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Fractured Kingdoms


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a part of Fractured Kingdoms, by Zodia195.

Continent that was once peaceful, but taken over by an evil enchantress

Zodia195 holds sovereignty over Rhindeval, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

7,488 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

no link available due to rpg being closed, but it's loosely based off of fractured fairytales, only without the disney element. i did get the rights to this rpg too from the original gm.


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Continent that was once peaceful, but taken over by an evil enchantress


Rhindeval is a part of Fractured Kingdoms.

25 Characters Here

Silvia Siria Shwetz [128] The princesses with the ruby pendant
Euphemia Isadora Apolline Regana Lavorre III [123] Seriously, just call her Reese.
Ishara Soli Eldiel [118] The Stoner Princess
Justice Chastain [117] White lips, pale face and breathing in snowflakes.
Sibylla Costrantina [106] The funniest princess on this side of Earth.
Lilith Evers [101] Good Sorceress who plans to stop her sister and help save the kingdoms
Meridian O'Donohue [94] Free-spirited princess who loves creating music
Aurora Givens [92] One of the princess who tends to get lost in her own head and dreams a lot of Rhindeval
Ivelda Evers [81] Evil Enchantress currently in control of Rhindeval
Artemisia Evergreen [62] "My persona may be quiet ... But my observations are loud."

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Character Portrait: Ishara Soli Eldiel Character Portrait: Justice Chastain Character Portrait: Silvia Siria Shwetz
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"Could you NOT choose a more opportune time to be a FREAK?"

⧖ The full moon’s light shone into the room of the orphanage that the children slept in. Most of the children were asleep. There were some that were awake though. They were near the window, watching drops of condensation race down the glass. The kids at the window suddenly went into a whispered frenzy, Their whispers were more like stage whispers. Silvia had been awake but stayed in bed. She didn’t want to get in trouble if an adult checked in on them. The whispers did cause Silvia to leave the bed. The other children were whispering about a shooting star. You could make a wish if you saw one they were saying. It only took Silvia seconds to join the crowd quickly forming at the window. Her hopeful eyes searched the night sky as she looked for a shooting star to make a wish on.

”Poppycock.” Justice’s whisper was the loudest in the room but it didn’t beat the noise of a flock as she laid on her side, the pillow embracing the back of her head and covering her ears as she attempted to muffle it all out. As if a wish could save Finny’s broken nose or Reese’s ill temper. She stayed crumpled, her knees up to her chest until… “It’s the shooting star!” Someone cried out.

Justice leapt off the bed and scooped up her nightgown that dragged along the floor. Despite her better judgment and disbelief, Where?. She had scrambled to get a view of the window but she looked up and her smile fell. “Wow, it was beautiful. What did you wish for?” Justice’s eyes rolled in annoyance. She didn’t see a damn thing but a stupid backside!

”Why do you have to be so FREAKISHLY big?!”

Freak. Freak. Freak.

Silvia was a freak in the human world. It was what the bullies at the orphanage always called her for one reason or another. If she wasn’t a freak because of her height, it was because of her hair if they noticed its true color. The insults always hurt. She just learned to react less strongly to them over time. She even started to defend herself once she was adopted. Silvia never wanted Lupe to worry about her. He had been going through a hard time then and she had decided to be his rock. Her wish had become true because of him. He had recused her from the orphanage. He gave her a good life that she could remember.

Now, she was even a freak in Rhindeval. Hadn't she always been? Some of her own people had been unhappy with their future heir as she was too soft, weak. As she came out of the memories, she noticed Kinera and Reese were gone. Not including the fairies, it was only her, Freddie, and Justice. Silvia was too tired to feel angry as her gaze went to Justice. She only felt hurt, the memory had successfully let her feel those emotions again. Soon, seconds later, the memory of after she saved Justice from the Sirens came back as well.

She couldn’t remember what Justice had said. Although, she did remember how Justice had made her feel. Bad. Silvia slid on the soft robe that had been given to her at some point. She ignored how it got wet because she was still in the river. She tied the robe closed before wrapping her arms tightly around herself. Carefully she exited the river to stand next to Freddie. She was ready to leave. She wouldn’t leave Freddie though. She had told Reese she’d make sure to keep an eye on her.

