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"Eike" is perhaps the most devoted to his Queen, being the most intimately familiar with the suffering she commands. He takes joy in digging his fingers into her enemies. He only speaks in her presence when asked to and would do absolutely anything to please her. He's head over heels for the woman and it's no small secret. He's known by the other princes to be an unsocial giggly bundle of sadism and fanaticism whose only friends are stuffed toys and dolls.

Before the brainwashing, Niklaus seemed to have no personality at all. He was a mute, blank-eyed boy. It's almost as though the brainwashing unlocked something within him...


Eike was taught to cause pain at a very young age, the very moment he was brought under the Evil Sorceress's wing. Perhaps it was the trauma of seeing his parents murdered in front of him, or perhaps it was the spell she cast over him, but the quiet, stoic boy came alive when he had broken down his first prisoner and Ivelda praised him for it. His heart has been hers ever since, and he takes pleasure in giving her prisoners 'the divine right of human feeling'. He has never questioned his loyalty or given the remnants of his memory any thought.

He came from the Kingdom of Emelas, a kingdom with masterful skill over the art of alchemy and whose grandest achievement was the creation of the homunculous - a fake human, borne from magic and science. Niklaus had an elder sister, but he alone was the royal family's prized heir, treated as nothing but a doll that could be manipulated into the perfect King to carry on the Eldiel legacy.


So begins...

Niklaus Viel Eldiel's Story


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Deep beneath the Lostein castle's front of luxury lurked a dark, damp place. The castle under Ivelda's rule had taken on her image over the years; its gardens blooming with color and extravagance, the furniture crafted from ivory and gold and silks and all manner of dead and glittering things. It was breathtakingly beautiful, perhaps more than it had been during the Livingstone's rule, but cold. Just like the mind calculating behind the bewitching eyes of its ruler. Ivelda's heart didn't lie with the castle's flourishing gardens or cold, golden throne. Her heart laid deep in the castle's dungeons, where the fires that warmed the floors above throbbed and blazed hot and humid. Shadows fed on the mold and decay in the dark of her heart and the wails of the tormented echoed amidst the dripping of some unknown, sticky substance from who knows where. It would take something truly twisted to thrive in these depths.

Enter, Eike.

The little prince did not simply thrive in the dark, rotting catacombs of Ivelda's heart. He could not reside anywhere else. They sheltered him, they nursed him, they were hers... when he shut his eyes, the rot was sweeter than flowers and the heat was nothing but a Spring breeze. It was love.

And these screams, that he pried from her enemy as he pried off his nails, they were how he gave it back.

The naked man gave a throaty wail as the nail came loose and Eike pulled away. The thorny vines wrapping against his shriveled body tightened and the blue roses growing from them bloomed, then died, bloomed, then died, releasing over and over an overwhelming sweetness then a stench of compost. Butterflies gathered at his wounds like beasts to a watering hole. Eike brought the nail to his lips and suckled it as he observed the man's reactions with unnaturally wide, pale eyes.


A guardsman entered the room, sweating profusely and hiding his nose. Behind him trailed two in noble garb linked together by chains, a woman and a little girl who shared the woman's eyes. The woman immediately went pale with disgust and attempted to hide the sight of the torture from the child.

"This is the traitor Lord Conrad's family," the guard continued, trying not to gag, "Her Majesty... wishes for you to see that no secrets die with them."

Eike took the bloody fingernail from his lips, his eyes drawn to the little girl peeking from behind her mother's skirts. She was glancing nervously around the room at its dark corners, where stuffed toys were being taken by mold and wasting away. Eike dropped the nail and bit the tip of his glove, pulling it off to reveal a few of his fingers to be missing and regrowing nails, too. He plucked a blue rose from his victim and approached the girl, kneeling before her. She trembled as he neared her face with his gloved hand, then flinched as he trailed a finger down her cheek.

