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Stephen Drimovir Cerenox

A free Spirited Healer and Professional Assassin

0 · 564 views · located in Rhindeval

a character in “Fractured Kingdoms”, as played by fate0013



Real Name: Stephen Drimovir Cerenox
Alias: Asher Bolton
Age: 23
Role: Assassin and Healer
Hexcode: Goldenrod | DAA520
Appearance: Asher is a man with light olive skin, stark white hair, and piercing blue eyes. He possesses a very athletic build that would remind one of a gymnast or runner with very well defined muscles and little excess body fat. His outfits tend to be rather ostentatious and brightly colored, with little coins, rings and baubles hanging from his belts and sashes. The eyepatch he wears is purely an accessory and he will shift what eye it is on frequently. Oddly enough he could still sneak up on people rather well despite the jingling accessories. when preforming his assignation duties however, he wears deep navy blue clothing meant to conceal him at night and obscure all his features naturally.

Personality: This man can be described as a literal and figurative peacock. He frequently indulges in telling extravagant lies with little mind for whether or not anyone believes them. He seems to not be visibly affected by insults one moment yet will become overly dramatic the next at the drop of a hat. A fun-loving and mischievous man, Asher is very laid-back and casual individual.
His demeanor has shown very little change since his servitude to the Enchantress with having been a daring trickster in his early years all the way up to present day. While somewhat matured, Asher styles himself a "Gentleman Rogue" and always finds a way to indulge in his mischief, be it pranks or flirting. Age seems to have failed to temper his sense of adventure and thrill seeking. He finds every new experience delightful and is eager to try anything once.

He takes great pride in his Ability as a healer and assassin. Possessing a vast knowledge of all manners of balms, salves and healing remedies. while also having deep understanding of poisons. Its his skills with daggers and short blades that must never be taken lightly though, especially when thrown with uncanny accuracy.

There is never any real malice to his actions if not warranted thankfully. He does however take his Jobs quite serious despite his personality and is respected for his focus and dedication when preforming his duties. Changing from an over the top peacock to a falcon on the hunt. A level of professionalism that took careful cultivation to achieve no doubt.
Those he calls friends claim that pranks and teasing aside he is a loyal and good hearted man, so long as he isn't trying to kill you that is. Deep down, Asher does wish the best for others if he can help it and isn't afraid to bend or straight up break rules to see others happy if he is certain he can get away with it.

History: As the eldest son of the great house of Cerenox, Stephen was groomed from a young age to become the next great king of the desert kingdom of Telsenon and its mighty clans. While a gifted scholar and capable athlete at a young age, it was the princes love for his people and their many traditions that made him the crowning jewel of the kingdom. Stephen was a kind prince that never wished too see anyone suffer, doing his best to leave smiles and laughter wherever he went. Stephen was infamous for climbing the outside of the palaces great stone spires that rose high above the desert sands, no mater how many times he would be scolded afterwards. Stephen's strict "King of traders" of a father disapproved of such behavior and foolishness, his free spirited grandfather however enjoyed the boys adventurous spirit and desire to bring happiness, fully encouraging and enabling the young prince's habits and desires that still shine through to this day . . . despite everything.

The coup came to Stephen's life like a whirlwind. The Enchantress finding ways to help condition and guide "Asher" to suit her needs. Telesnon knowledge of the human body coupled with their traditional art of blades saw Asher be molded into an adept healer and assassin of the highest caliber. His agility being second to none and few being as versed as him in the Alchemical arts as he is. Those that would try opposing the great Enchantress's rule within the lands of Rhindeval could easily be found dead by any number of means, or forced into silence when waking up to a dagger at their bedside and a note of warning.

So begins...

Stephen Drimovir Cerenox's Story


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~ Aʂԋҽɾ Bσʅƚσɳ ~
"Always be ready to be up to no good, makes life all the more enjoyable."
Hexcode: #DAA520

Not many castles or palaces had quite an expansive medical ward as this one. Fewer still had what amounted to an alchemist's laboratory built right next to it. Locked away in the laboratory, a rather exotic looking man lay on a bead dominated by far too many pillows. His stark white hair a mess while most of his cloths from last nights bloody business lay strung about. The sharp, rhythmic sound of knocking on the lab's single door caused The previously sleeping form of Asher to draw in a sharp breath and groan. It was a matter of time before someone would try waking him, regardless of how late he had been forced to stay up.

A pain, but duty calls. " I'll be right there when I'm well ready thank you, I care not what hour of the day it is but you just woke me up!" With a grunt, He threw himself from his pillows and covers and walked over to a reasonably sized mirror that hung from one of the walls. He had to practically beg her Majesty Ivelda for the thing. One looks at his appearance put a scowl on Asher's face.

One quick inhale made the lingering scent of blood clinging to him still apparent. He clicked his tongue and shook his head. "This wont do at all." A groan of annoyance could be heard on the other side of the door. whoever had woken him was well aware of what came next.

With no sense of urgency, Asher went about readying himself. Fresh and fashionable cloths, washed face, combed and then carefully tousled hair, and a hint of nice smelling oils here and there. All part of the grooming process. Was it necessary to fuss over himself so much? He certainly thought so. An ornate eyepatch tied over his left eye and a final look back at the mirror brought a satisfied look to his face.

One of the many alchemical apparatus was fiddled with on his way out. Opening the door revealed a rather annoyed member of the medical ward doing their best not to glare daggers at her majesties most accomplished healer. He was a man in the later years of his life, his own skill in medicine being the only thing that could have kept a man that never went outside so healthy. "You have people in need of your attention sir, we can only do so much when you decide to sleep in." The words came out through a smile that was obviously forced.

Whether Asher noticed or didn't care, he walked passed the old man with a grin on his face and a spring in his step. Elbow length leather gloves being pulled on tight. a quick glance around showed only a handful of patients laying among the two dozen beds in the immediate vicinity. "Alright, lets see what seems to be the problem today~" With that, the Royal healer went about his work. The first man he approached hugging an arm that was obviously dislocated.

Judging from the gathered patients in need of attention, todays work would take two, maybe three hours to finish counting his break for tea. Then he could slip into the kitchens afterwards and see what he could swipe. Maybe if he was lucky he would find someone to waste time with on his way. A bemused look crossed his face as Asher reset a guardsman's dislocated shoulder, ignoring the mans swearing and protest at the lack of warning.


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Image & Image
We could hide away in daylight
We go undercover, wait out the sun
Got a secret side in plain sight
We could be heroes
- Alesso, Tove Lo

Tempeste took a deep breath in, standing in front of the medical ward. Although she had been employed under Prince Stephen err… Asher as he was now named, for quite some time, there was still a hint of nervousness lingering whenever she stepped in Ivelda’s territory. There was always the risk that they would be discovered and that risk didn’t get any slimmer by the day. It was no exaggeration to say that the Evil Enchantress had taken over their world and changed everything.

Before a lump could form in her throat, the white-haired girl felt someone tugging her sleeve. She turned to find it was a child no older than 5, of one of their patients. Tempeste’s eyes widened before softening. “Let’s go in, shall we?” She said with a smile. One hand holding the child’s hand, the other hand opening the door, her courage had returned. This is why we’re rebels. she thought to herself, but not forgetting that Ari could overhear it.

Meanwhile, Ari watched with amusement when he saw the other stable hands scatter simply as Tyann’s attention was no longer on the beast. He kept his facial expression blank, resisting the urge to smile. Ari didn’t fear Tyann though and wouldn’t have scattered like the others. He knew some were unsettled because Tyann always wore a mask. It didn’t bother Ari though, but this is as he wore a mask himself in a sense. Ari had planned to go to Tyann for his next set of duties.

Although, he could not now as Tyann was speaking with Korgan. Both of these men were princes and did not know it. Unfortunately, Ari wasn’t close enough to listen to the conversation. He had just left the stables to find Tyann, which is why he had not been with the other stable hands. Ari stayed at the entrance of the stables. He debated if he should try to listen in on Tyann’s conversation. He didn’t get to think more on it as Tempeste’s thoughts invaded his mind.

Why are we rebels now? he thought back. He found it interesting how he became accustomed to hearing her thoughts. Four years ago, it had been odd and annoying if he was honest. Ari never admitted it as he decided to just deal with the new connection he had with his old friend. It was to keep them safe. Nevertheless, it didn’t take him long to become accustomed to sharing thoughts. He even found some of their telepathic conversations helpful.

Tempeste’s entrance into the medical ward was a little wonky despite her renewed vigor due to the fact she was holding a small child’s hand and their height differences made her lean a little to the left and lower down, prioritizing the kid’s comfort over her own as they walked forward. Because the cutest kid tugged me. She reminded me we’re rebels for the hope of the future generation, children like them.. she replied back to Ari with bright shimmering eyes. She always had a soft spot for children as she led the way.

The medical staff bombarded her with an assortment of questions and requests right away but Tempeste would just smile, nod, and agree to discuss the details with each of them later. Asher was in today so she wasn’t too worried or rushing, believing he could handle things well enough on his own. She reunited the child with her sleeping father. “Stay here, okay? He’ll wake up and take you home in no time.” she reassured, patting the child’s hand before releasing to get to work.

I am certain I am a rebel because I overheard an interesting conversation you were having one night.

Tempeste delegated a nurse to watch over the child and ensure the two left by tea break. The father was in healthy condition and just resting after being cured of a poison he drank in order to avoid conscription into Ivelda’s forces. He wanted to be a father and look after his child, not be sent away on evil errands. She couldn’t blame him and so, she did her best to help him recover and hopefully, to slip out later.

Asher seemed to be busy with his own matters anyhow as she observed him with a guardsman who had a dislocated shoulder. She had a gentler approach in handling the patients most likely as a result of her upbringing with the Saints but the royal healer knew what he was doing. The man began swearing but Asher ignored it. It was just like him. Returning to her telepathic conversation with Ari, Well yes but, wait. Are you saying you’re a rebel because you found me cute? she thought, wondering if she understood correctly or was reading between the lines too much.

It means I had to join to make sure you didn’t get yourself killed. I think Ellen would haunt me if any harm came to you as well. Also, Ivedla is an awful person who shouldn't be ruling any kingdoms. Ari watched as the drake Tyann presented to Korgan changed.

