of studying, starting the moment she babbled out her first word - something that any little girl would protest. She was mischievous, but never rude, and if she continued living the life she had born into her behavior would have smoothed out in time. Alas, it was not her fate.

She was nine when it all happened. Lilith did right by her, making sure she was adopted, but the cloud over Reese's mind made her restless, always trying to escape, even though she didn't know what she was trying to escape from. And so Reese showed the good sorceress her appreciation by messing it all up almost immediately. Back to foster care she went. She spent the rest of her childhood and adolescence this way, getting herself kicked this way and that, from school to school and house to house. She always felt closest to freedom when she was behind the wheel, and after years of odd jobs, saved up to buy the beat up tin can she has now. She's been turning it into a formidable racing car part ever since and is a self-taught mechanic because of it.

Reese now runs a mechanic gig with no qualifications on the side and tears up the track in illegal races at night. After her recent break up, she's started a bridging course at the local college in an attempt to get her life together - which definitely has nothing to do with the break-up, no way, she isn't trying to win her back or anything, all of this student debt isn't in the name of impressing her! Not knowing what to study after the bridging course doesn't prove that this was a choice made on heartbroken impulse at all!

So begins...

Euphemia Isadora Apolline Regana Lavorre III's Story


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Miles from anything but dry vacant land, an abandoned power station had been transformed into a neon-colored cesspit of vice and adrenaline. The beats of a mediocre DJ tried to compete with the screech of tires and the roar of engines. Glasses smashed, cigarette buds were ground under heels and fresh layers of graffiti and satanic symbols were sprawled over the walls and floors. Nights like these were what left the ghosts that haunted the kids sneaking into these places in the morning.

Amidst the thick of exhaust fumes and burning rubber, a young woman leaned her back against the pop-up bar and watched, dead-eyed, as a man took his shot with a rock at a line-up of beer bottles on the boot of a 1996 SVT Mustang Cobra. The muscle car had seen better days, sure, with its botched yellow paint job and a couple dents here and there (plus one crater), but it had never been insulted like this. She watched the bottle shatter and rock bounce off the back window. The cherubic face of a boy propped on the broad shoulders of a oafish brute turned gleefully back to his friends. The woman silently committed that face to memory, when he headed her way.

He strode up beside her and nudged the other patrons out the way with his girth to make his order. The woman eyed him up and down, scoffing at his designer brand flannel, then lingering at the bulge in his pocket. A city-bred private school kid playing cowboy, great, won't be so hard to crack.

"Hey," she spoke up over the 'music', "Hey!"

The guy turned to her: Reese Winters, gum chewing, dyed red hair a stringy mess and caught in her hoops, in a little sequined slip and wobbling in studded turquoise heels, an oversized white thrift store coat baring her shoulders, knuckles and knees red and scabbed over. The epitome of a hot mess. He swigged his beer, eyes and brow lifting with interest. She grinned and leaned towards him. "Are you packing under that?"

The man leaned on his side against the bar, blocking her off from seeing anything else. He let out a flattered laugh. "Why are you asking?"

She shrugged. "Just bored of watching you throw rocks like some kid. If you want to impress somebody worth it, why don't you use a man's tool, cowboy?"

He laughed again, this time slipping out the hilt of a handgun from his jean's pocket. "Maybe I will, for you." He announced, puffing out his chest, his intoxicated face flushing a deeper shade of crimson. The gleam in her eyes turned deadly.

"You're not worried about hitting the car or nothing?"

"That thing? Babe, that old piece of junk is due for the scrap heap anyway. Don't worry about it."

The fake smile had left her face. He was already eyeing the rest of the party, mouthing to his friends who were making gestures of encouragement.

"That's my car."


Her hand shot out and twisted his lapels. "That's my car, dipshit."

His wide blue eyes blinked at her in confusion, when he smirked. "Aha, right. Right, should've known it. You're pretty trash yourself."

"Say whatever you want about me, that is '96 Cobra and we tear up the track together just as good as anything. You want to talk trash? I saw the Commodore you stepped out of. That's every white trash teenage boy's starter. I noticed yours is the newest model, right? And you've got it all nice and polished like some trophy. From that shiny car to the threads gripped in my damn fingers, you're just some rich shit dipping his toes into our lifestyle and I'm sorry, babe, you don't get to look down on me when I'm who you're pretending to be." She stopped and sniffed the air. "How much have you had? I'll match you."

He swiped her hand off him, eyes bulging with rage. "The hell are you doing that for?!"

"Because I'm going to race you, cowboy." She said, right before knocking down a shot and smirking. "And I don't want you to be at a disadvantage."

Reese threw her heels over her shoulder on the backseat, her bare toes scrunching against the peddles. Her mouth buzzed with the five shots she had just downed. She looked over at her opponent in his new white Commodore. He hooted out the window at her.

"Hey, trash! You really think your old husk can match -"

Reese revved her engine, loud, and started her music. Match his 2.0-litre turbo four cylinder engine in horsepower? She didn't care about that, that wasn't the point. This wasn't about who could push their foot on the accelerator the best, nor about how fast their cash could make them. This was about who could drive. The track they on was too dangerous to attempt if you couldn't. Her fingers drummed against the wheel impatiently in time with the bass line.

Go. Go. Go. GO!

Her wheels shrieked. Her engine roared a battle cry. Her mind went blank with adrenaline and every part of her became just another part of the car's machinery. Her opponent up ahead didn't even matter. She knew he'd have this stretch. It was where the crumbled walls of the power station whipped past her and they entered the condemned building that the stage was hers.

Her Cobra swerved between the cement pillars with reckless abandon. She spared her opponent a little look in her mirror to see him approaching the pillars far more cautiously, leaving him behind. The wheel spun freely under Reese's fingertips, then she grabbed it and jerked, speeding her way through the rest of the power station's first floor. She let a "Whooo!!" out her window as she shot from the building to the crowd that clapped behind their 'safety net' of barbed wire. She hadn't lost him, though. Smiling devilishly, she swerved her Cobra to face him, taunting him by taking the rest of the stretch in reverse and blocking his attempts to overtake her. A quick glance in the rear view mirror reminded her of the sharp turn up ahead and she didn't bother turning her car the right way. She drifted across the turn and used it to correct her course with an adrenaline-fueled shout, pumping her fist out of the open window. Oh, she could just taste the frustration of the guy in her dust from up here.

As she settled comfortably in what was a sure-fire first place, her mobile began to ring. She tried ignoring it, but its insistence prodded her into giving the phone a glance -



Reese jolted forward. She looked at her rear view mirror in a panic - the cowboy wannabe had caught up with her, but he hadn't used this as a chance to overtake her, oh no, he was out for revenge. Not only was he tail-gating her, but


"Son of a bitch!" Reese spat and slammed the accelerator. The bastard was ramming into her tail with that overcompensating bull bar of his! She tried to outpace him, no more than a mouse trying to escape being crushed by the big cat, now. "Ha... alright, he's trying to out-crazy me," she muttered to herself, then blasted her music high and brazenly declared, "NEVER try to out-crazy ME!"

She skidded, turning around and leaving him in the dust as she sped down the track... the wrong way. She twisted back a fair distance, catching him turning back to follow her, and flashed her high beams - right before speeding dead-straight at him.

He hesitated only a second to join her game of chicken, but it was a second she registered. Reese glared at him, unflinching. Yes, he'd crush her - but he wouldn't be able to do it without landing a scratch on his precious baby. So go ahead, crush her. Prove her perception of him wrong.



They swerved at the very last moment. Reese, calmly and expertly. The cowboy - panicked and out of control. She heard the crash before she'd turned her car around. Satisfaction filled her at the sight of the Commodore's hood, crumpled in by a metal fence post. Reese rolled her car up right beside the wreck, fetched the stale gum from her mouth and reached out to squish it with her finger onto the Commodore's window. With nothing else to say, she drove away.

A message came up on her phone as she drove out of the track.

Dad's been called out to the power station. If you're there, get out. This is the last time I warn you. Don't reply to this message.

"Don't worry, Vera..." Reese sighed, pulling out onto the empty highway. "... There's nothing there for me anyway."


The next morning, Reese was outside of her local fast food joint in torn shorts and another oversized coat, knocking her hungover head against the door.

"Freddieeee," she groaned. She squished her palms and nose against the glass. Yesterday's mascara darkened her eyes which only made the bags under them look worse. "Freddie!! C'mon, it's only a few minutes to... open up... Class is in an hour and I'm gonna retch..."


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The morning breeze blew over Reese and tossed her bangs over her face. The parking lot was nearly empty, save for a delivery bike chained onto a yellow pole. Cooing came from overhead, followed by the flutter of wings. A flock of pigeons, chuckling at her sorry state.

A shape stirred in the dark. Lean, with what looked like giant drill bits wobbling from its peak.The silhouette approached Reese, coming closer and closer into the light to reveal her icy blue gaze; vibrant as the ocean but marred by fatigue.

"Reese?" She asked, with a voice barely above a whisper. Fredericka Reyes. Or ‘Freddie’, as Reese knew her, decked up in her uniform, white with an orange, plaid trim. She pulled the door open. "You look like shit," Freddie stated, quite plainly. "Come in, I was making coffee but…" she looked Reese up and down. "I think you need… protein."

A pale, slender hand reached into a bucket, disappearing in a sea of golden-brown drumsticks. She brought one to her face, steam emanating from the layer of freshly deep-fried crust.


The crust cracked with a single, gentle bite. The golden layer gave way to a white tenderness which practically melted in Freddie's mouth. She leaned her head back and reveled in her own personal salty, savoury heaven.

"McCool's Fried Chicken…," Freddie cooed as she tilted forward, contemplating the feast before her. "...Best hangover cure in fifty states…" Her visible blue eye looked from the fried chicken, to Reese, to the accoutrements around them - a side of salad, two serves of mashed potatoes, and a big, bright tub of mac and cheese, slick with grease and oozing with sinful, processed cheese.

Freddie brought a fork to the salad and dug the prongs into the pile of green and red. "You were out… on the tracks again?... During school night?"

A pause.

Freddie brought the fork up, towards her open mouth.


Munch, munch.

"You goffa...cut thaff down, girl," Freddie managed between her chewing, then gulped. "The dean's already got it out for you…" Freddie shook her fork, maintaining her nearly flat tone. "Don't need to encourage him..."

Reese hunched over the feast, tearing through drumstick after drumstick after wing after drumstick. She slurped up a heaped spoonful of the toxic yellow mush passing for mac and cheese and chewed, with attitude, if there could be such a thing.

“Gwaagh…” she groaned between chugs of soda, then collapsed back in her seat and gave Freddie a dismissive wave. “Aw, come off it, Freddie!” She whined, “I breezed through the referencing assessment. Can’t I cut myself a break, here?” She looked up from picking her teeth with a chicken bone, brow twitching. “Like you’re in a place to give me a lecture, anyway. Those eyes red from staying up all night on your research paper, or?”

"Hey…," Freddie began as she reached for another drumstick. "I was cramming for tonight's exam… and needed... inspiration." Fredericka turned her glance away and lowered her voice. "Admittedly, there was more inspiration and less… cramming."

The two emptied the bucket of chicken in short order, strewing bones all over the bottom. Freddie looked upon the pile, her brows pointed upwards in mild awe. Not even cartilage remained, only bones.

"Man...We were really hungry."

Freddie stood and rubbed her hands together to scatter the crumbs. "You better get going. I gotta clean this mess up before the manager gets here." She turned to walk away, but looked over her shoulder one last time. "You still good… for Redflix and Blaze… on Thursday?"

