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Alexis Song

"Seriously? This is so not my idea of being 21..."

0 · 380 views · located in New York City

a character in “Freedom's Last Stand: Us”, as played by TheodoraMina



Alexis Song

"Seriously? This is so not my idea of my 21st year of living..."

21 | "Come on! I should be partying."

Female | "Really? You can't tell?"

5'7" | "Just about right!"

123lbs | "I may like that number, but you best not be telling anyone!"

Employment before occupation:
College | "Psychology. If you really must know. It's not going to help much now, will it?"

Current employment:
Civilian Resistance Group | "Beats working in a factory any day!"


  • Being in bed
  • Fruits
  • Chocolate
  • Books
  • Muscular guys with abs!!!! :D
  • Doing nothing

  • Unhealthy food
  • Being useless
  • Wimps and cowards
  • Being ignored


"Nah, I'll stick with something comfy while it's still calm."
"Trouble eh? Better get properly dressed then!"


"You're sure you want to fight me?"

Alexis is a tough nut to crack. Nothing seems to faze this girl; there is no challenge too daunting, no obstacle too insurmountable. You rouse her competitive spirit, you're in for a good game. And that is how she has survived as she grew older; finding a challenge in her everyday life, so that each and every event was a challenge that she strove to 'win'. To lose was utter humiliation, one that she fears greatly - even to this date. In fact, more so in the present, where one misstep could cost her a life, either hers or others'. This has led her to take events happening around her rather seriously, sometimes more than is warranted, making her seem like an overprotective mother at times.

This behavior is especially seen around her friends, whom she tries very hard to safeguard. Show even the slightest sign of hostility towards them, you make an enemy of her. Needless to say, the same applies with her loved ones. With her friends and loved ones, she is also much happier and much more friendly. They are her comfort zone; without them, she feels alone, and that terrifies her.

To be alone; she is no stranger to that, and it is because of that that she greatly values her relationship. After all, we are the sum of five people, aren't we?


Alexis thrives under stress, enjoying the rush of adrenaline as she attempts to fulfill her objective - whatever that may be, no matter how high the odds are stacked against her. She is a risk-taker, one who may be far too reckless at times, especially when the situation grows more intense. Thankfully, she still has the sense to think before she acts, assuming someone is around to serve as the voice of reason.


  • Switchblade
  • A small, pocket torchlight
  • Sling bag containing one set of clothing and some cosmetics
  • Wallet | "Don't judge! Money may not be the most useful right now, but what about after?"
  • Keys | "Well, when my house got blown up, the door was still standing. Take that!"


Alexis was born to Asian-American parents who met each other in what they claimed to be a case of 'love at first sight'. Whether that story was true or not was hardly an issue Alexis bothers to question, considering how lovey-dovey her parents could be. They raised her up with the most care and affection that parents could provide, supporting her in her education and endeavors. It may not be easy to make ends meet at times, but they somehow did so - even sending her to college in New York City. However, things changed in the beginning of 2015 when China seized Haiwaii, where her parents lived. Her father was killed whilst defending the island, leaving only her mother to care for her while the situation deteriorated quickly. For some days, her mother harbored hope that the father would return, but he never did. Instead, rumors of surrender was starting to spread.

Alexis was concerned, she almost wanted to travel back to Haiwaii but her mother sent her a final message. "Wait for us in New York City! We will come for you. Don't leave that place!" Goes the message. There was some doubt in Alexis, but she held that hope tightly nonetheless. Thus went two years without contact from her parents. The attack by the Chinese began to ravage the city, ultimately destroying her home as well. Yet she did not lose any hope, persistently clinging on to that little sliver of hope while she decided to seek out the resistance in an attempt to drive the Chinese out of her home - and perhaps take back Haiwaii in time to come.

However, her path to joining the Resistance was not an easy one. Because of her Asian features, she was turned away numerous times on the suspicion of being a spy for the opposing side. It was only when she finally found an opportunity in rescuing one member of the Resistance that she managed to gain entry. It opened the doors to a new life for her. And it was not all roses and sunshine. Reality was cruel; people were angry. As unfair as it was, discrimination was to be expected. But she was patient; she grit her teeth and bore it all, all so she could reunite with her parents.

