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Fractured Kingdoms


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a part of Fractured Kingdoms, by Zodia195.

Continent that was once peaceful, but taken over by an evil enchantress

Zodia195 holds sovereignty over Rhindeval, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

992 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

no link available due to rpg being closed, but it's loosely based off of fractured fairytales, only without the disney element. i did get the rights to this rpg too from the original gm.


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Continent that was once peaceful, but taken over by an evil enchantress


Rhindeval is a part of Fractured Kingdoms.

18 Characters Here

Lilith Evers [12] Good Sorceress who plans to stop her sister and help save the kingdoms
Aurora Givens [9] One of the princess who tends to get lost in her own head and dreams a lot of Rhindeval
Ivelda Evers [8] Evil Enchantress currently in control of Rhindeval
Silvia Siria Shwetz [7] A princess with the ruby pendant
Ishara Soli Eldiel [5] The Stoner Princess
Meridian O'Donohue [5] Free-spirited princess who loves creating music
Sibylla Costrantina [5] The funniest princess on this side of Earth.
Richard Livingstone [5] One of the princes who is now a spy for the current queen
Tyann Rebal [4] The Queen's Beastmaster.
Garland Greywind Novax [4] The Outrider

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Anita had ended up getting separated from her track teammates. It could be as she was busy greeting other people she knew. She was pretty sure she lost them when she came upon a crying child. The little boy’s face was tear stained, snot covered, and his cheeks were bright red. He had an ice cream cone in his hand. What caught her attention though was the scoop of chocolate ice cream on the ground. He was holding onto some lady’s skirt. She assumed the lady was his mother. The mother didn’t seem to be paying any mind to the child throwing a tantrum. She was too busy with her conversation apparently.

Simply because she could not walk away from a crying child, she walked over to the boy. Anita squatted down and brought her knees together. She had tights underneath, but her mind still knew she was wearing a dress. She smiled at him once at eye level and held the owl she won out in front of him. Anita was happy when she heard him stop crying. She peaked her head from behind the owl and watched him sniffle. The mother glanced down at Anita before going back to her phone call.

Anita rolled her eyes at the now facing away mother. She hated how some parents could be so careless about who was around their kid. Anita was a female, but she felt like the mother should have been wary of a stranger near her child. Her eyes went back to the boy and she smiled at him.

“Do you want this owl, honey? It won’t make up for your ice cream, but I bet it’ll be happy to go home with you,” she said as she held the owl out closer to him. He tried to give her a smile, but stopped halfway to wipe his face with his sleeve.

“Well?” she prompted, giving him a bigger smile. The little boy nodded slowly and took the owl from her. Anita wrapped her arms around her legs as she watched him. He had dropped the empty cone and was holding the owl tight now.

“T-thank you,” he said, stuttering a bit.

“You are very welcome,” she replied. Anita instantly felt happier knowing she helped him feel better. Anita stood up slowly. A soft laugh escaped her lips when she saw his eyes widen. He must have not seen her squat down in the first place. She waved bye to him before going to explore the rest of the festival. Anita’s attention was eventually drawn to a fortune teller's tent. She always wanted to get her fortune told. She walked into the tent and had to blink a few times. Her eyes had to adjust as it was dark inside.

“One ticket for your fortune dear. Sit and take my hands once you are comfortable,” she heard a voice say. Anita gave the woman a ticket, sat, and gave the fortune teller her hands.

“Close your eyes please,” she promoted. Anita gave her a skeptical look before she closed her eyes. The sudden burst of cold air did give her goosebumps. Anita already felt uncomfortable with her eyes closed and touching hands with this stranger. The cold made her even more uncomfortable as she never liked the cold. Anita always preferred to be warm.

“Open your eyes,” the fortune teller said. Anita opened her eyes and noticed there was now smoke in the tent. Her eyes went to the crystal ball. Anita had to stop herself from rolling her eyes at the random shapes inside. It seemed this fortune teller was determined to pull out all of her tricks.

“What would you like to know?” the older woman asked. Anita smiled and thought on it. She always felt like anyone could come up with some bullshit for the future. The basics she could guess were you will find love, face challenges, and or meet new people. She decided she would like to know about her past. Anita wondered if this request would stump the fortune teller. The past would be more interesting as she couldn’t seem to remember her time before the orphanage.