Reese scratched her head with greasy chicken fingers, looking elsewhere uncomfortably. "Aah… I don't know, Freddie. Doing that kind of thing - it hasn't been a good trip for me lately, y'know?"

Freddie's eyes narrowed. Her lips scrunched up into a frown. "It's that druid… isn't it?"

"Wiccan." Reese interrupted, then backpedaled. "I mean, I never even said she was the problem!"

Freddie folded her arms and sighed. She fetched the empty cups and tossed them into the bucket, then hoisted the whole thing and strutted towards the kitchen. "You just can't get her out of your mind…"

As running water hissed behind her, Reese noticed Freddie's satchel, laying on the ground, with a thread of silver coiled upon the open flap. A violet twinkle came from within, stirring a peculiar feeling inside her. She placed a hand over her back pocket, which her own pendant was tangled up in, identical to Freddie's but for the stone, a golden topaz. These pendants that held the secrets of their pasts… they were the only thing that someone as abrasive as Reese and as chill as Freddie had in common. Well, that and being total disappointments.

“Yeah… yeah, right, I need to run.” Reese called out to Freddie, “I owe you for this, Fred, seriously. I’ll take a look at the clutch on your scooter this week after I fix up my client’s suspension. Promise!”

The door slammed shut, swiftly followed by the growl of an engine and the shriek of wheels. Freddie gave the empty establishment a belated thumbs up.


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Lilith Evers
Code- #C71585

The day of the Spring Festival finally arrived and Lilith was ready! Today, all the preparation she had been getting ready for would come into fruition. Today was the day she would unleash the brainwashing spell her sister laid upon the princesses. While she had never been as powerful as her older and late younger sister, Lilith did pride herself on being studious and she finally figured out a spell to undo the brainwashing one, but it had been very hard considering how magic wasn't known on Earth. It use to be very common apparently at one point during the Middle ages, but then humans thought science could do things better and totally abandoned magic all together. It was sad really, but Lilith would worry about that.

The Spring Festival would take place at the local park. It was akin to what people might call a "Renaissance Fair". Lilith would actually be 'dressed up' as a "Fairy Godmother" and was set to read stories to the children at the fair. Interestingly enough, she would be wearing the exact same gown that she wore to Prince Richard's birthday. The events of that day would forever be etched in her mind. She did try to fight off her sister, but she was just too powerful. Seeing the looks on the princes' and princesses' faces as they watched their parents die was just beyond words. A part of her did regret that she would have to remind them of such heartache, but she couldn't allow her sister to have her way. It wouldn't surprise her if Ivelda had taken control of all of Rhindeval at this point, she had always been thirsty for power and attention, even before she became evil. For now she would focus on the present and that was to help the princesses. All would be at this Festival. She had already cast a small spell to keep tabs on their pendants. It would be through this connection that she would unleash the spell that would help their memories return and to remember their true names. Hopefully they would seek her out this night.

Arriving at the Festival in her gown, she quickly set up her area with plenty of books. She even had her old wand with her, but kept it in a beated knapsack around her waist. As she set up, she didn't notice one of the princesses approaching her.


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The festival. The park was swirling with a sea of elaborate textiles, of vivid shades of red and purple and blue, and all the colours of the rainbow. So bright, so opulent, it reminded Freddie of another festival entirely. Or was that one a parade?

Freddie looked on, seated atop a giant blue mushroom prop. A patchy, lavender-coloured teddy bear was seated underneath, right next to a worn leather satchel. Her dull eyes reflected a glint of light as she observed the sights before her. So many had put so much effort into their outfits. From the fairy wings that shimmered with a tinge of iridescence, to the noble dresses, with all their ruffles, and buttons, and little golden threads painstakingly hand-sewn to be as authentic as possible.

“You know…,” Freddie spoke up, catching Reese from her peripherals. “People like to look down on corsets… call them 'symbols of oppression' and embellish the pain... that comes... with wearing them.” She swayed to the side, then gestured towards her friend. “But it’s fine, industrious women... like yourself… who created the first corsets.” Freddie wagged her finger. "For highly practical purposes… too."

Freddie perked up one corner of her mouth in a half-smile. "Of course… putting on that kind of stuff is… too much effort for me…" She leaned back and gestured to her costume. A dull, black robe, topped with a pointy, cone-shaped hat. Grey and white speckles stuck to her robe. A realist would call them 'dust', but Freddie preferred to think of them as little shining stars. Of course, realist or not, she couldn't deny the damp, sock-like stench that permeated from it all. "One of the drama club members… lent this to me. Said it's 'collateral' or… however you pronounce it…" Freddie shrugged. "...He owes me fifty."

Reese scraped her butt against the dirt and leaned her elbows over her wide-spread knees. In one hand she held a clutch, in the other a screwdriver. Her outfit was mostly skin with a grease stained apron paired with a worn-out gold bra and tiny shorts with tights that were more holes than fabric. A mechanic’s - blacksmith’s garb.

“Are you watching me do this?” She demanded. She jabbed the screwdriver at bright red moped between them. “Because it’s literally the easiest process. My brain is like, insulted by doing this right now. I’m like a dry -” A trio of bagpipe toting performers blasted their first few notes as they trotted past them, blocking out whatever crude simile Reese was saying and leaving it to your imagination, “- Freddie, I need stimulation.” She checked her phone, leaving a greasy smear across its screen.

Freddie had been staring into empty space. She finally turned towards Reese with raised brows. "Oh. I'm sorry… did you... say something?"

Reese stared. She tossed her work down with a clatter and grunted as she rocked up to her feet. “I’m getting food. You’re gonna have the munchies in a minute,” she announced, “Finished replacing the clutch springs, by the way.” She lifted her oversized denim jacket from the ground and flung it over her shoulder, checking her phone again as she sauntered off.

Freddie waved her goodbye. "Thanks, Reesie." She wondered if she should ask what the 'clutch springs' were. Then immediately shook such thoughts aside. It would go over my head anyway.

Just then, Freddie noticed somebody peeking into her peripherals. A dark-haired girl, slight in build, and seeming even smaller as she hunched. Her glasses reflected the glare of the sun and obscured her eyes.

"Hey… hey there," Freddie called to her, with a lethargic and limp wave. It was a wonder Collette could even hear her in this crowd.

Freddie stared straight at her. "Hey dude... you look… nervous." The dark-eyed woman leaned closer. Close enough for Collette to see the sheen of grease on her pale, unkempt locks, spilling out from underneath her hat. "Would you like something to… take the edge off?"

Freddie wiggled her brows for emphasis.

"( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"


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Reese meandered through the crowds, a corndog gripped in her teeth and her grease-smeared nose glued to her phone. It was open to a social media page for the Spring Festival. Reese's eyes were in particular stuck on a single person in the 'Interested' list. Vera Oakley. No matter how much she pressed refresh, that name would not budge from simply Interested.

Reese hunkered down in a depressed huddle by a tent. She was hiding how much it all really bothered her from Freddie. All she wanted to do was pick a direction and drive forever, but she'd locked herself here with this bridging course at an attempt at being an 'academic'. A decision her every impulse screamed at her to sabotage.

Just like how she messed it up with Vera.

The tent's flaps opened up beside her and a familiar figure walked out, with a pale, melancholic face and cloud-like hair. Reese squinted after her. She didn't spend time dwelling on it, but occasionally she'd spot one of the girls that she recalled being at the orphanage with her. Some she had recognized instantly (oh, how much of a relief it was to run into Freddie again in her teenage years), others, she just had her suspicions. Then for one, she had a grudge. She glanced back at the swaying tent flaps to catch sight of dangling crystals and wafting smoke, along with the reek of incense. A fortune teller's den. Reese snorted. She had to suspend her disbelief for a lot of things for Vera. She'd always insist on doing Reese's tarot cards every new year. But Reese was by no means brokenhearted enough to let some old crone take advantage of her and let her spend all her cash on false hope.

She picked herself up, brushed herself down, and gathered up all her fatty, oily foodstuffs in her arms before striding out of her funk with determination... and just... one more check of Vera's status -

Reese bumped into someone. She juggled her phone before it was soaring out of her hands, and noodles and bratwurst went spilling down some unfortunate's voluminous skirts.

"Agh, crap!" Reese blurted, hurriedly wiping at the food grease and replacing them with stains of motor grease before quickly giving up and jerking her head up, "That's my b-"

Any guilt that Reese may have had was erased the moment she met the eyes of the woman those skirts belonged to. The red in her cheeks drained away until her face was icy cold.

"Oh." Reese crossed her arms and looked Lucie Bannister up and down with an annoyed twitch in her brow. "Funny running into you here, your highness. Shouldn't the butler be around to clean that up for you?"


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Hex Code: #778899
"When you see my face,
Hope it gives you hell."
- The All-American Rejects

Lucie grinned heartily, showing off her pearly whites as Dawn demonstrated some common sense in taking notice of her looks. "Thank you! Glad to know your eyes are working." It was her first received compliment of the day not counting her bodyguard, household help, and father. It was unbelievable how so many people could overlook such a fine specimen in their presence. Was the parasol perhaps obstructing their view of her? She was accustomed to being the center of attention and it was not happening right now. The entire festival should be all over her.

"Well, it's nice to see you two getting along. Dawn, this is Lucie, she's in one of my classes. She normally has a bodyguard with her." The blue-haired girl nodded her head as introductions were made. It would suffice. She personally preferred more grandiose introductions like, 'This is Lucie Bannister, the beautiful daughter of Mr. Leopold Bannister CEO of the popular Amorium fashion brand and Mrs. Célia Bannister, one of Hollywood's highest-paid actresses.' It didn't matter that she was adopted or had nothing to do with either parents' achievements. They spoiled her as if she was their own and she wanted people to know that she wasn't like the rest of them from a boring, ordinary family. "But of course. I get along with anyone who knows my worth. The pleasure is all yours, Dawn." Lucie said, her glossy lips settling into another smile but smaller than the previous as she was less pleased.

"Lucie, how about I pay for this statue for now, and then I'll help you find your bodyguard okay? Dawn, sweetie, you're more than welcome to join us if you want."
"Oh, well, it's fine. I still haven't explore the entire grounds yet. It was nice meeting you Lucie. I hope you find your bodyguard soon."

Lucie was confused and then offended. Why were they both saying you find your bodyguard? Their good intent flew right over her head as she honed in on that one thing. As Dawn left, she began to raise her voice to correct them. "No, no!!! He is MY bodyguard! Not the other way around. He should be the one finding ME." It was not her responsibility to be looking for anybody, she didn't do anything wrong and no one was near important enough to be deserving of such attention. It wasn't her job, it was his. He shouldn't have lost her in the first place. "And I am too rich to be in anyone's debt! I only accept gifts." she folded her arms and looked away stubbornly.

"Torres will come." her voice softened. It was almost a touching moment as the spoiled girl was depending on her bodyguard so much, almost as if she trusted him. That was until her face darkened and she added, "He better find me soon or I'll find him a noose to hang his head in shame." Lucie didn't like standing around the marketplace waiting for him to show up but she had too much pride to search for him too.

Just when she thought the day couldn't get any worse, an absolute clutz bumped into her and covered her gorgeous clothes in food. Lucie was so angry that she was shaking. Her blood was boiling hotter than the sun upon her skin as the person tried to make amends. "Agh, crap!""That's my b-" Their eyes met and Lucie's eyes narrowed in return recognizing the culprit. "You..."

"Oh.""Funny running into you here, your highness. Shouldn't the butler be around to clean that up for you?"

