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Fractured Kingdoms


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a part of Fractured Kingdoms, by Zodia195.

Continent that was once peaceful, but taken over by an evil enchantress

Zodia195 holds sovereignty over Rhindeval, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

5,414 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

no link available due to rpg being closed, but it's loosely based off of fractured fairytales, only without the disney element. i did get the rights to this rpg too from the original gm.


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Continent that was once peaceful, but taken over by an evil enchantress


Rhindeval is a part of Fractured Kingdoms.

25 Characters Here

Silvia Siria Shwetz [115] The princesses with the ruby pendant
Euphemia Isadora Apolline Regana Lavorre III [107] Seriously, just call her Reese.
Ishara Soli Eldiel [104] The Stoner Princess
Justice Chastain [103] White lips, pale face and breathing in snowflakes.
Sibylla Costrantina [102] The funniest princess on this side of Earth.
Lilith Evers [95] Good Sorceress who plans to stop her sister and help save the kingdoms
Aurora Givens [89] One of the princess who tends to get lost in her own head and dreams a lot of Rhindeval
Meridian O'Donohue [88] Free-spirited princess who loves creating music
Ivelda Evers [75] Evil Enchantress currently in control of Rhindeval
Rukaiyan Throntan [61] The knight in invisible armor.

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Hex Code: #ff0789 "There's nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, 'Cause I know your secrets, I know your lies." - Tommee Profitt

Tempeste stood as still as a statue when Eike started to remove his clothes. She was surprised by his initiative and compliance. The healer took her place by his bedside, looking him over to check the overall health of her patient. He was just a... a boy. Who appeared more tortured than torturer underneath. It was hard to remember that the malnourished figure in front of her was the same person, the inquisitor of the dungeons who killed and planted fear in the people's hearts. Who desired to do the same to her had she not passed the test...

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting." Tempeste bowed her head and lifted it to find he had turned away, and covered his chest. The longer she attended to him, the more human and less cruel he appeared to be. "And for the discomfort, sir."

Tempeste talked him through her process a little. "The bleeding has subsided so I'll clean the wound." Tempeste pried the old stitching, dirt, and dried blood out to collect on a tray. Relying on her eyes alone to catch everything, her movements were slow and meticulous. Seldom a touch could be felt.

"There's a leaf? I need to remove it or it may get entangled with the stitching." After taking a quick curious look, she left the leaf on his pillow if he had an interest. She chose a vial from the medical kit, popped it open, and allowed a single drop to fall and seep in the wound. "Might tingle for a second. This will help you heal faster and numb pain there." Tempeste paused, waiting for it to take effect.

"I'll start stitching now." She changed gloves, not wanting to sully the work she had already done before grabbing a needle and a thread. "Ishara's was nicely done." she added, praising his stitch work and holding the needle head up to the light as she poked the thread through with ease. With no need to detail this part, she worked on it soundlessly.

A thunderous presence was making its way to the ward. The ground shook, challenging the steadiness of her hands. ...Who let the giants out? The ward was left under her care and responsibility. Whatever it was, she hoped it could wait. Just a few more stitches. If she could just get through a few more...

"Asher, you dashing midget! Where are you? I NEED THE BRANDY!"

Tempeste was forced to a halt, lest a mistake. The boisterous visitor overwhelmed her senses too much to stay focused. Her sense of hearing, smell, and... humor. She had to admit there was truth to it, Asher on the small side and dashing. But who would say that aloud in Asher's own ward? A friend? A drunkard? "Apologies, Sir Eike." She bowed her head and rested her hand a little, flexing her wrist.


Her lips parted to shape a quiet, 'oh' about the grumpy head of pink in the ward, again and in a condition much worse than last time. "Agnes, can you take care of him please?" She instructed, not wanting to spread herself too thin. Her sights then raised upwards from Raiden to acknowledge who had dropped him in such a rowdy way.

She was right about one thing. There was a roaming giant. The Outrider. Although they had never met, she was sure of it. He was as humongous and built as the rumors. There was also the unmistakable hind legs, tusks, and facial bone structure of a pig…. A description that no other could fit in all of Ivelda’s rank and file. But what was most fresh in her mind about him was not that.

“... Do you know what fate befell the Outrider’s sow?”

She was treating the one who had threatened her with the same fate. Tempeste lowered her gaze and finished the last stitches on Eike. Korgan was wounded and it fell to her to treat him next. The staff was already intimidated by the inquisitor. She was not sure who else but herself would volunteer for the beast, even if he were, once a man.

"Tying these bandages and then we're done. I'll have more bandages delivered to you if you would like to change them yourself. For you and Ishara." She smiled, nodding over at his assistant before tidying up. "No scar will be left behind." Tempeste uttered softly out of habit, standing to wash her hands as a nurse kindly brought over another basin.

"Hey, you!" The assisting nurse squeaked like a mouse and made herself scarce. Tempeste's pink-purple hues set their sights higher as the burly bronze figure loomed over enough to cast a shadow. Her eyes widened, wondering what had drawn him to her and suddenly feeling much smaller now that he was up close. As he got comfortable and propped an elbow against the wall, she stood her ground and held her gaze. More curious than fearful. "I remember you. You were Ari's friend." She dried her hands thoroughly with a cloth, fidgeting around the gaps between her fingers. Ari's...friend? Her head lowered, pondering how he knew. "What was your name again?"“Tempeste Ponce, sir?" She answered uncertainly under his watchful gaze as she set the cloth to the side.

"You've got pretty hands. Far too pretty to be swimming in blood and guts,"“No I..." She said bashfully, clasping her hands as if to hide them. His stare was making her conscious. "I work better swimming in blood and guts. It's all I've ever known you could say." Tempeste closed a hand into a fist, suppressing the bloodier memories. “Still, thank you for saying so." She smiled at him appreciatively before she spun on her heel and raised her voice to check how Raiden was faring. “Are we all good, Agnes?" Then time slowed down, another piece of memory trickling in.

Image'If I ever go missing, I would advise you to make Korgan your first suspect.'

Her aura shifted suddenly, her lips thinning into a straight displeased line. “Korgan." Tempeste whispered his name. She could hear Carter's ceaseless lecturing trying to hold her back from jumping to conclusions and doing something rash. Maybe it was a leap and rash but... I don't care. I'm not sitting back. Tempeste took a step towards the Outrider her mind made up.

“May I?" Despite asking for permission, she didn't wait for it. She stretched her arm and placed a hand on his torso. Her hand remained to leave her special mark that was hidden in her palm, uncaring for the soot and ash that dirtied her again. After connecting their thoughts with her telepathic ability, she got straight to the point. “Where... " She exhaled, a shiver in her breath with her rising temper as her determined eyes fixated on his. "Where is ARI?” Tempeste pressed for an answer with both her thoughts and her hand, cornering him in the one place she knew with utmost certainty he could not escape with a lie.


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Reese shot an empathetic look at Freddie over her cards. "And that's cool, Fred," she assured like she'd done it a hundred times before, "You don't want Bollywood, anyway. Love at first sight is just a... it doesn't mean anything. It's like, like a kiddy pool love and heartbreak to prepare yourself for the soul crushing deep end."

Reese laid a card out on the pile and waited through Freddie's turn.

"Falling in love was like... " she continued as it got back to her, "... owning a car." She narrowed her eyes at Freddie's smirk and coughed, tossing her head away with red cheeks. "Y-Yeah, real creative analogy for me, but it's true! No matter how much of a piece of shit your car is, how many parts you have to replace, or times you've done the cereal box window trick or even... lived out of it when the air con was broke - you just, you kinda start to like it." She shrugged. "Nothing's changed about her. Somehow she just starts to look prettier to you everyday. I mean - I mean my case is - she did change, she was actually, literally transitioning right in front of me, but you know?"

Reese met Freddie's blank, clueless gaze.

"...........It's my birthday," She sighed as she played the card.


Zuri charged through the door. For a fairy, she sure hit like a comet. Nut drifted behind her lackadaisically.

"Hello, ZGIRLS!" Zuri shrieked at the top of her lungs, her chest puffed out, her hands on her hips. "It's time for your zroyal zfitting!" She clapped her hands twice. "Zcome on, come zon, we don't have all zday!"


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Aurora Givens~Meridian O'Donohue

”It is clear to me that the dynamics of this group are precarious at best, and l'enfer** at worst. Everyone has essentially paired off, and on more than one occasion someone has attempted to tuer*** another. Not only do I have little hope that we can succeed in our mission, but I also feel as though I have no true alliées****, or even copines***** here.”

Even though Aurora had no idea what copines met, something told her that Sia was talking about her and she lowered her eyes. Iris looked at Artemisia in confusion.

"You make it sound like all of you haven't seen each other in years. Even though all of you had your squabbles as kids, I know your parents were raising all of you to become a unit. Even Ishara and Eu-Reese's parents, despite their hatred towards each other, were still civil when it came to keep maintaining peace in Rhindeval."