The last thing she would do was leave her alone with Justice. If a bigger animal came by to try to eat them all, Justice would be no help. Silvia wouldn’t be much help in her current state of exhaustion either. She could at least throw herself in the way of danger at least to give Freddie time to run or maybe walk away in her case. Her eyes stayed focus on her wet shoes. She would need to take them off soon. They felt unpleasant.

“Thanks for coming to look for me. I appreciate it,” she said in a much softer voice than usual. Silvia couldn’t seem to push her hurt feelings away. She needed a nap. Her stomach softly growled in protest at the thought. She needed to eat and then nap. Luckily, she had packed some protein shakes and bars for this trip. She knew she’d run out eventually. Those supplies would help her stay in tiptop shape until she found other alternatives though.


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Character Portrait: Ivelda Evers Character Portrait: Niklaus Viel Eldiel Character Portrait: Cynfael O'Donohue
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#8F4AB1 // #FF48CE

Lilou stared googly-eyed at Tsuneo as he gazed out the window, even as his story sent her heart spiraling in dismay. He was already going...? Noooo!! She'd only just fallen in love for the first time, she couldn't already do something long distance...! She didn't want to be the princess pining in the tower! Pig squeaked frantically in her ear and tried to swat her back to her senses, having a far better radar for troublemakers and liars than her.

He turned to her, planning our future, he said... OUR... Lilou blushed down to her soul. W-Wasn't that the kind of thing that heroes in romance novels said when talking about...

Lilou shook her head and slapped her rosy cheeks, frightening the image her imagination had conjured away, and ducked into a curtsy. "My name is Lilou Trudeau, my Lord Cynfael," she answered politely, "But in the castle dungeons, I'm... called Ishara." She dropped her skirts. Her rat sniffled into her ear. "Oh, and this is Pig," she added, scooping him off her shoulder and holding the rat out to show him off. Pig sized "Tsuneo" up and down, saw right through him, and turned his head haughtily as he clamored back up Lilou's arms. Lilou frowned at Pig's behavior, but turned an enthusiastic smile up to Tsuneo.

"I'm sure you'll prove yourself! Big Brother Eike will definitely let me go with you." Her index fingers pressed together, hovering over her lips as her eyes averted. Her voice lowered to a murmur. "And maybe on your journey... you can search for my Mother, and get her blessing too..."

She shrugged away the bad thoughts. "I'll wait for you," she affirmed, then patted the torture tools on her hip. "And I'll definitely try not to hurt anybody too badly while you're gone."

I wish I got my own tower to pine in, instead of a dungeon... she internally whinged, I guess they're just for proper princesses...

"I don't want anything from Lady Shannon."

Eike surprised even himself with how fast and forceful his words came in response to Ivelda. It took a moment for his fists to unclench. He was frustrated. Why, why...

Atop of suppressing his true desires, it was hard not to find the sound of Lady Shannon's name grating in this moment. The woman who had stationed a strange man at Ivelda's side. A 'darn shame' they hadn't met... Eike didn't like... this familiarity pressed on him, between himself and a woman he didn't know, no matter their interests. He could never really decipher why, but....

Don't assume... I'd ever desire that.

... It made him feel further away.

"I... apologize... your Majesty," he continued flatly, gaze fixed before her feet. An echo of a smile graced his lips for her. "I stated all I need. You don't need to give me any other thought beyond that. I'll wait for you."

He tilted into a small bow, showing her the top of her head, which was sorely missing her hand. He waited to be petted, but he didn't dare ever ask for it. "I won't leave the dungeon. Your absence will not impact my duties. Of that you may always depend on. I'll never stray from home."


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Sibylla Constrantina
Color Code: #E35D9A

Admittedly, she had stood in a daze when Meridian had flown off. All she saw was the flash of the pendant and heard her scream as she took off into the air. Eyes wide, mouth agape, it took Sibylla a few moments to process what had just happened. And then she ran. She ran and fell.

Her hands dug into the earth as ugly sobs escaped her. Thoughts raced through her mind about Silvia, about Meridian. Why hadn't she done more? On the other girls, Sibylla could only instinctively think, when am I going to fail them? The single thoughts exploded into a multitude of tiny questions and accusations, criticizing every movement and word she had uttered since she had first heard of her true identity.

The thoughts were so distracting that she hadn't even noticed the absence of wetness on her cheeks.

But one thought overrode the rest as it screamed for her to get up. Meridian had to fall and she had no idea if the other girls were even nearby. Sibylla gritted her teeth and took a few deep breaths, ignoring the nagging need to continue berating herself. She had to get up. She had to keep going.

