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Phoenix Raine

Also known as Major Jasmine Ambey, friend of the wolves, companion to Argenti and enemy of the Rau-lass.

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a character in “Freedom Forsaken”, as played by ShadowWake


Phoenix is a woman of relatively average human height (about 5'6") with a slender yet muscular build (a more wiry frame than previously). Though she is building up strength gradually, her left arm is distinctly less muscled than her right due to the lasting effects from a severe infection that was removed by the healer Argenti seven months previously. Her skin is pale and bears no tan - though she has lived most of her adult life outdoors - mostly due to her shaded forest home, yet she is very keen on open spaces and her skin would probably gain a darker hue if she allowed it. Her facial structure has not quite recovered from her bout of imprisonment under the Rau-lass Queen, giving her more of a gaunt look: high cheekbones still dusted with shadows from hollow eyes and her strong jaw seemingly out of place upon an almost too-slender neck.

Her hair though stays the same flame/carrot-red as always, if slightly longer than before - her trailing fringe hanging almost completely over her right eye most times (the opposite of her previously worn hairstyle: she'd rather hide scars from the Queen than those from her wolven brethren) and the ragged crop sitting just on the top of her shoulders. Her eyes remain a deep shade of forest green and, though they are still shadowed from her period of torture, they are generally as bright as ever. The tattoo from which she took her name is etched in black and depicts a phoenix surrounded by flames that wraps its way from her abdomen, all the way around her lower back, and ends at her hip bone.

She isn't paticularly concious about what she wears - anything that is flexible, practical and comfortable enough suits her just fine - but she's most often seen in a pair of brown britches, knee-length boots and a loose, white shirt (better to hide her various scars). She has also become accustomed to wearing a long, wool cloak to keep out the colder weather.


Phoenix's strengths are in her ability to keep going when everything has turned against her. She is generally a strong and confident woman, though after her run-in with Nstif'ikta, her self-doubt has increased and she has become rather more subdued than before. Though the Rau-lass to not pose as a weakness, Phoenix finds them harder to deal with than anything else she has come across - mainly due to her unwanted link through her magic to the Queen. Her emotions are as volatile as ever - sometimes putting herself in difficult situations - and she is even less trusting than before, but she is highly loyal and, despite her episode with General Llanna, would never betray a friend.


Her sword (which proved to be a good channel for her magic) is missing, having been claimed by those who captured her, but she has since procured a longsword of simple craftsmanship - which she wears strapped to her back - and a short dagger that rests just inside her left boot.

Though having previously had a high prowess with blades, she struggles presently with the weakness in her left arm, finding it difficult to balance when throwing knives - often missing her target (though increasingly less so with practice) - and maintaining a two-handed hold on her sword for long periods of time.


Phoenix - as she is known to most of her friends - was born as Jasmine Ambey and raised among humans, along with her older brother Rae. Her childhood was relatively uneventful, though in contrast her adult life bore no such monotony. In her younger years, she lived for a long while in close proximity to a Northern faery colony, making good friends with a select few individuals - such as the dark-haired, dark-winged faery, Aerain Lueila - despite the reservations of many of her elders, including her father.

Recruited into the military against her mother's wishes at the youngest age allowed, Jasmine - with a lot of hard study and training - managed to work her way through the ranks steadily until the position of Major, remaining at the rank for longer than was usually necessary. This, like her brother, was mainly due to an agreement made after the revelation of the protective capabilities of the tattoo upon her abdomen (which managed to remain hidden for a lot longer than her sibling's). For most of her militant duration, she served under the General Yimandra Llanna and it was ultimately this friendship and loyalty that lead to her own downfall. When attacks from the Rau-lass began to increase, General Llanna - in an attempt to stave off the worst of the human attacks - devised a pact involving a gift (the souls of a half-a-dozen human mages) and the promise of access to the faeries.

This selfish method at ceasing hostilities was not found out until the last minute, where Jasmine made a brief and unsuccessful attempt to kill her own General rather than siding with the Rau-lass (who themselves offered Yimandra a gift of magic) in favour of preserving the lives of all races. Unable to go through with the act, she fled into the forest and was persued by the Rau-lass, who eventually left her broken, believing her to be dead. Her tattoo however served its purpose, keeping her alive where other humans would've perished, though her memories of her previous life were lost - stolen in the Rau-lass' attempt to take over her mind. In short, she was rescued by a she-wolf who nursed her back to health and adopted her into the rest of the pack like one of their own. Phoenix Raine (so she named herself) later developed a deep friendship and communication with a single member of the pack named Demon, who remained at her side constantly, treating her as the Alpha female once he became Alpha male of the pack.

She joined the faery army after persuasion by Demon and gradually began to make friends with the seemingly cold faery Commander, Sorea Pardai. After killing an atrox made of General Llanna's mutilated body, her memories were regained rapidly in her second encounter with the Rau-lass Queen, Nstif'ikta, and she found out that Yimandra's magical 'gift' from the Queen had been passed to her with the atrox's death. This enabled the Queen to continually find her with little effort. To avoid burdening her friends with that particular curse, she left after an argument with Sorea - rather stupidly on her own - to find the Rau-lass Queen and kill her.

She was captured and tortured by the Queen in an attempt for access to both her own magic and that of the faeries - which Nstif'ikta claims that the humans still owe her - but managed to escape with the help of a similarly imprisoned elven mage, Elanriel Estarei. Waiting for her was the rescue party sent by Sorea: the elven shadow-mage, CiarΓ‘n, and the faery healer, Argenti, whom she has grown a strong affection for - even so far as to call it love. After being thrown into a strange elven land by the dying shadow-mage, the pair have slowly been travelling the land in an attempt to find their companions and rejoin them. What she doesn't yet know, is that as well as Demon, Sorea has perished, along with many of the other Commanding officers she had befriended.

So begins...

Phoenix Raine's Story


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