"ARGH!" Lucie screamed, her arms swinging then dangling to not come in contact with the mess she had been covered in. "Did you get that Ms. Evers? This is precisely why I don't get along with everyone in the class." Lucie didn't miss the opportunity to justify her all-around behavior to the English professor. As far as Lucie was concerned, she was a perfectly reasonable person and it was people like Reese that were the problem with society.

Glaring back at Reese, she responded with, "I wish he was around. I thought you might actually make yourself useful but it's amazing how you aren't proficient enough to even be a butler." Lucie noted that Reese did attempt to help clean up albeit poorly. There was motor grease on top of food grease as if she wasn't greasy enough. Her annoying classmate managed to make an even bigger mess somehow. "I guess it is true you are what you eat, junk." Lucie spat out, looking down at the noodles and bratwurst that gradually slid down her clothes. There was no way she was touching that but she was at a loss. She felt absolutely disgusting. It was horrible.

"What are you supposed to be anyway?" Lucie laughed, her sights set on Reese's attire next after ruining hers. The festival was a chance to dress up not down. Her outfit was made up of exposed skin and worn-out fabric and holes. It was such a poor choice in get-up for the event that she was starting to doubt it was a costume, to begin with. Maybe that's how Reese always looked. How should she know? This was probably the first time they crossed paths outside the college. Not like Reese could afford to run in her circles anyway. "A sleazy mechanic with a touch of poverty? Don't worry. Just maybe you can turn your life around and work on my limousine someday." Lucie said closing the distance to make fun of her right in her face, jabbing Reese with a finger at each word. She only stopped when she realized her hands were free. Lucie paused to look down at her hands before gasping. That could only mean she had dropped...

Her eyes widened as she began to panic, lowering to a crouching stance in search of the Angelite statue around them."Where is it?!" she spoke aloud, even daring to touch the scraps of food and the ground because she cherished Angelite so much. "Please don't be broken... please don't be broken." her voice was soft and pleading. She wanted to cry as tears threatened to fall from the corner of her eyes. "Miss Bannister!" Torres cried out, shoving aside the crowd to reach the VIP. Lucie's silver eyes were stuck on the ground as she failed to find the Angelite statue and was losing hope, her hands curled into fists on the ground. Ms. Evers, Reese, Torres, and the other voices faded away. All she could hear was pin-drop silence.

Torres removed his jacket, draping it over the small girl's shoulders then bowing respectfully with a hand to his chest to Ms. Evers and Reese. He didn't like to talk much but it was required for this occasion. "Thank you for keeping her company. I'll take over from here. Please feel free to enjoy the rest of the festival." The dark-haired man said politely, unaware of what had happened. He knew all too well what a handful the spoiled brat could be so he wasn't surprised at all by the turn of events.


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Cassie Peters
Code- #46935C

Cassie smiled as Anita explained what happened. She herself was curious about the fortune teller, but honestly didn't feel like getting line when she was hungry at the moment. She didn't worry about the future that much, but she did think about the past from time to time. Her own memory was faulty at times. She knew she was adopted, but couldn't remember the orphanage she came from that much. She remembered feeling scared and lost though. She couldn't help but wonder where she came from. For one thing, normal people didn't have green hair. One of the reasons she got along with Anita so quickly was because it was nice to finally meet someone with natural hair that wasn't normal.

Anita soon asked her if she was hungry and made a beeline for the food vendors. Cassie kept up with her, but soon heard her phone go off. Picking it up, she saw it was the team captain.

"Hey Cap'n! . . . . . Yes I found her, she got distracted. . . . . We're near the food vendors so she and I will just eat here. You and the rest of the team just order and eat without us. . . . . Sure, see you later!"

Turning to Anita, she asked, "So what are you going to get? Captain and the team are eating out somewhere and will meet up with us later."

Lilith Evers
Code- #C71585

Lilith didn't know to respond to Lucie's behavior. The girl might have been 20 years old, but sadly she did act very immaturely at times. If she had known just how much Mr. Bannister would spoil Lucie, she probably would have tried to find Lucie a better home. The girl was difficult and had been one of the last princesses to get adopted. At least she had her angelic looks going for her. Still, it was going to be an uphill battle for Lilith when it came to Lucie. As she was now she was no where near ready to face Ivelda. She hoped that would change over time.

Lilith was about to make a comment when someone suddenly bumped into Lucie, effectively knocking the statue out of the girl's arms, while getting food on Lucie. Lilith instinctively caught the statue before it could reach the ground. Looking to see who bumped into Lucie, she saw that it was Reese, or better known to her as Princess Euphemia. Now here was one princess Lilith thought she let down. Lilith had honestly thought that when all the princesses were adopted out, her job of keeping an eye on them was done for the time being. Had she known just how much Euphemia would struggle, she would have adopted the girl herself. Gone was the little girl she once knew and in her place was someone very independent and rebellious. Lilith just sighed as Lucie and Reese's banter. They never really got along, even at the orphanage, their memories blocked. Still they were going to have to put their differences aside and work together at some point.

Soon Lucie ignored Reese and everyone all together when she started looking to the ground. Probably figured out she dropped her statue. That's when her bodyguard showed up and thanked her and Reese for looking after Lucie.

"It was no problem sir. Oh, Lucie, here's your statue dearie. Mr. Torres, Lucie wanted this statue," she said before handing the statue back to Lucie.

She then turned to Reese and said, "Reese dearie, here's a little extra cash since you dropped your food. I would love to chat more, but I need to get back to my own booth. You should drop on by some time. It's bound to be a magical experience."

Giving the pair an enigmatic grin, she left them and got back to her own booth.

Taking down the shield, she soon got started and in a loud clear voice, announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Gather around and learn tales of yore and wonder! My name is Madame Lilith and I am a sorceress who has travel far and wide! Come, come and don't be shy!"

A crowd soon gathered around her and Lilith began telling them stories. What they didn't know was that all of these stories were true, for they were about the history of the kingdoms of Rhindeval.


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Ivelda Ever

Code- #003300

Ivelda did a thorough examination of Tempeste. The young woman was lovely, perfect for being a sacrifice, but then she was from Serein, who were renowned for their beauty, male and female a like. However the girl was valuable to Ivelda, for the time being. She couldn't afford to kill her . . . . yet. If this young woman was going to be a problem, she would have to handle it. Maybe it was time to start looking for a replacement. Fear and embarrassment seem to radiate from Tempeste. Wanting to make sure she continued to behave herself, Ivelda came forward and taking a hand with extremely sharp nails, she lift her face and looked her straight in the eye. Taking one finger she gently caressed her face.

"Such a beautiful face and body, I'd hate to add to Asher's burden. This is your only warning, Tempeste. I am a forgiving woman who cares for her subjects' health."

Indeed, she needed her young female subjects healthy in order to provide potential sacrifices. Standing up fully she turned to Asher.

"Asher dearie, once you're done with your business here, come to my throne room immediately. We have business to discuss. I am going to check on a few things first though so take your time. No more distractions though."

She had looked at Tempeste when she said that last line.

With that, she headed to check on Tyann, only to be pleasantly surprised to see both Roderick and Korgan there. Delighted to see them, she rushed forward.

"My boys! You're home safe and sound! Raiden, I take it you've brought me what I've requested of you?"

Looking at Ivelda now, one would never think she was an Evil enchantress.

Adrian Wells
Code- #30660C

Adrian listened to Thaddeus as he mentioned he never took a break. He opened his eyes in surprise. Granted, Adrian worked really hard for the kingdom too, but even he got breaks. Thinking back though, he remembered he never asked for breaks. The queen just started allowing him to take breaks in between missions and even insisted he live away from castle and town. Currently his house was in the wooded area that surrounded the lake. He still wanted to be close enough in case the queen needed him. His thoughts turned back to Thaddeus when he spoke to him again.

"Though if you intend to go out among the beasts, perhaps you should talk to Tyann. I'm sure he will be pleased for both that and your presence around here for a few days."

Adrian couldn't help but shudder a bit at the mention of the beastmaster's name. The guy just creeped him out for some reason. Maybe it was the mask. Sure he was very good at what he did. After all, the man was the one to train and break in his 2 horses. Still the 2 did butt heads from time to time due to both having short tempers.

"I think I'll check on Tyann some other time. Well, I hate to keep you from your duty, Thaddeus, so I'll leave you to it. Maybe sometime soon you can help be train at some point. This last job was a tough one and I worry I might be getting rusty."

With a wave to the guard, Adrian retrieved Little John and soon was back on the road, heading home.

Lilith Evers
Code- #C71585

It was finally time. Lilith enjoyed telling the crowd about Rhindeval, but now it was time to release the girls from her sisters' spell. She had noticed that the spell had weaken over time. She wonder if it was because Ivelda wasn't here to reinforce it. She had learned in magic school that going against what was natural would eventually try to undo itself. Lilith hoped that her sister didn't have the ability to sense the breaking of the spell. Hopefully in the spell's weaken state she wouldn't feel it.

"Now my fine folk, seeing how I am a sorceress, I suppose I shall share with you some spells. The one I have you for today is an ancient spell so I hope you enjoy the performance!"

The audience would think she was only gong to do magic tricks, but this would be all to real. Taking her want, she spoke the spell that would undo curse. It was one she created herself. Connecting with the pendents of the princesses, she spoke out.

"Memory is precious, it can't be taken away,
Remember your true self and find your way,
Have courage and take heart,
See the light and cast off the dark,
Seek me when thee are ready,
As I will so mote it be!"

In that instant, magical energy burst from wand, but no one would see it. Instead, little fireworks went off behind Lilith in order to distract the crowd. The magic from the spell would come into contact with the pendants of the princesses and Lilith could feel the locks on the princesses' memory break. The spell took a lot out her and Lilith plopped onto her seat in dramatic fashion. She exhausted but she just pretended to be.

"My! That took a bit out of me. I think I need a break. Return in 30 minutes folks, and I shall give all of you more tales of wonder!

The crowd applauded before dispersing. Lilith sighed. She done it. Now it was only a matter of time for one of the girls to approach her.

Dawn Henderson
Code- #5477B9

Dawn had gotten herself something to eat. Ever sense she had moved into the dorms, she had been determined to try foods she had never tried before and today had been no exception. The Anime club of her college had a vendor at the spring festival and for the first time Dawn got to try takoyaki. One of the members was actually from Japan and said this was common to have at festivals over there. Dawn never had octopus before and found she really liked the stuff. It was a bit messy though so Dawn was careful to not get anything on her gown. She had found a bench and ate it silence. Once she started eating it, she quickly ate all eight pieces. It was so good! It was a good thing Dawn finished it quickly because as soon as she did, magical energy hit her in the chest area, more specifically her opal pendant. It caught her by surprise and she suddenly had a flash of memory as something unlocked within her.


The hallway was dark as a little girl with pale blonde hair tried drying her eyes. She just had a nightmare and sought her parents' comfort. Her room wasn't too far from their's. Coming to a pair of large ivory doors, she pushed on them with all her might. The door creaked a bit as she enter the room. However, no sooner had she enter, she saw her father get out of bed and drew his sword.


Immediately the man disarmed him self and looked at his daughter. Her mother had sat up in bed too by this time.

"Aurora, sweet pea, what is it?" King Elios asked.

"I had a bad dream. I don't want to be alone."

The man smiled before coming up to the 5 year old and picked her up before giving her a gentle hug.

"It'll be fine sweet pea. Do you want to sleep with mommy and daddy?"

The little nodded.