Her pendant glowed as she started running again. By the time she had arrived, Reese had curled up on the ground and Meridian looked safe with Lilith and Eowyn. The tear drops that had been held suspended behind Sibylla rose as she let out a strangled noise of relief, exclaiming breathlessly to Meridian, "You're... You're alive..."

The suspended tear drops fell to the ground like rain as relief swept over her. Sibylla hadn't even noticed the manifestation of her powers as she walked over to where Reese had curled up.

"Mind if I..." Sibylla started but didn't finish as she let herself collapse onto the ground nearby Reese, laying flat on her back as physical and emotional exhaustion overcame her. She didn't even have the energy for a pun.


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Character Portrait: Ishara Soli Eldiel Character Portrait: Justice Chastain Character Portrait: Ivelda Evers Character Portrait: Euphemia Isadora Apolline Regana Lavorre III Character Portrait: Lilith Evers Character Portrait: Niklaus Viel Eldiel Character Portrait: Meridian O'Donohue Character Portrait: Silvia Siria Shwetz Character Portrait: Sibylla Costrantina Character Portrait: Apollyon Evergreen Character Portrait: Cynfael O'Donohue Character Portrait: Kinera Laibon

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Ivelda Evers
Code- #003300

Ivelda was a bit surprised by the vehemence in Eike's voice when he said he didn't need anything from Lady Shannon. She didn't know what to think of that, but decided not to worry too much, especially when Eike apologized and assured her he would not leave. Smiling, she patted his head gently.

"Very well then. I'll let you get back to your dungeon, Eike. I'll be back before you know it."

Leaving him, she went to look for Cyn. She had no trouble tracing his own magical aura. She would have to train him to mask it better. He was in the room she asked him to go into. Opening it, she saw the little girl, looking bashfully at her son. Cyn definitely was a fine looking man in that form, so she couldn't blame the child. She looked at the girl and realized this was the daughter of that latest sacrifice. Why Eike decided to keep her, she had no idea, but Eike rarely asked for anything so she would allow it. Still it was a shame, the daughter looked like her mother and would have made a great sacrifice herself in some years. It's what normally happened. Earlier this year, she had done just that with the daughter of one of her first sacrifices.

"It seems you have enjoyed each other's company. My dear, your master is returning to the dungeons, I suggest you join him. Cyn, I am done at the moment, so let's find a few more people and then we're leaving."

After making sure the girl was with Eike, Ivelda went to find Jai and was informed he was with Sir Ryder. This didn't surprise her since she did instruct Ryder to see to the injured wolf boy. Being directed to where they were, she directly went inside, not bother to knock. Sure enough there was Jai, Ryder, and the wolf siblings.

"Jai, have you finished treating the boy yet? I require your audience before leaving. Ryder, once I am done with Jai, I need to go over things with you too. Will the kids be okay without you for a short time? I can have Jai can watch them or a member of his staff can watch them."

Meridian O'Donohue~Lilith Evers

It didn't take long for several other princesses to show up after Meridian's little incident. What Eowyn or Lilith weren't expecting was to see Kinera to show up in such a manner of dress . . . or lack there of. Lilith figured she was bathing nearby. At least she was wearing something. And she was obviously flustered about her own state. Meridian saw her and was tempted to laugh, but she was still recovering from her 'flight'. Kinera began speaking and then explained why she was dressed they way she was.

"Kinera, thanks for your concern. Meridian's flight power has just appeared. Why don't you go inside to get dressed so you're not feeling so self-conscious okay? Also, I have a task for you. When you can, can you see if any princess is inside and tell them I request their presence here outside." Eowyn instructed her, hoping that by giving her something to do, she would calm down.

Soon Reese arrived and collapsed near them. Meridian smiled at the older girl. Both Kinera and Reese were the oldest girls and her mother often made it a point that Meri should obey both of them, but to act more like Kinera, who she saw as a 'better influence'. Meri liked both girls, but liked Reese's independent nature more.

"I am fine now Reese, thanks. Seems I am able to fly. Pretty cool huh? I just can't control it yet. Has your magic appeared?"

It was then Sibylla caught up and collapsed right next to Reese.

"Oh dear, are you okay Sibylla? Sorry, I must have scared you taking off like that."

Lilith looked at Eowyn.

"I'll look for the other princesses outside. I am recovered enough that I can track their magical auras."

