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Blair McKinning

Music and seems to be my life

0 · 267 views · located in College Building 34 (aka The Freedom House)

a character in “Freedom Has a Stiff Price...”, originally authored by airedeiagrace, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Blair McKinning

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Strong willed, carefree, always thinking of others before herself

Job: Preformer, Sharp Shooter

Campus Status: Blair is a preformer when there isn't fighting going on, but if there is fighting she is ready with her bow and arrows

Theme Song: Alice by Avril Lavigne

Weapons: Bow and arrows, small dagger

Other: Blair has her own guitar and can sing


So begins...

Blair McKinning's Story

Day breaks across the what was formerly the campus of Richardson University, a small College on the banks of the Mississippi. Here, runaways from all ages gather to relax, party, and be free. Specifically, the main building is Building 34, known to its residents as "The Freedom House". It sits in the middle of the campus, and originally was the Business Building for the College. Each Building is like it's own state, with its own Military, and Trade. Each Building sends a Representative to the Council, a group of the oldest men and women to discuss actions, aid, and strategy. This Campus paradise is only one of thousands across the United States, when all Colleges and Universities were closed down by the US Government.

Underground tunnels connect all 40 Buildings together, so that way they can move weapons or goods from building to building without the possible issue of police. By Day, this area is quiet, used for meetings of the Council, and Military Officers. But by night, it lights up in a barrage of colors with parties on every floor, with nothing illegal to any age besides starting fights and breaking stuff.

However, all is not well in this apparent Paradise. Recently, reports have been coming in from other Campuses about Police raids occurring more frequently, and the Cops using more than just the usual Pepper Spray and Batons. Some reports even entailed SWAT teams, National Guard, and in one case, the US Army. This frightens the Council, who have recently lost contact with Culver-Stockton, another college about 10 hours away.

Now, under the command of Captain Jack Larsen, a team of personnel have been sent in to see why contact was lost, and to check for survivors and supplies if they have been destroyed.

This... Is their story.

"Hey, wake up guys. We're almost there." Jack says to the 5 other people inside of the SUV, rousing them from their sleep. "Captain, ETA 5 minutes until we reach the Campus." The Driver says back as the black Ford drives along the deserted backroads. "Alright, now here's the briefing. About a week and a half ago, we lost contact with our Sister Campus Culver-Stockton. Our job is to assist in rebuilding communication, and if they've been raided, to rescue survivors and supplies, are we clear?" He says to the others, as he loads up his M4.

"Hopefully not, but keep on full alert. From the Defenses our Merchants talked about, they must've brought some serious firepower if these guys are gone. I'm thinking at least SWAT, if not worse..." Jack says, looking out the front window as they near the campus. "Plus, no movement has been detected from the Scout Teams on the roads since the radio went silent, so we're almost positive the Cops deserted the place." He tells Jewel as he looks back out the window.

"Oh my God..." He says, slack-jawed as Culver-Stockton came into view, or what's left of it. The wood and steel walls that defended the Campus were completely destroyed, minus some places that saw serious explosive damage. They drove into the Campus, over some ran over the main gates, which laid in the road, flat as a pancake. "My God, I don't know anything the SWAT or cops have that can do that much damage..." Jack says as he holds his M4, beads of sweat falling off his brow. They pass by the remains of buildings, turned into giant mounds of rubble. Other Buildings just sat there, walls charred and having more holes than Swiss cheese.

The SUV stops dead in its tracks, throwing Jack up to the front. "Hey, what's the big idea!" Jack cusses at the driver "Sir, look." The driver says, as Jack looks out the front window. Just inches away from the front tires is a crater, at least 10 feet across and 3 feet deep. "Holy Shit. Everybody out!" Jack says as he jumps out of the SUV, gun shouldered as he surveys the area. "Clear!" he says, lowering the gun as he walks to the edge of the crater, kneeling down and setting his rifle at his side. "Oh God, this is bad. This is really, REALLY, Fucking bad." Jack says, his hands shaking as he begins to take pictures of the destruction.

"Kendra, Jewel, Louise. You three head out and search for survivors. Me, Amanda, and Blair will stay here and photograph the damage." He orders, standing up as Blair hops out and begins to take even more pictures of the devastation.

#, as written by Grrbot
Jewel was completely oblivious to the man who had locked his aim on her. Jack says something but it is muffled. She sees the grenade but she cannot move. Jewel stares in horror at the grenade when she feels herself being knocked to the ground. The wind is knocked from her body and she struggles to breathe. Am I dead? Whats going on? Jewel looked up to see Jack hovering over her. "Shit, everyone get to cover!" She hers Jack command as he carries her behind the SUV. "Jack... Thank you..." Jewel says and her eyes widen as she sees the cut. "Your bleeding!!!" She gasps. The next moment is a blur. Blair lines up a shot with the attacker and he hits the floor, arrow lodged in his neck. Jewel watches Jack and Blair head for the gunner nest and Jewel trails behind.

Jewel stares wide eyed at the scene before her. Jack, Blair and herself were staring at a blood scene. A man lay dead but it was the insignia on his shoulder... The US Army Rangers? "Jack, Blair.... Is that really what I think it is?" Jewel whispers.Blair says something that Jewel doesn't catch but she understands what Jack says. "Did you pay one once of attention in training! That's the 75th's Insignia, aka the US Army Rangers." Jack asks Blair. "Army Rangers?! As in THE Army Rangers?!?" Blair coughs in disbelief. "I wish I was joking." Jack says. "He's right, you know" says a voice from behind them. Jewel yelps and turns to see a man. "Identify yourself Jack asks the boy. "Name's Sam. I was living here at Culvert-Stockton before we were attacked." the boy says. Jewel relaxes a bit. "I don't mean you any harm. I just wanted to see if you could get me out of here. I've been hiding from these soldiers for over a week now, and it's getting to be a bit too stressful for my tastes." Sam continued. "My name is Jewel. You will have to ask our commander, Jack here," Jewel says as she points to Jack "For permission." She finishes.