This caught Aurora's attention. Thinking back when they first met Queen Eowyn a few weeks ago, they never really told her they were all adopted by different people.

"It's because we haven't seen each other in years. When we were banished to Earth, we ended up in an orphanage and each of us were adopted out, some for better, others for worse. Miss Lilith told me she had no means of taking care of us since she had no funds. It was the hardest thing for her to do, to give us up. We were able to get together only this past year for all of us went to a school where Miss Evers taught. I don't know how that happened, but I'd like to think our gods had a hand in that because it's very coincidental how we did manage to go to the same school at some point. Not even Lilith could have done that."

"That wouldn't surprise me. Her majesty tried summoning you all back immediately, but the gods must have interfered for she wasn't able to. It was probably safer for you all to remain there, at least that's my best guess."

Soon, Sia spoke again saying how hard of a time she had fitting in on Earth and making friends. Aurora could certainly relate there. While she was pretty easy going, she have only a few acquaintances. And she never felt like she belonged on Earth. However her attention was brought back when Sia asked her why she didn't come to her defense a few weeks earlier. That made her bow her head in shame. She would have said something, but Sia had asked Iris about copying the maps she mentioned.

Iris had seen Aurora's reaction and wondered what happened. First she decide to answer Artemisia.

"Sure that's fine. First, though, Aurora, why don't you answer that question."

"Uhhh . . . . " Aurora started but was at a lost for words, having been put on the spot.

Taking a deep breath, Aurora just did what her mother always told her, trust her instincts.

"I am truly sorry, Sia. I can't speak for Meri. I had no idea you were feeling that way. I've never been brave like Mia, Meri, Silvia, Justice, you, and most of the boys, at least when it comes to speaking my mind. Thinking back now, I always had someone shielding me and it never occurred to me to do the same. It got worse when I was on Earth. I could never do anything without my adopted father or brothers hovering over me. I became scared to cause or get involved in any kind of conflict. The first time I did anything close to standing up for myself was convincing my adopted father to take this trip, without revealing the whole truth. I can't make any promises right off, but I'll try to be better. I know that's not much of a reason, but it's the only one I can think of. And as far as us not working as a unit yet, maybe give it some time? We've only just reunited after all. At least some of us do get along. I mean, look at Ishara and Mia. Only reason why Mia is here is because of Ishara wanting to come. Isn't it something despite their own parents hating each other, they appear to be very close?"

"That is interesting. Did you want me to help you with the other princes' portraits first before seeing those maps, Artemisia?"

Meridian was relieved when the fairy was done taking her measurements. Re-dressing, Meridian decided to see what some of the other girls were up to and decided to find Silvia first. With her fairy in toll, Meridian exited her room.

She turned to the fairy, who's name was Fern, and asked, "Um, do you have enhanced hearing? I recall that a few of your kind have it."

"I do mi'lady. Why do you ask?"

"I am looking for my friend, Silvia. Can you perchance hear where she's at?"

Nodding, the fairy concentrated and only walked a few feet before stopping in front of a closed door.

"She's in here princess, along with Princess Sibylla."

"Oh thank you."

Meri knocked on the door before opening it and poking her head in. She saw Sibylla right away but didn't spot her friend at first. She looked around before spotting a small figure on the bed.

"Hi! Silvia? What in the world happened to you?!" she said as she came through the door.

Fern closed it behind her and remained silent.

Adrian Wells

Adrian pretty much remained silent as Thaddeus and Tyann interacted. He could sense the tension between the two and it could easily but cut with a knife. Adrian often found himself as the middle man at times for while he took his job seriously like Thaddeus, Ryder, and Benedicto, he could also be laid back like Asher, Korgan, and Tyann. Well, Tyann and Korgan weren't always pleasant either to be fair. Even Tyann mentioned how he wasn't really friends with Korgan and Raiden. Did Raiden even have friends? He always strike Adrian as the 'lone wolf' type. Once Thaddeus gave the Beastmaster instructions, Adrian came up.

"I'll start helping with the port area, Thaddeus. And don't worry about training, I am on break until her majesty gets back from her trip, so there's plenty of time for me to come in a pick up where we left off. Besides, cleaning up debris, it might help with my upper body strength." Adrian chuckled before heading off to help clean the port area.


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The leaf came free with resistance, like it was plucked from a vine. Eike turned his head slowly to look at it and the blood on its stem. Whatever he felt, or thought, or recognized in it was unreadable in his vacant stare. But one thing was clear - he wasn't surprised.

Surprise came when Tempeste described what the liquid in the vial would do - numb pain. His hands tightened around his arms. Why would she- he didn't... want... that. Did healers normally deny patients the euphoria of feeling? Why would people seek to numb their gift? Eike's breath came out shallow and he glowered at Tempeste as she stitched his wound. His discomfort and confusion were overwhelming him and it was all bubbling towards...

"Why... why did you want to numb me?" he began shakily through gritted teeth, "The divine right of human feeling... isn't for you to-!"

The would-be tantrum on the rise was interrupted by a pig-headed Outrider barging into the ward with the Ranger. Eike's head slammed back onto his pillow as his discomfort reintroduced itself like a boulder landing on him. He stayed very still and glared at the ceiling. He hated it, he hated it, he hated it. His eyes went flat and dark and his face turned blue as Korgan and Tempeste began to court right next to him. HE HATED IT, HE HATED IT, HE HATED IT.

His head flopped to the side to catch Korgan in his glare. His lips were thin and his eyes freakishly wide, simmering with the threat of bodily harm. Then Tempeste moved to lay hands on the Outrider and they just wouldn't stop, and Eike sat up straight.

"Ishara we're going," he announced briskly, snatching up his shirt but leaving his jacket behind in the hurry. He grabbed Lilou's hand and strode towards the door, wanting to be out of the light, everyone's eyes and especially out of the crossfires of all this office romance drama that he kept being privy too.

Those... flies... those insatiable, traitorous, unworthy insects. Why did they scorn Ivelda by flitting around this girl like moths to lanterns? He hated it, hated it, hated it.


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Silvia smiled as she heard Sibylla's pun. She hoped it meant Sibylla felt fully better now. Her head tilted to the side so she could catch if Osulo replied. There was no reply and only Sibylla’s voice came again. With her permission, Silvia stood on the bed. She only glanced at Nyx who was looking out the window. He had been very good about not looking in Sibylla’s direction. She walked to the other side of the bed again and sat down on the edge once more to face her old friend. She smiled at her.

“Very tough crowd, wonder if they don’t know what puns are. I am sure someone must have discovered them. If anything, you can kickstart puns here,” she replied, swinging her feet. Silvia covered her mouth with her hand as a yawn escaped her lips. It seemed she was finally feeling tired since they weren’t walking or standing around. It was the first time she got to rest again today. Silvia wondered if she should nap, but thought it'd be a bad idea in case someone caught her while she was this height. She now wondered if Sibylla would want to go outside.

Her heart dropped when she heard the knock. She grew rigid as she thought of hiding. Her heart rate already started to raise as her mind was racing. She needed to figure out how to safely jump off the bed and hide. Before anyone could tell the person to wait or enter, the door unfortunately opened. Silvia was horrified. Someone else would see her like this and she wasn’t ready at all for that. The last thing she wanted was to talk about her power. She had been thankful Sibylla hadn’t brought it up so far.

She pushed her embarrassment away. She hated feeling embarrassed. It was replaced with anger. The emotion that always liked to appear when given the chance. She parted her lips to yell and froze when she saw who it was. Seeing her former teammate, especially with her question, didn't soothe her. It didn’t help another fairy was in the room too. There were too many people in the room. Her heart was pounding as part of her panicked. She wanted to disappear. She was trapped and it made her feel vulnerable. Her mood worsened at the thought. She hadn’t been ready for her privacy to unexpectedly be invaded. Wasn’t everyone expected to be in their room half-naked to get measurements?

“Meridian, what the hell? You do not knock and then enter a room. It is rude, especially if you are bringing in a stranger. You should have waited until you were told to come in. We could have been naked. I didn’t take you as a peeping tom,” she snapped. Without waiting or wanting a reply, she jumped off the bed without thinking. She was poked in the back just as she was in the air though. Silvia was floating now. Confusion broke through the clouds of anger.

“Princess Silvia, you must be careful. You could have hurt yourself if you jumped and landed badly. I imagine you aren’t accustomed to being so much smaller. Please be more careful. If you want to leave, I’ll take you...simply ask,” Nyx interrupted. Silvia turned her head to glare at him. She took a deep breath to scold him too when she got pulled in his direction. What the hell was going on? She then remembered how her bag had followed behind him earlier like magic. Silvia looked in the direction of the door. She had been ready to tell him she could leave herself.

“Will you please take me out of here?” she asked. The door has been closed by the fairy who followed Meridian. She would unfortunately need help.

“Of course, Princess Silvia,” he replied. He plucked Silvia from the air and placed her on his shoulder. Instead of walking by the people, Silvia was irritated with, he went and opened the window. He turned to look at the others as he began to climb out.

