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Isa Givens

Unknowingly a Princess, Poised, and Confidently Existing

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a character in “Fractured Kingdoms”, as played by silentawakening




Alias: Kianna Reeves
Age: 23
Pendent: Amethyst
Hex Code: #A76BCF

Personality: Isa is a confident intellectual who sometimes overthinks herself into existential and psychological crises. She often feels people don't understand her over-empathetic nature, and will mostly keep these thoughts private around people she does not know. This over-thoughtfulness however is counteracted by a fiery, flirty confidence which Isa exudes as often as possible as a sort of defense. Isa is most at ease in cozy places where she can write out her thoughts or feel them without judgement, or with a group of friends who understands her deep thinking. She can always be found with amethyst near her, as it is her birthstone and reminds her of happy memories. A perfect day for Isa would include dancing, reading, drinking coffee, cats, and changing her hair color. Lately however, Isa has felt increasingly lost and alone, and has started to retreat into herself while frequently enjoying a cozy night of drinking.

History: Isa was adopted as a nine year old by a couple who had the desire for a big family on a big farm. After she was adopted, the couple had three more girls and Isa always felt a close bond to them. When Isa was twelve her adopted father began to abuse her due to his growing hatred of her adopted mother. Soon he would have an affair, which would bring a son for him, and the couple would be divorced when Isa was sixteen. At that point, Isa moved to Oregon with her adopted mother and sisters and quickly found an apartment for herself. By the time Isa was on her last year of school at Portland Community College she had regained a relationship with her adopted father, and actually felt closer to him than her adopted mother. With her ravenous appetite for knowledge, Isa's adopted father helped her decide on switching her major from psychology to communications so she could attempt to follow her dream of being in a fashion career.

So begins...

Isa Givens's Story


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Lilith Evers

The sun peaked through curtains as Lilith went about her morning activities. She couldn't believe the day was the day. She was finally strong enough to cast the spell that would help the princesses remember who they were. She had woken up before dawn to do her pre-dawn yoga and meditated to soak up the first rays of the sun. It was the first day of Spring and the sun's light gave her the final boost of energy she needed. She hadn't felt this way in over 10 years. While she knew she was no match for her sister, she at least felt like her old self. Of course now the really hard work was about to begin. Lilith had done her best to watch over the Princesses on Earth, but had seen that a few of them had had a hard time adapting to Earth. She knew she was running on borrowed time too for soon the Spring semester would be over and it be harder to stay in direct contact with each of them. She had made a point to become a Professor of courses that all of the girls would take in college and all were English courses. She hoped and prayed that the Princes were still around. She had no clues on what her sister had done to them. She had been tempted over the years to try and 'spy' on Rhindeval, but knowing her sister, she would have 'known' the instant if she was looking in on them. She was still trying to figure out where a safe haven would be for the princesses to stay when they got back to Rhinedeval. For now though she would focus on the girls.

When she was ready to go, she got in her car and drove to work.

Dawn Henderson

Dawn found herself running through a vast forest. She lost count on how many times she had been here. This time it was a bit misty because of the morning dew. She could hear whispers and giggles around her.

"Hello, is anyone there?"

No one replied back. It was very unnerving, however Dawn didn't feel like she was in any kind of danger. Finally she came upon something she had yet to see in this forest, a ring of stones. It reminded her of Stonehenge due to it's arrangement. What was this place? She touched one of the stones, only to hear a voice in her head.

~Welcome home . . . . . princess.~

Suddenly a buzzing noise and everything faded.

Dawn groaned as her alarm went off. Groggily she reached over and turned it off. Sitting up, she looked bleary eyed at her surroundings. Looked like her roommate had already left for the morning. Dawn lucked out in getting a roommate that had morning classes like her and Dawn was a heavy sleeper. Suddenly her cell phone rang. Rolling her eyes, Dawn grabbed it, knowing who it was immediately. Yep, it was her father. Pressing a button she answered it.

"Good morning dad. . . . . Yes I just got up. . . I am fine dad and I had a good night's rest. Anyway, I do have to get ready dad. Thanks for checking up on me. . . Love you too dad, bye."

She loved her father, but he was beginning to get on her last nerve. He pretty much called her every evening and then every morning. She was 19, not 5! Still she didn't want to get on her father's bad side and tried telling herself to be patient. But even she had her limits.

Deciding not to think about her father, she thought about her dream instead. Getting up, she went to her small desk that she shared with her roommate and got out her dream journal. Ever since she turned 16, she had been having these very detailed dreams and started writing them down. She couldn't always remember everything, but she remember the important parts. This had been the first time she had heard someone speak in her dream. She had no idea who this person was. Princess? Was the voice talking to her? It was silly to think she would be a princess, but dreams could be interesting that way.

After finishing, she got ready for her first class for the day before heading out to the student center where the college cafeteria was.