So begins...

Alexis Song's Story


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Alexis ducked into a dark alley, hearing the sound of a bus approaching from behind. She hid silently, crouching low as she turned away so she was a much harder figure to spot in the shadows. As expected, the bus drove past, pulling over some distance from her destination. Peeking from the alley, Alexis realized it was a bus that carried prisoners to the Chinese's 're-education' camps. Really, it was more 'brainwashing' than 're-education', but clearly, the Chinese were fond of euphemism. It mattered little to Alexis at this point, but a phrase came to mind: 'history is written by the winners'.

She slid down the wall, not wanting to look as she heard the soldiers separate the couple from their child. Where had the times of peace gone? As it stood, the United States were in a terrible situation. Poor leadership, indecisiveness... It all led to today, but who else is there to blame? Alexis curled into a ball, resting her head on her knees as the gunshot resonated through the streets. In her heart, she was hoping the couple went quickly. At the same time, she was apologetic - it could have been her getting shot.

Well, perhaps she would receive that fate soon enough, now that she was in the Civilian Resistance. It was an ironic realization, almost making her wonder if she sought death. She did not, but reality was harsh. Even though death still was inherently distasteful, Alexis could not deny its temptation. As soon as that thought surfaced, she quickly recalled the recent events. Clasping her hands in prayer, she gave her thanks to God.

Joining the Resistance was no easy affair. The Chinese's brutality instilled an understandable hatred in the American citizens. However, there was little to no way the Americans could rebel with ease, for the Chinese were far too powerful. This rage was hence suppressed, and channelled onto the Asian Americans. It didn't matter that they were relatively different from the Chinese, but in times like these, the differences were reduced to a minuscule. Grouped under the label of 'Chinese', it became harder for such citizens like Alexis to join the Resistance, however willing they were to overthrow the Chinese.

However, Alexis was not one to give up so quickly. For many weeks, she would seek out the Resistance and beg to be let in. In all these attempts, some would beat her, some would insult her, some would humiliate her, but none would take her. That is, until she fortunately chanced upon an injured member of the Resistance. She didn’t initially know that, saving him only because she couldn’t be apathetic enough to leave him alone. This act of compassion was what earned her place in the Resistance.

Still, the discrimination towards her remained, and she saw no chances to be utilized in any missions that the Resistance spearheaded. That is, until the person she saved sent her a message telling her to meet at the bar.

Finally concluding her prayer with a hope for safety, she got up, peered out of the alley to notice that the bus had already left. Taking several careful glances down the street to make sure no other soldiers were around, she then began to walk briskly to the bar. As soon as she reached it, she hurriedly entered. Ryan was already inside, loading his clip methodically and slowly. Alexis looked silently at him for a brief moment before she walked over and took a seat with him at the table.

“Hello, Ryan,” she said, smiling broadly at him.


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Written with TheodoraMina in RPG Write

Ryan heard the workings of the door handle as Alexis had opened it. He had his hand ready to take aim and fire with the handgun on the table beside his machine gun. Seeing her, Ryan took his hand back to the ammo magazines, loading them as he was before. He relaxed for a moment, going calmly about his business as Alexis came over and sat down beside him.

"Hello Ryan," she said, smiling.

"Hi," Ryan responded, not taking his eyes off the bullets and metal boxes. "I'm playing the most fun game of all," Ryan said, "the waiting game. Wanna play?" He returned to his numerous machine gun magazines, loading more bullets into them. He was nearing the end of his supply of clips. The blood stain was still there of when Alexis first saw him and he was shot in his side. "Chris and Dan are supposed to be coming here soon, but I don't know about James," he told Alexis. Chris and Dan were two of Ryan's old friends, since the end of elementary school. "Why don't you go into one of the crates and get a gun?"

"Haha, I'm no good with waiting," said Alexis as she chuckled. Ryan continued to load his machine gun while Alexis looked around the bar. Most of the furniture was blown to bits, with only the remnants of it left to hint at some decent furnishing that had existed. Getting off her seat, she walked over to the shattered windows of the bar, peering out at the empty streets. "Those two sure are late, aren't they," she wondered aloud, moving over to the crates at Ryan's suggestion. Looking down at the crates, she was surprised to see a variety of rifles and handguns. Grenades too, in some of the crates. Alexis had to admit to being somewhat impressed. This was quite the stockpile of weapons that they had here. She could almost feel just a little more confidence in the Resistance's ability to fight back against the Chinese.