“It was nice to see you all,” he added. He jumped out the window and flew up into the air. After, he took in his surroundings. Nyx knew he had to tell the queen Silvia's measurements. He couldn’t exactly leave Silvia just anywhere though.

He flew to the front of the cottage. He looked at the forest's edge between the trees and ground as he was in the air. Nyx was unsure where to put Silvia. There were creatures in the forest that could harm her. He imagined she could fight some of them off. Her people knew how to fight from what he had heard. He gently took the princess into his hands to make eye contact with her.

“Princess Silvia, would you like to be on the ground or in the trees? I must go tell Queen Eowyn your measurements,” he said. Silvia let out an irritated sigh as she now looked from the trees to the ground.

“Just put me on the ground...think you have been up here too long already,” she replied, mumbling more to herself at the end. She found the view in the air interesting. To her though, Nyx had been in the sky for too long. It could attract attention. She knew she would need to tell the others of her power. Silvia didn’t want to have to do it now though. It had already felt like a long day. She was emotionally drained more than physically, which was never good. Nyx simply nodded before he flew down to the ground. He found a leafy bush and placed her in front of it.

“Please stay here while I tell my queen your measurements, Princess Silvia. I will be back in case you need anything. If you go missing, I will need to tell the others of your power. If you wish to hide, just go into the bush,” he said before flying away. Silvia rolled her eyes. She watched him though until he was out of her sight. Next, she climbed under the bush’s foliage. Once she was sure she was hidden, she laid down and closed her eyes. She was ready for the day to be over. It didn’t seem like they’d be doing anything important today anyways.


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"Huh-?" Korgan could scarcely react as Tempeste… touched him. It wasn't a mere physical touch. It was a touch that he felt deep in his mind and sent a chill down his back. "What is this?" He asked, holding back the quake in his voice. His thoughts were not as calm. What did you do to me?! Images flashed in his mind. The ocean. 'Her' smile. The sunset. He tried to tuck away these images, but found Tempeste's eyes staring back from the shadows.

Korgan snatched her wrist. It drowned within his beastly grip, but he did nothing to move or harm her further. He looked at her, not a trace of jest or grin in his face. "I did nothing to him," he insisted, with a voice that matched his thoughts. "I have no interest in suffering Tyann's wrath." My friend's wrath.

The beast-man leaned closer. His smile slowly returned. "We could look for him together, if you'd like. I wager someone at the stables can give us a heading." Korgan quirked a brow. Am I correct to assume you can hear me right now? What a curious trick, he mused. Then stifled a chuckle. I wouldn't recommend looking too deeply into my head. You may find yourself in a... compromising position.

Eike sprang up from bed and announced his leave as though he'd been a witness to that salacious thought and hurried to drag the child away from the perverse pigman.


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Hex Code: #78A489

"Remember the first rule of magic, never overexert your magic, it'll drain you out. Even I have my limit."
Cynfael burst into flames as he changed back to his normal self. "Yes, mother." He answered dully, having a good stretch before falling backward onto the bed and staring up at the ceiling. He had gotten so used to staring up at the same ceiling day after day that staring at this one was view enough.

"Do you have favorites among your servants?" he asked, after a great deal of thinking. "Your favorites are my favorites so I want to know who I have to be kind to, to keep them especially loyal." Cynfael thought aloud, trying to wrap his head around what Ivelda was trying to teach him during the incident between Benedicto and Ryder.

He rolled to lay on his stomach, propped up an elbow, and rested his chin in the hand as he watched her pack."People are always beautiful in the books unless they're poor or unimportant but that stable hand wasn't ugly at all." He spoke an observation, puzzled by it. "Do you only let beautiful people serve you, mother?" He asked his second question, ruffling his hair as the only ugly servant was the cursed pigman so far. "Will I get servants too?" Third question, as she was giving him a mount of his own and he was used to being spoiled in the tower. He wondered what other gifts he would receive.

With the made-up story of being Ivelda's sworn protector, the boy also wanted to ask, "Do I get to kill anyone? I've never killed a person before and that might make me look weak." He thought aloud, almost certain that the older servant boys had at least killed one person in their line of work. Probably more than that though like... hundreds! He was so envious.

"I have one more question, just one more!" he pleaded, bringing both his hands together with puppy eyes. Cynfael was full of curiosity but didn't want to be a bother. The final question he left for last intentionally as it was the hardest to ask. He was already grateful for his freedom but there was an uncertain future ahead of him. Voice quieter as he hung his arms over the bed's edge, "When I prove myself... will they learn I'm your son?"

Hex Code: #ff0789 "I've got friends that will run through walls." - The Script

Tempeste paid close attention to every thought and image that passed through Korgan to her own mind. She knew there was a chance he didn't kidnap Ari but did not expect him to have a lewd fantasy of her! Her skin flushed immediately, from her face down to her collarbone. I don't...that's not... I- Tempeste could barely form a coherent thought. She shook her head side to side repeatedly until she was dizzy, trying to shake it off literally which helped some.

"Would you be so kind to release... me?" She asked, managing to get stability back into her voice but failing without contest to look him in the eyes. So embarrassing. So embarrassing! Please let me go! Her thoughts pleaded, hoping to put some distance between them. She wriggled her trapped hand and scrunched her eyes. I DON'T DRESS LIKE THAT! She mentally protested, feeling so exposed to someone she just met.

Then her eyes lowered to the floor in defeat as she dangled in his grasp. "I'm sorry, sir.” She apologized. She had intruded upon his past memories and his private thoughts but he turned out to be innocent after all. "I would have gone to the stables to look for him if I could but the last time I left my post for the kitchens, I got into trouble.” I thought you might know why he never comes. Ari, why? Her mind recalled waiting for Ari every day but before it could reveal too much like Carter and their association, she purposefully bit her tongue to bring her back to the present and it cut off his face.

"I'd appreciate the help.” Tempeste accepted his offer, with a grateful smile even, in spite of the precarious situation. Finding Ari was a priority. I just want to know he's okay-- that it's not my fault. Tempeste had been carrying that weight and worry on her shoulders alone all this time but something about sharing that weight and worry with someone else made it more emotional. Although the sadness was stirring within, she denied it from leaking.

She was still on duty and had a job to do. "I'll help you first. May I see your wounds, s-sir?” She stuck by her intention to attend to his healing but it was not going to be easy. Her pink-purple hues danced everywhere except towards Korgan, still much embarrassed. And I'm leaving the...'trick' in case of any funny business. Tempeste concluded, dearly hoping there wasn't going to be any but wanting the warning if there would be.


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Font Color: #E35D9A

An awkward silence filled the room after Silvia's departure. Thoughts raced through Sibylla's mind as her eyes locked onto the unfortunate Meridian.

"She was right, you know. About the naked part," Sibylla spoke up, walking over to stand besides Meri and the door. As she approached however, the full context of what she said hit her. Her cheeks grew red and she found her voice getting panicked as she explained, "Not that we were naked together. I was naked. Like, if you had literally walked in two seconds earlier you would have- I mean, not that Silvia was looking but look, listen."

She slammed her hand on the door as she tried to get her thoughts organized. Sibylla took in a deep breath, exhaling with a little huff.

"Meridian. Meri. One of my dear childhood friends. Let me, bare my soul to you. Let me tell you a little thing about Silvia," Sibylla said as she leaned in close and clapped a hand on Meri's shoulder. "You can't let anyone else know about what you just saw. She's extremely, like extremely, stressed right now and you and I and our fairies are the only ones who know about this. So let's be pals and not tell anyone, what do you say?"



Font Color: #0F569C

Thaddeus smiled fondly at Adrian, nodding along to the man's words.

"If you need any assistance, let me know," he called after him before tearing his gaze away to face Tyann once more.


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Korgan grinned, amused by Tempeste's fluttered reactions. He let her arm go, then patted her on her back.

"I would have gone to the stables to look for him if I could but the last time I left my post for the kitchens, I got into trouble.”

His hand was warm and rough, with a palm wide enough to cover most of her back. "If I come, then nobody's going to dare trouble you," he assured her. His eyes wandered to the bedridden Raiden, and chuckled. "Except for that guy, but he ain't in a state to be a nuisance."

Korgan nodded to Tempeste's requests and laid down on the bed - the biggest one they had. With only a loincloth on his person, there was not much need to undress. He watched her as she worked, with golden, hawk-like eyes.

You know, not just anybody would pull a stunt like that on me, the Raid-King mused. She was pretty, but not delicate. Graceful, but not frail. The faces of Ari and Korgan's own trusted crew flitted by his mind. He raised a pointing hand to Tempeste, then pumped it into a fist. "You've got grit. Don't ever lose it."


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#, as written by Zodia195
Ivelda Evers
Code- #003300

"Do you have favorites among your servants? Your favorites are my favorites so I want to know who I have to be kind to, to keep them especially loyal."