With that, she went and searched for the ones outdoors and was happy to find Justice, Silvia, and Ishara together. She did take notice of how Justice and Silvia looked.

"Queen Eowyn wants to speak with all of you once more. If you want to change clothes first, you're welcome to. We're over by the well. Reese, Meridian, and Sibylla are there already."

After she finished talking, she looked at other outdoor areas near the house, but didn't pick up Aurora or Artemisia's magical energies. They must be indoors then. She would leave it to Kinera to find them then. She returned to where Eowyn and the other princesses were.


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#8F4AB1 // #FF48CE // #D90068

Eike shut his eyes. The familiar tingles spread across his head like spiderwebs. It was the one sensation he could surmise as 'pleasant' from his childhood in the dungeons. Dulled as it might be, it struck him somewhere deep within. Like something was opening within his chest. Images of his blue roses blooming came to mind.

You're home now...

She removed her hand, and that simple spark of feeling faded away. Eike pulled down his black veil and followed her out.

Eike gave pause when he returned to Lilou. In the time that he had been gone, her face had turned a rosy shade of pink. Her legs snapped together and her eyes popped out like she had been caught doing something she wasn't allowed to. Eike's eyes narrowed in suspicion at the pair, his Ishara and this... Cyn stranger. Hm. This was like...

The look on Tempeste's face when Eike had barged in on her and Jai blasted in his memory, and a vein popped on Eike's brow. He stared at Cyn murderously, hands strained behind his back, waiting. Lilou curtsied as Ivelda departed, with a discreet, longing look after "Tsuneo"...

That was interrupted, by Eike dropping down to her level and grabbing either side of her head.


"W-big brother Eike, what are you-?" Lilou stammered.

"No, Ishara." Eike's bulging eyes were the only thing Lilou could see. "You are so..." he looked down at her. Something was short-circuiting in his brain as he was trying to make sense of the visceral, uncomfortable reaction he was having to this, as far as he was concerned, courtship. "Small."

Lilou's cheeks puffed. "I'm big enough to use a scalpel," she retorted, holding up one of her torture tools under Eike's chin, "You said I could." The blade pricked him. Eike glared and grabbed her hand, tugging her along. Sweat pricked at his brow. Lilou's smallness aside, given Ivelda's track record of women who grew close to her male companions...

"You have to stay little, Ishara," he urged quietly. "Don't try to be bigger or I won't take you upstairs again."

"That's not fair," she protested, "How old were you when you fell in love with the Queen?"

Eike stopped in his tracks.

His eyes slid down to her, down to a size he used to be, then to the ground. Lilou shuffled on the spot.

"I mean... you are, aren't you?" she peeped up uncertainly. He didn't answer. Slowly, he pulled her hand, and continued their slow descent back underground. Now in complete silence.

Jai waved off the cigarette offer, opting to shuffle the last swig in the wine bottle away instead. Not into his gullet, but behind his seat, hiding it as casually as he could and disguising the movement by folding his legs. He hadn't been able to hide his wide, concerned eyes darting up and down every time Ryder poured another glass and sculled it, but he doubted the man noticed from behind his drink.

And he calls my habits unhealthy... he internally sighed as he went back to delicately sipping his first glass. His gaze flicked up slyly. Suppose the opinions of others take a burden after all.

"To making better decisions, then," Jai declared, springing to his feet. He clinked his glass against Ryder's as he swept past him to the window. He sat on the windowsill and opened the latch, letting in a breeze that made his jewellery dance and sing like chimes. "So long as they don't drag me down with you into a boring life." He discreetly poured the rest of his glass out the window. The blood red liquid waned in the wind.

The door opened. Jai turned, his brow quirking at the sight of Ivelda and another pretty boy in the doorway. He shifted to a stand and passed his glass to Edith like she was a waitress as he approached the Queen. He ducked into a bow.

"I've finished with my duties here, your Majesty. Please," he gestured out the door, and followed her to their audience.


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Image”Success is no accident.
It is hard work, perseverance, learning,
studying, sacrifice, and most of all,
ove of what you are dling or learning to do.”

