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Jared Finkledink

Part of the Great Finkledink Noble family.

0 · 157 views · located in Bohemian post-medieval

a character in “Freedom For Our Kind”, as played by Quantumlegacy



Jared stands at just under six feet tall at five feet and ten inches. He has green grey eyes and light blonde spiky hair.


Jared comes from a noble family in Kronos. He was born to a life of leisure and has never had to do much of anything for himself that he didn't want to. As such he can be spoiled, bratty, overconfident, smug, and snobby. He looks down on those of the poorer class for no reason other then that was how he was raised. But at the same time he's shown that he can be a completely different person, at times.


Ever since he was young he'd been taught by private tutors and spent as much time as he could in the family's estate gardens. From a young age his parents knew he was different. He'd learned to walk and slowly talk faster then any child around him. The older he got though the less he'd put effort into his school work and the more time he'd spend blowing off his parents hiding outside on the estate. He never had many friends and didn't speak with any of the peasant folk. His parents had always told him they were terrible people. "Only good use for them was to work'em to the bone to make our money." His father used to always say.

When he came of age to obtain his powers he accidentally blew one of the servants off the balcony. She had only been relaying a message from his father who had been away. But the message had angered him so much that he drew on his power without knowing what he was doing. The unsuspecting woman was caught off by the sudden force of wind. It hadn't been that strong but it was the surprise that mostly sent her over the edge.

When his parents learned of this they had the servant executed under false pretenses and sealed Jared away tighter then he had been in fear of the King taking him away. But they wouldn't be able to keep him there much longer. For in his last days there he received a mysterious letter explaining just why it was he was being hidden and what it was he had even done to the servant.

So begins...

Jared Finkledink's Story

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He'd been traveling for two days since leaving the tavern, he'd drunk himself into a stupor and passed out on the floor of the room he rented. He'd woke up stiffer then when he had slept out in the woods. Ever since leaving the estate he had a taste of a different kind of life. He was used to such luxury it was still a rush to be seeing this side of the coin. He had enough money on him for a few more nights at local inns and taverns so long as they weren't what he was used to. As he trudged along the muddy trodden road he was beginning to already miss the carriages. The rain had just stopped not more then ten minutes ago, he was soaked from head to toe. As much as his feet hurt, and his body ached from the cold and the wear he wasn't going to give up. Those guards that had flooded into his estate looked like they meant business. The letter he read has seemed like a joke at first but it was beginning to be all real.
He really was out here on his own until he found his way to this Sanctuary.

Jared wasn't more then a few hours outside of town now though, he could see it coming up in the distance. The sun was peeking through the storm clouds and it seemed as though it might hold out on the rain for a little while longer. He stopped in his tracks. Raising and eyebrow he put his hand to his ear and listened. Turning around he could see in the distance someone was riding towards him, well probably more towards the town. He stepped back from the road, they were still off some distance but it wouldn't be long before they at least caught up to him. He wasn't sure if it was huntsman or civilian but it didn't really matter. He had to come up with more of a cover story in-case there was some serious questioning.

As he stepped off the main road he thought to himself while slowly shuffling towards town still. If anything and it came right down too it, he wasn't fond of the idea of being hit by a horse.