Ivelda knew all of her favorite servants were the princes she had control of because she loved molding each of them to best serve her. This also include Cyn. As long as she kept her hold over each of them, she knew they would remain loyal too her.

"You've already met most of them, Cyn, even the few trouble makers. They are my favorites because they each play a role in maintaining order in my kingdom and to make sure no one poses a threat to my rule. Adrian, the red head you saw, is one of my best spies, but also serves as an assassin when I need him to be. You'll be meeting him soon, but my #1 Assassin is Jai, but this must remain a secret between you and me for most don't know this. Adrian knows this ONLY because the two use to train together before they went on solo missions. Jai's known job is that of my Main Healer. He has his own medical ward. I plan on seeing him before we leave. The other one you haven't seen yet is my Primary Tormentor, Eike. He's very devious and loves his job and causing pain to others. I pretty much raised him myself since his parents died when he was 5, so he's not so much older then you. He hates coming out of the dungeon. When we go done there soon, I want you to mentally prepare yourself. I don't know if you're ready to see what's down in the dungeons yet, so I want to warn you. One of the most important of my servants is my advisor Ryder. He's basically my right hand man and takes care of things when I am not able. Like he'll be in charge of things while we're gone. You saw him dealing with Benedicto with those 2 children servants of mine. Benedicto is one of my Preachers and is the loyalist amongst them. Sometimes he takes his duty too seriously though and there have been times I worry he's pushing the people too hard into worshiping me. As for the rest of my favorite servants, there's the beast master, Tyann, who you saw with the huge wolf. I'll make sure he eventually finds a mount suited for you. You also saw my Captain of the Guards, Sir Thaddeus, who I ordered to start cleaning up the mess Korgan and Raiden made. He's in charge of my army here in Lostein. Korgan is an outrider who NORMALLY sails the waters of Rhindeval. Raiden is my primary hunter. He'll hunt down any creature I desire, sometimes kill them or alive, especially if I want an exotic mount. Cinder is a perfect example, Raiden got him while he was still in his egg. He was raised by Tyann though. Now as much as I love all of my servants, you my dear boy will always been my favorite no matter what since you're my special little prince."

Cyn's next question was an interesting one.

"I am assuming you're thinking of Tyann's assistant, Ari? He's from Serein I believe, which has been largely deserted. I prefer someone to be competent at their job though Cyn. If they're both that and beautiful though, that's just a bonus. Hehe, if I only allowed beautiful people to work for me, I'd've fired Korgan a long time ago." Ivelda said with a small life.

Ivelda was amused when when Cyn asked if he was ever going to kill anymore. She didn't realize he was starting to get a bit blood thirsty. With a smile, she patted his head and combed her fingers through it.

"Maybe soon. We'll see how you handle this trip first."

His last question did catch Ivelda off guard and she could tell Cyn was nervous to ask it. Did he want all of Rhindeval to know? That was something Ivelda wasn't sure was a good idea. Anyone who lived during the reign of the previous rulers would know that Cyn was NOT her biological son. Not to mention that none of her servants, especially the other princes knew of Cyn. He was her biggest secret after all. If Cyn ever found out she wasn't his real mother, he could possibly turn against her, and Ivelda couldn't risk that. She was going to have figure out and soon. She to keep Cyn loyal to her and she knew she had to appease him at times.

"I am going to have to think about that Cyn. But you are right about one think, I do want you to prove yourself. You must be able to defend yourself against any threat first. Like when I was your age, I was still in training myself. For now, let's focus on this trip okay?"

She feels a presence coming has Cyn return to his disguise. Soon the servant she sent off returned.

"Your majesty, I just got word that Sir Jai is currently tending to the boy that Sir Ryder brought in. Also, Sir Eike is in the medical ward. Seems he was hurt."

"Oh really? I do hope he's okay for he rarely leaves the dungeon. Come Cyn, let's see if we can find him and then find Sir Jai."

Leaving her quarters, Ivelda and Cyn head straight for the medical ward. Once they made it, staff there were quick to point where Eike was. Ivelda headed for the door only to see Eike come out of it, hauling a little girl right behind him.

"Oh Eike, I heard you were hurt so I personally came to check on you. Are you okay? From the looks of it, you're fine. If you're able, I need a few minutes of your time. I'd love to take you back to your domain, but since I need to see our Head Healer before I leave, would you mind if we talk in an empty room? Cyn, dearie, why don't you look after Eike's charge real quick in another spare room? This won't take long."

After finding two spare rooms in the medical ward, Ivelda made sure the room she was in with Eike was as dark as she could make it, without making it pitch black and she could still see Eike.

"Better? As you know, I am going on my trip over the kingdom. Is there anything you're going to need? I know Lostein doesn't have the best conditions to grow some of your special 'tools'."

Meridian O'Donohue

“Meridian, what the hell? You do not knock and then enter a room. It is rude, especially if you are bringing in a stranger. You should have waited until you were told to come in. We could have been naked. I didn’t take you as a peeping tom,” Silvia yelled at her, catching Meri a bit off guard.

Thinking about it, she guessed she should have waited, but patience was never really a virtue of hers. Still she should have made sure they were dressed. Before she could apologize though, Silvia and her faerie assistant left the room by exiting a window. Meri groaned, knowing she was going to have to make it up to Silvia soon for she didn't want to leave matters unsettled. Both of her sets of parents had told her to fix her mistakes when she could.

Soon though, Sibylla got up and spoke to her.

"She was right, you know. About the naked part. Not that we were naked together. I was naked. Like, if you had literally walked in two seconds earlier you would have- I mean, not that Silvia was looking but look, listen."

This earn a giggle out of Meri. Then Sibylla came up to her, placed a hand on her shoulder and asked her to not talk about what she just said. What did that mean? Of course Meri would keep her word, if she knew what she was talking about.

"Uhhh, sure I won't say anything, but I don't understand what you want me to keep quiet about. If it's about the fact that you were getting your measurements done and how I almost walked in on you being naked, then that's fine."

Fern groaned and decided to help the Meridian out.

"I think she means to not talk about Princess Silvia's small stature."

"Oh . . . . well I don't see why Silvia should be embarrassed, but my lips are sealed. Still, it's something that's bound to come out. I mean, we all are suppose to have magic within us. Heck, I think mine appeared just as we entered that portal that brought us here. I went flying through it! Aurora can dreamwalk and Sia has power over plants. Is Silvia scared she'll be stuck that way I guess? You faeries are going to help us with our powers right?"

"Well, I personally won't be since I'll be returning to the fae kingdom to help with that cure for the princes. But I know several here will be staying to help all of you."[/color]

"Oh good. By the way Sibylla, it's nice to see you still make puns. I could never manage to get one down. I think you would drive a few of the boys up the wall with them hehe. You're done taking your measurements right? Do you want to stay here or explore the house a bit?"


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”Out of intense complexities,
Intense simplicities emerge.”
~Winston Churchill

Hex Code ~ #0B610B
Aura ~ #FFBF00

Aurora’s response seemed to voice her thoughts well, and Artemisia listened with piqued interest in turn, her head tilted slightly to the side as she gazed up at the girl inquisitively as though studying her. When the other princess had finished speaking and Iris piped up, Sia drummed her fingers along the sketchbook thoughtfully, clearly deep in her own ponderings. Meanwhile, Auravale busied herself. Without so much as a word in warning, having noticed her charge’s obvious distraction, she had flitted out of the window and off to visit her Queen to deliver the Emerald Isles’ Princess’s measurements. It did not take her long and soon the small blond fairy returned, ever the personification of Tinkerbell if there were to be one. She scampered a bit as she landed in the room, that mischievous half-smile still flitted across her pink lips, and her rosy cheeks added a subtle glow to her features. The fairy quickly found her ward once more, still situated on the chair, but at this point Artemisia had moved to tuck the drawing of her brother within the sketchbook, clearly preparing to head to the library to work.

Planning to work where the maps were on both the portraits and the map copies, Artemisia tucked the sketch of Appy back inside of her sketchbook, but not without casting one last look that could only be described as a mixture of sorrow and longing at the young man’s hard, handsome features. With a sigh, she pushed herself to her feet, gathering her things as she rose in a fluid motion.

”I am not brave; simply dense and awkward,” she said easily, as though that statement explained it all. After another moment of her seeming to mull over what Aurora had said, Artemisia spoke again, seemingly choosing her words carefully, ”I … Do not do people well. Reading people - observing people - that I can do. Speaking to people-” she cut off with a little laugh but it came out a bit forced, betraying the girls’ discomfort. ”-I am not good with people. I keep trying to help, but everything I do simply …” Artemisia feigned an explosion with her hands, making a small sound of one as she did so. ”But I really am trying, vous savez*? Everyone else seems to think the worst of me, but I am trying my hardest.” Her hands slowly lowered at this statement, her eyes fixated on her fingers. Another soft sigh escaped her lips and she shook her head before raising her gaze to meet Aurora’s. ”I will try to look at the group with a bit more positivité**, as you have. Perhaps I have been looking at it with too much of a glass-half-empty outlook, and need to adjust my approcher***.”