Hex Code ~ #0B610B
Aura ~ #FFBF00

Iris’s words were unsurprising. Artemisia had observed the interaction between the fairy and her Queen earlier and had quickly drawn the conclusion that the powers used to bring forth the prince’s visages belonged to that of the latter instead of the former. Thankfully, however, Artemisia did not need the member of the fae to project the images once more; she had already imprinted them within her brain, her near-photographic memory coming in handy at times like these. She also would be lying if she said that she had missed the confused looks on the women's faces as she had spoken and, with a quick deduction, she figured it was due to her french words. Clenching her jaw a bit - not in frustration or anger but simply due to the difficulty it was to avoid slipping between languages - she internally told herself to do her best when speaking to those around her to use only English.

She tapped her chin with her pencil for a moment as though thoughtful before casting a small smile in Iris’s direction, the tip of the drawing utensil now poised above the paper before her. She could not help the words that came out next, slipping into her normal speech pattern, but as she spoke she consistently reminded herself to avoid French words.”Pas de problème, all I require for help is that you look over the personifications that I draw of the princes, and then tell me where and how to make adjustments.” At that, she pulled the sheet with Appy’s likeliness displayed across it, turned the paper so that it was facing Iris correctly, and slid it across the table to the woman. Par example, if I drew his eyes too wide, or his chin too narrow, simply point said flaw out to me so I can make the correct adjustments. The goal is that we have as close to a perfect display of the princes so that when we attempt to rescue them, there is no doubt within any of our minds that the one that we approach is the correct person. Ens outre***, it can help us to possibly familiarize ourselves with any weaknesses or necessary information that we may have previously missed.”

Reaching out, Artemisia drew the book of maps a bit closer to them, flipping it open to the page that showed a large, surprisingly detailed map of their main attack point - the kingdom of Lostein. ”As for the maps of Rhindeval, that requires a bit more information on your part, but I can gather the necessary notes from you later. Right now, our main focus is to have correct outlines of each area and their towns, cities, and major landmarks. Later, however, I will wish to convene with you in order to go over any regional facts that you think are pertinent and will not be taught to us by Miss Auravale - anything that we need to know when entering those kingdoms. My goal is to compile any helpful information about each area so that we fully know what we are getting ourselves into,” she explained, absentmindedly tucking a stray hair behind her ear as she spoke.

With her explanation out of the way, Artemisia turned back to the empty sketchbook before her and, without another word, she set to work.

They continued like this for some time - Artemisia sketching out what began as crude outlines and blobs but rather quickly accumulated into beautiful, albeit simple, drawings of each of the princes. Once she had finished, she began to slowly go through each image’s details with iris, and when the fairy pointed out anything that she may have missed or incorrectly personified, the younger woman simply circled the spot and with a small arrow wrote the notes with a delicate hand. It was quick work weeding through the missed details, and before they knew it, they were already onto the maps. This work went far more quickly than the prince’s portraits, as maps require far less detail and work than human faces, and before she knew it an hour had passed. It had been quite some time since she had devoted a straight hour to drawing, and Artemisia could feel her neck chiding her for doing so as well as her back and hand. Setting down the significantly smaller pencil, she flexed her fingers a few times, the ache slowly receding into a numbness. That she could handle - the pain, however, was another story. She was a baby when it came to her pain tolerance, but she forced back the grimace that threatened to break across her face, instead opting to stand and stretch her arms above her head, at the same time doing a few twisting motions with her body. Her chair slid back with a soft clatter, and once she was satisfied with her stretching, her hands found places on her hips. She rolled her neck as she focused her gaze once more on Iris.

Merci beaucoup****, Miss Iris. I appreciate all of your hard work and help, and once I am able to, I plan to pay back the favors that you have done us all tenfold,” she promised. Artemisia moved to begin gathering her supplies and newly-crafted drawings. ”I will work on the edits that you suggested and if you are alright with it, I will visit your room once I am done for your final approval,” she quarried with a hesitant smile, clearly not entirely comfortable with simply inviting herself over. She flicked a look over at Aurora, who had for the most part remained quiet while they worked, and Sia fidgeted a bit in nervousness. That is, if it is alright with you as well."

Pas de problème* ~ Not a problem
Par example** ~ For example
Ens outre*** ~ In addition
Merci beaucoup**** ~ Thank you so much


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Hex Code: #778899, "Everybody seems to leave bittersweet memories" - Miles Away

Justice recalled the paintings that decorated Serein’s castle hallways with each more beautiful than the one before. “Princesses are always beautiful. It’s in our blood. Beauty is highly regarded to marry into royalty too, no?” She sighed wistfully for if those paintings were no more, then she would no longer be able to stare, compare and put those old ghosts to shame.