Ivelda Evers

Ivelda, otherwise known as The Queen, stood in front of a long mirror, admiring herself.

"Beautiful, simply stunning! Don't you agree?" she asked a random servant behind her.

"Indeed your majesty. No one is a fair as you." the old servant said.

Of course he really didn't think so, but he wasn't bound to say that for servants had had been killed for insulting the queen.

"I am glad you think so. So tell me, any news about Adrian?"

"Yes, your majesty, he's been seen crossing the border into Lostein this morning."

"Wonderful. Let's hope he took care of our little pest problem. Now, will you please go check on my other boys? Report back when your done.

The servant bowed and left the throne room. He would sent out different servants to check on the queens 'boys'.

Ivelda herself went back to her throne and sat down. Life couldn't be better for her and she made sure that life would stay that way.

Adrian Wells

Another mission accomplished, Adrian thought as he rode on one of his favorite horses, a huge brown stallion named Little John. He was galloping through a dense forest and soon came upon a clearing. From the clearing, he got a beautiful view of the Queen's palace, which was surrounded by a lake. Something about the view always warmed Adrian's heart. While his own home was a ways from the palace, he could never quell the voice inside him that this was home. Knowing the queen was expecting his report, he snapped out of his reverie and road down towards the road that would lead to the bridge of the palace.

Making sure his horse was taken care of, Adrian headed straight for the throne room. Knocking on the door, he waited for the queen to let him enter. Once she did, he came in and knelt before her.

"Nice to see you back safely, Adrian, now report."

"Just as you have ordered, Lord Conrad is no longer an issue. All of his land has been confiscated and his family arrested."

Lord Conrad had been secretly helping rebels, so the Queen had ordered Adrian to do something about it. His family was still alive, but Adrian himself had seen to Conrad. What Adrian hadn't told her was how tough this job had been on him emotionally. Conrad had been very loyal to the queen, so it was a shock to learn he had been supporting rebels. Now he had lost everything.

"That's my boy! I am very pleased with your work Adrian. Come with me real quick and I shall give you your reward."

Nodding, Adrian followed the queen to chamber connected to the throne room. Everyone in the kingdom knew that the Queen was also a sorceress and this chamber reflected that fact with all of its potions and a huge cauldron. Ivelda started mixing a few potions in a small bowl before pouring it into a goblet.

"Here you go. Now drink up," the queen offered Adrian.

Not even daring to object, Adrian drank it up. The effect was immediate. His eyes darken and looked at the queen with a blank face. Smiling, Ivelda came forward and kissed his cheeks. What Adrian did know know was that the drink was one of the ways Ivelda kept him under her control and to keep him from remembering his true name.

"You are dismissed now Adrian. You are free to return home for awhile. You've earned a break."

Adrian shook his head. What just happened? He then recalled his queen's words.

"Thank you your majesty. Just call if you need anything."

Bowing, he took his leave of her.


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The sounds of screams and the heat and light of dark flames filled the air. Some poor village that’s name didn’t even matter to him burned all around him. He soaked it all in as he twisted his sword out of the chest of a young woman who’s screams he had ended forever. The last of the villagers… no traitors…. yes traitors to his Queen… tried to flee before his blades… flee his fire… But none could escape the terror that was the Blue Demon.

A knock pulled him from his memory.

”Enter…” The masked man spoke coldly.

The door slowly opened flooding in light to the room that had been lit solely by a blue fire that burned in the center of the room. The room was spartan with just a simple bed and desk. It was also lined with weapons of all kinds hanging from the wall.

The servant that entered bowed and said. “Her Highness commands your reports General.”

The masked man said nothing only rising from his chair he made his way. His armored boots made sure he was heard as he made his way through the halls of the castle. Everyone he met bowed and quickly made way. many trembled as he past by.

As he entered the Queen’s view he bowed before her falling to one knee.

”My Queen.”

Meanwhile on Earth…

”Remember Fire while dangerous is also a source of heat and light. While in the wrong hands it can be a terror. when used right it brings life it’s self.”

A heat surrounded her… It called to her… But all she felt was fear… The fire rose it was going to consume her!

The blare of her alarm woke her with a jolt she was covered in sweat and the ruby on the necklace she never took off seemed to be burning against her chest.

”ugh..” She moaned as she pulled herself out of bed.

She pulled out a small notebook from the table beside her bed.

Another strange dream about fire… this time I heard a voice… Please Lynn don’t be going crazy…

”Maybe I am crazy?” she asked herself.

Lynn shook the thought from her head with a sigh and made her way to the shower dodging the minefield of stuff all around her dorm. A mess for later… now she had to deal with the mess of herself. With a look at the clock she knew she was wasting time.

Lynn showered and dressed in something simple a t shirt and faded jeans with her sneakers. Ready she packed up her books into her backpack and headed out into the day.