Tempeste was a little sad as both Ellen and Ivelda’s names popped up but shook those thoughts away before they could form. Oh haha, right. I was just teasing. Of course, Ari doesn't think I am cute. Tempeste started to feel a little embarrassed. She couldn’t help thinking. She was always thinking! If she wasn’t at work at that moment, she would have buried her face into a pillow. But for now, she would have to settle for dying on the inside with everyone else besides Ari none the wiser. Although, her cheeks were a little flushed as a doctor followed up with her on the request he brought up a few minutes ago. She cleared her throat. “That sounds more than reasonable. Consider your shifts switched.” The doctor left happily but with the misconception that it was approved for other reasons.

Ari had turned to walk back to the stables as he listened to Tempeste’s thought. He’d decided he’d help in there while he waited for Tyann to be free. Ari had noticed Adrian had taken Little John. He decided to muck out the horse’s stall and add fresh hay. It was a simple task he had done in the past. Someone else could take it over easily enough as well if he didn’t finish. You should not seek my validation in regards to your beauty. Your opinion should be the only one to matter. They do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Although, I do not believe I have ever seen an unsightly person when I lived in Serein.

Tempeste’s embarrassment was growing the longer they discussed ‘beauty’ but she had to contain it. Now, a pillow wouldn’t be sufficient enough. She wanted to hit her head against a wall. I-I wasn’t seeking validation… but oh saint, you’re right. I never saw an unsightly person back in Serein even among the sick. She diverted the topic and put on a pair of leather gloves matching Asher’s.

Serein was a beautiful it only makes sense the people were beautiful as well. Although, I know many would say we look alike. I still find it odd at times people can look so different in one kingdom. You would think I’d find it normal after all this time...

Tempeste gloved and ready to attend to the patients personally, glanced back to Asher as an idea came to her. In all seriousness, I might have to put Serein’s beauty to the test. Asher has a back room locked when he is gone and doesn’t seem to like anyone going in there without him. I wonder if it has anything to do with Ivelda. She assumed she had Asher’s trust to be put in charge of his staff especially when he is away but not enough trust apparently as she still hadn’t really accessed that room. Maybe it didn’t mean anything but maybe it did.

The gears in her brain were turning. You know how he’s a flirt? So maybe… It would kill two birds with one stone. She could access the room and investigate with permission. No picking locks, no avoiding guards under the cover of darkness, and no breaking and entering. Nobody gets hurt and it would be an additional diversion for him not to notice the patient she was harboring. The poisoned man blended in well but it was just the clothes. All it took was for someone to start asking questions.

I- Ari barely began his thought when he heard a commotion. He heard loud metal banging and a horse neigh. By the time he turned his head and placed his pitchfork against a wall, he could guess what happened. It seemed one stable hand ran into another, metal buckets were dropped, and this startled a horse. The horse was able to tear the reins from the person holding them. The two stable's hands began to have a screaming match, already blaming the other. Ari was quick on his feet though, and he ran after the white horse. He believed this horse was Luna if he remembered correctly. She was always a skittish one, but sweet. Ari was close behind her as she out towards Tyann, the drake, and Korgan. He just wasn’t close enough yet to grab her. I hope the drake does not go after the horse...

Drake? Well, sounds like you’ve got your hands full, stable boy. I’ll try not to think too much. Tempeste wished him luck in a joking way, confident in Ari’s experience and abilities. She breathed in deeply, exhaled and got to work focusing on the patients first. Nearing tea break was when she made a move. She sauntered through the ward in a beeline for Asher. Tempeste had no experience with romance, her life dedicated to the Saints then to the rebels. As much as she valued life, she forgot about her own. She was not as good an actor as Ari but she would give it a shot, for the rebel’s cause.

“Good morrow, sir~ will you be taking a break?” she said cheerfully then looked away shyly, tucking her hair behind her ear to show the features of her face more. She wasn’t sure if she was beautiful by Asher’s standards. She’d heard a few of the rebels describe their ideal woman by the campfire and it varied a lot. If Serein’s beauty was just like she and Ari spoke about, it was at least a chance to get her foot in the door. I wonder how this is going to go down. Does height matter?

It took her a long time to infiltrate though so there was a delicate balance at play between her interest in the back room and not getting fired. Tempeste made the most of her time attending to patients to not only heal them but hint a crush on Asher to those she could trust. There was this blind veteran in particular who used a stick to get around and he was all in for young love. Seeing his cue, he bumped Tempeste to fall… right into Asher. The oldest trick in the book.


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Ivelda Ever

Code- #003300

The deed was done. Ivelda found herself taking a bath. She had a huge tub placed in her personal chambers. The sacrifice had been a success. The women had been perplexed on why she had been taken from the dungeons, but had refused to leave without her daughter . . . at first at least. The child had to be threaten first. It wouldn't be the first time Ivelda had children separated from their parents. The child was indeed very young, only 3 years old. She would be taken to an orphanage where children were raised specifically to serve her or her other loyal followers. It really would depend on how she turned out. More then likely she would turn into another sacrifice in the long run. Ivelda's thoughts drifted back to the latest sacrifice. It hadn't been hard to put the woman under her spell. Then it was business as usual, the sacrifice was completed and Ivelda drank the essence of the woman, rejuvenating her and making her look younger again. She left the cleaning of the sacrifice room to her servants and to get rid of the body.

After finishing her bath, she got dried off and had a servant assist her in getting dressed and doing her hair. Deciding to check on a few more of her princes that worked within the castle, she headed for clinic. She caught one of the workers trip right into her prince, Asher, formally known as Prince Stephen.

Frowning, Ivelda came forward and asked sharply, "Care to explain what I just saw Miss Tempeste?"

Adrian Wells
Code- #30660C

"Good morning, Adrian. The townsfolk would have nothing to fear if they knew I had no business with them. I have been doing well. The people seem to be behaving today and Ivelda's grace is a blessing upon this day. How are you doing? You seem to be always off, doing good for our land."

Adrian nodded. He stopped asking why the people were so afraid. They all were here to protect them so he just brushed it off. It never occurred to him that it was Ivelda they feared.

"I've been doing well. I just got back from another mission. I am now officially on break so you may see me more often for the next few weeks. I have been very busy, doing the queen's bidding. While I love making sure our land is safe, I am looking forward to taking it easy. Hard part is figuring out what exactly I'll do when I get home. Maybe I'll go hunting? You ever get a break, Thaddeus?"

Adrian was a pretty social guy so while he knew his interaction with Thaddeus was bound to be brief, he was going to take advantage of it.


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~ Aʂԋҽɾ Bσʅƚσɳ ~

"Always be ready to be up to no good, makes life all the more enjoyable."
Hexcode: #DAA520

The last patient Asher attended to was treated with much more care then most. One of the older stable hands, Devris, got kicked in the shin by a warhorse. wrong place at the wrong time the man had said through strained breaths. The shin had gone through a bad break that punctured the skin and wasn't looking the right color. Working with all those beasts meant there was bound to be something nasty you could catch from a bad enough cut or injury. Fast acting infection was a serious matter. One of the other doctors had already given the man a few swigs of poppy juice. Good, this was going to be unpleasant.

Asher was pleased when the burly man didn't so much as complain when he had to be strapped down, too many people always needlessly panicked when the leather restraints began to tighten. Asher held a leacher bound rod in front of Devris's mouth. "Bite this and keep it in your mouth till I'm done. trust me, it helps." Once gaged, the Healer went to work. The disinfecting alone was a painful process as hissing chemicals burned away at the wound. The bone had to be reset next. He never enjoyed this part, A scowl crossing his face as Devris seized up and screamed wordlessly through his gag.

Minutes had passed and the poor man lay unbound with a stitched and dressed leg. A chuckle escaped the stable hand's lips as he dabbed sweat from his brow. "You know . . . That wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. My thanks." Asher shook his head while he removed his blood stained gloves, his signature grin back on his face now that the procedure was over. "No need for strong words here, I've seen greater men then yourself scream and beg for death while in my hands." Devris gave a huff and shifted in his seat, a hint of color blossoming on the mans face as he suddenly found something else in the room interesting to look at. Asher moved on with a laugh.

Men and their pride. He could sympathies sure, but it still amused him to no end how grown men would squirm and complain while being healed yet always be ever thankful when they were all patched up. then go right back to complaining when they got hurt again. Such is the life of a healer.

Asher stopped at one of the water basins and began to clean his gloves and hands. "Good morrow, sir~ will you be taking a break?” A familiar cheerfully voice grabbed his attention. a Quick glance revealed Tempeste approaching him looking a tad shy. How cute. Asher's usual smile grew wider as he set his gloves aside and dried his hands off. "Ah Tempeste, a ray of sunshine as always. Yes I think I'm in need of a break for tea now that you mention it." Asher's eye traveled up and down Tempeste as she got closer. It went without saying that she was quite the attractive woman, and it was rather easy to get her flustered with how forward he could be. When word reached his ears that his head of staff might have a crush on him Asher could barely help himself. She never did seem to complain about the teasing though, even when he thanked her with a kiss on the hand now and again.

He was snapped out of his musings rather quickly when Tempeste suddenly tripped into him. Highly trained reflexes sprung into action. Asher suddenly moved like a striking viper, catching the woman with ease and holding her aloft as if he had just dipped her during a ball. His height seemed to be of little hinderance as he held her with no signs of strain or difficulty. A mischievous glint lit up his one visible eye. whispered words breathed out of his smiling lips."We really should stop running into each other like this my dear, People will start to talk you know~" Some of the staff gawked and giggled to one another in hushed whispers.

The moment however quickly passed when an all tooo familiar voice spoke up. Asher's head snapped up to see a frowning Ivelda before him. Quickly, he righted Tempeste so that she was standing and gave a deep, flourishing bow. "Your Majesty, please excuse my head of staff. There was no harm done and I was just finished my duties for the time. " There was no hint of panic or worry in Asher's voice, but he didn't want to see Tempeste punished for something so harmless. When he looked up at Ivelda there was a hint of a pleading look on his face, hoping that she would let the incident go and direct her attention towards him instead.


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ImageHex Code: #ff0789
"I'm right here at your door
I won't leave, I want more
What's up, danger?"
- Blackway & Black Caviar

It all went according to the old veteran’s plan as Tempeste literally fell for Asher. It was important to break the physical touch barrier in the flirting process she had been told. Asher caught her with ease as if he'd performed this feat many times before. A small gasp escaped her lips as he steadied her in a position she was sure was fit for dancing. Oh. Nevermind. Height doesn't matter. She blinked a few times in surprise by the outcome. Although she knew of the plan ahead of time, she was still just as surprised when it happened and particularly impressed by Asher’s reflexes.

