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Signum Vulnus

Altus and Taladei under Sorea Pardai, now subvertive resistor to Rau-lass reign.

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a character in “Freedom Forsaken”, as played by Alacer Phasmatis


He’s 5’ 11”, the average height for a bird-winged faery. Sorea thought of him as an angel-- an apt comparison, both in physical features and personality. White-winged and fair of skin, as are most natives of the far north, he's readily sunburned. His hair is dark, without a strong shine-- it could be called coal-black-- and his eyes are the stormy grey of thunderheads. As a man whose morals drive him to fight without reliance on his magic, he's well-muscled, if not clean-cut in his bulk (his body fat is at about 16%, a high number for an aerial species; you can see muscles, but they're smoothed over by a decent layer of flesh).


MBTI result: INFJ

Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences (%)
56 50 62 33


INFJ Strengths:

* When given a goal or context, an INFJ is able to generate all kinds of possibilities. They're able to see the problem from many different angles.
* They understand how others are feeling, and are genuinely concerned with others. This natural empathy and caring helps to be really effective at helping others through problems. In this manner, they make great friends, counselors, teachers, and mates.
* An INFJ has a "stick to it" attitude. They're not afraid of hard work, and will put forth a great deal of effort towards something that they believe in. This persistence will help the INFJ to achieve an identified goal.
* Perfectionistic and idealistic, they always strive for the best.
* Usually intelligent and able to concentrate and focus, the INFJ can usually grasp difficult ideas and concepts.
* They can turn their insightful understanding about a situation into a successful plan of action.
* The INFJ with well-developed judgment will be able to grasp and process concepts that are beyond what their natural intelligence appears to be able to handle.
* They may achieve a level of understanding that makes them appear wise.
* The INFJ's perfectionism and idealism, when combined with their empathy and genuine concern for others, can cause them to be true servants for people in some fashion. They may be great doctors or ministers or counselors. If they have also achieved a good amount of life wisdom, they can become powerful forces, such as Jesus (INFJ) and Mahatma Ghandi (INFJ).

Potential Problem Areas:

* May be unaware (and sometimes uncaring) of how they come across to others
* May quickly dismiss input from others without really considering it
* May apply their judgment more often towards others, rather than towards themselves
* May have unrealistic and/or unreasonable expectations of others
* May be obsessive and passionate about details that may be unimportant to the big picture
* May be tense, wound up, have high blood pressure and find it difficult to relax
* May have difficulty communicating their thoughts and feelings to others
* May see so many tangents everywhere that they can't stay focused on the bottom line or the big picture


Due to his friendship with Sorea and the mandatory military training of all draftees, he's learned a great deal about fighting, and is particularly proficient with pole-weapons (i.e, halberd, lance, poleaxe, etc.). At the moment, he uses a double-bladed staff and his hands to fight. Aside from healing magic (tissue regeneration), he also has poison magic, but he swore to use it only for doctoring people, not in combat; as such, he's never even tried magical warfare, sticking only with weapons. This may prove to be a strong hindrance if he's ever in a situation where he must rely on combative use of poison-magic to get out; after all, experience and skill walk hand-in-hand.


The Occasus (faeries from Occalus) are well-tanned people, but Signum’s parents were from the far northern mountains, which accounts for his unusual appearance (among the Occasus, anyways). When he was eight years old, a fire spread from Tehralos into Occalus, the result of a dry, hot summer. During the event, he saw a small toddler girl, her down-covered wings unable to carry her, trapped by the flames. Dashing into the inferno, he picked her up then half-ran, half-flew into a river, keeping her head above the current and dragging her out when they were safe, beyond the reaches of the flames.

He entered apprenticeship at age nine-- to a healer, against the wishes of his father, vice-general Damrius Vulnus. The story of how this came to be, and how a young boy could successfully resist a parent to that degree, is a story of its own and too long for a brief history. When he was thirteen, a pesky little seven year old girl followed him on his way to an olive grove-- his personal hideaway when he wanted to be alone, that he might leave the world for a few hours. She revealed that she was the girl from the fire, named Sorea Pardai. Though he initially expressed a great deal of skepticism about her, it was beat back by her determination to befriend him. Later he would confide in Sorea whenever he felt that life was too hard; he spoke to her of his dead mother, his emotionally distant, dictatorial and frequently violent father, as well as his aspirations to become a healer (despite his father's contrary wishes). When seventeen, he was almost murdered by the Rau-lass and brought back with half of his friend's soul, a fact which wasn't revealed to him until the end of the War of Light and Dark. At nineteen, he left his father for good; after having had left the man's sphere of influence, he was capable of emotionally confronting his own negativity towards Damrius. In the process, he learned more of his father through military records and occasional brief visits. Although a deeper understanding was gained between the two, as well as a measure of forgiveness from Signum, he nonetheless broke ties with Damrius completely at twenty-three. At thirty-two, he became one of the youngest Alti ('high healer' plural-- singular = Altus) in the past few decades; this was NOT because he's some sort of prodigy (though he is bright). Rather, it was because he went to join the battlefront right after he found out his friend was a commander on one of them, and he was the most skilled (if not experienced) healer of the five assigned to that camp, so he got a major promotion.

There was only one time in his life when it looked as though his relationship with Sorea was compromised: when she accepted a mission-- leading a massacre on an impoverished tribe of eastern faeries who, in desperation, had sided with Rau-lass-- in exchange for a promotion to the rank of general, when she was twenty-four. He felt that, as it had been an act done simply to sustain their families, the should be shown mercy, as the calamity wouldn't have even occurred were it not for the government's slow reaction. Sorea disagreed, telling him that they were disloyal turncoats, the highest crime possible. Only later did he find out that it was because she needed to patch up the two halves of her own soul that resided within them.

So begins...

Signum Vulnus's Story


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