"Is it all right with you dear?" Elios asked his wife with a puppy dog eye look.

The queen smiled, "Okay just this once."

Dawn watched all of this in 3rd person and soon the image faded.


Dawn gasped in shock. This was just like her dreams, only more clearer and it felt all too real. It was then she noticed tears were coursing down her face. She knew those people. The little girl looked exactly like her and was wearing a pendant that just looked like her. Her name had been Aurora though. Standing up suddenly, she had this intense need to find Professor Evens.

Cassie Peters
Code- #46935C

“Sounds good. I think I am going to just get a snack for now, so I’ll be heading to the corn dog stand. Let’s meet back here in a bit. We can find somewhere together to eat. I promise not to disappear again, as the team isn’t here to keep you company.”

Before Cassie could say anything else, Anita had gone off again. Corn dogs sound good, but Cassie had corn dogs the other day. Looking around, she soon found something she loved having whenever she had a chance- bacon burgers with donuts buns. Normally Cassie ate healthy food, but today was a cheat day for her and she considered herself a carboholic. Getting one of the sweet and savory burgers with fries on the side and a bottle of water, Cassie soon returned to the place Anita left her and found the tall girl there.

"Look what I found, Anita! I don't know about you, but I am ready to dig in! Let's find a place to sit okay?"

Soon they found a place and Cassie pretty much wolfed down her meal. It was then the magic that Lilith unleashed hit the 2 young ladies' pendants. Cassie nearly gagged on the water she'd been drinking as she looked at Anita.


"Wait up, Silvia! You're too fast!" a girl with green hair called out as a taller green hair girl climbed up a tree faster then her.

"Sorry, Meri!"

The girls loved climbing trees and had just gotten away from their caretakers. Soon though, Meridian's mother found them.

"Meridian! Silvia! You two get down this instant! You'll ruin your clothes!"

"It's a bit too late for that, momma, sorry! We better get down Silvia, or momma might tell your parents."

Silvia nodded and soon the two girls were back on solid ground. Indeed, both girls had twigs in their hair and their outfits were a bit torn.

Queen Kerrigan tried to look stern, but couldn't help but giggle at their appearances.

"What am I going to do with your girls? Well let's get you two cleaned up. Follow me."

The girls nodded and followed the queen.


What in the world was that? Cassie couldn't quite figure it out. She looked at Anita and saw her teammate had a shock look on her face.

"Hey, are you okay?"


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Reese held herself back, stiff and red-faced, as Lucie proceeded to blatantly bully her in front of a teacher. Lucie never had the chance for Reese to like her, despite their beginnings. Lucie was one of the girls at Reese's orphanage together, and despite their humble beginnings, something about her stature always made Reese feel looked down upon. Of course she'd been swept up in the adoring arms of the one percent. Her adoptive parents had spoiled her with everything the world had to offer and it showed, while Reese... well, maybe Lucie was right to call her trash. Didn't stop her fists from trembling, on the verge of taking her by the lapels.

But Lucie fell away in a remarkable display of emotion before it could come to that. Reese dejectedly watched on as the bodyguard and her English teacher tended to her. She began to shuffle back, when Lilith stopped her.

"Hang on, I don't take-" she blurted, trying to shove the money back towards Lilith, but she was already turning her back on her. "... charity," she finished as Lilith walked away. She stared down at the cash in her hand, and after a moment of wrestling with her pride, stuffed it into her pocket with a wince. The back of her neck prickled, reminding her that Lucie was still present, and she shot a glare her way before storming off.

"Stupid... she's so - she's such a-!" She grunted to herself, blinking back frustrated tears. "How the hell can someone be so proud about being so damn useless?!" Because she's SOOOO high-class, she doesn't have to worry about doing anything! We're all paid to do things for HER. "Screw that! Her life would be over if she ever needed to change a friggn' tire!" Reese stopped in her tracks and stopped short of kicking over one of those cardboard-cutouts you put your head through depicting a princess. I guess I should be glad I didn't grow up like a Princess. Which meant no expecting happy ever afters. She checked her phone, saw that Vera Oakley was still listed as Interested, then turned her phone off.

"Princesses are bitches," she agreed with herself.

Something hit her in the chest. It wasn't something physical, but all of a sudden, a boulder of grief caved in her chest. Reese choked on her saliva and hit the ground. Her hands clenched at the soft grass and suddenly, they were petting the soft white fluff of a Quagga. The sound of wind chimes sparked vivid memories of crystals tinkling like bells outside her window. An entertainer blowing an animal balloon took her back to blowing ice bubbles and watching them take the form of a flying ferret.

"What the... hell?" Reese spluttered, grasping at her chest and the pendant that hung over it. It felt burning hot against her palm. Everything was coming back. Everything but the reason she felt so gutted.


She remembered navigating the dark halls of a castle, music and jovial noise echoing so very far away. Reese looked up to see giggling children gathered around a laughing clowns carnival game. The clown heads and their gaping mouths turned towards her...

... and a thud, thud, thud resounded through the castle walls, as something rolled down the stairwell and towards her little feet.

Reese screamed.


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Dawn Henderson
Code- #5477B9

Dawn was relieved she had stopped crying. Her mind was still riddling with thoughts though as she she walked. It felt like she was now having dreams during the day for this scene she just saw felt like one of her dreams she'd been having. Now it felt like a heavy weight was on her heart. She had to keep it in, she didn't want to keep crying. The two people in her dream looked familiar to her. The male had her hair and eye color, but she had the facial structure of the woman. The woman looked ethereal, with her violet hair and eyes. And the little girl, she looked exactly like her. Dawn's adoptive family had pictures of her as a little girl, the earliest being when she was 6 and she looked exactly like that kid. Did she just see her biological parents just now? It was the only logical explanation, other then hallucinating it. Something told her Professor Evens would know. She didn't know why, she just had this gut feeling and Professor Evens always told her to trust her instincts.

Suddenly a scream distracted her from her thoughts. It caught the attention of a lot of people too. Rushing to the scene, she soon sees that it's Reese, the girl from earlier. What happened? People were just staring at her, not even trying to see if she was okay. Instinctively, Dawn came towards her.

"Reese! Are you okay? What's wrong?!"

The young woman was in hysterics. Dawn didn't know what to do and found herself looking at Reese's pendant. It reminded Dawn of something and she tried calling out to the blonde again, only her next words would shock even her.

"Mia! It'll be okay, we'll all be okay."

Now why did she say that?! Why did she call Reese that? Things were happening and even Dawn couldn't keep up.

Cassie Peters
Code- #46935C

Cassie watched as Sil- . . . Anita throw away her trash and followed suit. Why did she think that? Anita was Anita, right? She recalled what she just saw, whatever it was, and remembered one of the girls' name had been Silvia. And the shorter green hair girl. It was weird, but Cassie could have sworn the girl looked like her.

“Do you want to leave the fair for a bit? I need to go sit somewhere quiet and there are too many people around…”

Concerned, Cassie nodded. Before they could get going though, Anita shocked her by asking if she knew her true name. True name? Cassie knew she had been adopted, for the obvious reason she had naturally green hair, but thinking about it, she didn't know what her original name was. She had thought about why she was an orphan, but not too much since she had a loving adoptive family. She then recalled the woman from that 'vision' she had. She felt a sense of loss and despair suddenly and felt tears well up in her eyes but refuse to release them.

"I . . . . I feel like I should . . . . I feel weird suddenly. Do you?"

Cassie almost called Anita Silvia, but barely managed to stop herself.

On their way out, they suddenly passed Lilith's booth. Seeing her English professor, Cassie felt something 'unlock' again and she had another flash of memory.


A young girl was crying as she tried scrubbing her green hair in soap. Soon one of the caretakers of the orphanage came into the restroom she was in.

"What's wrong sweetie? Why do you have soap in your hair?" Lilith asked her.

"Kids say my hair isn't real. So maybe if I wash the green out, it'll be real", the girl cried.

Cassie remembered how kids at her orphanage teased her about her green hair.

"Aww, Meridian, you're hair is real, just like mine and it's got pink in it."

Did she just call her Meridian? Cassie always kept forgetting her name.

"Come, let's get that soup out your hair. There's people who are here to meet you. Trust me, Meri, everything will be okay. I'll make sure of it."

The girl nodded and they got the soup out of her hair and Lilith helped her dry it.


Cassie gasped and found herself leaving Anita and approaching the professor, who was definitely not looking like a professor at the moment.

Lilith saw Cassie coming her way and smiled.

"Hello Cassie. You look lost."

"Professor, did you work at the orphanage I was adopted from?

"Indeed I did. You remember?"

"You called me Meridian back then. Why is that?"

"Because that's your birth name dearie."

All color vanished from Cassie's face.

"Are you telling me you know who my biological parents are? What happened? Things aren't adding up to me and I am getting a headache."

Lilith smiled sadly as she replied, "Are you ready for the answer hun? Because once I say it, there's no going back from what you perceive as real."

Lilith did want the girls to remember who they were, but they had been raised in a world that didn't believe in things like magic, mystical creatures, and things Lilith considered to be normal in Rhindeval. She wasn't bound to force the answers on them.

Cassie looked at her professor and thought about it.

"I . . . I don't know if I am ready yet. But I am wanting clarity though."

And she did.


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Reese covered her face, her eyes darting across the gaps in her fingers as everything hit her. It was like she had been thrown into a whirlpool of freezing water, ice striking her down every time she tried to raise her head to breathe. She could taste every meal she'd had at that empty dining table. She could feel cold air burning her cheeks red. She felt every page turn in her hand. She heard them too, hundreds of thousands of pages turning at once, sounding like a storm in her ears. She felt the hairs on her neck prickle under the sphinx's stare, the power of the wind from a dragon's wings, her heart beating in her throat as a blade was pressed to it.

A distant voice called for her. Reese glanced its way and saw a blurry head of blonde curls, like she was trying to look out of a frosted window. "... okay? What's wrong?!" Those big blue eyes came into focus. Reese remembered her now. She was from the orphanage, she'd gotten her knuckles all bloody for the tyke. She had also kept her company in those echoing glacial halls, under the watch of a dozen guardsmen. She was supposed to analyze the babbling toddler for weaknesses. She reported it was snowballs after she knocked one of the kid's baby teeth out with one.

"Mia! It'll be okay, we'll all be okay."" Dawn's face became clear. Sunbeams hit her hair, and it all became a swirling cloud of light that she had to squint through. Euphemia Isadora Apolline Regana Lavorre the Third looked back, with the complete knowledge of who she was and what was taken from her.

"The spell broke." She said. Stunned silence followed. A lie she had been telling herself her entire life had been shattered in an instant. She wasn't a mistake that had been ditched at the orphanage's doorstep, the self-fulfilling prophecy she had built her entire life upon. She studied her hands. How alien they looked to her now that she knew they had once been held by a parent. "I know... how my father smelled," she realized, then her face crumpled, "And how the room did when he died." A disbelieving laugh. "Ha, I had my memory taken before I had the time to grieve." She was taken back to sitting on the dungeon floor, in complete shock and unresponsive. Her hands fell down. "I... I don't think I've even cried yet."




Reese's head tossed up. Her hand shot out for Dawn to take. Her budding tears were being burned away by her glare.

"Alinora - Aurora, whatever, we've got to go," she grunted, and snatched up her hand to drag her alongside her. The image of Lilith spurred Reese forward. She grit her teeth. "I'm going to slap a witch."


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Dawn Henderson~Cassie Peters~Lilith Evers

"The spell broke."