Her bright pink-purple eyes shifted upward to meet Asher’s gaze, his unhidden eye of piercing blue looking down at her with a hint of trouble. So close, too close. Her breath locked in her throat. She’d been working for Asher for a while but being this close was nerve-racking. "We really should stop running into each other like this my dear, People will start to talk you know~" Tempeste could overhear some giggling and whispers in the background coming from members of the staff but she didn't allow it to distract her from her goal. Her cheeks warmed with color but she was not ashamed. "Would you-" she began, but they were shortly interrupted.

"Care to explain what I just saw Miss Tempeste?" A sharp voice rang through the medical ward and just as quickly as Asher helped her stand, was just as quick as Tempeste's mood switched. I have been called a stable boy twice now. Have you met Korgan? He is rather...loud. Tempeste received Ari's thought just as Ivelda made her presence known. She was a little curious about Korgan but distracted at the moment by her current predicament. No... but have you met Ivelda? She's here, now, she thought back with a lot of pressure behind it. Asher bowed, Tempeste following his lead and bowing as well. "Your Majesty, please excuse my head of staff. There was no harm done and I was just finished with my duties for the time." Her eyes shifted slightly to the corner to glance at Asher. He sounded confident and had an expression on his face that reminded her of puppy eyes. Oh, he's good. She gave him credit for his performance. Once upon a time, she might have fallen for that look. Alas, there were bigger fish to fry. This complicates things. Why did she have to show up here, of all days?!

The recovering father and his child were still in the back of the ward ready to leave. Tempeste intended to keep Asher distracted while sneaking a closer peek at the back room but the plan had been derailed with Ivelda's sudden appearance. Now, she had to make sure both of them were distracted. She just wasn't sure if they could distract each other or if she needed to throw her hat into the ring. Can I take that risk? Tempeste could feel the panic rising in her chest, her heart rate accelerating at all that could go wrong if she didn't do the right thing. She didn't fear for her life, she feared for the family. The cutest kid's face flashed before her eyes, imagery that overlapped with Ivelda standing before her and the nightmare that evil enchantress had unleashed over all the kingdoms. She lost her mother and the Saints to her. No, she refused to let another family suffer under Ivelda's wrath if she could help it.

I am glad Tyann thinks of his workers as indispensable. Also, it seems my Serein beauty may have worked out for me already. Well, it sounded like Ari was having a much better time but his thought gave her an idea of her own. Let's hope I am indispensable too, she thought. "Your Majesty, you grace us with your presence." Tempeste greeted respectfully, not moving an inch from her bowing form. She understood what Asher was trying to accomplish and had the circumstances been any different, she would have left the matter in his capable hands. This time, however, she could not. Her name falling out of Ivelda's lips left her feeling uneasy. The evil Queen knew who she was and there was no room for error. Being excused on account of Asher was not sufficient because she might still be watched and/or suspected in the future. Tempeste had to convince Ivelda and stop the doubt dead in its tracks.

"I am ashamed of what you have just witnessed. I humbly beg for your forgiveness..." She dropped down on her knees and placed a hand on her chest over her heart to symbolize her loyalty. "If it pleases you, I will punish myself." Tempeste declared with her head lowered and shut eyes awaiting the outcome. Her heartbeat drummed on loudly by the second. If I ever go missing, I would advise you to make Korgan your first suspect. Haha... Tempeste nervously laughed mentally. If only Ari knew what she was up to. While she was not willing to gamble the harbored family, she was willing to gamble herself to ensure their safety and resume her identity as nothing more than a pawn or lesser in Ivelda's eyes. Come on...


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Ivelda Ever

Code- #003300

Ivelda did a thorough examination of Tempeste. The young woman was lovely, perfect for being a sacrifice, but then she was from Serein, who were renowned for their beauty, male and female a like. However the girl was valuable to Ivelda, for the time being. She couldn't afford to kill her . . . . yet. If this young woman was going to be a problem, she would have to handle it. Maybe it was time to start looking for a replacement. Fear and embarrassment seem to radiate from Tempeste. Wanting to make sure she continued to behave herself, Ivelda came forward and taking a hand with extremely sharp nails, she lift her face and looked her straight in the eye. Taking one finger she gently caressed her face.

"Such a beautiful face and body, I'd hate to add to Asher's burden. This is your only warning, Tempeste. I am a forgiving woman who cares for her subjects' health."

Indeed, she needed her young female subjects healthy in order to provide potential sacrifices. Standing up fully she turned to Asher.

"Asher dearie, once you're done with your business here, come to my throne room immediately. We have business to discuss. I am going to check on a few things first though so take your time. No more distractions though."

She had looked at Tempeste when she said that last line.

With that, she headed to check on Tyann, only to be pleasantly surprised to see both Roderick and Korgan there. Delighted to see them, she rushed forward.

"My boys! You're home safe and sound! Raiden, I take it you've brought me what I've requested of you?"

Looking at Ivelda now, one would never think she was an Evil enchantress.

Adrian Wells
Code- #30660C

Adrian listened to Thaddeus as he mentioned he never took a break. He opened his eyes in surprise. Granted, Adrian worked really hard for the kingdom too, but even he got breaks. Thinking back though, he remembered he never asked for breaks. The queen just started allowing him to take breaks in between missions and even insisted he live away from castle and town. Currently his house was in the wooded area that surrounded the lake. He still wanted to be close enough in case the queen needed him. His thoughts turned back to Thaddeus when he spoke to him again.

"Though if you intend to go out among the beasts, perhaps you should talk to Tyann. I'm sure he will be pleased for both that and your presence around here for a few days."

Adrian couldn't help but shudder a bit at the mention of the beastmaster's name. The guy just creeped him out for some reason. Maybe it was the mask. Sure he was very good at what he did. After all, the man was the one to train and break in his 2 horses. Still the 2 did butt heads from time to time due to both having short tempers.

"I think I'll check on Tyann some other time. Well, I hate to keep you from your duty, Thaddeus, so I'll leave you to it. Maybe sometime soon you can help be train at some point. This last job was a tough one and I worry I might be getting rusty."

With a wave to the guard, Adrian retrieved Little John and soon was back on the road, heading home.

Lilith Evers
Code- #C71585

It was finally time. Lilith enjoyed telling the crowd about Rhindeval, but now it was time to release the girls from her sisters' spell. She had noticed that the spell had weaken over time. She wonder if it was because Ivelda wasn't here to reinforce it. She had learned in magic school that going against what was natural would eventually try to undo itself. Lilith hoped that her sister didn't have the ability to sense the breaking of the spell. Hopefully in the spell's weaken state she wouldn't feel it.

"Now my fine folk, seeing how I am a sorceress, I suppose I shall share with you some spells. The one I have you for today is an ancient spell so I hope you enjoy the performance!"

The audience would think she was only gong to do magic tricks, but this would be all to real. Taking her want, she spoke the spell that would undo curse. It was one she created herself. Connecting with the pendents of the princesses, she spoke out.

"Memory is precious, it can't be taken away,
Remember your true self and find your way,
Have courage and take heart,
See the light and cast off the dark,
Seek me when thee are ready,
As I will so mote it be!"

In that instant, magical energy burst from wand, but no one would see it. Instead, little fireworks went off behind Lilith in order to distract the crowd. The magic from the spell would come into contact with the pendants of the princesses and Lilith could feel the locks on the princesses' memory break. The spell took a lot out her and Lilith plopped onto her seat in dramatic fashion. She exhausted but she just pretended to be.

"My! That took a bit out of me. I think I need a break. Return in 30 minutes folks, and I shall give all of you more tales of wonder!

The crowd applauded before dispersing. Lilith sighed. She done it. Now it was only a matter of time for one of the girls to approach her.

Dawn Henderson
Code- #5477B9

Dawn had gotten herself something to eat. Ever sense she had moved into the dorms, she had been determined to try foods she had never tried before and today had been no exception. The Anime club of her college had a vendor at the spring festival and for the first time Dawn got to try takoyaki. One of the members was actually from Japan and said this was common to have at festivals over there. Dawn never had octopus before and found she really liked the stuff. It was a bit messy though so Dawn was careful to not get anything on her gown. She had found a bench and ate it silence. Once she started eating it, she quickly ate all eight pieces. It was so good! It was a good thing Dawn finished it quickly because as soon as she did, magical energy hit her in the chest area, more specifically her opal pendant. It caught her by surprise and she suddenly had a flash of memory as something unlocked within her.


The hallway was dark as a little girl with pale blonde hair tried drying her eyes. She just had a nightmare and sought her parents' comfort. Her room wasn't too far from their's. Coming to a pair of large ivory doors, she pushed on them with all her might. The door creaked a bit as she enter the room. However, no sooner had she enter, she saw her father get out of bed and drew his sword.


Immediately the man disarmed him self and looked at his daughter. Her mother had sat up in bed too by this time.

"Aurora, sweet pea, what is it?" King Elios asked.

"I had a bad dream. I don't want to be alone."

The man smiled before coming up to the 5 year old and picked her up before giving her a gentle hug.

"It'll be fine sweet pea. Do you want to sleep with mommy and daddy?"

The little nodded.

"Is it all right with you dear?" Elios asked his wife with a puppy dog eye look.

The queen smiled, "Okay just this once."

Dawn watched all of this in 3rd person and soon the image faded.


Dawn gasped in shock. This was just like her dreams, only more clearer and it felt all too real. It was then she noticed tears were coursing down her face. She knew those people. The little girl looked exactly like her and was wearing a pendant that just looked like her. Her name had been Aurora though. Standing up suddenly, she had this intense need to find Professor Evens.

Cassie Peters
Code- #46935C

“Sounds good. I think I am going to just get a snack for now, so I’ll be heading to the corn dog stand. Let’s meet back here in a bit. We can find somewhere together to eat. I promise not to disappear again, as the team isn’t here to keep you company.”