With that said, Artemisia turned to Iris, a small polite smile once more on her face. ”If you are ready, madame****, I would appreciate your guidance to the library and assistance with the portraits, s'il te plaît*****,” she said as she picked up her sketchbook and pouch, clutching them to her chest in ever the nerd fashion. Auravale continued to observe near the window, present if necessary yet not one to interject unless needed.
vous savez* ~ you know
Positivité** ~ positivity
Approcher*** ~ approach
Madame**** ~ ma’am
s'il te plaît***** ~ please


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Font Color: #E35D9A

Sibylla smiled at Meri and released the grip on her shoulder. She crossed her arms over her chest, looking up at the ceiling as she debated on what to do. On one hand, she wanted to follow after Silvia to check on her. On the other, Sibylla thought that pulling Meri away from the whole shrinking issue would also be a helpful idea. Finding a tiny Silvia would also be difficult in a forest she had never explored, especially if her intention was to keep anyone else from seeing her.

"Yeah, we can go explore," she said, looking back down to Meri. "My fairy already left to deliver my measurements. Though if the boys react the same way she did, then yeah, it'll be a fairy interesting time."

Sibylla chuckled to herself as she went to open the door for the both of them, taking a glance at the open window. A flicker of concern crossed her eyes but the though of Silvia's fairy assisting her kept her from bailing on Meridian.

"But yeah, I bet those powers are gonna be useful with the whole evil witch thing," Sibylla continued as she motioned for her friend to pass first. "Was there like a trigger for yours, Meri? Like you felt a really strong emotion or it just kicked in at the thought of going through the portal? Did you just have control over it or is it kind of unsteady?"


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Tyann Rebal :: #F47206

Tyann simply nodded to the words spoken to him, proceeding to spend his time having Oorhund grab pieces of rubble that would otherwise need four men to move, and toss the things out of the way.

He tried to be as organized and non-obtrusive as possible, and eventually just ended up differing to the men that Thaddeus had sent to help him. Oorhund and Tyann both moved at their command, before abruptly coming to a halt.
Tyann stared down from Oorhund’s back, blinking blankly behind his mask as he took note of something beneath some cracked floorboards.

It looked like a chest, one that sat at the end of someone’s bed perhaps. And at first, Tyann felt his blood boil with fury. Was Ari hiding something? Why did he even have a hidden chest?! What could— Wait.
There was… A rather large crack in the top of the chest, and within, Tyann took note of what seemed to be… A canvas roll? With tools atop, no less. And the edge of some piece of parchment…?

Oorhund was urged forward, and as the massive direwolf pulled the chest up and out of its temporary crater, Tyann hopped off of the beast. His clawed hands passed over the wood of the container. Then he turned to the wolf, barked some command in a foreign tongue, and nodded grimly as Oorhund CRUNCHED the wood of the chest apart.

And revealed supplies that saddened Tyann to see.
Ari barely spoke of his family, but Tyann knew that he at least had a father that was perhaps sorely missed.
There were maps, perhaps of all of Ivelda’s lands. A roll of canvas that also carried tools of some trade that wasn’t Ari’s, at least that Tyann knew of. As well as a sack of money, perhaps something by means of emergency funds. Hm.
And beyond that, some Angelite, and no small amount of it. It wasn’t to say that there was an enormous quantity of it, but, there was plenty of stone here to make Tyann raise an eyebrow.

He gave a grunt, nodded again, and turned to Thaddeus.
Thaddeus. I need to take my leave swiftly, I have helped your men clean up as best I can. But I need to take… This. To my employee.


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Font Color: #0F569C

Thaddeus had half expected another rise out of Tyann at his orders but the man gave no such reaction. His compliance made him wonder if it was simply Korgan's presence that made the man so brazen at times. However, Thaddeus admitted as he began their clean up efforts, he would also be less inclined to fight if he had been given reasonable orders from a man such as himself.

Whatever the case might be, he saw no reason to deny Tyann's request to leave. His men seemed to have taken over the operation anyway, having cleared a good portion of the rubble.

"You may make your leave then," Thaddeus said as he wiped the sweat from his brow. He was about to leave it there when he hesitated again, his lips pressed together and his brows furrowed in thought. He cleared his throat and then added, "...And I thank you for your efforts today. You and your beast have lent us much aid."


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0.00 INK

Kinera Laibon:: Dark Orchid
Justice Chastain:: LightSlateGray


To have Justice offer to ‘freshen up’ together, in a manner that most decidedly WASN’T an offer, was… Well, it was appreciated. The girl wasn’t necessarily cruel, Kinera assumed, but rather… Spoiled. Used to getting her way, one might say.

Either way, her gaze followed Justice’s outstretched finger. To the river or to the cabin… The river. Water was… Deeply missed, honestly. Kinera could vaguely, distantly, remember home. Remember how it felt to bathe in the rivers of Liornas… Hm.
The river then, shall we…? I feel like it’d be… Better, either way, no?
She waited then, for Justice’s response, and her opinion at that.

”Great~! I’ve got bath bombs, bubble bars… think you can do something about the water temperature?” She didn’t want to freeze to death and Kinera was useful. Justice had still yet to try the gift oil but was excited to. ”And the fairies can be our… clothes hangers and towel holders.” She suggested, trying to find a use for them since they were likely to hang around anyway.

The blue-haired girl tilted her head to place her hands together to the side of her cheek with a smile as a not so bad arrangement was coming together. A good bath could be the start of a semblance of sanity.

Kinera’s head tilted, and she spent a moment thinking about how one would locally affect the water temperature of a river—
She had it. Like an old memory snapping into place after years of being forgotten, she had it. “Lily-pad, charcoal, loam. Steep it for length, boil it for intensity… Low influx of magic…
She glanced down at Zan, smiling at the fairy on her lapel, the ball of light that had otherwise indistinguishable features. A finger came up, she nudged him, and received a mildly grumpy grumble as he woke from his nap.

Then he was off on a mission as Kinera and Justice stood by the river bank. Justice’s luggage was lined up with beauty and bath products as she browsed her selection. Kinera taking a bit of time to warn Justice about going too far. “Zan is retrieving me some small supplies, or just my bag in general… But either way. Don’t go too far into the river, please. The undercurrent can be far more dangerous than it appears, and the … Ah… Bathbombs won’t do you much good, unfortunately…? The water will take the chemicals away, and might also give our position, if we’re hiding, away.

So many words for a princess who otherwise didn’t speak too much! … Aside from before their trip, when she chastised too many people… Oops. Anyways! Other things to focus on!
Zan’s little self was returning with her bag. Surprisingly strong, was the little faerie.

Justice waved away Kinera’s lecture. ”Yeah, yeah. You sound a bit like Silvia… She muttered the latter under her breath. In the middle of kicking her shoes off, ”Are we hiding?” she asked, turning around with a raised brow wondering if Kinera was body shy. Justice surely wasn’t as she began to undress piece by piece, tossing each article of clothing in the air. ”I just don’t want to share filth. We’re all already sharing far too much.”

In just her underwear with pouty lips, she weighed a bath bomb in her hands. She heard Kinera and begrudgingly agreed it wouldn’t be as effective but… ”Just… just one.” she said, hugging the bath bomb of Angelite color resemblance against her chest. ”Anyway! Hurry up before I freeze!” Justice cried out before stripping to nude and ready to charge into the water.

Then she froze, a levitating measuring tape blocking her. She almost forgot. ”I don’t NEED to be measured. I KNOW my measurements. I’m-” Justice was ready to recite the list, looking around for her pesky fairy... The tape wrapped around her shoulders and down the rest of her like a coiled snake. Once her measurements were taken, the tape flew back and rolled neatly in the palm of its owner’s hand. Tovenaar was leaning against a tree nearby in his human-size. His task was completed but he remained and looked the other way.

”I DID NOT CONSENT!” Snapped back to her senses, Justice was ready to throw a tantrum and her bath bomb at his annoying little face! She wasn't bothered as much about being seen... why would she be when she was beautiful? The issue was she wasn't being heard!

Luckily for Justice, perhaps if only because of a last moment glance at the beginnings of her tantrum, Kinera had been paying attention. Her eyebrows shot up, taking in Justice’s appearance with a clinical appreciation. ‘Not my type…’ she thought.

Then Justice forgetting she still had one foot in the water was beginning to stumble, and Kinera found herself moving as fast as she could. Which, luckily, was just barely fast enough. Her hand lashed out, fingers coming to grip Justice’s bicep. Her other arm raced out right after, a wide stance taking residence in Kinera’s reflexes, as she wrapped that one around the small of Justice’s back.