“You are a princess, Ishara.” Justice tutted, brought her hands together, pressed against her forehead and sighed, as if praying for the poor girl to see the light. “Even if you choose to be, ‘Freddie.’” No doubt Reese’s undue influence. “A little of the right help and you’ll be right as rain.” She said giving the other princess a once over and a strong nod of the head. It wasn’t a lost cause, just a forgotten one.

“A...crush?” Justice’s immediate reaction was to laugh and quite haughtily. She loved herself, Lucie, Justice, being rich, beautiful and a princess yadda yadda but… “Maybe once.” She muttered under her breath, raising an index finger for the count but tempted to raise a different finger in its place. “When I was young and stupid. I thought, “Oh why not, why not him......?” Her voice drifted.


She clenched her jaw for a moment then exhaled. “But never adored more than me! So, does that count?" Her brows furrowed then she clicked her tongue, moving on. “ Is Vera Reese’s ‘special person?’” She asked with a slight tilt of the head as her arms slid naturally into the bathrobe that seemingly fell from the sky. She closed and tied it up loosely around the waist, ignoring the petty squabbles of the fairies.

“Maybe!!! Maybe we don’t, uh, talk about that yet? Unless, perhaps, Reese wants to, yes?”
"FREDDIE! My life isn't a gossip column!! SHUT UP!"

Now, things got more interesting and she was invested but someone else decided to compete with her earlier shouting. Kinera was off and Reese was off like it was a race. Ishara was shaken but Justice just packed her things at a leisurely pace. Whatever was going on sounded closer to the cabins and that would make it Lilith's and Eowyn's problem. “I wouldn't worry.” She said, placing each item in her luggage with care as there was no telling when she could restock.

“Thanks for coming to look for me. I appreciate it,” Turning to Silvia, she waited for a semblance of gratitude. When she found none, her suitcase of bath bombs and product was slammed shut. You wouldn't even know... How about you ask... Silvia's past words infuriated her. She shoved past the taller and stronger girl without caution to say, “Hypocrite.” Her silver eyes sharp as a blade but she kept her tongue, for the most part, sheathed. Was there even a point arguing this anymore...?

"Queen Eowyn wants to speak with all of you once more. If you want to change clothes first, you're welcome to. We're over by the well. Reese, Meridian, and Sibylla are there already."

Justice sighed loudly, declaring today the day where being free of interruption was next to impossible! "I didn't get to relax or unwind at all! My sole purpose for coming out this far." She whined, the terrain and distance not kind to her feet that only traveled in the most hospitable conditions. "Please tell me I can expect a tea party?” Unlikely, but the suggestion was out there for the taking.


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Hex Code ~ #088A29 Image
Ryder snorted, tapping his glass lightly to Jai’s, and tossed back the rest of his wine. At that, he set the now empty glass down on the side table nearest to him, a confused Edith clutching the glass that was given to her in a death grip as though afraid to drop it. He retrieved it gently from her trembling hands, gave her a soft pat on the head, and placed it beside its pair.

It was then that their Queen arrived, in all her regal glory, and upon her entrance Ryder quickly snubbed out the burning cigarette, waving his hand a bit out of courteousness, before he dipped into a low, expertly practiced bow. When he rose once more, he met the Queen’s gaze and gave her a soft smile. ”They should be quite alright on their own, My Lady.” With a subtle nod at Jai, Ryder stepped back from the group and approached Edith, took her small hand lightly in his own, and then led her to her brother’s side. She plopped happily onto the floor without a word of argument, instead returning to playing with her doll and popping the random snack into her mouth. Ryder, on the other hand, approached his desk and slid into his chair, plopping the heels of his shoes lightly onto the corner of his desk. ”Feel free to take all of the time that you need. I await your command, Your Grace.” And with that, he settled in to wait, occasionally responding to a question or retort that Edith threw his way. They were the usual childish questions one would expect from a kid her age - why was the sky blue, why did it rain - things that they have yet to discover with their limited scientific resources. Ryder sighed a bit, turning his gaze to the window nearest to him. A bird sat on the branch of the beautiful Elm tree that stood proud and tall on the other side, and it peered back into Ryder's eyes as though it could actually register what it was seeing. Shaking off the thought, he turned his attention back to Edith, occasionally glancing over at Edmund to reassure himself on the boy's condition.