Before Cassie could say anything else, Anita had gone off again. Corn dogs sound good, but Cassie had corn dogs the other day. Looking around, she soon found something she loved having whenever she had a chance- bacon burgers with donuts buns. Normally Cassie ate healthy food, but today was a cheat day for her and she considered herself a carboholic. Getting one of the sweet and savory burgers with fries on the side and a bottle of water, Cassie soon returned to the place Anita left her and found the tall girl there.

"Look what I found, Anita! I don't know about you, but I am ready to dig in! Let's find a place to sit okay?"

Soon they found a place and Cassie pretty much wolfed down her meal. It was then the magic that Lilith unleashed hit the 2 young ladies' pendants. Cassie nearly gagged on the water she'd been drinking as she looked at Anita.


"Wait up, Silvia! You're too fast!" a girl with green hair called out as a taller green hair girl climbed up a tree faster then her.

"Sorry, Meri!"

The girls loved climbing trees and had just gotten away from their caretakers. Soon though, Meridian's mother found them.

"Meridian! Silvia! You two get down this instant! You'll ruin your clothes!"

"It's a bit too late for that, momma, sorry! We better get down Silvia, or momma might tell your parents."

Silvia nodded and soon the two girls were back on solid ground. Indeed, both girls had twigs in their hair and their outfits were a bit torn.

Queen Kerrigan tried to look stern, but couldn't help but giggle at their appearances.

"What am I going to do with your girls? Well let's get you two cleaned up. Follow me."

The girls nodded and followed the queen.


What in the world was that? Cassie couldn't quite figure it out. She looked at Anita and saw her teammate had a shock look on her face.

"Hey, are you okay?"


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~ Aʂԋҽɾ Bσʅƚσɳ ~
"Always be ready to be up to no good, makes life all the more enjoyable."
Hexcode: #DAA520

"Asher dearie, once you're done with your business here, come to my throne room immediately. We have business to discuss. I am going to check on a few things first though so take your time. No more distractions though." Asher gave a curt nod of his head and kept his eyes low as Ivelda left the ward. He, and just about every patient and staff member present let out a collective sigh of relief.

Well, that could have gone a lot worse. He straightened his posture and brushed himself off as if flicking the worry from his body. For a second he was sure Tempeste was in danger, replacing her would be such a headache and Asher really would hat to see such a pretty face leave this place. Speaking of which, He moved to get Tempeste off her knees and gave her a reassuring smile. He leaned forward to whisper in her ear. " Lets try this again some other time shall we? Perhaps we wont get caught if we are lucky~" Playfulness dripped from his words despite the situation the two of them had been in moments ago.

The sound of whistling coming from Asher's room dragged his attention away from his head of staff. Ah, the water's done. Guess it was a cleaver move to set the heat low. Asher quickly made his way back to his room and gathered his water, good tea and kettle along with an assortment of cups onto a wide tray before exiting again. The tea set was laid on a table next to Tempeste before he went back to lock his room with a particularly unique looking key.

Asher stopped next to the Serein woman on his way out. "Help yourself to the tea and make sure the rest of the staff get their tea and break soon. If I'm not back later assume I have left on business. I know i can count on you to take care of things if I'm absent regardless." He took Tempeste's hand and kissed the back of it before slipping past her and quickly out the door.

The clinking and clicking of Asher's jewelry quickly became silent and his footsteps made no sound as he made his way down the halls towards the throne room. The bright and cheery visage hardened to something more akin to stone now.

Years of practice and training being put to practice as the royal healer and secret assassin of the empress slipped between shadows even despite his colorful appearance. Memories of painful and grueling training from years past flickered to the front of his mind and was quickly pushed away. He had cruel but skilled teachers, Ivelda had seen to it that he learned from the best . . . and quickly prove himself their better by killing each one when his training had been deemed finished.

Minutes past before Asher came to the throne room. seeing as he was early, He kept to the rooms shadows out of sight. Guess I simply wait, hopefully not for long.


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Ivelda Ever

Code- #003300

Ivelda watched as her boys bowed to her, even those who worked at the stable. Taking a quick gland, she caught the jealous look of Tyann. The beast tamer might wear a mask, but he tend to wear his heart on his sleeve and his eyes tend to reveal his emotions. Over the years Ivelda had thought to force him to not wear his mask, only because she didn't want him to remember the significance of it. But he had a very creepy smile and she prefer not to see it so she allowed him to keep on wearing it. She looked at the beast he was handling. Ivelda was impressed that he had that ability. She knew she could do many things, but beast taming wasn't one of them. Best she could do was turn into a beast herself. Deciding to give the young man some attention, she turned to him.

"My Tyann! To tame such a beast is amazing! I know these things can be particularly ferocious. You've done good work."

It was then one of the stable workers addressed her. Much like Tempeste, this one had light blonde hair and was from Serein. Why such a beautiful young man was working in the stables, she'll never know. Still he was good at his job. She nodded towards him as he led a horse away.

She then turned her attention towards Korgan. He was built as strong as an ox and was ruthless. Being the oldest of the princes, even at the age of 12, she recalled even then he had been troublesome to deal with before she put him under her power. Giving him that beast form had been a risk, but it had been worth it. It was then Ivelda remembered that she had to give both Raiden and Korgan her brew that kept them loyal to her. Maybe she should do the same for Tyann too. She knew she would have to give one to Benedicto when he returned. She mentally went through her other princes and how long it had been needing to receive her 'special drink' for them. She had already given Adrian his, Asher was probably waiting for her in the throne room, Eike was still in the dungeon, and Thaddeus would be doing his daily routine now. While Eike was one of her most loyal followers, she refused to take any chances with him. It would be hard to draw him out of the dungeons, but it always been that way.

"Raiden, you can give me your gift to me later. For now I want you to clean up from your journey. You too Korgan. Once you two are done, you can come to my throne room. And Tyann, same thing to you. Once you're done with that beast, come to my throne room. Korgon, I expect your full report when you arrive."

With that, Ivelda left them to their duties and went to the throne room. Sensing she wasn't alone, her eyes scanned the shadows and she saw Asher within them.

"You always were good at hiding, Asher. I have something I need to do first and then I'll join you. Be a good boy until I get back."

She went to the back of the throne room and went through the door that led to her potions room with the huge cauldron. What she didn't realize was that when she opened the door, she inadvertently let a pint-size Iris in with her. The fairy had been hiding in the shadows near the ceiling. She made herself invisible the minute Ivelda showed up and flew carefully to avoid detection. She paid careful attention to which potions Ivelda used to make her brew. It was a good thing Ivelda labeled all of her potions and Iris had a great memory. She recognized all of the ingredients. When Ivelda left the room with the drink, Iris left with her and soon left the castle all together. Without realizing what just happened, Ivelda walked towards Asher.

"Now my boy, I would like a full remember of your last mission. Here, drink," Ivelda smiled, offering Asher the goblet.

Iris was over the moon in having completed her mission successfully. She wasted no time in getting back home and all but burst into the Queen's throne room.

"You're Majesty! I know what Ivelda is using!" the fairy said as she flew in and transformed into her 'human size'.

Eowyn smiled and giggled at the fairy's enthusiasm.

"Tell me Iris."

The fairy did so and Eowyn sighed in relief.

"Well done Iris. It's a relief to know Ivelda didn't make anything too complicated."

"Might I ask why you wanted to know this your majesty?" Iris asked.

"I needed to know what they were so we can create an anecdote. Even if and when Lilith returns with the princesses, they won't have the means to break the princes from Ivelda's grasp on their own. We can at least give them the means to do that. Luckily I am familiar with the anecdote that can break it, but unlike Ivelda's "loyalty potion", this will take time. Thank you Iris, you are dismissed for now."

Iris, excited of the prospect the princes' spell being broken, bowed and left. It was only a matter of time.


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ImageHex Code: #ff0789
- Going Home

Tempeste rubbed her cheek where the evil sorceress had touched her, recalling the given warning word by word. She wondered how many rebels had gotten that close to Ivelda without dying. The idea to connect with Ivelda telepathically did occur to her many times in the past as another way to learn more. However, the rebels had declared that idea too risky after previous attempts at telepathy with criminals that left Tempeste drained and disturbed. So, Tempeste steadied her hand. All she could do was be patient and dangle like a puppet in Ivelda's grasp but it was an encounter she wasn't going to soon forget.

Her mind only snapped back to the present when Asher neared and gave her a helping hand off the floor. "Let's try this again some other time shall we? Perhaps we won't get caught if we are lucky~" he playfully whispered, tickling her ear. Tempeste chuckled lightly, holding back the urge to shake her head at Asher's nonchalance. It was hard to stay focused on Ivelda and the rebellion around someone of his upbeat demeanor. Days like this, she was thankful for it. Asher's attention drifted elsewhere as he walked off to his room. Tempeste no longer distracted and with a moment to herself, took notice that her head was devoid of Ari. She rubbed the side of her temples but still, nothing could be heard. Hellooo? Did Korgan actually kidnap you? I thought you were joking! I hope you're just off whispering to the horses again... doing horse-whisperer things. She was a bit worried about the silence but also aware that Ari valued his space from time to time which was difficult being linked almost... all the time.

Asher returned, Tempeste's eyes following him as he placed a tea set on the table next to her and locked the door to the back room with a unique key. She sighed inwardly because picking such a lock would be a pain and perhaps she had the right idea about gaining his permission. That plan would have to wait for another day as she was under enough suspicion from Ivelda. "Help yourself to the tea and make sure the rest of the staff get their tea and break soon. If I'm not back later assume I have left on business. I know I can count on you to take care of things if I'm absent regardless." Tempeste nodded. "Of course, sir..." Although that was her usual response when he had business to attend to, it didn't feel sufficient this time around. She bit her lip. "Thank you, Asher." Tempeste addressed him by name. It sounded odd out loud because he was although he did not know it himself, a prince. However, she remembered how he spoke to Ivelda in her defense and was grateful for it, requiring a more personal sentiment. He kissed the back of her hand before leaving. While it did not surprise her anymore, she was not near accustomed to it either as a light blush emerged and only faded away as she went about serving tea to their fellow staff.

