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Sky Mcbeth.

"The world goes on even after your death. Do you honestly think if you disappeared, that the world would stop and think you where the most important thing to its eyes? Your just barely a speck of sand on the sandy beach."

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a character in “Freakshow”, as played by Straight Jacket


Sky Mcbeth.

Freak no.:

Freak Name:
Touching Sky.

Unknown... they say only the ring master knows her true age... (Really 17 years old.)


Sky is beautiful; though, compared to the other 'freaks', she is dull. Her hair lightly sits on her shoulders and thins out as it goes down; layering. Her eyes are yellow, and as the go towards the center, turn a beautiful grass green. She reaches to about 5"7 and is lean with a normal bust size for her age. Her hair was orignally black, but now has white mixed with it. Her eye lashes are longer than the normal person or the other freaks, though, not unnaturally long. She has a dancers' limbs; long and slender legs and arms. She has small curves, but they are noticable. Her lips are full, with a small cupid's bow thats noticable. Her complexion is flawless, not a zit nor pimple in sight, though, she has a tattoo on her neck. The tattoo says, "All of us have a place in history. Mine is the clouds." Her teeth are straight and white and pretty. She has a cute button nose that suits her perfectly. Though, upon her back, along her spine, she has a scar about the size of an unsharpened pencil; very deep that you could feel it if you touch it. No one knows about it except her.

Alternate Description:
She has three transformations. The first is her original; human. The second is a her with huge wings in the back. During this, her arms are unusable and her eyes become a pretty yellowish-greenish-diamond color. Her third transformation is a giagantic dove; about 6ft. Her eyes are deep blackish yellow. Its pretty painful for her; but she had gotten used to it. The dove is pure snow white but what differs between her dove transformation and other doves, is not only the size, but a black diamond on her chest and black streaks along her tail.


She isn't like the others. She is more serious and emotionless; acting as if she don't give a shit what you do or think. She is cold and rude; also having angry outbursts and a horriable temper. Pissing her off or annoying her isn't very hard. She tends to shy away from the rest; though, the truth is, she is a really kind and caring person. Always quietly looking after others with out them knowing. Many of the other 'freaks' hate her; this is one thing she really doesn't care much about. She is a very solitude and independent person. She hardley ever pays much attention towards anybody; or for that thing, anything... and if she does look at you, its usually a hard cold stare. She might take her anger out on you as well and has a very hard promblem with it. She doesn't understand love at all and HATES the ring master and knows that he is what he is; but the only reason she stays with them is because she has no where else to go. Hell, she is even cold towards the ring master! Also, she is kinda bi-polar...
Best thing possiable-listen to her. She is headstrong and it takes alot for her to learn a lesson.

~Being alone.
~Watching from a far.
~Clouds and the Skies.
~Cute and fuzzy animals. <3

~This place. T.T
~Her anger outbursts...
~Almost everyone around her...
~Being in huge crowds.
~Being ENTIREALLY alone.
~The dark.

~The dark.
~Falling in love.
~Killing someone and then not finding a place to hide the body... ok, that was kinda a joke... (key word- KINDA)

Transforming in a huge ass dove; transforming into a person with wings.

~Flying... DUH!
~Sight; seeing in the dark, etc.
~Sensing the weather.

~Fighting; pyshcally.
~Landing... don't ask...
~Controlling her anger.
~Preforming... the only one here who has stage fright... but the show must go on...


She has a long electric cattle pole that she carries with her. It transforms to travel size and flings out to real size (4ft long.) when she jerks it. There is a button at the bottom that activates the electrisity. She tends to have it in her back pocket...



Her history is unknown, but what is certain is that she kept to herself most of her life and had no parents. She was hit with news of cancer at the age of 15. The cancer was in her left breast and she was treated, her hair fell out. When she heard about this new pill, she tried it; her hair grew back pretty quick, but she had wings popping out of her back and the next thing she knew, she was a damn bird! It took a while... but she eventually came here when she learned that she was not accepted by anyone but them.

Her theme song is Would it Matter by Skillet. Look it up. :)
She is wearing jeans and a tee with converse.
Right now, she has no crush.

So begins...

Sky Mcbeth.'s Story