"Well, I don't know my firearms... I guess I'll just go for the easy one then," She says, her hand playfully hovering over the weapons in the crates before settling on a pistol. It was the typical one that usually appeared on television in the hands of the police. She couldn't put a name to it, but she figured it would do.

"You should probably get a rifle, too," Ryan added, stopping to look at her standing at the crates, finally done with loading his magazines. He rubbed his eyes, barely able to keep them open. More often than not, he would stay up late, smuggling weapons or running through plans and conducting operations. There was always something he'd find to do. He got up and went over to the stack of crates that Alexis was at. "Here," he said, picking up an M16. "You should have fun with this. Now let's start getting your ammo ready." Ryan reached down into the crate, taking out two boxes full of bullets. "Grab some of the magazines in the corner," he commanded, heading back to the table.

"C'mon, hurry up Chris!" a boy said, running through the alleys. They were some blocks away from the bar, and sirens were going off, but then again, that wasn't an uncommon event.

"I'm coming, we gotta lose them away from our destination!" Chris exclaimed, running after him. He sprinted forwards and in front of his friends, as Chinese soldiers followed behind, firing their rifles and sub-machine guns. "To the right!" Chris yelled, and he and his friend went into another alley in that direction.

"Hold on," the other boy said, looking around.

"What, Dan!?" he expressed under the pressure of death.

"Up here!" Dan yelled, jumping onto a fire escape ladder. He climbed quickly, Chris following soon after. Dan climbed halfway up the ladder, before shimmying over to plunge down and into the window of a towering apartment building. Glass shattered, and the two friends got into the building. An elderly woman sat in her chair, eyes wide open.

"Sorry, but we're trying to live ma'am," said Chris. "C'mon Dan, we gotta get across the street, we'll lose them there!" The neighbor's dog began barking, and the two shuffled out of the wearing apartment, and they flew down a set of stairs and through a longer hallway, running through the busted door. Dan looked around frantically as they were losing the Chinese in their escape.

"Into the metro," Dan said, calming himself as to not give their position away by yelling. The two headed down the sidewalk a bit, then scurried into the depths of the metro, dimly lit by emergency lights. "We should be safe," Dan added, "the Chinese destroyed much of the underground during their invasion, so we should be able to get to Battery Park easily, just keep quiet."

The two began walking down the subway tracks, collecting their breaths as they continued on their trail to Ryan's hidden supply cache. It was just another day under the nose of the Chinese.


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Written with Redred33mer in RPG Write

"Halt! Stop right there! Stop now or I'll shoot!" A Chinese soldier yelled as he ran after a man who was running through the destroyed city, and into an alleyway. The Soldier was accompanied by two other men, and as they turned into the alleyway, they saw it was a dead end. The apartment on the far end of the alley had collapsed, and the only way left out was through the soldiers.

The man turned towards the soldiers, an assault rifle in his hand. "Drop your weapon!" the soldier yelled aiming his own rifle at the man. The man was panting heavily, as he stared at them. Finally, he dropped his rifle to the ground.

"Alright, you got me, what now? I go to a camp, is that it?" The man yelled raising his hands above his head.

"No, we don't send garbage to the camps, we'll send you to a much worse place," The soldier said walking towards the man, his two allies still aiming at the man.

"Is that right? Where might that be?" He asked slowly, eyeing the three of them, trying to find a way out.

"Hell, we send useless scum to Hell," the soldier said raising his rifle.

As the soldier raised his rifle, the man reached out grabbing the muzzle of the gun, pushing it to the side. As his other hand grabbed the back of the soldiers head, and pulled him forward into his elbow breaking the soldiers nose. He quickly, spun the dazed soldier around, so that he faced his allies. He watched as the two soldiers raised there weapons to fire, but hesitated. The man reached down, and grabbed the soldiers handgun. He raised it up to face the two Chinese soldiers, and opened fire, sending three bullets into each of the two men before he put one through his hostages head.