”Where’s Asher? I need my hand to be looked at.” Without greeting and introduction, another of the princes serving under the Queen appeared. I think I've dallied with princes enough for one day. Tempeste sighed inwardly, mindful that Ivelda already had an eye on her over one minor tripping incident. Nonetheless, this was her job and she intended to be professional about it. ”I need him quick, Empress Ivelda is waiting for me…” Tempeste acknowledged the hurried redhead with a nod, taking a quick look at the arm he presented. She assumed it was caused by an encounter with a wild animal. Assumed wild because she would have been aware of most stable incidents from eavesdropping Ari's thoughts. The scratch marks had aged a bit though, no longer fresh, the bleeding had stopped and it had become swollen and infected. "I'm afraid you just missed him. He's already left at Empress Ivelda's request." Tempeste responded, lowering the kettle back to the tray. She took a quick look around the room for an available staff member but they all seemed to be purposely avoiding her gaze or pretending to be occupied, not wishing to be held responsible for a prince particularly after Ivelda's surprise visit. The staff was usually more zealous. Tempeste wasn't going to force anyone though. "I am Tempeste Ponce, his assigned head of medical staff. If you can entrust yourself to my care in his stead, please take a seat while I prepare." She said, leaving the decision up to Raiden but ending her tea break early to prepare just as she said she would.

Tempeste pulled out her personal medical kit hidden away in the corner of one of the cabinets, setting it on the table closest to Raiden and propping it open. She washed and dried her hands and snapped on her own set of gloves that were thinner than the ward's supplied ones as required for this alternative kit. It was her collection of apparatus based on the Saints but she seldom used it. Since she was attending to a prince in a hurry, it was reason enough to. She trusted her abilities more in the methods she was raised with. The apparatus glistened by the touch of light, a mix of blue and white as fragile and delicate as glass. Back in Serein, the people weren't as magical as other kingdoms but the land surely was. From a blade of grass, a speck of dirt, to the air we breathe, everything can be used as a healing agent. She remembered her mother's teaching. Seated to join Raiden, she extended her hand for permission to examine his condition more closely. Her pink-purple eyes traced his scratches along with her fingertips gently but with intense concentration, withholding blinking. "Pain... or painless?" she asked. A painful method was quicker but it was his choosing which one he valued more.


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~ Aʂԋҽɾ Bσʅƚσɳ ~
"Always be ready to be up to no good, makes life all the more enjoyable."
Hexcode: #DAA520

"You always were good at hiding, Asher. I have something I need to do first and then I'll join you. Be a good boy until I get back." The Telsenon man stepped out of the shadows and bowed to his empress. Truth be told, he probably could have hid himself better if he wished . . . but hiding like that from someone such as Ivelda and potentially startling her was anything but wise. Thinking on it, he really wasn't sure she could be snuck up on. no telling what kind of magics she had in play at any given time. he let the thought drift away as he waited patiently.

Asher hadn't moved so much as an inch When Ivelda returned. In all fairness she hadn't been gone long which left him with little need to try entertaining himself. The empress returned with a goblet in hand. "Now my boy, I would like a full remember of your last mission. Here, drink," Ah, straight to that then. A part of Asher never truly enjoyed recounting his assignments. All reminders of how less human he felt when he enacted them. His world was nothing but shadows, death and fear once he set foot outside this castles walls. But it was what Ivelda required of him, and without her he had nothing . . . . no, he would be nothing.

"As you wish, your Majesty." Returning her smile with a grin of his own before the gingerly taking the goblet and drinking deeply, a long sighing breath escaping his lips when the final drop passed his lips. The effect took little time to be noticed. Asher absently held the goblet at his side while his one visible eye seemed more clouded, a blankness washing over the rest of his face as he recounted the mission he had returned from only a few days ago. "The trek through Huldrefolk was not an easy one, and my target even more elusive then expected. The supposed Freedom Fighter had quite the growing network within the woods and was utilizing an area colloquially referred to as Troll Country as both a deterrent and a means to scheme away from prying eyes." Alone. painstakingly avoiding wildlife unless hunger reared its ugly head. Couldn't cook anything or he could easily be found out. salt and spiced rubbed meat while making every step of the journey measured. Almost caught by trolls twice, he could still smell them even now. tries to forget nightmares of being ripped apart and eaten by the things as they laugh. Asher shivers and almost seemed to be staring through Ivelda as he continued. "It took days of tracking and waiting but I found their main camp. Feeling more creative, I chose a more unique way of dealing with the traitor and his band. I slipped a weakening poison into their food and drink and that same night led a pack of trolls right into the camp. they had no chance . . . I then set the whole place on fire during the chaos." A more grim look formed across his face, though Asher's eye still remained clouded as the potion did its work with his mind. In a sense he made his nightmares from those nights a reality. he wished he could forget the sounds he heard that night as he slipped into the shadows and made the long journey back here.


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Ivelda Ever

Code- #003300

Ivelda listened as Asher described how the mission went. As he described what happened, Ivelda smiled. Poor pitiful people were still resisting her rule. She did admit she underestimate how strong willed the people of Rhindeval could be. Hudrefolk might have been one of the smallest kingdoms, but it's people were a force to be reckon with. She briefly thought of Roderick. Even now under her control, he was still one of the most independent of her servants. What Asher didn't know or that no one else knew was that Ivelda made an alliance with the trolls of Huldrefolk, giving them free roam of the kingdom and to do whatever they wanted as long as they didn't invade Lostein. She had done similar things in other kingdoms as well.

When Asher finished, Ivelda took the empty cup from him and using her free hand, gently caressed his cheek.

"You've done very well my boy. You deserve a break. I don't need you to take any missions for the time being, so go ahead and return to your regular duties, but don't overtax yourself. You are dismissed."

It was a knock appeared at the door and a guard appeared.

"Your majesty, Preacher Benedicto has returned to report in and Sir Thaddeus is with him."

"Wonderful! Send them both in immediately! Also, have a guard check on Roderick for me okay?"

When Roderick and Benedicto were allowed in, Ivelda beamed at them both.

"Benedicto, welcome home. I trust you're travels were safe? And how are things in town, Sir Roderick? I am done with Asher so you'll both have my undivided attention. Let me get you two something to drink first. I'll be right back."

It didn't take her long to return with two cups filled with her special brew and she gave a cup to each other them.

"Now, tell me Benedicto, did your trip to Angalais prove fruitful?"


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~ Aʂԋҽɾ Bσʅƚσɳ ~
"Always be ready to be up to no good, makes life all the more enjoyable."
Hexcode: #DAA520

A feeling of pride bloomed in Asher’s chest at Ivelda’s praise and caress. Even still, a nugget of shame at his brutality remained in the back of his mind. ” Thank you, your Majesty. You are too kind to me. I will take my leave then.” he bowed deeply with a hand over his heart before turning on his heel to leave.

He passed Roderick and Benedicto on his way out, giving the two a curt nod before leaving the throne room. Any other time Asher would have struck up conversation with the two, possibly teased them lightly. But it was best not to interrupt anyone who had immediate business with the empress. The one and only time he had tried had left her disappointed with him. Never again.

Asher needed a pick-me-up. His stomach churned a bit uncomfortable. okay, food first, then fun. he smiled to himself as he made his way to the kitchen, a few of the minor servants he passed by knew all too well mischief was imminent seeing a growing grin on the royal healer’s face.

Basket in hand and a dozen stolen pastries later, Asher entered the medical ward once more with a smile on his face. Spying Tempeste, he quickly walked up to her with a bow chipper gait in his step. ” Tempeste! The Empress is pleased with my work and has no need of me for the time being.” he then pushed the basket of warm goods into her hands. ” Pass these out would you? I have nothing to do outside of our normal duties so I’ll be making some rounds.” he gave her almost no time to respond further as he kissed the woman on the check and practically skipped his way back out of the ward. The staff and patients present were left more than a bit stunned by Asher’s antics. It was safe to say he was pleased with his work so far. Now it was time to go visit the stables. It had been a good minute since he had Graced Tyann with his presence.


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ImageHex Code: #ff0789
"When your nose is bloody,
And your hands are dirty,
But you need someone to hold,
And when your heart gets broken,
You get caught smoking,
I want you to know,
That you won't see me,
But I'll be there, believe me."
- Sody

”I don’t care, whatever’s faster… like I said, I am in a hurry.” She had a feeling he would say that, withholding a sigh over his decision. She really didn't like any of the pain-inducing methods. Before she could make a move to proceed, Raiden moved first. He pulled out an arrow from his boot, broke it in half, and held it between his teeth looking the other way. ”Go wahed, Iwm weady.” Tempeste blinked twice in surprise, cracked a smile, and stifled a chuckle. It wasn't her most professional moment but she couldn't help it. It wasn't every day that someone would watch a previous prince stuff an arrow in his mouth and talk funny. She cleared her throat, muttered a soft apology, and picked up one of her bottles double-checking the label. Her personal collection of medical equipment had quirky labels and the bottle she held was labeled, Aftersight. She popped the bottle open and picked up a cloth to soak the liquid turning the white material blue. Stabilizing his arm in one hand, the other hand in one smooth motion applied the blue liquid to the infected area that would recreate the initial pain all over again combined with any pain experienced after. This was the faster method instead of bombarding him with questions of what happened, where he had been, how many days since, etc., or attempting guesswork.

Waiting and watching for his reaction as the concoction took effect, the problematic areas became clear to her. Hmm... what manner of creature could have done this? Is it from an accident, a gift for Ivelda, or a request? She was aware of his position as an experienced hunter and although she was treating him, her rebel curiosity hadn't stopped. She got to work and made sure to hold his arm down in the process in case of any jolts as the pain continued. She plucked out the remains of dirt and debris, grabbed a clean cloth to remove all of the Aftersight away so the pain would cease. Tempeste applied a cream labeled, Time-out and massaged it especially more thoroughly in the swollen sections before finishing up and dressing the wound with a tidy, soft, light bandage. "Drink this, please." She handed him a small yellow vial the size of one's pinky finger labeled, Nectar. It was sweet-tasting with the scent of freshly picked flowers. "Have your bandage changed every day until the swelling subsides completely. Of course, change more frequently should the bandage get dirty or wet. If all is well, it will take 3 days or less. If you'd like it to recover sooner, please stop scratching it." She noticed he had been scratching it roughly while waiting. "As you're in a hurry, I'll have bandages delivered to your room in the event you'll be traveling again. No scar will be left behind." 'No scar will be left behind' was a Saintly saying. The Sereinians cared and prided themselves in their beauty and so, the Saints who attended to their medicinal treatment also accommodated to that fact. Tempeste removed her gloves and set them next to her equipment to be cleaned later. "If you need me, I'll be here." She offered her service and assistance to him in the future although she assumed he would much prefer who he had originally come for, Asher.