"How about you tell me about my past?” she asked. Although, something else took her attention before the woman even began to speak. There seemed to be something glowing in the back of the tent. It was small and purple. She imagined the lighting in the tent was reflecting off of it. For some reason, it seemed familiar and she couldn't think why. Anita was so distracted that she had no idea what the fortune teller had said. She honestly had gotten lost in thought. Her eyes only went back to the woman as there was now silence. The woman did look a bit sad now though. Anita didn’t put much thought into it.

“Thank you,” she murmured before she exited the tent. Once outside, she tucked a lock of loose hair behind one of her ears. She did have to rub her arms to get rid of the cold that had touched her skin.

“That was weird,” she said to herself. Anita looked around before she walked off. Antia wanted to keep looking around the fair. She still hadn't been able to explore it all yet.


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The Rhindeval docks. The setting sun cast a warm glow upon its coast. The masts of a hundred ships jut out across the horizon, like spires of an ancient castle. Gulls flocked above, and their cries traveled for miles away. The bells tolled three times as the red-striped sails of the Razorback slowed its approach and dropped its anchor.

Black boots stomped upon the pier. Crusted by mud and weathered by water and age. The planks creaked underneath the weight of Korgan's hulking muscles. He inhaled to take in that scent, and grinned... salt and smoke, damp wood and gull excrement, and the lingering lavender of a wench's perfume… the scent of a juncture between land and sea. The scent of vacation.

Korgan looked over his shoulder. Two broad, squat, wolf-sized tarantulas drew two carts down a ramp from his ship to the docks, the first filled with barrels upon barrels, tied together by thick cords of rope, and the second… large stacks of crates, nine feet tall and six feet across, much bigger and heavier than the first. The outrider looked on the spoils of his conquest with pride. Ivelda will be pleased, he thought to himself.

Just then, he heard someone cry out his name. High-pitched, squealing. His ears pricked up, and he immediately turned to look, but the sneer on his face faded just as quickly. It was neither a fair maiden nor a fetching lad, as he had hoped. It was a servant, plain-looking and short of breath, there to deliver a message.

"Tyann wants me? HEH!" Korgan spat, rested his hands upon his hips and flexed his muscles on reflex. "Alright! I'll entertain the prick. Hangin' round the stables, I reckon? I can almost smell him from here, GYAHAHAHA!"

Korgan barged past the servant and nearly knocked him over. He glanced over his shoulder, towards the sailors struggling to direct the giant spiders. "Get those bugs to the castle gates. I'll catch up in a bit." He spread his arms wide. "Our Queen deserves her tribute!" With one final cackle, the outrider turned his eyes ahead and walked away.

Some time later, Korgan arrived by the stables. He raised one brow as he observed his summoner. Tyann Rebal, Ivelda's beastmaster. The wyverns and spiders under his employ knew him well, not one of them had not tasted the bite of his whip. "Tyann, my vulpine friend! You still have all your limbs!"

Korgan peered a little closer, cast his eyes downward, and wiggled his brows. "As far as I can tell," he uttered in a lower voice.

The pig-faced outrider scoffed at his own joke, then slowed his approach, turning his attention towards the beast beside Tyann. Korgan leaned back, with a half-disgusted, half-impressed smile. "That has got to be the ugliest thing in all the sixteen kingdoms."

Korgan's smile shifted into a fang-filled grin, and his voice dropped into a whisper.

"Can I keep it?"


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#, as written by Zodia195
Cassie Peters
Code- #46935C

"Gees, you'd think someone over 6' with dark green hair would be easy to spot, but NOPE!" Cassie groaned as she walked about the Spring Festival.

She was currently looking for her fellow track member, Anita Costa. The young women had been hanging out with them, but suddenly wondered off. Cassie had been charged by the track captain to find her because they all were going to get something to eat soon and ALL had originally agreed, but then Anita had disappeared on them. Cassie felt like she had been all over the festival grounds, but knew she hadn't. She was about to give up when someone caught her eye. She saw a little boy carrying an owl that Anita had on her. She knew Anita won an owl through an axe throwing competition. Maybe this kid had seen her.

Aware of the kid's mother, she gently asked if he'd seen a tall girl with green hair. The boy nodded and point in the direction of the fortune teller.

~Finally, I am making progress,~ she thought as she headed in the direction.

However it seemed like she had hit another dead end as she couldn't find her. Maybe she had gone into the Fortune Teller's tent? Feeling curious about the tent herself, she decided to get in line. Suddenly, Anita came out. Relieved, Cassie immediately got out of line and addressed her.