Across her jaw, her cheeks, her forehead and down her nose, staring intently at her reactions as he did so. His finger traveled down her shoulder, paused, and suddenly wormed under her armpit to tickle her. She let out a shriek of laughter and shook herself free. Eike smiled. He continued his journey down to her little hand that she stretched out for him and stroked down each finger. She smiled shyly and giggled at the sensation as her mother watched on apprehensively. Finally, he brandished the blue rose for her, his hand clamped tightly around the stem. She went to take it - then gasped, her gaze fixated on Eike's hand. Thick droplets of blood dripped from his hand, and as he opened his palm, he revealed the wicked thorns that had sliced through it. He brought the rose to his face and took in a deep whiff, glaring at the girl's frightened expression as he did so. He stood.

"I understand." He said, and gave the guard an unnervingly vacant smile. "I shall teach them the euphoria of feeling."

The guard was eager to leave, taking the woman and her daughter with him. Alone apart from the waning consciousness of his prisoner, Eike picked up one of his stuffed toys and laid down on the hot stone. He stared up at the ceiling, towards the castle's beautiful interior, where the others dined and conversed and indulged in the finer sensations without him. He had never had a child to play with before. He wondered what face she would make at the taste of candy. He wondered how it would contort when she burned her tongue.

"Lucky," he whispered. His nails dug into his unfeeling companion. "Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky..!!"

Rip. Stuffing spilled from its broken seams. Eike shut his eyes and took a deep breath.

"... Oh, Elijah."

His eyes slid open. He brought his palm to his mouth and licked it, looking wistfully at the ceiling.

"Please, betray her soon."


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Cassie Peters
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A lone runner was jogging over the campus. Cassie, ever the early riser, was getting in her daily morning run. She never ran too hard because she had to maintain her energy throughout the rest of the day. Besides, she had track practice that afternoon. The green hair girl was more of a mid-distance runner who often did 800 and 1,500 meter runs. While track was how she got into this college, her true desire was music and she finally got a few music scholarships. She didn't want to depend entirely on her parents, well adopted parents. Still she loved them very much. She did think about who who her real family was though. She really wanted an explanation on why her green hair was natural. She use to joke that maybe she was from another planet all together, but didn't really believe it despite her eccentric behavior. While the idea of being rejected did hurt, she learned enough from her adoptive parents that one must learn all sides of a story in order to learn the truth. So she would wait. She had already talked about trying to find her biological family after graduating, but that would be at another year. Only clue she did have was her sapphire pendent, which was the real deal. She never let it out of her sight. Right now it was swinging on her neck on a short chain.

As she ran by the natatorium, she spotted 2 people she recognized, twins Khorra and Kierra. She often had a hard time remembering who was who. Khorra was the one with the shorter hair right? The two were together so much that it was hard to tell them apart sometimes. She hadn't really interacted with them that much though, but she saw both of them at times. Both were athletic in some fashion with Kierra being the swimmer and Khorra doing other sports. Being on the track team, when Cassie had made a point to support other campus athletes when she could so she had attended some of Kierra's swim meets. Plus the 3 of them now were in the same English class. Despite not really knowing them, Cassie still felt some kind of connection for some reason, which was weird since she never knew them prior to coming here. Deciding to say hi, she jogs up to them.

"Good morning! How are both you? Say um, who is who again? Sorry I am horrible at remembering which of you is Khorra and Kierra."

Lilith Evers and Dawn Henderson
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Lilith was quick to notice Lynn's expression. Had she taken her by surprise? She also looked a bit baffled about something too. The young woman was quick to great Dawn however.

”Hello to you too professor and... Uh Dawn was it?”

Dawn nodded. This was pretty awkward. However soon her gaze fell upon the pendent Lynn was wearing. She had seen plenty of pendents before, but this one really caught her eye, like she was experiencing a form of deja vu. While very different from her own opal, the chains looked very similar. Dawn remembered how her parents got the stone and chain tested once. Opal was easy to identity, but the metal of the chain was something no one had ever seen before. Seeing someone having a similar chain as her was unnerving.