ImageTime past slowly after. She had watched the father and child she harbored quietly take their leave and the other patients were already attended to but it didn't stay quiet for too long. ”Tempeste! The Empress is pleased with my work and has no need of me for the time being.” She turned around in the middle of washing the tea set from the tea break earlier with a warm smile on her face. She wasn't expecting Asher's return so soon but it was welcomed. "That is good news." she said, about to tell him about Raiden's visit but cut off as he handed her a full basket.”Pass these out would you? I have nothing to do outside of our normal duties so I’ll be making some rounds.” She looked down to take a peek inside, the smell of the delicious pastries wafting in the air. Distracted, until she felt a touch on her cheek. Her cheeks reddened as soon as she realized Asher had planted a kiss in front of everyone. AlSjksldf her brain scrambled for words as Asher left and failed. She lowered the basket then touched her cheek, then both her cheeks trying to rub away the redness futilely. He kissed my cheek. I can't believe he kissed me. Did my overseer just kiss me?!


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#, as written by TushoKa

Raiden bit down on the arrow in his mouth, ready for the pain and subsequent healing to begin. He slightly pulled his arm back, not entirely looking to forward to what was coming. He didn’t get much chance to avoid as the girl in front of him pulled his arm straight and closer to her. Raiden tried desperately to concentrate his thoughts on the bird sitting in the window sill. Nice birdy, so happy to be free and flying away. he thought he sounded like a drunkard, but he needed to keep his mind happy, not just waiting for the pain. The wet cloth she used to rub his arm felt cold on his skin. He did not care much for the careful preparation. Oh birdy, oh birdy, why can’t she just hurry up…doesn’t she know I am being expec…. his thoughts halted abruptly.

The arm he was holding out started burning, but not burning like it had so far. It was as if she was holding his arm in the castle ovens. The anguish he felt warped his mind. Screw you little birdy, are you friggin’ mocking me! He turned his gaze from the window sill to Tempeste. This can’t possibly be how it’s supposed to heal! He tried his best to keep his thoughts inside. He felt like his eyes were turning hazy, his head light as he felt he was near passing out. As a last measure he bit down on the arrow in his mouth even harder, his teeth were digging into the hard wood the arrows were made of. He noticed his eyes getting sharper again, not sure if it was the arrow or the continuing pain.

His eyes shifted back to the bird. The sounds it was now making, it was as if…as if the bird was laughing at him. You must be kidding me, you unpleasant pheasant, you absolute shit show of a bird!, A sudden shooting spike of pain distracted him from the bird. He could no longer look away and stared at his arm and the cruel witch that was treating it. It was hard to see if the look on her face was one of concentration or one of joy. She picked and picked and picked at the wound, not stopping to give him a breather at any time. Fine, I don’t need to rest, just hurry up! he thought sharply. His gaze kept switching from looking at her, to his arm, to the ceiling, to the bird and then back at her again. It was a nervous twitch, hoping that every next time he looked at her she would finally be done.

He noticed how together with his forehead, his shirt also started getting wet. He was sweating on all sides, like a fever was breaking while she was treating him. Finally, after way too long he felt the pain slightly subside. The cold cloth over his arm still hurt more than it should, but this could only mean she was nearing the end of the treatment. As she put the bandages on, he breathed a sigh of relief. With his unoccupied hand he removed the arrow from his mouth, noticing his mouth was dry as hell.
When she offered him the vial of liquid he didn’t question what it was. He was pissed and he had no time to ask questions or even say a proper thank you. He slammed back the nectar, feeling the sweetness sooth his throat, his arm, but not his mind. As she had finally let go of his arm he pulled it closer, and covered it with his other arm. He started rubbing the bandage to get rid of that nasty itch that was plaguing him.
”If you'd like it to recover sooner, please stop scratching it.” Again annoyed and a little bit busted he stopped touching the bandages.
”As you're in a hurry, I'll have bandages delivered to your room in the event you'll be traveling again. No scar will be left behind.”
Raiden got up, quickly as he could. He gave everyone in the room the stink eye, and walked out of the ward with a steady pace, only mumbling a few words none of them would be able to decipher. As the door was nearly closed behind him, he just heard one more thing. ”If you need me, I'll be here.”

If the castle staff had been scared to confront him before, it was nothing compared to now. His mood could be read throughout the castle. He no longer cared about the noise his boots made when stepping through the stone echoing hallways. He went back down the stairs on the way to his room, when one guard had the courage to address him. ”Master Raiden, please, Ivelda has been asking for you. I’d advise you to come immediately.
The guard looked sweaty, he was dressed in heavy armour and had been running. Stupid, loss of mobility was a good reason for Raiden not to ever try on armour.
”There is something I need to do first. I’m sure it can wait just the 2 minutes I need. Tell her I am on the way.”
Even through the helmet, Raiden could see the face of the man turning red and green at the same time. No one could ever tell Ivelda to wait, she was not widely known for her patience. Still pissed off by his medical treatment, he kept on walking, closely followed by the guard. The man kept on insisting all the way to the door of Raiden’s room. As the hunter nearly kicked in the door, the man who was preparing his bath jumped 2 metres in the air. It looked like the tub was ready for use. It looked inviting and smelled like lavender.
”Old man, the bath will have to wait till I am done. Make sure it’s warm when I get back. I just need to do something outside before I go to the Empress.
The guard tried to protest again. ”Sir, there really is no time to be waisted. Please Sir, I beg of you to come with me.”
Raiden got sick of his whining. He grabbed the saddle bag with the Nexu head in it and pushed it in the arms of the guard. ”Carry this…and follow me.” Raiden grabbed his bow and one arrow and left the room, closely followed by the guard. ”I really doubt there is any time for this Master Raiden…”
Once outside the walked across the courtyard. The still pissed off hunter grabbed the guard by his armour and controlled his movements. He pushed him back against the wall, the saddle bag still in his hand. Raiden grabbed the bag and put it on the ground next to the guard. He also took the helmet from the guards head and threw it on the ground as well. ”Stay here, and don’t move!”

He walked back and turned when he created some distance between him and the guard. He rested the arrow on the bow as he took aim at the guard. ”CATCH! Raiden shouted across the courtyard. The guard was stumped and did not move a muscle.
As a deep breath calmed him down, Raiden pulled the string, feeling tempted as the arrow lined up perfectly with the head of the pushy guard. Ignoring the temptation he looked up at the 4th floor of the castle, his arrow following his gaze to the window of the medical ward. There it was, still sitting there, that stupid bird. He took a deep breath, and slowly released the string. The arrow flew through the air, the whizzing sounded like music to his ears.
A loud squawk was evidence the arrow met its target. The arrow bounced against the stone of the castle, a loud thump as the body of the bird hits the window itself. Both the arrow and the bird it now pierced fell down from the window sill, right into the arms of the perplexed guard.

Raiden walked back to the guard. ”That feels better, doesn’t it? He picked up the saddle bag himself and slung it over his shoulder. He handed the bow to the guard. ”Bring the bow to my room, and make sure the kitchen prepares the bird. I want it roasted perfectly for my dinner. The guard finally seemed to find his feet and sped towards the door. ”Remember what I said. Roasted PER-FECT-LY”he shouted after the guard.
Finally feeling a smile back on his face, he walked over to the Throne Room, waiting outside, awaiting to be called in.


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#, as written by TushoKa

The two men did not have to wait long for the doors of Ivelda’s throne room to open in front of them. A serious looking Asher stepped out of the room. Even though the healer was wearing a high heel, he was tiny compared to the size of Benedicto. As Asher nodded, Benedicto made a small bow to acknowledge his respect. ”Nice to see you, brother Bolton.”
It may have been overdoing it, but he would be a fool not to show proper respect to another of Ivelda’s servants while standing inches away from the room she was in. His bow was a short one, coming straight up to look into the room for the first glimpse of the Empress.

As Asher’s steps echoed through the hallway, Benedicto stepped forward, immediately greeted by his favourite person in the world.
"Benedicto, welcome home. I trust you're travels were safe? And how are things in town, Sir Roderick? I am done with Asher so you'll both have my undivided attention. Let me get you two something to drink first. I'll be right back."
Her voice was like the beautiful song of a rare bird. It stroke his eardrum, enticing him with the sound as well as the words she chose. Her smile was radiant and welcoming. Every moment with her was worth a painting to make it everlasting.

”My travels were very safe my Queen, I thank you for your concern to such a humble servant. ”
Ivelda left the room quickly. There was no doubt in his mind that she would return with the drink. He silently licked his lips, feeling that the drink was way overdue, something he would never tell Ivelda, of course.
”We were correct brother Rock, it does seem we can enjoy the brew we so desire. And I don’t just mean meeting our beloved Majesty.” He scampered a laugh, getting as close to humor as he ever would.
After less than a minute the door opened again, and they once again were in the presence of the highest, most intelligent and most beautiful presence in all the lands.

She handed Benedicto one of the cups in her hand, which he accepted with the deepest of bows. ”I am honoured once again, glorious Empress, with your presence and your gift.”
She had given the cup to Thaddeus and moved back to face the both of them before he got up from his bow. He put his lips carefully on the edge of the cup. He took the drink as he always had, with small sips, trying to savour the moment, savour the taste. At the same time he wished he could gulp it up in an instant. He could not forget the exciting, tickling, stinging feeling it left in the back of his throat if he would drink it quickly.
But no, he had learned to appreciate it as a fine wine. He stuck in his nose, smelling each of the separate herbs in the drink, although he had never been able to distinguish them. Even if I would be so unwise to try and recreate it, it will never be the same as hers.

"Now, tell me Benedicto, did your trip to Angalais prove fruitful?"
He didn’t know if it was the drink or because she was talking to him directly. His body filled up with warmth, a feeling like none other. His eyes closed for a second, savouring the moment.
”Your Highness, I must thank you again for your everlasting wisdom in sending me to Angalais. Your exemplary guidance is a gift straight from heaven. It is with the utmost humility a distinguished honour to do the work of a true Goddess.” Benedicto halted for a moment, making another bow and again taking a sip from the royal goblet in his hand.
”My trip commenced in a very pleasurable way. I made my way to the utmost South of Angalais. I can report that the main cities are thriving under your rule. I’ve held lectures to masses of people. All of the attendees felt compelled to make a financial donation to your Empire. The monks joining me in my travels were able to collect and bring it back here. I can only express the extreme gratitude I feel in spreading your word. The main focus of my lectures was on the creation myths. Many people seemed to interpret the holy texts differently and needed to be enlightened on the role you played in creating our existence. I must speak my heart, your Majesty, it is still a shock that I was one of the first to realise the true meaning of the holy texts and prophesies.”