"There you, Anita! You disappeared on us just as we were about to go and eat. So how'd it go in there?" Cassie asked pointing the Fortune Teller's tent.

Seeing Anita's costume again made Cassie weird since she didn't bother to dress up due to not thinking about it.

Adrian Wells
Code- #30660C

After leaving the queens' throne room, Adrian had gone to the stables to retrieve his horse, Little John. There he did notice how the queen's Beastmaster was handling some kind of beast that Adrian didn't know was. Not wanting to interrupt the man, Adrian went about his business and got Little John before leaving the palace grounds. Crossing the bridge, he decided to get something to eat in the castle town area. Something about this place always seemed to affect him, but he couldn't figure out why. Arriving in town, he left his horse at an inn's nearby stable. The inn itself always had good food. Coming in, he made his way to the bar.

"Good morning Adrian. Hadn't seen you in some time." the barkeep said with a sad smile on his face.

The man had been there since Adrian could remember. Adrian's earlier memory had been when he was 10 and learned that Queen Ivelda had saved him after his parents were killed. It had been this inn he initially stayed at until he was old enough to move out on his own, which was when he was 16. This inn was like a 2nd home to him and the barkeep and his wife were like parents to him. However they always looked to have permanent sad looks. He asked why once and they told him they lost their children a long time ago. What Adrian didn't know was that Ivelda killed them because the townsfolk had tried saving him and the other princes initially after the takeover. Ivelda had killed their children to make an example to those who would oppose her.

"Yes, I just got done with another mission, James. It took awhile to complete. I am starved so could you ring me up some food please?"

The barkeep sighed. Pretty much everyone in the town knew that "Adrian" was their beloved Prince Richard and had been brainwashed by Ivelda. He hoped that some day he would remember. While the idea of rebellion was hardly ever whispered, James knew everyone hoped that the Sorceress Lilith and other princesses of Rhindeval would come back and help set things right. Rumor had been Ivelda banished them to a parallel world. Many people though were quickly losing hope, but James and his wife would never give up that hope.

"I'll have it right up for you Adrian. It's good to see you."

After finish eating, Adrian headed back for his horse when he saw a familiar face. Thaddeus Rock. The man was doing his patrols, it seemed. He had this really intimidating air about him that always scared others. Adrian never felt scared of him for some reason. Like him though, the man was dedicated to protecting the kingdom, a trait that Adrian found admirable. As the guard headed in his direction, Adrian greeted him politely.

"Morning, Thaddeus. Haven't lost your touch I see in scaring the townsfolk. How have you been?"


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"There you, Anita! You disappeared on us just as we were about to go and eat. So how'd it go in there?"

Antia smiled at Cassie when she addressed her. Her smile did wilt a bit as she pointed to the tent. She thought of the object she saw that seemed to have gotten her mind rolling. It was as if something was nagging at her now. It was as if her mind wanted to remember something. She pushed her thoughts away as she realised she had to answer Cassie’s question. Anita felt her cheeks warm up as she let out a small laugh tainted with embarrassment.

“ all honesty...I got distracted by something shiny we could say. It was honestly odd...” she replied, cutting her sentence short. She rubbed the back of her neck with her right hand in thought. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she pushed her thoughts away. If she thought about it too much, she was going to likely ruin her mood.

“...I have no idea what she said, but she did look sad when she finished speaking. It was dark in there though and cold too. I prefer being out here way more. I am sorry I disappeared; I didn’t do it on purpose. I just saw a crying little boy and had to go to him,” she added with a shrug. Anita smoothed her dress out. It had gotten crumpled from her sitting. Her stomach growled, and she remembered the original plan to get food.

“Anyhow, let’s go get some food. Did you see anything you wanted to eat, Cassie?” she asked as she walked off towards the food stands. Her eyes lingered on Cassie as she looked at her green hair. Cassie always looked so familiar to her. She had a good idea from where, but she wouldn’t ever ask. Anita did not like to think of her time before she was adopted. Thinking of her past just made her feel heavy hearted.

It did bother her that she couldn’t remember about nine years of her life as well. What she remembered from the orphanage wasn’t exactly rainbows and puppies either. Some of the other children were just mean and bullied her. They bullied her for things she could not change. It didn’t surprise her when she finally snapped. She may have overreacted, but she had just felt so angry and sad during her time there. She even felt those bothersome emotions now at times.