Those words struck a cord within Dawn and she was reminded of the vision she just had. A spell? Was that why she had no memory before the age of 6? She has another flash of memory where she was surrounded with other girls her age and a dark figure was in front of them with a cruel smile on her face.

"Don't worry my pretty little things, you'll soon forget about all of this."

A darkness engulfed them and everything had gone black. The flash of memory left her reeling and she felt a headache come on and other flashes of memory came forth. Images from a little red head boy holding her hand, to fairies braiding her hair, to being swung into the air by her father, to her cries for her mother as she tried protecting her.

~Too much, this is all too much!~ Dawn thought as she grasped her head.

Suddenly the blonde next to her, as she remembered as Mia, called out to her.

"Alinora - Aurora, whatever, we've got to go."

Suddenly her hand was grasped by Mia and she pulled her along. Aurora . . again that name. Was that her real name? It had to be. Looked to see where they were heading and it was right for Professor Evers, who was talking to a green hair girl. Aurora recognized her as someone from the track team. She suddenly got away from Mia and rushed towards the two.

Lilith saw the two blondes coming. Reese looked very angry and Dawn looked overwhelmed. Cassie, who was still struggling with her own memories, turned to see the two blondes too. She felt another stir of emotions.

When Aurora finally reached the two, she immediately said, "I am not Dawn Henderson am I? I am Princess Aurora Givens. And you're no regular professor are you?"

Cassie gasped as Lilith smiled and said, "Looks like you remembered. And I am not just a professor. Do you know what I am Aurora?"

"The pieces haven't come all together yet. You're a magic user though right? Are you the reason why I can remember who I am now?"

During this time Cassie had another flash of memory. She recalled the name Aurora and how she use to try to get a blonde hair girl named Aurora to be more outgoing. Aurora? A princess? Wait, she herself had been called princess in the past too. But she couldn't be one, right? She was just a simple woman. Her mind was in a quandary and she found herself walking back towards Anita.

"I . . . don't know what to believe anymore. I am remembering things, but they don't make any sense to me. How can magic exist? My real name is Meridian O'Donohue, but I am still grasping what it all means." she told her friend.

Lilith saw Meridian approach Silvia and felt bad for the girl. She had always been practical minded so it didn't surprise her that the green hair princess was struggling to understand things she couldn't comprehend. She turned back to Aurora.

"Do you want the answer, Aurora? This is a lot to take in after all."

Aurora thought about it for a minute. She was tired of being confused and so she went with her gut on this one.

"Yes. At least tell me what you think I can handle."

"Sure, sweetie. Yes, I am a sorceress actually and I did unlock your memories. It was only now I was finally able to do so. I had only recently became strong enough to release the spell that was cast upon you."

Aurora nodded, taking it in. Who did cast the spell over her? It looked like she wasn't the only one either. She was remembering, but they were still scattered and trying to find their places back within her memory.


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Freddie stared blankly at Collette. Not every pun is a winner, she supposed. And something else Collette said had drawn her attention.

"Professor… Evans…?"

Strange. She hadn't thought about it before, but there was a feeling deep in her chest. Like a nag, a tug, that encouraged her to… do it. Freddie was never especially close to the Professor. Or any other professor, really. In fact, the only time she was close to a professor was when they strode up to her desk and told her off for sleeping. Or daydreaming. Or for being in the wrong class at the wrong time. Numbers and faces blended together when she wasn't paying attention.

Freddie straightened up, and helped Collette along. Her eyes glinted with attention at the latter's bargain. "...You know what… it's… the Royal Highness… at the Ren fair… it's… " Freddie held up two quoting fingers. ""Thematic."... Have two pouches…"

Freddie and Collette found Lilith easily enough. She was at her booth, with two other students nearby - a statuesque girl with dark hair, and another with locks that gleamed an eye-catching forest green.


Freddie waved as she approached. The dark-haired girl turned around, and Freddie let out a tiny gasp when she saw her tear-stricken face. She turned to look at the Professor, and then...

Her vision blurred. Coldness ran down her spine.

It was a dark place. So dark, so vast, the shadows seemed to stretch forever, to the left, to the right, above. Everything was black, and cold. The rose-shaped windows brought in no light. The girl's teeth chattered, and she clung to herself with tiny, pale arms as she sat at the foot of the grand staircase. It wasn't one she could see, but one she had known.

A skull was propped beside her. Yellow light emanated from within its eyes, and nose, and between its teeth. It was covered in scribbles far too small and many to read, like the writings of a madman. The light had grown dimmer and dimmer. It was only a matter of time before the light faded entirely, and she would be all alone.

Like always...

Then, from the corner of her eyes.

There was light.

Brighter than any she had ever seen before. It was blinding and captivating in equal measure. She brought a hand to cover her eyes and squinted between her fingers to see.

The light grew brighter, closer, but as her eyes adjusted, she saw… a figure. Womanly, radiant, with long and graceful strides. The girl withdrew her hand from her eyes. The woman drew closer, and what was once blinding now soothed her.

She exhaled and met the woman's eyes. There was something in her gaze… it was nothing like the hostile glare of her Queen, whose seams were bursting with disdain. Nor was it like her King's cold, aloof pity, delivered with half a heart and zero passion.

This woman looked straight at her, her ruby eyes damp with welling tears.


The light returned to Freddie's eyes; deep and blue and free of the fog of fatigue, even if the rest of her face didn't quite match them. She stepped back and hung her head.

"Ishara…," she repeated the name. It felt so familiar on her tongue.
"That's… me…?"

Freddie brought a hand over her heart. She remembered it all now. Her true name. Her old family. And the memories it brought…

There was heaviness upon her chest. It sank; deeper, further, as more and more images, feelings, and thoughts from her past resurfaced. All those times she was left behind, in the dark, alone. She had seen her parents' backs more often than their faces. She remembered their names, but it meant nothing to her.

Her lips parted to exhale. She watched with glazed eyes as Professor Evans- or rather Lilith Evers- addressed the crowd of girls which had gathered around her. It took a moment for her, but she felt their names on her lips. One by one.





Her eyes hovered to the blonde haired girl she had known for a long time. Longer than she had thought.


And finally, to the girl by her side.


She blinked. So this was destiny.

Korgan glanced down, to his boots, faded by water and encrusted by a thick layer of blood. It was brown and muddy and nowhere near as imposing as the fresh stuff. He chortled, silently admitting that he did need a good clean.

As his Empress addressed him, the Raid-king stretched his arm to the side and gave an exaggerated bow.

"Yes, my Empress!" he bellowed, his bestial features naturally flashing a fang-filled grin. Ivelda ruled his heart by fear, but there was no denying it - he loved his job.

Korgan heard out Tyann's words and nodded along to the salient points. "Aye, aye, got it. Netorugal, good swimmer, allergic to spider-meat. Don'tcha worry. I'll take care of him like my own." He eyed the beastmaster for a second as the latter walked off, then slapped him on the rear. Lightly.

"GUAHAHAH!" His raucous laughter sent nearby birds scattering. He held two thumbs up, then waved his goodbyes and walked away.

"Right. Bath first… I should head over to the Barrel and Chains," he thought aloud. "They better have my favourite girls there, or somebody's walking the plank! HA!"

Korgan's steps came to a halt. He brought a hand to his face, and felt the coarse, inhuman hair which ran down his snout. In the moment and without a mirror, it was easy to forget… about his bestial form. The one he had been cursed with for his indiscretions. No woman would touch him, much less lay with him, with such ugliness. A dry feeling assailed his throat. Indeed, it had been such a long time. A very long time since a woman saw him with anything less than terror or revulsion. He missed it.


The Raid-King scoffed, and cast his melancholies overboard. It mattered not. He wouldn't touch, but he could look all he wanted!


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Aurora Givens~Cassie Peters~Lilith Evers

Cassie waited for Anita to answer. She did, but it wasn't the answer she'd had been expecting.

“Well, there are plenty of stories about magic in fiction books and the like. I imagine it needs to come from somewhere...I think you mother was called Queen Kerringan. I think as a child I called you Meri...your home had flower farms as well...”

But, magic WAS fiction right? Then another part of her head, her imaginative side that helped her create music, countered about explaining why she was remembering things now? Plus the woman, who was supposedly her mother, she looked A LOT like her. Anita said her name was Kerrigan and she was a queen. Wait, did that mean she was . . . . a PRINCESS? Suddenly without warning, Cassie had another flash of memory.

"Meridian?! Just want do you think you are doing?!" Queen Meridian exclaimed.

A 5 year old Meridian was in for it now. It had just rained and Meridian was playing outside in the puddles and getting mud all over her. The queen had been looking for her and was beside herself at the state of her daughter.

Turning to her mother, Meri tried to look apologetic as she said, "I couldn't help it mother. It's been raining for two days. You tell me not to play hard inside, so I figured I play outside."

"Meri, that doesn't mean you get mud all over you. It's not becoming of a princess."

Suddenly a huge man with auburn hair came out and placed a hand on Kerrigan's shoulder.

"Come now Kerrigan, anyone would go mad being indoors for several days. And her clothes are still wet, so we can easily get the mud off. That being said Meri, you should let someone know where you go. The entire castle staff has been looking for you." King Rector said.

"Oh I am sorry, I'll take a bath now!"

With that the little girl ran past her parents to go indoors.

Cassie gasped. More tears started running down her face for this time she remembered her father, at least that's what her mind was telling her. The woman who looked exactly like her had been there too. It was at that moment that Cassie realized that Anita had gone towards Professor. She decided to stick with her friend until things cleared up for her. She joined them in time for her to catch Anita's question about some boys. Boys? That's right, there had been boys she followed around. One had pink hair, another had been a redhead like her father. In fact, wasn't her mother related to the redhead boy's family? There been others, but Cassie's head was so filled up with memories that she couldn't think straight.

Aurora could see the confusion in Meridian's eyes. She went up to her fellow princess and placed a hand on her shoulder. Cassie, still struggling, looked at the blonde.

"This is all too much. I can't be a princess."

"Why think about it at all though? What does your instincts tell you? You love music right? Do you think about what kind of music you'll create?"

"I . . . . don't think at all when it comes to music. It comes to me naturally. Are you telling me to just let it come naturally in this case and not worry? Oh, it looks like I've become my mother huh? She worried a lot."

Lilith watched as Aurora tried calming Meridian now but turned her attention back to the tall princess she knew as Silvia. Compared to the others here, she was tall, but compared to how tall her people could be, she was about average, borderline short. It was long before more princesses showed up, Sybilla and Ishara. Euphemia was still hanging back too. Her heart aching for each of them she finally answered Silvia.

"As for your first question, Silvia. I did now because I gain enough power to break the spell that my sister cast upon you. You have the right to know who you are and where you came from. There's more to it, but I'd rather wait until all of you accept who you are first. As for my sister, no I am not powerful enough to stop her. It's my biggest failure. Had I been able to stop my sister to begin with, none of this would have happened to begin with and all of you would still be with your original families. The boys . . . . . Ivelda kept them. She wanted to keep all of you separated in order to flick more pain on you for she enjoys giving it. Plus if you had remained together, you all would have come into your power eventually and would pose a threat to Ivelda. I don't know what she's done to the princes, only that she's surely has sealed their memories too. I can't imagine what has happened to them or the land we're from."

She had looked at Ishara when she said that last bit. Ishara had a younger brother who was the youngest of them all. She hoped all of the princes were still alive at least. She would soon be asking a lot of these girls and hoped they would accept it.