"That's a lovely pendent. Is that a real ruby? Do you mind if I ask where you got it? I ask because I have something similar, chain wise at least. My stone is an opal. I've had it since I can remember, even though I don't know who gave it to me."

Lilith smiled. All the chains the princesses had were made of metal only found in Rhindeval and also had magic properties like the stones themselves. She already knew that she would be using the pendents to help wake up the girls. She was just waiting for the right moment to do that. Not now for there wasn't time, but she would soon today. Feeling the magical energy of another nearby princess, Lilith looked and saw one of them sitting on a bench looking at something. She saw that it was Princess Artemisia aka Althea. While she knew it was unlikely to get the girl to meet Lynn and Dawn now, she would at least check on her. Checking her watch really quick, she saw she was running out of time before her first class.

"Well, I would love to stay and chat, but I need to go soon. I will see the both of you in class today. Take care ladies."

Startled, Dawn watched as the professor headed toward someone. Looking at the person she was heading to, she was once again filled with a sense of deja vu. This was starting out to be one weird day.

Lilith approached the brunette and saw she was looking at art pieces.

"Good morning, Althea. Those are some wonderful pieces. How are you this morning?"

Ivelda Evers
Code- #003300

Ivelda listen gleefully as she listened to her demon's report. As much as she enjoyed hearing his reports, she was smart enough to not show it. Oh a lot of people believed her to be evil, but were too scared to say that to her face. Still in order for her to keep control of her princes, she had keep up the illusion that what she did was for the greater good. A smart ruler never took any chances. The former rulers of Rhindeval were not weaklings and the sons of these rulers at least showed that she had to be careful with them too.

"My boy as much I as am happy that those rebels are gone, you could have spared that young woman for me at least."

Indeed, she took great pleasure of stealing the essences of young women to keep her looking young and fair.

Soon another one of her princes entered with some game for her. Listening to him, she beamed.

"Oh Ryder that's wonderful news! Both of you have worked so hard. Yes please take it to the butcher, but before either of you do anything else, let me give you both something to drink!"

Leaving her through, Ivelda soon return with two cups of the same drink she had given Adrian. Smiling at them both she waited for them to finish it before speaking up again.

"Now, Ryder, after you give the Blue Demon the report, you are free to go. I have my own business to attend to at the moment. Both of you do your queen proud. Thank you for keeping Rhindeval safe!"

Leaving the room, she soon head for a part of the area not many people saw, her dungeons. She needed to find another 'sacrifice' and she knew just who to go to. She soon found her inquisitor.

"Eike, I see you've been doing your job hehe. I need your help. I am in need of another young woman, preferably clean and fair of face. Are there any like that down here?" she asked while threading her fingers through his hair, petting him.


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Eike glanced up from his business when he heard the click of heels approaching. He flicked the blood from his scalpel and set it on a tray in preparation for his Queen's arrival. When he saw her, life came to his vacant eyes and a genuine smile graced his blue lips.

"Welcome, Your Majesty," he greeted her with a deep bow. He shut his eyes as he felt her slender, ivory fingers tangle in his hair, shuddering at her touch. He nuzzled his head against her palm, relishing the feeling of her skin brushing his scalp, but also the fluttering in his chest. There truly was no sensation more fascinating. His eyes slid open to regard her and her request. He thought of Lord Conrad's wife. Perhaps the Lady was a few years past his Queen's request, but fair maidens were in short supply, and the Lady's daughter would not be suitable for several years to come...

"... Yes, Your Majesty," he replied, unwilling to remove himself from her hand, "I shall have her bathed and delivered to your chambers at once..." His head turned, his eyes downcast in shame. "I hope she will do well to please you. I wish... there were a way to supply you more reliably... girls grow so slowly, and the product so often... disappointing."

He looked back to her, eyes sparkling with adoration. "No, I live to please you, Your Majesty. I will find a way." His head tilted, and he gave her an innocent, boyish grin - oh, there was a bloodstain at the corner of his lips. "Please be sure to give her the divine right of human feeling for me!"