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Font Color: #E35D9A

"I did it!" Collette shouted, her ax at the edge of the target board. She turned around, a huge grin on her face, as she pointed to the other ax in her hand, "I guess you could say, I got... a handle on it?"

There was an awkward silence as Collette and the vendor stared at each other, the vendor slowly pulling out an ax of his own.

"This one's free," he said with a menacing smile.

Collette had her own, huge smile and the vendor ended his bit with an expression some would call 'quiet despair.' It was quite uncomfortable for some onlookers who were waiting for their turn and Collette broke first. She laughed and hastily put the ax down as the vendor handed her a bright, neon colored plush wolf with giant, glittery eyes. She then shuffled away, hiding her face and breaking into a fast walk once she was free of the ax game.

Sighing, Collette felt her stomach rumble. Perhaps food would settle her nerves and help satisfy her sorrow.



Font Color: #0F569C

"Morning, Thaddeus. Haven't lost your touch I see in scaring the townsfolk. How have you been?"

Thaddeus turned to see who had spoken to him, his gaze having been on a woman who was doing her best to hide herself from his gaze. The scowl on his face lessened but he still had a very stern look on his face as he approached Adrian. The red head was known for his constant outings and Thaddeus had lots of respect for the work Adrian did.

"Good morning, Adrian. The townsfolk would have nothing to fear if they knew I had no business with them," Thaddeus responded with a cold smile. "I have been doing well. The people seem to be behaving today and Ivelda's grace is a blessing upon this day. How are you doing? You seem to be always off, doing good for our land."


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The festival. The park was swirling with a sea of elaborate textiles, of vivid shades of red and purple and blue, and all the colours of the rainbow. So bright, so opulent, it reminded Freddie of another festival entirely. Or was that one a parade?

Freddie looked on, seated atop a giant blue mushroom prop. A patchy, lavender-coloured teddy bear was seated underneath, right next to a worn leather satchel. Her dull eyes reflected a glint of light as she observed the sights before her. So many had put so much effort into their outfits. From the fairy wings that shimmered with a tinge of iridescence, to the noble dresses, with all their ruffles, and buttons, and little golden threads painstakingly hand-sewn to be as authentic as possible.

“You know…,” Freddie spoke up, catching Reese from her peripherals. “People like to look down on corsets… call them 'symbols of oppression' and embellish the pain... that comes... with wearing them.” She swayed to the side, then gestured towards her friend. “But it’s fine, industrious women... like yourself… who created the first corsets.” Freddie wagged her finger. "For highly practical purposes… too."

Freddie perked up one corner of her mouth in a half-smile. "Of course… putting on that kind of stuff is… too much effort for me…" She leaned back and gestured to her costume. A dull, black robe, topped with a pointy, cone-shaped hat. Grey and white speckles stuck to her robe. A realist would call them 'dust', but Freddie preferred to think of them as little shining stars. Of course, realist or not, she couldn't deny the damp, sock-like stench that permeated from it all. "One of the drama club members… lent this to me. Said it's 'collateral' or… however you pronounce it…" Freddie shrugged. "...He owes me fifty."

Reese scraped her butt against the dirt and leaned her elbows over her wide-spread knees. In one hand she held a clutch, in the other a screwdriver. Her outfit was mostly skin with a grease stained apron paired with a worn-out gold bra and tiny shorts with tights that were more holes than fabric. A mechanic’s - blacksmith’s garb.

“Are you watching me do this?” She demanded. She jabbed the screwdriver at bright red moped between them. “Because it’s literally the easiest process. My brain is like, insulted by doing this right now. I’m like a dry -” A trio of bagpipe toting performers blasted their first few notes as they trotted past them, blocking out whatever crude simile Reese was saying and leaving it to your imagination, “- Freddie, I need stimulation.” She checked her phone, leaving a greasy smear across its screen.

Freddie had been staring into empty space. She finally turned towards Reese with raised brows. "Oh. I'm sorry… did you... say something?"

Reese stared. She tossed her work down with a clatter and grunted as she rocked up to her feet. “I’m getting food. You’re gonna have the munchies in a minute,” she announced, “Finished replacing the clutch springs, by the way.” She lifted her oversized denim jacket from the ground and flung it over her shoulder, checking her phone again as she sauntered off.

Freddie waved her goodbye. "Thanks, Reesie." She wondered if she should ask what the 'clutch springs' were. Then immediately shook such thoughts aside. It would go over my head anyway.