Aurora turned back to the sorceress and said, "I remember something my mother told me. She told me if anything should happened to her and my father that the faeries would protect the kingdom. Maybe they would protect other places. I think she knew something was going to happen. This was right before Richard's birthday."

"Yes she did. She told me of a nightmarish vision she had the day before it happened. She didn't know it's source, but knew she was on borrowed time. All you must know your parents or guardians tried protecting you. We all did. Ivelda had gotten so powerful though."

It was a poor reason for why she failed them that first time, but she promised herself she would not fail them again.


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Hearing the name out loud sent another small panic through Collette as she tried to savor it at the same time. Hearing it only confirmed what that hallucination had presented. It confirmed that at least some part of it was accurate since she had told no one of that name. Collette frowned. Her body, her heart, her very being had no repulsion towards the name either. If anything, it felt like some piece of her had finally come home and slipped inside as though nothing had happened. Collette knew however. She knew it had been gone and Professor Evans, or Lilith Evers as she had known her apparently, provided further proof that the newly discovered flow of memories was not wrong.

That the memory of her parent's deaths was not wrong.

The severance of magic ached in her chest. She had not seen it but she had felt it. The ache created when the little girl had tripped as the magic in her chest became cut off from that of her parents still hurt in the young woman she had become. It still felt like a gaping wound, hidden under bandages in the form of suppressed memories that were quickly unraveling. Her fist clenched. She would need both pouches of that Royal Highness later.

Eyes full of tears again as Lilith told them they had tried their best, both her and their parents, Collette... Sybilla? The young woman didn't say anything as the information sunk in for all of them. As the name 'Collette' began to sound more and more foreign as she ran all of this new information, these new memories, again and again in short bursts.


"That's unfair..." Collette/Sybilla croaked without thinking as a rush of emotion rose within her. "This... is a lot... a-at once. Without warning. What are we supposed to do with all this... These memories? We have lives here! What is that... What are we..."

Her voice faltered and she could feel the gaze of the others, of the passing people who had come to enjoy the festival. Suddenly Sybilla was fully aware of the dress she wore and the irony of the event she was at. She tried to laugh, to think of some pun or joke, but the laughter got cut off and turned into a strangled sob. She was aware that perhaps she was being dramatic but it was nothing new to Collette. Sybilla on the other hand tried to restrain herself and she looked up, to the faces of the other young women, to Lilith herself.

As she did however, the faces of the boys resurfaced in her memories. She had few memories but Sybilla couldn't stand the idea of them being subjugated to the person who had murdered their parents, or at the very least, sent them down paths none of them should have gone on. Sybilla's clenched fists shook slightly. It was a lot for her to process and conflicting thoughts and emotions battled within her.

"What is it..." Sybilla began, trying to keep her voice level. The words came slower now, trying to choose them carefully even as anger and bitterness came through in her tone. "You're asking us to do, Lilith? If Ivelda was powerful then... what chance do we have now? And I'm sure at least some of us have a lot here... Are we leaving it all behind?"

Collette was trying to clarify, to make sure she knew of Lilith's intention even as memories begged her to not be so hostile. However, she needed more time. More to think, to sort out, as the realization of a life she had lost for many years reemerged without warning. As she realized there were some things she would never regain even if she got everything else back.



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Thaddeus nodded as he listened to the preacher, his men standing at attention once more as the two of them walked on castle grounds to the main doors. He wasn't much of a talker himself but he was fascinated by what Preacher Carama was reporting. The corners of his mouth turned down at the mention of the dungeon keeper but Thaddeus said nothing.

"Even here, Preacher Carama, I can assure you that we must be constantly patrolling to ensure the peace our Great Ivelda has built for these lands stays intact," Thaddeus said gently with a small smirk. "But I am grateful to you for I could not keep these lands as peaceful if you were not out there to ensure our Queen's word was maintained. It is a pity people resist so much however. I am blessed to serve Queen Ivelda but I cannot understand why there are those out there who do not believe in her. Makes my skin crawl, even."

Thaddeus frowned as they approached the main doors, servants opening the doors for them with a low bow.

"Where may we find Queen Ivelda today? We have come to report to her for our daily briefings." Thaddeus asked of the servants.

"I believe she is already with someone," one of them said with a slight bow of his head. "However, we can alert her of your presence and report to you immediately when she is ready for you."

The other servant left as Guard Captain Rock and Preacher Carama were informed of the situation. Thaddeus nodded and turned to Benedicto, "Seems we're not the only one here right now for our doses."


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Anita’s eyes left Lilith as two people approached them. It was Ishara and Sibylla. She pushed her memories away. What is up with me giving everyone flowers? It’s cute, but...I guess I wouldn’t do that now. She just watched and listened as Ishara spoke. Her eyes widened when she said the names of everyone. The names from her memories. Anita’s attention returned to Lilith as she began to speak. She took everything in, but stayed quiet. Her mind was too busy trying to process everything, part of her wanted to yell at Lilith again.

She isn’t powerful enough to stop her, but she decided to help us remember? The boys are with Ivelda...are they okay? She doesn’t know, so I shouldn’t worry about it...Although, did she say we would have been a threat if we all stayed together and came into our powers? We have powers? Anita took in a deep slow breath and let it out even slower. Anita was starting to feel overwhelmed. She got ready to ask a question about these powers, but then Aurora spoke. She didn’t even get to speak once Aurora finished as someone else spoke.

Sibylla’s voice had croaked as she spoke, and Silvia didn’t like that at all. She crossed her arms tightly as she urged herself not to go comfort her. Silvia agreed with everything she was saying though. Silvia frowned when Sibylla let out a combination of a laugh and sob. It was hard for her to smile at her after as they made eye contact for a second. Sibylla's attention went back to Lilith though. Silvia did feel unhappy as she didn’t like seeing her friend upset. Are we friends still? We were all those years ago...but so much time has passed, so much has changed. Can you still be friends with someone if you haven’t seen them in so long? Sibylla’s upset though...can I really just stand here and do nothing?

Before she knew it, she had gone to Sibylla and hugged her tightly. She wrapped one arm around the woman's shoulder and the other around her waist. The hug turned more into a hold as the contact made Silvia feel better. Silvia tried not to be affectionate with strangers, but she felt like Sibylla needed a hug. She would have done it years ago with no questions asked. Silvia parted her lips to try to say something to comfort Sibylla, but she couldn’t think of anything. She just held onto the smaller woman as her attention returned to Lilith.

“I agree with Sibylla, but what did you mean we would have come into our powers? Did Iveda take out powers?” she questioned. Her mind brought up a memory for each parent. They were using their power in their respected memory.


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"I'm headed straight for the castle
They wanna make me their queen."
- Halsey

"Justice…." She heard her true name spoken amidst the sea of people. It was a wonder she had heard it at all but perhaps her memories unlocking not long ago made her hyper attuned to it. She paused in her steps, turning her head in the direction of where the voice seemingly came from. Torres stopped in his tracks too, a single step behind her. He didn't want to lose her again after being coerced to pay for Lucie's new and expensive outfit from his own pocket. She adjusted her sparkling diamond-coated tiara to sit nicely on top of her pretty little head. "I guess I should go ahead and claim what's mine." she muttered under her breath, more to herself than anyone else before walking over to join the group gathering around Professor Evers. Torres was confused by whatever Lucie could mean but obediently followed without delay. He maintained a polite distance, enough to watch over the VIP but also not intrude.

"Hello, hello, make way." Lucie said aloud announcing her arrival, strutting through the group of recognizable faces, wearing her exquisite dress of blue and white. There was a discernible mix of emotions happening all at once as her eyes briefly acknowledged everyone. There was confusion, grief, anger... just to name a few. Lucie however did not sympathize and focused solely on herself and her own goals. "Are you done biding for time, coward? Because I want my time back." Lucie said, her words directed towards Ms. Evers sharply. She didn't know all the details surrounding Ivelda's takeover, her parents' deaths, and the state of the fractured kingdoms but none of that mattered. All Lucie... or rather Justice knew for certain was that she alone belonged on the throne of Serein and princess trumps peasant, the upper echelon of society or not. She had been done a great injustice living in this world of normal, boring people all thanks to an incompetent enchantress and her more competent evil sister.

"If Ivelda was powerful then... what chance do we have now? And I'm sure at least some of us have a lot here... Are we leaving it all behind?"“I agree with Sibylla, but what did you mean we would have come into our powers? Did Iveda take our powers?”

Justice had overheard some of the conversations, enough of it to purse her lips and shake her head in judgment. "Wow, you must have a lousy kingdom if you're not even willing to fight for it. By ALL means, stay behind and be a peasant. You certainly think like one." She remarked about Sibylla, even as the girl seemed she was close to tears and being comforted by another girl, Silvia. She had lived an easy life and knew little about hardships and struggle but she did know that with big risks came big rewards. The Bannisters had taught her that much and she had her eye on the prize. "You know what? Call me generous but I'll take her kingdom too if she doesn't want it. Somebody's got to take over after Ivelda is done being a poser." Justice said with a nonchalant shrug, treating their kingdoms like gambling chips.

As far as she was concerned, all this crying and catching up was a waste of time. What was done was done and the longer they took reminiscing about the past, meant the less time spent actually doing something. She didn't have the patience for it, accustomed to getting what she wanted when she wanted it. Any delay or hesitation was a nuisance. It didn't help that unlike the other princesses, she wasn't considered their friend. Sure, there had been playdates arranged and gifts exchanged but nobody had a place in her heart held higher than herself. "I will take my chances, all of them." She said as passionate as a pledge, looking down at the Angelite statuette in her hand now knowing what it represented. "And you're going to help me. Consider this your chance of redemption." she said to Ms. Evers as if it were an order, royal status boosting her ego and sense of self-worth more than it already was.


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Reese stood back from the tears and confusion, cutting a path right through it to Lilith with her glare. Her parents' whispers tickled her ears like a breeze, carrying commands and warnings. Each of these girls cherubic faces she recalled from her past, her parents had taught her three ways to perceive: useful, adversary, or a useful adversary. She knew for certain none of those in front of her knew that their playdates were being hammered into Princess Euphemia as "just politics". Ah, then there were those swamp dwellers.

"You will not look at them. You will not consume anything they offer you. You will not speak to them until we are satisfied with how well you hide yourself, Euph..."

"... phemia!"

"Don't call me that, Fred. It's weird." Reese reflexively snapped, not taking her eyes off Lilith. Seemed the whispers couldn't do much against the thirteen years of Reese she'd spent living. It sounded like this sorceress was expecting them to go to war. Talk of powers and evil witches bouncing around the circle. She wanted to tell Lilith to go to hell with whatever battle plan she'd concocted, Reese had rent and homework due by the end of the week. Reese's problems didn't just get magicked away by Euphemia's intrusion! Thinking about the goddamn gall of it was going to pop a blood vessel -

"Hello, hello, make way."

Reese lifted her head. The memory jabbed her right between the eyes like a really unwelcome labotomy. No. No, no, no. Not HER. She could feel her presence strong enough without even looking. Don't let HER be one of us. No, no, no! Don't let HER be-!

"'Tis a shame the Serein family sired no male heirs. It seems the gods have yet again conspired to keep our kingdoms from uniting. Perhaps it will come in our next generation, if Serein tolerates our consort with those beasts."

Euphemia looked up at the castle in the sky. Feathers spiraled towards her from the pegasi that soared above. She swore they had come from the Angelite statues that kept the palace safe within its cradle of clouds. A glint of light came from the castle's gates as the royal family sent their princess forth to greet her, her silver head illuminated like a halo.