Justice shrieked, both at the touch and in preparation for a slippery fall. Then Kinera yanked the spoiled princess back onto dry land, before quickly stepping back and raising her hands to show a lack of wanting to touch Justice further. “Ah— Careful. … I apologize for touching you. … The ah, potion is done…?
Kinera’s ears were burning, with preemptive guilt mind you, dear reader, and with the expectancy of Justice to lose her mind over being touched, again. She stepped out of the way to expose the now faintly glowing glass bottle, filled with a dark green liquid with the consistency of honey.
Maybe that would win Justice over…?

Justice's expression was strong but her body the opposite as she shivered at all the unexpected touch that happened in a short amount of time. ”Fine.. At least, you know better.” she grumpily let Kinera off the hook before plopping her bottom carefully in the water before anyone or anything else could stop her.

The water was really, really cold but soothing. She watched the bath bomb dissolve in her hands with a childlike interest, wondering if the potion’s green would change the color of the water too… ”Well, get over here! Try that potion out!” she demanded, turning to look back over her shoulder impatiently.

And with that, Kinera heaved a sigh of relief, stepped forward with the potion in hand, and rather unceremoniously began pouring it in. Upstream from Justice.
And much like warm water beginning to filter into a bath, the now faintly green tinted water spread a gentle warmth through the current. Kinera smiled to herself as she watched the changes wrought, and elected to join Justice. Away went her hopefully still dry clothes, and into the warmed water did Kinera step.

She gave nary a blink as Zan zipped about and quickly took her measurements, producing a length of measuring tape from… Somewhere? Huh.


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Tyann Rebal :: #F47206

Tyann wasn’t sure what he was expecting from Thaddeus, as the man had always been a bit… Well. He treated Tyann, and Korgan, far differently than he treated the other men of Ivelda’s court. He originally wanted to snap at him, to let his irritation slide out of his mouth. But… Being thanked cooled that impulse.

… Ah, do not thank me for a job only partway completed. But I do sincerely appreciate the thanks.
This was followed by a rare show of trust— appreciation? A rare show for Tyann period.

His hand came up, and gently moved the mask on his face just enough to expose his mouth. He gave Thaddeus a coy smile, exposing all four fangs that hid away in his mouth, before putting everything back in place.
Then he was swinging up onto Oorhund’s back once again, arms reaching out for the now semi ruined box.
With that in hand, and some mild amount of demonstration of Tyann’s relatively otherwise hidden strength, the Beastmaster and Beast were off.

It would take them only a few minutes to reach home.


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Character Portrait: Naeem Jaqil
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Bare feet slipped through the window with the first ray of sunlight. A shadow slinked around the room of a noblewoman, embellished by trinkets reminiscent of her recently departed girlhood. The intruder loomed over the sleeping young woman's back, face masked in shadow... his clothes hit the floor and he slipped under the sheets with her.

The man very carefully snaked his arm under the girl's neck and nuzzled his head on her shoulder. Hmmgh. No. He clicked his tongue and shuffled, nudging her gently to roll onto her back. Eventually he found a comfortable position with his head resting on his hand as he looked at her. He wiped the drool coming from the corner of her mouth with the blanket and smoothed out her bed hair.

The woman's eyes fluttered open, awoken by a series of kisses on her shoulder. "Mmmm..." she hummed and rolled around to see her lover. An elegant, narrow featured man with grey eyes set against tawny brown skin. Naeem Jaqil, or, as he knew himself, Jai Hawkins - or, as she knew him, Jesper Jones. He looked back at her with the soft admiration that made one feel that for this moment, all his thoughts were devoted to you.

"Good morning, gorgeous," he said, finger trailing in a circle on her shoulder. She giggled and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"How long have you been awake for?"

The adoration on his face was tinged by melancholy. "I didn't want to wake you. You're beautiful when you sleep... the way you snore, just like an angel-" "You bastard!" She batted a limp fist against his chest as he grinned. He took her hand, and his jests simmered. "... When you woke up, our last night together would be over. That's why."

The woman's brow creased. "Oh, Jesper, don't talk of that... we still have the morning, please." She snuggled into him, shutting out the impending future as she squeezed her eyes closed. "Please stay with me."

He looped his arm around her, but over her shoulder, he glanced with annoyance at the rising sun from the window.

Several minutes later, she was in tears as she handed him his bags. "My father's room is down the hall," she stressed, "Please be careful, he'll kill you if he were to find you here! Jesper..." she pressed her hands into his chest, "You will come back for me, won't you? Promise me again."

Jai smiled down at her, as one might do at a puppy jumping up at their legs, and wrapped an arm around her waist as he dipped her into a kiss. Her heart pounded as she was almost swept off her feet and was pushed back until she felt she might topple. "Of course," he lied. "Last night was the best of my life. I'll never forget it," he may or may not have lied, and slipped out the door, kissing her right up until it separated them.

Jai's smile changed when the door was shut. His eyes slid to the door down the hall. With a deep breath, he shook himself and rolled his neck in preparation. He crept down the hall, not disturbing a single floorboard, past ... into the room of the man of the house.

His clothes dropped. He slipped under the sheets.

The nobleman rolled over, stirred by a flurry of kisses on the shoulder.

"Good morning, handsome," Jai greeted him softly. The nobleman, big as a bear, blushed.

"I - I didn't think you would stay."

Jai pulled a false pout. His eyes glimmered with amusement.

"What kind of man do you think I am?"


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Sleep almost pulled Silvia under when she felt it. Leaves were brushing against her skin. Why the hell were the bush’s leaves moving? Her eyes flew open when she remembered how big she currently was. Her eyes grew wider as she saw a creature staring at her. It was twice her size! She jumped to her feet but hit the ground soon after. The fuzzball’s tongue was wrapped around one of her legs and drawing her towards it.

The tiniest shriek escaped her as she felt her foot enter its mouth. She struggled to pull her foot out. She did something she didn’t exactly want to do. Although, Silvia refused to die in a magical world by getting eaten by a furry bug lizard-looking thing.

“Not today, Satan!” she yelled as she kicked it with her free foot. She shocked the creature enough that she was able to pull herself free. Silvia turned over and scrambled away on all fours. It didn’t take her long to get to her feet and start running. As she ran though, she made sure to look back often. It got closer each time she looked. It was right behind her now. Adrenaline drove Silvia to pick up her already fast pace.

After a while, she wondered how long she could run for when she heard the river. She ran in the direction and hoped it wouldn’t follow. Even though the water looked faintly green, she ran right in. She was glad the water was warm as she came back up to poke her head out of the water. Silvia’s eyes widen in surprise when she saw Justice and Kinera. She was far from worried that they saw her at her current height. She was more worried about becoming a meal for the fuzzball.

She only looked at them for a few seconds before looking behind her. The creature was persistent. It seemed to have frozen at the edge of the water. It looked at Silvia like she was its next meal. She started to swim towards the other two princesses. Silvia's movement encouraged the fuzzball, who was only focused on Silvia, to fly towards her to scoop her up.

Silvia was as oblivious to the fuzzball as it was to the other two princesses. The only issue with Silvia trying to swim was that she was worn out from running. Swimming felt much harder than it should have. Her size made it harder to swim in the river in general. She was barely able to take a deep breath as she was pulled under the water. One of her hands shot out of the water as she tried and failed to make her way back to the surface.


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"Oh, uh, bye-bye, ma'am! Thank you!" Lilou yelped over to Tempeste as Eike dragged her out, pulling her away from staring slack-jawed at the pig man. "Come on... Pig." The rat perched atop her shoulder, almost half the size of her head. Lilou's waddle picked up speed until she had to jog beside him to keep up. Her big brown eyes flicked cautiously up at her "big brother". She didn't understand what made him so cranky all of a sudden, but then again, she never understood the reason for his tantrums. What she did know, is that this time, it felt different.

"... Ummm... big brother Eike... are you oka-" She began to ask, when they exited the door, and Lilou was confronted with the sight of - HER. The Queen. Her lips sealed and the colour left her cheeks, her eyes tripling in size. Even Pig squeaked and burrowed himself in her hair. She was beautiful. Frighteningly so, surpassing humanity's imperfections and holding herself in a way that made her appear as though she was floating. It was the first time Lilou had seen her in person and the portraits did not do her justice - it would be impossible to. Eike let go of her, and she lifted her skirts to dip into the deepest, most elegant curtsy she could manage.

This was the woman who had been her Queen for her whole life. She'd known no other time before her. She'd prayed in her church, seen the hardships of those who worked the fields. She never quite understood, or felt, the tragedy of it. She hadn't seen the flower fields burn. She hadn't felt the heartbreak Rhindeval felt on the night of that tragedy. Not until her parents were taken.

She didn't dare speak, not even praises. Conflict waged within her, far too much for such a little body to contain. She had grown up admiring and praying to Ivelda. And now she was here, put to work in the dungeons, her father dead, and her mother...

She peeked up from the curtsy. There was a figure behind Ivelda, tall, well dressed, hair pinned back into a ponytail, and his face............... Lilou's jaw dropped. Ivelda swept Eike away, and she was left alone with the man.