Benedicto took another sip, trying not to show disappointment in his face when he realised he drank it till the last drop.
”Although I greatly miss being by your side, especially for these extended amount of times, it truly is valuable for me to travel the lands to educate the people.
Where the cities are thriving, I passed small communities where your word is not at all followed. I am ashamed and disgusted by this fact, but we went through a village where your superior state of being was not properly acknowledged. By your grace I have tried to remedy the situation best I could. The village elder has been arrested, and the village priest has been elevated and recognised as the one true leader of the community.
A sin had been committed which has produced an offspring. I had to take the infant. It will need to live a life in servitude of you in order to try and remedy the sin of the parents. My monks would have taken it to the orphanage. In a few years I might be able to adopt it into the church for proper education.”

He was truly disgusted by the parents and the village elder. The burden and guilt they had put on the infant was immense. Eventually the child would be blessed in servitude, but it would never be able to reach his level, due to the condition in which it was born. The injustice and stupidity made Benedicto mad all over again, his eyes getting watery in rage. He pinched his own hands in order to find an outlet for his anger, fighting back the tears.
”I weep for the non-believers, my immortal Empress. I weep for their soul.”


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Thud. Thud. Thud.

Heavy footfalls came from outside the throne room. They grew louder, closer, as if the earth itself quaked underneath the approaching presence, until..


The main door flew open, then rattled back and forth and scraped at the floor. A jester rolled into view, stood to his feet, and whipped out an over-long, overcompensating brass trumpet. He inhaled deeply and blew into the mouthpiece. His cheeks turned puffy and pink as he tooted a triumphant song, high in notes and spirits, to herald the arrival…

”GYAHAHA! I’m impressed, Asher. You may be a midget, but you can hold your liquor!”

...Of Korgan the Outrider. His hulking form was wide enough to stand out in the doorway, clad in a fuzzy bathrobes dyed a bright, electrifying pink. His arms, long and thick as oaken logs, were looped around Tyann and Asher’s shoulders. An empty bottle jiggled within his robes, trapped between his rock-solid, sculpted pecs. The two princes seemed like gnomes underneath his mass, dragged around with little need of force or coercion.

The jester bobbed, and shook, and tapped away as his trumpet crescendo’d into a solo, until Korgan let go of Asher and held one hand up.

”Thank you, Francis! Thank you!”

Francis the jester straightened, took a deep bow, and retreated into the corner. The merry man was barely taller than a child, yet his face was that of a middle-aged man, with a mustache to match. Korgan cleared his throat, patted Tyann twice, then strode forwards. His chest bumped against the recently-arrived Roderick’s shoulder with a loud smack, and he looked back with a mocking smirk.

Despite his bulk (and the questionable state of his sobriety), Korgan moved with the grace of a lion in his domain. He held his head high, and his steps were swift yet steady. Powerful, yet soundless. He nodded to greet the rest of the Queen’s Hands as he passed them. Roderick. Thaddeus. Benny.” The Raid-King stopped, then leaned close to the latter. Far too close to be courteous. ”Strung up any poor children, lately?” He asked with a grin, with a tone that was less a question and more a jab. Korgan scoffed and cackled as he walked past them.

Eike was already at the Empress’ toes. Not a surprise. The Queen’s Inquisitor. Her most ardent supporter. As much as Benny tried his best to compete for that ‘honor’, the little runt’s made for stuffing his face into the Queen’s backside. The Raid-King thought about calling out to him. Images quickly flashed before his eyes. Of sallow skin, snapped bones, and pale faces drenched in tears, staring with eyes reddened with despair.

Korgan’s grin disappeared. His stomach churned. He swiftly turned his attention back to Ivelda.

”My Queen!” He greeted her, with arms spread wide. ”As always, the radiance of your dark splendor glimmers brighter than the finest black rose!” He placed one hand on his chest, and gestured towards Francis with the other as he bowed. ”I’ve trusted my report with Francis, my first mate. He will leave it for you to peruse later, at your leisure.”

It was then that Korgan heard a rattle, and looked down to see the bottle jiggling in his bosom. He glanced left and right, and slowly, his lips curled upwards into a sheepish smirk. ”Excuse me.”

Korgan flung the bottle away. It zipped through the air and narrowly missed Thaddeus’ head, shattering into a million pieces as it struck a column.


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Thaddeus Rock

Code #0F569C

"...and I can assure you, my men and I will be vigilant and dutiful to ensure your everlasting reign," Thaddeus finished his report with a bow, empty cup in hand. It had been a short one this time since there had been little trouble lately. He found it odd, noting he was increasing patrols in case the people were plotting.

His report was wrapped up as the dungeon master, Eike, came into the room. Thaddeus quickly got out of his way though it wasn't out of fear. Eike did make him wary however. He rivaled Benedicto for the most devoted but even Thaddeus had to admit his methods were... a bit extreme. It was why Thaddeus was so insistent his men keep order and only send those who truly deserved it into the dungeons.

It was shortly after that the heavy thudding was heard. Thaddeus frowned for he knew the only one who could make those thunderous footsteps. A few moments later, his suspicions were confirmed as Korgan the Outrider appeared, dragging along Asher and the beastmaster. Two more uncouth devotees who Thaddeus had no patience for already. All three were of the disruptive sort who never seemed to fail at offending Thaddeus when he came across their presence.

Gritting his teeth, Thaddeus resolved to bear it quietly as he always did as he watched Korgan stroll into the room. The loud entrance, the loud outfit, the loud being of Korgan himself made it difficult however. He was already restraining himself, fists clenched, when a bottle broke against the column he was standing by. Thaddeus' eyes went wide and he looked to the slightly wet spot on the column and then down to the pieces on the floor.

He was livid.

"How kind of you to join us, Korgan," Thaddeus called out, stepping forward, one hand on the hilt of his sword. The other hand was clenched at his side. "I apologize, My Queen, but I feel compelled to say this. You, Korgan, sing Ivelda's praises but do not grace her with your best self. Instead, you come into this room of civilized men and make a fool of yourself, the stench of drink on you. You can run around in the filth out there all you like but you cannot act like it in here in front of our Queen. I know it is your nature but our beloved Queen Ivelda has given you an opportunity above your station so I suggest you act like what you're supposed to be or I will have to remind you of it myself."


Collette Smith

Code #E35D9A

Everyone was leaving and Collette stood there, not really listening as the others made their resolve. There was a mix of emotions threatening to break out of her and memories of her past and present collided ferociously in her mind. She took in a deep breath and pressed her fingers to her temples, a headache forming from her crying fit earlier. Her glasses were also smudged with tears and there was a weariness she hadn't felt earlier.

"I'm going hom-" Collette's eyes widened and she looked close to tears again. She cleared her throat and said, "I'm going back to the dorm thing whatever."

She headed off without saying anything else, her fingers searching for the two pouches she had gotten from Freddie earlier. She clutched them tightly in her pocket, still mindful of the fact that she probably shouldn't have them on the festival grounds. Collette was desperate for Freddie's promise to be true of the Royal Highness taking the stress off. She paused in her stride and snorted. Another irony, she thought bitterly.

It was a lot though. Collette knew Justice was right about needing to take responsibility and even about how Ivelda wasn't simply throwing tea parties in their absence. She could see all the boys' faces as well, particularly Stephen's. While Ishara had a real brother, Stephen had been like a surrogate older brother to Sibylla. The thought of him stripped of his freedom, to serve the same woman who destroyed their childhood... It was painful to think about.

Her.. Well, her family's kingdom also had many kind people. She had been their princess and had been adored just as much as she had adored them. But now, their faces seemed so distant, like those on a television screen. That didn't mean they had to suffer however. A thought struck Sibylla and she felt the tears well up again. That was if Ivelda hadn't gotten to them already.

She could remember the little girl she had been and remembered how much pressure and responsibilities her parents had pressed upon her. She was older now but she didn't know the first thing about running a kingdom if she even had one left. Collette felt the pressure in her head increase. There were so many unknown factors and she had struggled so much to make a life here. How on Earth would she make a life there when so much more was involved? If Ivelda didn't destroy her kingdom then Sibylla certainly could through her inadequacy and ignorance.


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Tyann Rebal :: #F47206

The world swam as Tyann moved with both Korgan and Asher. Korgan had asked Tyann, once the Beastmaster had returned from his quick jaunt into the nearby forest to scream his wrath at the 'present' that he was thoughtfully-thoughtlessly given, to join him on 'an excursion'. He had accepted, having thought nothing of it, and soon found himself in the company of both The Outrider AND The Healer. How this happened? Tyann couldn't tell you! Hell, he couldn't even tell himself much less you!

So now he was standing before Her Majesty, sloshed beyond belief, and trying his hardest to stay upright much less stay in proper decorum. His skin was too hot! The clothes he wore were too constricting! And worst of all he could just tell that that thrice damned, uppity, misbegotten, judgmental, snobby, high on his ever blessed horse PRIEST was just... Absolutely thinking he was a mess! So what that he worked with the animals? Name one person better to handle the requests of Her Majesty when it came to the matters of beast and monster! Go ahead! Try!

And then there was Thaddeus! ... Or was that Roderick...? NO MATTER! Good glorious Grace of Her Majesty above was there THAT. MAN. Already! He was being a JERK! Such a pompous, overdone, absolutely baselessly holier than thou, completely irrelevant, and totally "RUDE, USELESS, KNIGHT! What did ANY OF US EVER DO TO DESERVE THAT IRE?! Hm!? Where do YOU get off being all HIGH AND MIGHTY! HMM!?"

Tyann blinked as the words roared out from his mouth, his legs stumbling him to the right as the world tilted violently. His mask, thankfully, was secured tightly to his face. The guilt, shame, and mild surprise, finally caught up to his thoughts as he listened to his words echo around the room once, before they faded. There was a heartbeat, a pulse of confusion and anger at the confusion and shame, before his voice once again rasped out into the room, quieter now. "My ah, my apol'gies... I'm ah, l'il bit uh... Gone... Yeah... Ahm... Gonna have a si'down in a secon'. Dammit Korg'n I... Mmm." His words trailed off, the mind slipping along with them as Tyann found himself leaning up against a nearby wall just to keep himself from slumping to the ground in a heap. Shame kept trying to boil up in his chest, and he kept pressing it down.