Months later, the shoddy remains of Euphemia's 'art project' were blasted into pale blue dust by her disgusted mother.

"By ALL means, stay behind and be a peasant. You certainly think like one."

Reese's fists shook. Going around and crushing those who didn't meet her standards again, she hadn't changed, she didn't even change one bit! The only way to not be looked down on by her was to stare her right back in the eye as her reflection! This had to be THE greatest betrayal her awakened memories had slapped her with, she couldn't believe that she had ever wanted this brat's attention! When Justice's last words left her mouth, Reese's anger had nowhere else to go. She'd already been verbally assaulted by the diva once today. It didn't take Reese much to snap on a regular day either.

Reese yanked Justice by the shoulder, threw her around to face her, grabbed her by the front of her fancy new dress and SLAMMED her forehead into her face.

"IS THIS ALL YOU EVER YAMMER ON ABOUT?!" Reese snarled, shoving her away. Blood marked her forehead, either Justice's or hers. "Lucie, Justice, whatever, your stupid size zero dress means nothing when your ego is too fat to try on some fucking human decency! Maybe Lilith sending them here to live like 'peasants' was the best thing that could've happened to them! At least they got the chance to grow into damn decent people! You never stopped being a spoiled fucking PRINCESS!"

And with that, Reese threw herself at her. If they didn't act quick the princesses were about to bear witness to the first fight that would surely become many between these two kingdoms. First fought by tooth and nail, and then, by the natural escalation: army and trebuchet.


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Aurora Givens~Cassie Peters~Lilith Evers

Lilith listened to Sibylla as the poor girl broke down. She tried putting herself in their shoes. Some of them were more adjusted to life on Earth here then others and Sibylla was obviously one of them. She watched as Silvia comforted the girl before addressing her again.

"Ivelda did not take your powers. If all of you had grown up normally in Rhindivel, you would have come into your powers when you turned 12 or 13 or around that age. Why your powers haven't popped up on Earth yet, I don't know, it could be because magical only works when it's acknowledge and it's not recognized on this planet. As for what I am asking of you, let me ask all of you if you accept who you are first."

However, before anyone can answer her, Justice suddenly makes an appearance, definitely acting like her 'normal self'. What surprised Lilith was the fact the girl was actually in her own round-about way helping her out, even though she was being very rude about it. She was about to speak up, when Aurora suddenly spoke up.

"And how, Justice, would you rule Taera Terrus when it's several kingdoms away from yours, not to mention I doubt the residents there would accept that. As for dealing with Ivelda, if our parents and Lilith couldn't defeat her, then I doubt you could handle her on your own. Ms. Evers, correct me if I am wrong, but when Ivelda killed our parents, she took them off bit by bit right? Those memories are still a big foggy to me because it all happened so fast, but I don't think our parents took Ivelda on as one big group right?"

This surprised Lilith and she nodded, "Yes, Ivelda didn't take on all the royals at once. My sister is very smart, she would have preferred to not take any risks. So even she had a limit."

However before she talk any further, Euphemia suddenly attacked Justice, first by headbutting her, then ranting and then tackling her.

"Oh crap! Cassie said before launching herself and grabbing Euphemia.

"Cut it out! We're in a public place, Euphemia! You were also so quick to act! Silvia, a little help here!"

Lilith was there too and tried getting Justice away from Euphemia.

"I know you hate being touched, Justice, but I am trying to help you here."

Aurora was too horrified to do anything but stand there.


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Freddie's gaze remained vacant in the face of Justice's words. A vacant gaze to pay tribute to the rich girl's vacant head. It was the loud crack of Reese's skull meeting Justice's that drew a glimmer of attention from her, and she stood on her tippy toes to watch the show right next to Sibylla.

"Wish I had brought…. some kettle corn…," she quietly mused.

Reese had attacked the rich girl. Cassie and Lilith swiftly descended to break up the fight. Freddie strolled over to Cassie, one hand raised like the dutiful student she wasn't.

The pale-haired girl beckoned Cassie to hand Reese over. She patted her shoulders, checked her forehead, and squinted, deep in thought.


Freddie nodded once, and looked Reese straight in the eyes.

"You're good."

She turned Reese around and shoved her back towards Justice.


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Sibylla felt the warm embrace of Silvia and stiffened at first, her sobs quieting down as she stood there a bit awkwardly in her arms. As Lilith answered Silvia’s question however, she began to relax and almost lean into the hug. That was, until Justice interrupted.

"Wow, you must have a lousy kingdom if you're not even willing to fight for it. By ALL means, stay behind and be a peasant. You certainly think like one."

Sybilla gritted her teeth and glared at Justice as the young woman continued, fully aware of how she was still in Silvia’s arms. She wasn’t aware however of how she was leaning forward or how tense her body had become.

Silvia started seeing red once Justice spoke it stayed that way as she continued. I am going to fuc- Her thoughts stopped as she felt Sybilla lean forward and her body tense. Her grip only tightened as she didn't want her to fall forward if she let go. Silvia was tempted to let her go as she had a feeling Sybilla was going to attack Justice. She didn't let go though as memories of Sybilla came to mind. Silvia couldn't help, but think of the current Sybilla as a child. Someone who could not fight. She thought of the little girl who insisted she would grow big enough to carry her one day.

Little Sibylla was about to fight Silvia's grip when Euphemia came in with her own anger. Sibylla's eyes widened as the blond woman headbutted Justice and a fight commenced. There was screaming as Cassie and Lilith tried to separate the girls. Seeing the fray, Sibylla tried to pull away from Silvia to join the fight.

"Let me go!" she yelled as she tried to get in a shot at Justice. Silvia almost didn’t hear Sibylla as she was enjoying watching the fight. The only reason she didn’t join in was because she didn’t want the fight to be unfair. She had a feeling if she, Reese, and apparently Sibylla went to fight Justice that the girl would end up in the hospital.

She doubted the others could stop the fight then. She had heard Cassie ask for help, but she ignored the request. If Silvia couldn’t fight Justice, then she would let Reese have her fight. Silvia was hot with anger as well and she’d likely cause harm to Justice if she did help. She looked down at Sybilla as she kept her hold.

”I really want to let you go, but then the fight would not be fair for Justice. Would you gain any pleasure from an unfair fight? she questioned. Silvia knew she personally wouldn’t. She would feel bad as well as she knew others would get hurt in trying to stop the fight. Every time someone tried to stop Silvia from fighting, they usually ended up hurt. This was why Silvia decided to not let go of Sibylla. If she let go and Justice hurt Sibylla, Silvia would then join the fight. All hell would surely break loose then.

There was a slight pause and then the resistance Sibylla had put up subsided. Her body relaxed, even slumped a little.

"Y-you're right…" Sibylla reluctantly agreed as she stood up straight, noticing with a squint of her eyes how short she seemed compared to Silvia. "You can… you can let go, now."

Silvia was only a little reluctant to let Sibylla go. She decided this would help her see if she could trust Sibylla’s word. Also, she didn’t think it would be terrible if Sibylla jumped into the fight. It would give Silvia a reason to join in as well. Slowly, she let go of Sibylla before she moved to stand next to her. She cleared her throat softly and ran her fingers through her hair. Her eyes wandered over to the fight.

“Do you think I should help them? Also, are you okay with hugs and physical affection in general?” she asked Sibylla. The last thing she wanted was to have Sibylla dislike her because of her own affectionate nature. ”I usually don’t hug or show people affections unless I know they are okay with it,” she added.

"Oh yeah, tooootally cool with it," Sibylla responded in a pitch much higher than usual as she started to back up towards the girls who were being restrained. Suddenly she turned around and bolted towards Justice...only to get on the other side of her to try and help Lilith restrain her.

"I don't like you but you're not getting away," Sybilla hissed.

Silvia couldn’t help it that she smiled when Sibylla had bolted towards Justice. She thought she was going to attack Justice, but she went to try to help Lilith restrain her. Silvia sighed softly. I guess I should help...but I should stretch first, just so I don’t pull a muscle.

She took her time stretching as if she planned to go for a run before she walked closer to the fight. Her eyes wandered to Cassie as Ishara spoke to her. She let out a small laugh as Ishara took Euphemia only to throw her back at Justice. Silvia rubbed her face as she tried to rub the smile off her face. She failed. Her gaze went over to Cassie, the person who asked for help earlier.

“Why should I help? We should let Euphemia have at her. She sounds like she is ready to take over all the kingdoms, seems like she wants to be Ivelda number two.” she said. Silvia crossed her arms over her chest. She wouldn’t help just yet or at all depending on how things went. Her anger was still there. She wouldn’t go to fight Justice for now, but she wouldn’t go to help her either. For all she cared, Euphemia could beat her to a pulp.

Sibylla was also wide eyed as she hadn’t even had a chance to grab Justice when Freddie threw Reese. She couldn’t even really move as she processed what she just saw, only managing to utter, “Well, that’s one way to throw things into chaos.


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"Don't know why people don't like me more,
I have no friends but that's okay,
I don't need them anyway,
I do my best, all on my own."
- Cadmium

Lucie casually checked her blue-white manicured nails while waiting for everyone in the group to acknowledge her. Needless to say, she didn’t know that her words were vexatious, with a knack for speaking her mind just because she could. "And how, Justice, would you rule Taera Terrus when it's several kingdoms away from yours, not to mention I doubt the residents there would accept that. As for dealing with Ivelda, if our parents and Lilith couldn't defeat her, then I doubt you could handle her on your own." She looked up at Aurora and replied without missing a beat. "The British Empire is a thing you know and I’m only proposing two kingdoms." Lucie held up two fingers to emphasize her point. She didn’t see the big deal if the kingdom was already forfeited. "There will be contention for the throne but it's not hard to choose between a born princess and a poser. I also never said anything about doing it on my own." Her eyes flickered to Lilith for emphasis again as she did openly request her help. With a heavy sigh, she muttered under her breath. "Small-minded nincompoops..."

Lucie twitched as a hand grabbed her shoulder but it all happened too fast for her to react properly, headbutted hard enough to bleed and make her dizzy. As a result, she did miss the first part of what Reese said but she managed to catch the rest as she reached up to confirm that her head was indeed bleeding. Her eyes shook in their sockets in shock as her finger tips and nicely manicured nails were now covered in red.. "Lucie, Justice, whatever, your stupid size zero dress means nothing when your ego is too fat to try on some fucking human decency! Maybe Lilith sending them here to live like 'peasants' was the best thing that could've happened to them! At least they got the chance to grow into damn decent people! You never stopped being a spoiled fucking PRINCESS!" Lucie gritted her teeth ready to snap back but Reese attacked her again with more force, the girl’s full body launched to pin her to the ground. "GET OFF ME!!" Lucie demanded horrified, shoving the blonde away by the shoulders then as it wasn’t working, with her bloodied hand pushing back on the girl’s face. "Cut it out! We're in a public place, Euphemia! You were also so quick to act! Silvia, a little help here!" At least someone had a mind to help. "GET HER OFF ME, NOW!!! AHHHH~~~!!!" Lucie started screaming high-pitched at the top of her lungs feeling more distressed by the second. This was the worst day ever after the Ivelda takeover.

"I know you hate being touched, Justice, but I am trying to help you here." Lilith said, getting involved. "Hurry up!!!" Lucie cried out, desperate for Reese to leave her alone. In her eyes, Reese was absolutely bonkers. She started slapping the girl’s face in case it would snap her out of her barbaric frenzy but when that didn’t work, pulled her hair and attempted to claw her eyes and kick her off. "I don't like you but you're not getting away," Sybilla said as she joined in. "Whatever! I don’t care! Just somebody CONTROL her!" Lucie yelled. “Why should I help? We should let Euphemia have at her. She sounds like she is ready to take over all the kingdoms, seems like she wants to be Ivelda number two.” It was hard to hear over everything that was happening but hear she did. It made her angry to be compared to Ivelda, lashing out at Reese with more energy even though it was a losing fight from the start.