"Now, if there were any more survivors, where would they be? Blair, get the radio set up and inform Command of our current sit-rep. Also, get Sean to send in another SUV for the Survivors."

Sam relaxed, quietly celebrating this fortunate encounter. He lowered his hands and thought back to the day of the raid.

"More survivors?" Sam mused aloud, "Well, if they were still anywhere on campus, they'd probably be in the safe room Kris had us construct. Worst case scenario, we find only the supplies that should be stashed inside. We'll have to go to the mess hall to get there, but that's not too far away. I can get us there. Just keep your weapons handy. Obviously the Rangers are still here, and that little skirmish outside is bound to have attracted their attention."

Sam paused for a moment to let what he'd just said sink in.

"Now, if you guys are ready, I'll show you the way."

Sean drove the SUV hastily towards Culver Stockton. He had just received word that the College was no more, worse still apparently the Army Rangers were to blame for it’s destruction. He was in the area incase things got bad, and he didn’t think things got worse than this. Sean hadn’t heard much of the situation, he had taken off the moment he heard there was trouble not really paying attention to the rest ot the message. He was sure someone could fill him in when he got there.

After a few minutes Sean’s SUV pulled up sharply next the original squad’s one. Wasting no time he jumped out of the car grabbing his clock he jogged up to Blair. She was in the front of the other car and had just finished radioing headquarters about their current situation. “Hey Blair, what’s going on up there?” He asked shortly while nodding to the half destroyed College, he was itching for some action. “Where is everyone?” He added on as an after thought looking around at the wreckage. He would never outwardly show it but knowing that this could happen to his home, the one place where he fitted in, was enough to give this tough guy nightmares.

"He's up there in that MG nest, talking to a Survivor." Blair says, as she continues talking to Command, requesting 2 armed SUVs and another squad.

"I think we'll wait for some reinforcements before we head out, the last thing I want to have is us being outgunned. And speaking of that..." Jack says, walking across the Rangers corpse and standing by the MG. "I'll be taking this, seeing as he wont be needing it." He says as he takes the M249 SAW off its tripod and reloading it with the extra ammo, than attaching a second full ammo box to his belt and throws 2 belts of ammo on both shoulders.

"I was in the area, Jack. Thought you could use a hand," said the newcomer who'd been identified as Sean, "Thought you'd be happy to see me."

He strolled into the nest with an air of incredibly high self-confidence that seemed to almost borderline arrogance.

He pointed at Sam and simply said, "Survivor?"

Sam internally rolled his eyes.

"Yeah. Survivor," He said, "Most people call me Sam, though."

He knew he was probably getting off to a bad start with the rescue squad with this remark, but he just couldn't help himself. Sam had a sarcastic streak a mile and a half long, and it had gotten him into some pretty nasty trouble on more than one occasion.

"I'm guessing you're Sean?"

"Now Sam, lead the way. If we can, we could use the SUV's in order to get around safely," said Jack.

"We won't need to travel by SUV," replied Sam, "It's close enough that we could easily make it on foot. With the rubble, there should be plenty of cover. We just need to stay low."

Sam beckoned for the group to follow and turned to walk out of the nest.

As he reached the courtyard, he turned and put a single finger over his lips. With a hand on his holster, he stepped cautiously through a hole in the wall leading through the old dorm rooms.

"The quickest way is through here. If you'd feel safer, you can have some of the SUV's drive around and meet us on the other side. The path should still be clear."

Sam peered into the darkness of the old dorms, listening carefully for any signs of movement in the dust and debris.

He once more put a single finger over his lips and motioned for the group to follow. One by one, they climbed through the hole into the dorms, creeping slowly and carefully across the checkered linoleum floors. In the darkness, Sam saw the silhouettes of bodies sprawled on the floor, many laying in dark oily pools. A thick, metallic scent clung heavily to the air.

Sam kept his pistol drawn as he reached the door. He held up a hand, signalling for the group to stop and cautiously opened the wooden door.

Light came streaming through, indicating that the ceiling in the hallway had either collapsed or been blown off. Sam peered through the doorway, looking both right and left to ensure that the path was clear. He stepped out into the hallway, beckoning for the others to follow.

"Keep quiet," he whispered, "The mess hall is just at the end of this hallway."

The group tiptoed across the stained, carpeted floor in the hall. At the end was a large set of double doors over which hung a faded sign indicating the mess hall was just on the other side. Sam placed a hand on the metal plate and gave the door a shove. It swung open quietly into the darkness on the other side.

"The safe room is in the back, just through the kitchen doors. If someone's in there, let me do the talking. They know me pretty well around here."

Sam lead the way through the upturned tables to a metal door in the back wall and knocked rhythmically.

There was no response.

Sam reached up, grabbed the door's handle and gave it a firm twist. The door opened with a creak of protest.

"Hello?" He called quietly, "Is anyone in there?"

There was still no response.

He turned back to face the group.

"As sad as I am to say this, it looks like the Rangers got everyone but me. It looks like there's still a fair amount of supplies in here. Let's grab what we can carry and get out of here."