He would be DAMNED if he let himself feel shame for speaking his mind, though Her Majesty deserved not to hear such thoughts. Nor to see him in such a state... Why did he smell so clean?! His nose stung with the unkind scent of bathwater and... Roses? Maybe. Tyann was NOT a gardener. He tilted his head up until he locked eyes with Her Majesty, and then bowed his head once again in shame and embarrassment.

He thought to pray to Her Grace, the spirit that resided within the flesh of Ivelda but... Mayhap that would only bring more ire unto him. So his thoughts went quiet, and he stilled himself as best he could. And then, Tyann chose to just breathe.

And hope that he gave Ari that damn Nexu...


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~ Aʂԋҽɾ Bσʅƚσɳ ~
"Always be ready to be up to no good, makes life all the more enjoyable."
Hexcode: #DAA520

Things were . . . kind of blurry. He didn't remember when he had started drinking but when he did it was to try keeping up with Korgan . . . again. When did the outrider show up? Asher couldn't recall. Something told him the hog had snatched up Tyann and him at some point between Asher going to the stables to bother Tyann. Everything was fine anyway, he felt great and still had his balance! He had years of training to help stay physically sharp when intoxicated. it was that or punishment from his old teachers. Lousy murderers . . . glad to have been rid of them. Cold bastards the lot of them. Asher hiccupped and giggled as Korgan helped Tyann and him along through the castle.

Why are we in the throne room again, wasn't I just here? Asher swayed in place but stayed on his feet. His face was flushed and a goofy grin was plastered across his face. Her majesty was still here and was probably going to be mad. But that was okay, the big problem was all the fussy pricks were present in the room as well. Who let the torture rat out of his hole? and why did the Priest always look like he had to relive himself so badly all the time? Asher hiccupped again and rubbed at his face. "Wooooooooow . . . This, I think I need more drink if I'm going to be here with a few of you." He squinted and pointed at Eike, his voice coming out as a raspy whisper. "Especially hic Yooooou of All people . . . hold on." He quickly rummaged around his person before, miraculously, pulling out a half full smoky blue bottle. Asher then proceed to practically flick the cork out of it and unceremoniously down the remaining contents of the body, letting out a drawn out breath after swallowing the last drop. "Aaaaah . . . okay that better."

He blinked before his entire body went stiff, as the situation finally registered in his plastered brain. He was drunk in front of her majesty right now and one step away from saying plenty that he shouldn't. That didn't seem to be stopping Tyann much though. Still wasn't good though. Even if he was just "The Healer" to just about everyone else in the room, there was a good chance of him getting chastised for this. "Spirits be damned Korgan . . . Just had to drag me back here hic Didn't you?"


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#, as written by TushoKa

The tears in Benedicto’s eyes dried quickly as Ivelda praised him for his work. He felt her heartfelt humility towards her subjects. He was convinced by her wish not to be feared and for everyone to be happy.
”Your words only underline how lucky we are with your guidance and everlasting wisdom. I will send for the Dungeon Master. With your permission, my lady, I’d also like to hear Master Rock’s progress in the capital. And any moment I can spend further in your presence is a gift from the heavens.” He emphasised his words with another deep bow.

As Thaddeus started, Benedicto walked over to the guard waiting outside. He whispered as not to disturb the report of the leader of the Royal Guard. ”The Queen would like you to call up the Dungeon Master to the Throne Room. Do not delay, the Queen insist at his immediate presence.” he urged the guard. The man looked with wide open eyes, and a small droplet of sweat started forming on his forehead.
I Will inform the guards in the Dungeon, Preacher Carama. the man tried to shove his duties to others.
”Do what you must, but I’m holding you responsible for the Dungeon Master’s imminent arrival. I pray for you that it will not be long” Benedicto said threatening.

The man rushed away, and before Benedicto went back inside to close the door he saw the hunter. ”I assume you have been summoned as well.” He asked with his head high up in the air, trying to emphasise how much better he was than a guy who preferred to sleep in a forrest and roll in the dirt.
”For once you assume correctly. Just please tell me you have given your report, so you’re done talking…” the Hunter said irritatingly. Before Benedicto could answer however, the man continued.
”Who am I kidding…. You’re never done talking, are you?” As the man finished he pushed Benedicto out the way and stepped into the Throne Room. He closed the door and took his spot in the room to listen on to Thaddeus’ report.

”..and I can assure you, my men and I will be vigilant and dutiful to ensure your everlasting reign,” The guard had just finished his interesting and enlightening report when the doors to the room opened once again. Looking over his shoulder, Benedicto could see the Dungeon Master walking straight to the queen. The man child fell on his knees, bowed his head and did not utter a word. A few metres to the right the Preacher could hear an audible sigh coming from the pink-haired man.

Benedicto smiled upon seeing him. The Dungeon Master was but a tool, but a highly effective one. He himself was not a great fan of inflicting torture personally, although he did so when needed. Eike had turned it into an art. A great knowledge of the human body and its pain points, most probably rivalling Asher’s knowledge, albeit in a vastly different way.
Although definitely a favourite of the Queen, Benedicto believed she only saw him as the tool he was, regardless of how she acted toward him. If the Queen was looking for leaders she could turn to anyone of her Royal subjects. All young man had a way of influencing people and leading them to something better. Not Eike…, as skilled as he was in his Dungeon, he would be nothing outside these castle walls. A pity, that someone so devoted is so stunted in mental growth. I could teach him…, if only our Goddess would let me.

Benedicto cleared his throat, ready to great the young man when he heard the footsteps. His eyes rolled back in his head so hard, it nearly made him dizzy. Not this one…not now he thought a second before the door slammed open again.
Of course he has to be announced by a herald. Putting your own importance over she who most deserves it… BLASPHEMY! He was ready to shout it out, but he would not be dragged down to the same level of civility as the beast man and his unlucky companions.
”Roderick. Thaddeus. Benny.” The pig said confidently. He continued in a small whisper as he walked past Benedicto.
”Strung up any poor children, lately?”
Benedicto answered through his gritted teeth: ”Only those that have been irreversibly taken over by demons, in order to thwart the ruling of the one and only true Empress and Goddess this world has ever seen. ”

The Healer and Beast Master were following in his wake. The smell coming from the three was unmistakably laden with alcohol. This must be enough reason for our Queen to refuse them the drink… the drink that is as nectar for me.
Before long a bottle flew through the air in the direction of Thaddeus. Benedicto held his breath as he saw it fly past the guard and smashed to a thousand pieces against the pillar behind him.
”You absolute monster…” Benedicto started before being shushed by Thaddeus speaking up.


Raiden was still rubbing his shoulder when he saw the bottle flying through the room. Fish breath had bumped into him as he came in, sloshed as they come. A soft whistle escaped Raiden’s lips as he was impressed with the aim, even though the beast would not be able to keep his eyes from getting crossed, drunk as he was.
Unless he didn’t aim to miss poor Thaddeus.
He noticed how the Dungeon Master had still not moved, and was still sitting bowed down at Ivelda’s feet, as if he was a well trained pet.
Not even the Beast Master would be able to train something that well, especially not in his current state.
Raiden got a bit upset. After he had given Tyann a very rare and interesting present, Raiden had had to deal with a level of incompetency amongst the staff as well as heaving surgery on his arm. And here he shows up…, drunk as a skunk.

Ivelda would be pissed. Not only showing such a level of disregard, but then also doing it in front of her other servants is reaching a new level of stupidity. As Raiden could have guessed, it was Thaddeus who spoke up, acting as if he was all-that.
”"I apologize, My Queen, but I feel compelled to say this.” The pompous ass continued with his pomp-assery, although Raiden had to admit, the man wasn’t wrong.
He stepped forward, his saddle bag with the adult Nexu head still in his hands. ”Dear Thaddeus…, it may walk like a man and talk like a man…” Standing next to Eike, in front of Ivelda, he let go of the bag. The bag fell to the floor and as the flap opened a little, the Nexu head came rolling out, it’s empty eyes looking at Eike directly.
Raiden bowed in front of his Queen. ”It was an honour to retrieve this for you, my Queen, I can only hope it pleases you.” he said well rehearsed.

He turned around again to walk back to where he had been standing. ”… but never forget, he is not a man. He is not more than the filth that comes out of his mouth.”
He had a grin on his face, knowing the lashing that would follow for Korgan’s behaviour. The hunter lifted his hand to scratch his arm, while he remembered the Serein woman that had helped him. His grin quickly gone he lowered his hands.

Soon after the Beast Master fell and leaned on the wall he was standing close to. Raiden walked over to him, feeling sorry for his friend.
”Calm down Tyann, it’s better not to speak in your current state.” He held his shoulders, trying to make him stand up straight. Trying to preserve any dignity still left in the boy. This is all Korgan’s fault. It’s bad enough he is allowed to come here at all, but even worse that he is dragging others down with him.
He sniffed as he smelled something strange. Looking at Tyann’s hair he saw little branches of green and rose petals sticking out. ”Unless you have a sudden fondness for gardening, I believe you fell over in the rose garden, my friend.”

Asher did not seem to be doing any better. ”This, I think I need more drink if I'm going to be here with a few of you. Yooooou of All people” he aimed at the Dungeon Master. As the Healer drank another bottle, Benedicto could no longer contain himself.
”You ungrateful lot. Can you not see all of the abundance in your life is thanks to our Empress? Our lands and lives are blessed by her Grace. We are privileged over so many servants, that we are allowed to be in the same room and breath the same air as our Goddess. She guides us, she rewards us… and this is how you choose to pay your respects. I urge you to seek forgiveness. I urge you to seek repentance for your misdeeds.”
He turned to Ivelda herself, finding himself kneeling in front of her again.
”Your Grace, we can only humbly ask for your forgiveness towards us. The fact we disappoint you is a punishment in itself. Your deeds and actions have brought so much prosperity to the people in these lands. I will pray for them, I will pray for their repentance and I will pray that we may enjoy your teachings for the rest of our lives until the end of time.”