She exhaled loudly as Ishara got a hold of Reese, mistakenly thinking that the whole ordeal was over. "You're good." Until Reese was just shoved right back. NOW Lucie was really fuming more than she knew she was even capable of. She could almost feel steam coming out of her nostrils and ears. "Are you all INSANE?! TORRESSSS!!!" The bodyguard had been frozen in shock watching his career take a nosedive into the abyss. It was as much the worst day of Lucie’s life as it was his. First he had lost the VIP then he had witnessed the VIP under attack. This was not going to go well with the VIP’s parents and he’d be lucky to stay alive when this was over. He decided to accept his inevitable fate and step in just because it was the right thing to do. “Hello, nice to see you again.” He greeted Lilith first and then politely and quite professionally, picked Reese up off Lucie and set her aside on her feet. His arm shot up to stop her from continuing the fight if she felt urged to. “Apologies for the intrusion but I think that’s enough.” he said, his attention focused on Lucie. He wanted to help more but was considerate of her dislike of being touched. A physical fight was already pushing the boundary. Lucie was breathing heavily, panicky, her fingers running through her hair and pressing against her temples overwhelmed by the stress of the situation.

⧖ A boy around her age sat beside her, their toes dipped in the lake as their reflections stared back at them. With dark hair and a smile tugging the corners of his lips as he spoke with fang-like teeth peeking out top and bottom row, his face was a well kept secret underneath an ornate mask that Justice adored. She loved beautiful things, animals and people. The mask was particularly fascinating as she stared at him barely listening to a word he was saying… something about foxes. There was a gentle breeze, the boy’s hair swaying as she thought she saw something amiss. Perhaps dirt or something else tucked between his face and mask. Justice inched closer with curiosity, her hand reaching out for him.
“You--you bit me.” She looked down at her hand, unfamiliar with pain and blood but knowing straight away that she didn’t like it. “I just wanted to...” Justice mumbled, about to explain but stopping herself as her hand started to ache and the boy was no longer pleasant. He was upset at her and she didn’t, couldn’t understand why. ”What are you? A wild BEAST? GET OUT! Don’t you dare step foot in my kingdom ever again!!” she screamed, running away with tears in her eyes and cradling her bitten hand. ⧗

Justice breathed out as she remembered him, remembered all the playdates she had with the other princes and the princesses present. She tried, didn’t she? But years later they still hated her. Justice started laughing, laughing like a maniac. Everyone was so goddamn stupid. "Fine then. Hate me for being decisive about what I want while you're all taking your sweet time, twiddling your thumbs, and crying about it." she said, standing up off the ground and scooping up her dress but almost stumbling. Reese had done a number on her but her pride and anger kept her upright for the moment. "I guess nobody here besides me has a brain so let me spell it out for you. It was I-V-E-L-D-A who killed our families, took over our kingdoms, forced us to abandon our homes and you have to sit and think about it?! What is there to think about?! She's a murderer and a thief! If you actually cared as much as your whining and tears suggest, you'd fight for that instead of me! But nooo.. you're all like,”

She cleared her throat. ”Boohoo, big scary Ivelda. We don't stand a chance and we have a life here we don't want to leave behind but we'll fight Justice because she's willing to do what we're not and it stings our precious little feelings..." Justice mocked them, exaggeratedly wiping her eyes. "That is PATHETIC. If you want to call me Ivelda two for fighting for our kingdoms then so be it. I don't care what you think of me. At least I am up to the task and grabbing my destiny by the reigns instead of pretending none of it happened. You might as well be spitting on the graves of everybody who sacrificed themselves and everybody who is still alive under her rule. You want a legacy as the princess who gave up? I’ll let our kingdoms judge you." She huffed, wrinkling her nose disgusted. "What.a.JOKE. You think she’s holding soirees and tea parties waiting for you all to GROW UP?! It’s been YEARS and I want to go home… to whatever is left of it.” Justice’s voice slowed down as a hint of sadness appeared in the latter of her words. At least home loved her for who she is. Recalling that she was angry and talking to the other princesses, she huffed again and continued, “I hope you're all proud of being a bunch of useless hypocrites and a waste of my time. Go on and enjoy the best thing that ever happened to you while calling yourself decent people.” Her angry venting was complete, she was beaten and exhausted and the last of her strength gave out. It only took seconds for her to collapse to the ground for the second time in the day, Torres catching her fall but thoroughly confused by her speech. ’Did she hit her head that hard?’ he thought.


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"DON'T CALL ME THAT! IT'S WEIRD!!" Reese hollered at Cassie, kicking and punching out in the air as she was tackled away from the object of her anger. They weren't trained or disciplined or anything. This was the fighting style of someone who utilized brutality to protect Freddie from her shadier customers. Sloppy, but relentless.

Finally she was pried off proper by a man actually trained for these situations. She was held back, her breath slowing with her enraged heartbeat. When she saw Justice laughing, Torres had to hold on tighter. She stood there, teeth bared and hair on end like a threatened wolf, right up until Justice fell. Reese should have felt satisfied. Instead, her head lowered and her shoulders slumped. When she looked up to Lilith speaking, she felt as if she had to tilt her head back to see her, just like she did when she only reached the woman's waist. Sitting on the ground, looking up at her and the child on her lap. It's exactly the same as back then... The thought trickled down the back of her head. It was an angering thought.

"Who even cares."

She tossed herself away from the group, wiping the blood off her forehead with the back of her hand and revealing a nasty bruise settled between her bangs. She had worked too hard to make a life out of the circumstances she'd been dumped in to abandon everything here.

"Give her Emperia. She suits the place." She said, and held out her hand. "Freddie, come on."


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Despite her ‘best efforts’, the fight between Reese and Justice had come to a halt once again. Perhaps it was better this way. She couldn’t afford to get sued. Freddie’s eyebrows quirked upwards as the rich girl continued to call them out. She couldn’t help but admit, Justice had a point. A little bit. The rich girl was insensitive, but her initiative was something to admire. Even so…

’At least I am up to the task and grabbing my destiny by the reigns instead of pretending none of it happened.’

”We’ve... ‘pretended’… for so long…,” Freddie mused, mostly to herself. ”I… remember the past. I know it’s real… but…”

She turned towards Reese and took her hand. ”Right now… Freddie... and Reese… feels more real than....”

She looked over her shoulder, towards the girls and Professor Evers.

”...All of this.”

Without another word, the two ran off and away, into the heart of the fair.


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Aurora Givens~Cassie Peters~Lilith Evers

Cassie was a bit relieved when Ishara stepped in, seemingly ending the fight. Well that was quickly short lived when the young woman merely pushed Reese back at Justice.

"Oh for crying out loud!" she shouted before launching herself at Reese again.

It was pretty obvious things were about to get out of control, but luckily Justice's bodyguard showed up to finally break up the fight. This relieved both Lilith and Aurora. Soon though Justice let out a huge tirade though, bringing up some very good points. Even Cassie had to admit that. After her rant though, the girl collapsed, obviously worn out.

Lilith finally stepped up. She chose to ignore the bodyguard's. He'd probably think Justice was out of it, but he really don't do anything about the situation.

"She's right. We're not suppose to be fighting each other right now. I know this is a lot for you to take in and all of you are feeling overwhelmed. Why don't you all take a break from this. Before you leave though, I will ask that all of you come to my place tomorrow since it's still the weekend. I don't think any of you have weekend classes right? I will email each of you my address. I plan on attempting to contact someone you all might remember. Her name is Queen Eowyn. Yes, I am still wanting you to return to your place of birth with me, but I am willing to let all of you think it over too. But I will be returning no matter what. Before I do, I want to try to find out about the current state of Rhindeval and the queen might be able to provide me with that information. But I am going to need help trying to contact her. Now that you girls remember your past, your abilities will probably start to surface so you'll be able to help me reach her. For now I'll continue to read legends about your homeland. You're more the welcome to stay and listen. Thank you ladies."

With that, Lilith returned to her booth and soon had people gathered around her again. It wasn't long before Ishara left with Euphemia, after stating this felt more real to her then their past. Aurora felt it wasn't right to deny they had a past and probably had people in Rhindeval still waiting for them. Could she really live with herself if she stayed here? She always felt she never fully belonged here too. It did help she had been dreaming of Rhindeval. At least she assumed she had been. But she knew she couldn't leave without saying something to her adoptive family either. That was one big issue that had to be settled. Still her instincts told her to return and she always trusted them. Turning to the girls that still remained, she spoke up.

"I . . . I am going back. I can't help but feel Rhindeval needs me . . . needs us. So I am going to help Ms. Evers as much as I can. I hope the rest of you are able to come, but I won't force you to. I don't have anything else I want to do, so I am going to listen in on those stories. Bye." Aurora said before going to listen in on Lilith's stories.

Cassie just shook her head before commenting, "How can she accept this so easily? We all have lives here too right? How can we just 'pick up and leave it'. Freddie did make a point, this feels more real to me then my own memories. I am not ready to accept all of this yet, but . . . I don't like the idea that our birthplace could be suffering. Justice did make a point, Ivelda did kill our birth parents. The idea she's still free rubs me the wrong way. Maybe I'll take Ms. Evers up on her offer for tomorrow. Maybe then I can come to a decision. What do the rest of you plan on doing? I do need a break from all this though."

Ivelda Ever

Code- #003300

Ivelda listened as Benedicto talked about his travels. When Ivelda originally became the new ruler of Rhindeval, she knew she had to think long term. And what better way to make sure her reign stay supreme than by raising the next generation to worship her? She knew she had to walk a fine line though for she knew very well that the true gods of this land were probably watching her. She knew from her own childhood that the gods of this world didn't interfere unless they had to. She didn't want that to happen. Thanks to her agreement with the Evil forces of this world, higher beings had strict rules to follow.

After Benedicto finished his report, Ivelda smiled and said, "You've done a fine job Benedicto. As much as I am overjoyed that the people of my land love me, all of you must remember that I am as much a servant as the rest of you. I want my people to to never be afraid of me for all I want is the land to prosper and for everyone to be safe and happy."

That was partially true, she did want this land to prosper, but she wasn't afraid to use fear tactics either. She had her own secret band of enforcement that no one else knew about, but rebels had heard of them, calling them the "Fangs of Ivelda". These loyal subjects were once the most dangerous criminals of Rhindeval, but Ivelda had recruited them even before taking over, promising them everything they could ask for in exchange for complete loyalty. In fact, each and every "Governor" of Kingdoms of Rhindeval was a member of this group. Calling the former kingdoms "Principalities", Ivelda knew she couldn't oversee every area at once, so she had loyal men in charge of the other principalities while she oversaw Lostein. However soon she would make a trip to visit each other principalities, at least the ones under her control. It was frustrating how kingdoms like Traumet had sealed themselves off.

"You are free to go for now Benedicto. You deserve some rest. Sir Thaddeus, you are free to speak now. Oh, Benedicto there is one last thing, I need a guard to go fetch me Eike. Could you have someone do that?"

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and a guard opened the door.

"Your majesty, Roderick is here."

"Wonderful! Send him in! Can you make sure that another guard makes sure that Korgan and Tyann are on their way too?"

The guard nodded and left to do his job.