Her brown eyes were enormous on her little face, sparkling in wonder. Hearts were practically forming in them. Her cheeks glowed pink. Pig tugged at her earlobe with his teeth, but she was numb to his attempts to nab her attention. Flowers bloomed all around the man in her mind's eye. A gentle breeze made his long dark hair sway and glimmer like it was in a shampoo commercial. Every movement he made was in slow motion. She stared, unabashedly, and in love.

"... Tsuneo?" she at last whispered in a daze, "How did you get out of your book?"


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#, as written by Zodia195
Aurora Givens

Aurora listened carefully as Sia tried explaining her actions. The part of her wanting to help but having a hard time communicating with others. Aurora had similar issues. Oh, she was accused if being rude, but she had been accused of being 'detached' due to her absentminded behavior. That was simply because she was used to being left to her own thoughts a lot. Add that to her quiet nature, and it was no wondered she got ignored a lot.

"I've struggled getting to know people. I worry I might be a wink link because of that. I hope I don't let you down again, Sia. I do worry about Mia and Justice though. Mia comes off as pretty abrasive and Justice marches to the beat of her own drum. Hopefully we'll find a way to come together. It'll probably get even more complicated if we manage to save the boys."

Iris quickly cut in and said, "Never say if, Aurora. You will save the boys."

Aurora nodded, wishing she had her confidence. She would do her best, but she wasn't sure how they would do it.

Soon Sia asked to see the library.

"Okay, sure thing! Aurora, do you want to come with us?"

"Okay, if you don't think I'll be in the way."

"Of course you won't be in the way. Besides this will be your home in the upcoming weeks."

"It be nice to return to my real home at one point. I want to see my grandma again. Has time really not passed within the palaces and Traumet?"

"Yep, it was impressive magic the queen did. It did tire her out though and that's rare. Well, let's go then," Iris said before sanding up and opening the door for the two princesses and her fellow fairy.

Once they made it downstairs to the library, Aurora as a bit surprised to see that it was a nice size, probably the same size as the kitchen. It was big enough to have a table and chairs for all of the girls.

"Auravale, didn't you plan for the library to be a place where you teach the girls?" Iris asked her.

"What are you talking about?"

"Did you forget that all of you will need to relearn about Rhindeval? Auravale here will be helping in that area. I'll be helping all of you learn how to fight."

"Oh . . . right."

Iris smiled before going to one of the book shelves and pulling out a big book magically and levitating it to the table before opening it up to the center where a big map of Rhindeval was shown. It showed all of the kingdoms, the topography, major cities including the capitals, and landmarks.

"There are maps of the individual kingdoms that go into more detail," Iris mentioned.

Meridian O'Donohue

Meridian followed Sibylla out the room with their fairy companions not far behind. She was a bit surprised when asked about what the trigger was like for her. She thought about it before replying as they walked along.

"Hmmm, well it all happened so fast! I remember feeling all that magical energy from the portal. I don't know if that's what triggered my own magic, but before I could even move toward the portal, I just took off like a bullet! It was like an adrenaline rush."

When they made it downstairs, Meridian checked out the kitchen area.

"Man, this place really does give off that typical fairy tale vibe. It's interesting how we are really a part of it. Sibylla, I do hope we manage to get the guys back. Is there anyone you're worried about? If I recall you got along well with Naeem and Ruka. Then again, their kingdoms border yours right?"


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Hex Codes
Jai ~ #D90068
Ryder ~ #088A29

The door to Ryder’s room opened with a flourish, and an energy and the smell of cloves, cinnamon and jasmine, all distinctly Jai flooded in. Jai hung from the door as it swung, displaying great - but utterly unnecessary - strength. “You called, Ryder?” he asked, grey eyes twinkling with always some grand scheme or petty remark. In a characteristically good mood as always. His brow quirked as he winked, but he couldn’t keep it up and broke into a genuine grin. “Come on, I know you missed me.” At the sight of the exotic man, Ryder felt a mix of emotions - both the bond of an unmistakable brotherhood forged through many tears shed over textbooks buried within the royal library, as well as the annoyance of his general overall persona. He could not help but be annoyed with overly zealous people, but fortunately for this man in particular, Ryder held enough fondness for Jai that he was willing to interact with the slightly older professional - if one could call Jai Hawkins a professional, that was. In truth, though, if Ryder were to call anyone a friend, over even his best friend, it would be the man that now stood before him, in all of his extravagance.

Jai hopped off the door and kicked it shut with his heel as he strutted over. He drew a candy from one of the pouches on his belt and threw it up. It rolled down his forearm and he popped it into the air with a locked elbow, before dismissively flinging it Edith’s way. It bonked off her head. Edith in turn made a small squeak of surprise, having not expected the contact and unable to see the projectile coming her way. After a moment of frazzled blind fumbling, she found the object that had come into contact with her, and the instant that she realized what it was, she consumed it in a flash. Ryder couldn’t contain his amusement and snorted a bit at the sight of Edith inhaling the candy, her joy over the sweet overriding his annoyance with Jai’s disregard for her inability to see. Leaving the girl to enjoy her candy, snacks, and doll, Ryder rose from where he sat at his desk, flipping the astronomy book before him shut with a flourish.

“There’s the little stinker,” he remarked, pulling on gloves as he stood over Edmund. His nose twitched. “I can smell the scorch from the silver.” At that comment, Ryder felt any remnants of what could have been named humor dissolve, his lips thinning into a small scowl. Jai plucked another candy from the pouch, and absent-mindedly bounced it around his arm. “You couldn’t have given them a bath before I got here?” he snarked to Ryder, and threw the candy into his own mouth as he looked back down at Edmund. You get one if you don’t scream. Shirt off, big kid, let’s set these bones straight.”

Ryder sniffed a bit, perhaps in disdain, perhaps not. Either way, he rolled his eyes at his friends’ antics, clearly more than used to the man’s eccentric behavior. ”I figured it best to leave him as close to how I found him as possible. I would rather not risk further injury to him due to my own disregard for those that he has already sustained,” he said, quirking a brow at the other man as though to challenge him to argue his logic. Turning back to face Edmund, Ryder crouched beside the boy, who had until that point been restlessly sleeping, twitching and spasming as quivers of pain wreaked havoc on his small body. As though he sensed Ryder’s approach, the boys’ eyes fluttered open a bit so as to focus intensely on the older man, conveying an unspoken message between the two. After a moment of contemplation, Ryder huffed out a sigh and pushed himself back to his feet. Once at his full height, he strode to a corner of his room where he kept a small first aid kit in case of emergencies. After retrieving what he went to fetch, he returned to Edmund’s side with a bottle of fine wine in one hand and a small thick piece of wood in the other. Edmund showed no trace of fear at the sight of the items, but instead allowed Ryder to assist him with the painful process of movement so as to sit up enough to drink.

Jai crouched on a chair he pulled up beside the bed, grinning as the boy gulped down the naughty juice. “Onto the harder stuff, huh? Guess every kid moves on from candy someday.” He flicked the hard boiled lolly over his tongue, clearly not having moved on.

It did not take long for the boy to drink enough to be inebriated into a comfortable state, and Ryder set the bottle aside, satisfied with this development. Edmund’s small body and inexperience with alcohol made it easy to get him to a state in which the mentor would feel comfortable having Jai work on him, and with that thought at the forefront of his mind, he set to work helping the lad with removing his shirt. For good measure to assure a thorough exam after the treatment that the young boy had been through, Ryder assisted him down to his undergarments, leaving the blanket to his waist to help a bit with hiding his modesty.

The sight was a horrendous one, to say the least. Discoloration had already begun across the skinny abdomen of the undeveloped teenager, clearly screaming broken ribs. At different spots, Ryder almost swore he could nearly see the actual bones through the skin. Unfortunately for Edmund, these breaks were all in different stages of healing due to the accelerated rate at which his kind could self-cure. The ‘unfortunate’ part being that Edmund was still a novice when it came to the abilities of his species, so he had yet to master the technique of self-healing, leaving him a wounded, bloodied mess in different states of regeneration.

As Ryder further looked the boy over, he took in the broken fingers on the boys’ hands, as well as the seared stretches of flesh that were so burnt they looked blackened. Scattered markings of what he could only assume were whipping marks marred the teen’s skin as well, tying together what could only be described as a positively horrendous ordeal that the young Lycanthrope had been through. Unable to contain the broiling rage within him any longer, Ryder turned away for a moment and clenched his fists at his sides, focusing on evening his breathing. It was difficult, as his vision was tinged red with absolute fury over how a child that he cared so immensely for was treated, but he knew that there was nothing to be accomplished over his anger that had not already been done. Jai took his analyzing gaze off Edmund and stopped rocking on the chair to watch Ryder. He knew this look. Maybe, really not the time to dick around.