He could hear the other soldiers coming in the distance, at least a dozen of them. He picked up his assault rifle, and ran out of the alleyway heading towards an intersection up ahead when several bullets flew by his head from the soldiers coming up behind him. He found himself running even faster down the road, quickly approaching the back of what looked like a bar or restaurant of some sort. He slammed into the back door, but it barely, budged. It must have been locked, or barricaded. He hit the door again desperately trying to open the door, before the soldiers turned the corner on of the intersection. He slammed into the door again this time, it budged, and almost seemed to flex inward. He hit the door a third time, and the door opened, as it did he stumbled in and closed the door.

He pressed his back against the door, listening for the soldiers. They had passed by when the man looked up to see two people. One was a young woman and the other was a youthful man aiming a handgun at him. "Don't shoot, I'm not one of the Chinese," He said looking around the room to see a lot of crates full of ammo, and what he thought to be a missile launcher on the table. He could see a bar, and some intact furniture, but most of it was destroyed.

"Your flashy entrance almost made me. You busted the lock on the door and now anyone can walk into the back, and when you have a major arms cache like this, it's not exactly something you want to be found. Who are you?" the man asked quietly as to not alert anyone outside.

The man smiled and replied in less than a whisper. "My name is Jean Havok, and I'm looking for a Ryan Jacobs."

"So I have a reputation now?"


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Fortunately for this man, Alexis had yet to load her weapon. For if she had, she would probably have fired instinctively. The man's sudden entry was nothing short of startling; she felt her heart almost leaped out of her mouth thinking the Chinese had managed to discover their hideout so quickly. For a brief moment, she felt like picking up the rifle as instructed. In such a situation now with Ryan and his gun raised at the man, she felt awkward being the only one without a weapon raised.

However, it seemed the man meant them no harm. Incidentally, he was looking for Ryan himself. Jean Havok was his name; Alexis found herself focusing on 'Havok', linking it to the havoc he has almost caused in the bar with his startling entry. With the shock of his entry fading, Alexis took the time to observe the man's appearance. This man had clearly seen a lot of battles. Scars marred several parts of his body, maybe more under the shirt, Alexis didn't want to know.

His face was rugged, which at the very least suggested he was a normal man in these harsh times. His stare, however, suggested that he was beyond the average man on the street. It was a menacing stare, one that made Alexis wonder if it was due in part to the scar that ran through his eye. Or maybe his rather awkward-looking nose. Those eyes seemed to bear deep into a person's being, and when she saw them rest on her briefly, she almost shivered.

On a more positive note, he was quite possibly running from the Chinese, which meant he was on their side. Even better, he was rather muscular - a sight for Alexis to feast her eyes on.

"Oh right, I'm Alexis, by the way," said Alexis, half-smiling as she regarded him with a mix of interest, curiosity and suspicion. For the moment, she figured she would let Ryan decide what was to be done with this man, and instead, go for the magazines as instructed. Walking to the corner of the bar, she reached into the crate and took with her four magazines before she returned to the table with Ryan.

Against her better judgment, she looked to Jean and beckoned him over. "Come on, take a seat and talk," she said, before she reached into the boxes of bullets that Ryan had taken out for her. She took a bullet and tried experimentally to load the magazine. Ryan made it look so easy; she had no idea if she was doing something wrong, or if she was simply not used to it. Still, it was better that than to join the conversation between the two men. From the way things looked, it seemed it was going to become a serious talk, and Alexis was no stickler for seriousness in the lighter moments before a serious mission.


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"You don't know how to load a clip do you?" Jean said looking at Alexis as he walked over extending his hand and taking the clip. "You see what you do is you push in the tip of the bullet, then just move your thumb back, and the bullet will click in. When you hear the click release the bullet, and then load the next one," He said showing her how to put in a bullet, he gave the clip back to her, and sat down across from her. He pulled up his rifle, and laid it across the table as he ejected his magazine it was empty. He began to rummage through his pack until he pulled out a small box filled with bullets he laid it on the table. He took out four other assault rifle magazines and laid them out, they were empty as well. He began to load his magazines with bullets.