Just then, Freddie noticed somebody peeking into her peripherals. A dark-haired girl, slight in build, and seeming even smaller as she hunched. Her glasses reflected the glare of the sun and obscured her eyes.

"Hey… hey there," Freddie called to her, with a lethargic and limp wave. It was a wonder Collette could even hear her in this crowd.

Freddie stared straight at her. "Hey dude... you look… nervous." The dark-eyed woman leaned closer. Close enough for Collette to see the sheen of grease on her pale, unkempt locks, spilling out from underneath her hat. "Would you like something to… take the edge off?"

Freddie wiggled her brows for emphasis.

"( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"


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Font Color: #E35D9A

"AaAH," Collette yelped, albeit a little late as Freddie's face was practically next to hers. She thought she had heard someone calling her name and had paused to look around. It wasn't until the damp smell hit her nose, combined with the witch-looking hat entering her personal space, that she finally saw the source of the voice. It was another student, dressed in black with hair to match.

"Would you like something to… take the edge off?"

A student with very wriggly eyebrows, an impressed Collette noted as Freddie wriggled those eyebrows.

"Depends if you can make a convincing point," Collette responded as she took two tiiiiiny steps back to avoid breathing in Freddie's face. After all, she couldn't remember at that moment if she had brushed her teeth that morning. "I like to stay sharp after all."

Inside, she was beaming at the roll she was on today. On the outside, Collette was struggling to keep a straight face, a giggle escaping her.


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Tyann Rebal:: #F47206

It was while he waited for Korgan’s arrival, that Tyann noticed Adrian leaving. He thought for a moment to speak to the man, even opening his mouth to start the call, before he thought better of it. The other man had looked busy, and Tyann had better things to take care of. So he simply waited a while longer, checking over the drake some more whilst also moving about and grabbing one of the more... adjustable saddles. One that was far too large for any regular beast. Some of the nearby stable hands watched on in quiet wonder, scattering when Tyann’s attention turned away from the beast.

The resounding bark of Korgan’s voice threatened Tyann’s focus for only a moment, and behind the mask, the corners of his mouth twitched upward in amusement. The Raid-King was someone that Tyann found he enjoyed, the constant bravado and the boisterous attitude was a thing of beauty, if you looked at it right.
Tyann imagined that Korgan scared the others more than even Ivelda, maybe. But that was a blasphemous thought, much less a sentence to speak aloud… Viliame certainly would think as much, and most times Tyann tried not to offend the poor man.
Korgan! Indeed, I am still whole.” He offered calmly, his raspy voice a fair deal quieter than Korgan’s own, yet no less confident.

There was a pause before Tyann let the smile behind his mask grow wide as it could. He reached up with his free hand, tilting his head back as he did, to show Korgan only the barest hint of his face. It was a thing of trust, and of rarity, for Tyann to show anything of his face— beyond the request from Her Majesty, of course— and the four beast-like fangs that took up residence in his mouth made themselves visible.
Why Korgan, I thought you’d never fucking ask! I think you will like this one. I procured it with you in mind. I know you yet have a personal riding beast, and I find this troublesome. I also know you do not necessarily make landfall often either… So yet again, I had this beast in mind for you. Be fucking grateful, please and thank you.
With that, Tyann let his mask slip back into place, turned his head from Korgan, and barked a single phrase. ‘KOGINALD!

The drake reared back as the word came sparking out into the world, the memory of a foul whip crack and sparkling claw and fang securing their dominance leaping through the creatures mind. It’s form swelled with muscle and rippling magic as it ‘sssSKRA!’d it’s acknowledgement of the command.
Where once a drake whose shoulders just barely reached Korgan’s chest stood, a new creature took its place. Crackling bone and scale, heavy panting and huffing, and another screeching-roar declared the change.

The shoulders of the drake now rose to meet Korgan’s face easily enough, the bulk of the creature now more muscle than anything else it seemed. It’s claws were webbed now, and the tail had grown a sail that cut short just at the hips. The eyes of the beast were alight with a verdant green, and now held Korgan’s gaze with something akin to pre-programmed loyalty. Two massive fangs curled from the maw of the beast, and they dripped with a venom that was black as pitch.
Throughout it all, Tyann stood with a smile that belied the absolute effort that went into training the thrice damned ‘present’ he held for Korgan.
His head turned back to Korgan, his breath held— Unbeknownst to the Raid-King— and awaiting his approval.

An additional slap on the creatures haunch forced it to reveal a row of gill slits along its ribs and its throat.

Well? What do you think?