Once he was collected, Ryder turned back to Jai once more, already in the process of drawing on gloves in preparation to help him wherever needed, once more holding his calm persona. ”Tell me what must be done, and you know I will treat you to a good meal and drinks later, surrounded by many beautiful women - and men,” he promised the man, knowing his weakness, and much uncharacteristic to that of the man that was Ryder Veldine, a small smirk crossed his features as he spoke, a glint in his eye that would be unrecognizable to anyone who did not know him well. To those who did, though, that glint betrayed his boyish rambunctiousness that he still held - be it very little - and said glint tended only to appear around the man that stood before him. One could say that while the men brought out the best in one another, they also tended to bring out the worst as well.

The legs of the chair plonked on the ground. “What needs to be done,” Jai pondered. He shook his hands at Edmund and lamented, “The whole thing needs to be thrown away and started over!” His head ducked down, instinctively avoiding a presumed blow. Ryder’s glint disappeared and his briefly high mood once more plummeted to a somber one, a scowl across his features at Jai’s comment, showing his clear displeasure over the mere thought of ridding themselves of Edmund.

“... We’ll splint up what we can, quick as we can,” he continued in earnest this time, getting off his chair. He felt along Edmund’s arms and legs, particularly testing the joints. As he did so, Edmund whimpered a bit in pain and twitched, but otherwise was relatively still and silent due to the effects of the alcohol. “He heals quickly. Don’t want all the bones setting where they shouldn’t be, do we… Edith?” He spoke up louder, getting the girl’s attention, but never slowing down his words. On the contrary, he sped up. At the mention of her name, the small white bob belonging to the child perked up, peeking over the top of Ryder’s desk and turned in the direction of their voices, almost as though she could see them. “Your natural regenerative abilities don’t mean anything if you don’t put in the other half of the work. Keep his bones the way they are and your brother will come out looking like a sea urchin. Get over here. Come on! I can do this with my eyes closed and so should you.” Ryder sighed a bit in annoyance but stifled any arguments that rose to his lips. He was obviously unsatisfied with how his friend was speaking to and handling the children, but being as they were friends and he was the doctor, he would bite his tongue for the time being.

He tossed Ryder a poultice, followed by a salve and a wink. The man in question caught the items without hesitation or fumbling, almost as though he had expected the action. “Numb him up and start disinfecting the broken tissue, we’ve got the rest~” He dropped Edith a pair of gloves, followed by a splint - the clearly more difficult task, compared to Ryder’s. Contrary to the elegance of Ryder’s movements, Edith did indeed fumble the items given to her in such a way, as she was not expecting them nor could she see them. She managed to refrain from dropping them to the floor, and reflexively Ryder shot him a warning glare, both to handle the children with more care as well as to convey his displeasure with the given tasks to the small girl. “What?” Jai blurted defensively at him and hunched his shoulders up as he dug into his work, “The sooner they learn, the sooner the brats can stop being thrown back into my lap…”

At that comment, Ryder snorted. He expected nothing less of his friend to want to rid himself of not only his duties but also the children. Jai was anything but child-loving, and while he was skilled and unparalleled in his field of work, he had the work ethic of that of a prepubescent teenager. He would much rather be off dallying and having fun than working or studying, much to the opposition of Ryder, who would rather be distracted by work or books. Shoving his thoughts aside for now, though, he focused on the tasks at hand - applying the salve and the poultice as instructed. Edith, however, was obviously confused as she ran her fingers along the splint in her hands, trying to figure out what the object was. The gloves dangled loosely from her other hand, and her face stared blankly forward with her brows furrowed, betraying her puzzled state.

Jai’s eyes narrowed with focus, and he shut up for a bit, only breaking his silence to instruct a struggling Edith. When he did so, the timid girl inched closer to him, forcing herself to ignore the odd smells and predatory nature that she sensed from the doctor. Her hairs on her arms and neck raised as her innate senses picked up on something not human, and she couldn’t contain herself as she gave the physician a distrustful look behind her bandaged features. She said nothing, however, one few for words just as her brother and figuratively adoptive ‘uncle’. Instead, she set to work doing her best to help the adult that had agreed to make her brother well again, blindly trusting in him simply because Ryder did so as well. Before they could start, however, Ryder approached the boy’s side, that small piece of wood once more in his grasp and a cool wet towel held in the other. As he placed the towel on the youngling’s forehead and the wood between his teeth, he met his gaze, taking in the terrified pale blue orbs that stared intensely back at him, for the first time betraying the petrification that the boy felt over the days events and what was still to come. Edmund was, after all, still simply a child. All he could do was offer a reassuring smile and a nod, a promise in his own eyes that he would not allow anything more to happen to the boy, and with that he leaned back to give Jai space to work.

“Alright. Leave the ribs, we’re not binding them,” he grunted after a bit, “It’ll restrict his breathing. We’ve got potential infection to worry about, and I don’t want to come back and find a case of pneumonia. Count yourself lucky they didn’t puncture a lung, pup.” While they worked, Edmund let out gasps and deeply pained sounds, but was for the most part rather quiet, instead clenching his jaw and battling through the pain like the determined adolescent he was. Sweat beaded his skin and he drew in his breaths as small, soft pants, unable to control himself as the pain began to swell with each movement. When the doctor mentioned the positives of his situation, Edmund shot the man a glare, one that was almost a mirror to Ryder’s piercing gaze. It was obvious the boy had begun to adopt some of his mentor’s mannerisms, and his intense personality was only the beginning. Jai’s eyes flicked back up to Ryder, and the twinkle returned to them. He suddenly looked the most pup-like in the room, his ponytail swinging like a wagging tail.

“Speaking of… your owner is going on a trip, and from what I heard, it’s ‘no dogs allowed’~ What’re you gonna do when you’re not sniffing her ass?” His eyes inconspicuously wandered over the ceiling and his hip cocked to one side. At the jest, Ryder rolled his eyes and forced himself to refrain from giving his dear friend a ‘love’ tap, both due to his joke towards Ryder and his comment towards their Queen. His automatic response to defend her was almost akin to that of breathing, and for a moment, the fleeting thought of wonderment over why he was so utterly devout to Ivelda flickered across the Royal Advisor’s mind. He quickly shook the thought away, however, focusing once more on Jai.

“Maybe…. If you want to take a break from r e a d i n g,” he spat out that word with utmost distaste, “Something~ together?” Queue yet another eye-roll - it was a consistent thing for him to do around Jai, the man was simply to type to pull out the irritation in anyone - and Ryder flicked his gaze down to Edmund in response. ”Perhaps if you read more, you could learn to do something other than party and occasionally show up to work. Perhaps something useful, like sewing - I have heard sewing is quite well-suited to someone of your … calibers,” he poked back, a small smirk on his face. Naeem reeled back and prickled, an offended snake. “What’s THAT supposed to mean?” The smile returned to a somber look fairly quickly, however, as he refocused on the question and their current situation. ”So long as he will be well enough to be left alone, I see no problem in that.” Another thought occurred to him and he returned his eyes to Jai. ”Have you come to any further developments in Edith’s treatment?”

Jai sighed and leaned over, tugging Edith’s blindfold down enough for him to peer at her eyes. “Yeah, yeah… cortical blindness, caused by trauma to the spinal cord. It’s a miracle she’s still walking.” He pulled back with a shrug. “Look, I can try operating again, but it’s risky. The nerves that run along the spine are connected to everything, every time she goes under the knife there’s a risk something else goes snap. There’s nothing more I can do as a doctor.” Naeem paused, and a finger tapped against his smile. “You should try looking for magic instead.” The words were not foreign to Ryder nor Edith at this point, but the fact that they were accustomed to hearing this news did nothing to lessen the blow of it. He had done his best to help keep the girl’s hopes high of her sight being restored, and soon, but it was clear that it would not be so simple. Running his hand through his hair in a mixture of aggravation and worry, he fixated a heavy gaze on Edith, his face showing everything from his stress to his own personal grief over the situation. Whether he would openly admit it or not, he adored the children and the fact that she could no longer see the beauty of the world caused what little remained of his icy heart to ache in both empathy and sympathy.

Jai flopped his arms over the back of a chair. His eyes were bright with a plan and this distracted Ryder from his worries long enough for him to stop fiddling with his hands, having a nervous habit of being unable to sit still when he was truly concerned about something. “How hard do you reckon it’d be to catch a fairy~?” The bold question caused Ryder’s eyes to widen in surprise before they narrowed a bit, suspicion plaguing his thoughts over what his comrade was planning. The other man had a tendency to get caught up in crazy schemes, and unfortunately Ryder had been the victim of being roped into said chaos more often than he liked to admit, so he had every right to be wary of Jai’s ideas. ”Whatever you are planning, I swear to Ivelda, it had better not be something that will end up with either one of us dead or arrested. I rather enjoy the freedoms and liberties of my position and would much rather not see it taken from me,” he drawled out, turning back to face Edmund who had at this point lost consciousness, whether from the wine or the pain of everything, he did not know. It was blatantly obvious that the boy was exhausted so it was of little surprise that he had passed out. He placed a gentle hand on the boy’s towel-clad forehead, smoothing back his hair as he did so, that very motion showing how much he truly cherished the siblings.