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Jean Havok

"If violence, isn't solving all your problems... then your not using enough of it!"

0 · 353 views · located in New York City

a character in “Freedom's Last Stand: Us”, as played by TheVizzerdrix


Height: 6 ft. 3 in.
Age: 32
Weight: 185Ibs.
Hair: buzzed. black.
General Build: Strong, toned muscles. Menacing stare, and has several noticeable scars. White Caucasian. Rugged beard from a while without shaving.
Scars: One going through his left eye rendering him partially blind. Lacerations to neck, chest, and arms (Specific reasons in History)
Right Handed, and Right eye dominant (Not because of blindness)
Nose is slightly crooked from being broken multiple times.
Wears hiking pants, hiking boots, and a black t-shirt with faded letters, and design. Wears the dog tags of four people none of which are his own


Filled with anger and hatred towards the Chinese, and would love to see every one of them (Especially General Chan) set on fire, and slowly burn to death. Blames himself for loss of squad mates. Usually cool headed and rather intelligent. When angered, gets a little unstable. Squad mates are sore subject, will make the grown man cry. Also suffers from nightmares due to his lost friends. Has a general disregard for his own life, as he won't think twice about sacrificing himself for allies, or strangers. Will usually over evaluate a situation before blindly, rushing into a situation. Needs to have his new found love for killing people in cruel fashions dealt with, and also loves to piss off Chinese soldiers. Slowly slipping into insanity, as the nightmares, and hatred are beginning to way down on him. Strict workout every morning so he can "Kill that many more people", and also takes his mind off of the nightmare. Plays with his knife when bored or passing time, usually twirling it around his fingers, playing five finger pellet, sharpening it's blade, or just fiddling with it.
Likes: Fighting
Playing with his Knife
Killing his enemies
Helping those in need.
Impossible odds, as he slightly wants to die.
Dislikes: Chinese Soldiers (Especially General Chan)
Getting to much blood of his enemies on him.
His weapon jamming in combat
Getting Cut when playing with his knife.


M4A1 with a Holographic Sight, Fore grip, Suppressor (Usually attached), and Tactical Light
6 5X57 magazines (Full)
Small ammo box of 5X57 rounds (In Pack)
M9 Baretta
4 9 mm clips (Full)
Small ammo box of 9 mm rounds (In pack)
4 Days supply of food
2 days supply of water
2 M67 Fragmentation Grenades
1 M66 Incendiary Grenade
Large Hiking backpack
- Compass
- Map
- two flares
- gun cleaning kit
- tent (1-4 person)
- Combat Knife (8 1/2 inch blade)
- wallet
- Family, squad mates, and pet dog pictures
- 24 Chinese Yuans
- Mess kit
- Fire starters
-extra pair of boots, and gloves
-shoe laces


Growing up Jean lead a very normal life, he graduated with honors from high school, and joined the army, when he was 18. He joined the U.S Army 85th Green Beret Regiment four months before the invasion, and quickly developed a strong bond with his new friends. When the invasion had first begun, he had been involved in a special operation that went south, they were supposed to find and kill a general Chan. They walked right into a trap, and where captured. They were tortured for almost three weeks, which is where Jean received his scars. When no one talked to general Chan he executed all of Jean's men in front of him in an attempt to break him. Jean was then left alone without food or water, for two weeks. He then broke free of his cell and, he killed everyone in the base in a blind anger. Unfortunately, General Chan had left the day before. He then called for reinforcements through a Chinese Radio, and rigged the base with explosives. When the reinforcements arrived, Jean had already received all of his equipment, and ambushed the reinforcements through blowing up the entirety of the base. He found himself being discharged by the U.S Army, as he was deemed too mentally unstable to continue active service. He went out in search for the resistance, and received a tip from a small group of resistance that he should head to New York, and find Ryan Jacobs…

So begins...

Jean Havok's Story


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Written with Redred33mer in RPG Write

"Halt! Stop right there! Stop now or I'll shoot!" A Chinese soldier yelled as he ran after a man who was running through the destroyed city, and into an alleyway. The Soldier was accompanied by two other men, and as they turned into the alleyway, they saw it was a dead end. The apartment on the far end of the alley had collapsed, and the only way left out was through the soldiers.

The man turned towards the soldiers, an assault rifle in his hand. "Drop your weapon!" the soldier yelled aiming his own rifle at the man. The man was panting heavily, as he stared at them. Finally, he dropped his rifle to the ground.

"Alright, you got me, what now? I go to a camp, is that it?" The man yelled raising his hands above his head.

"No, we don't send garbage to the camps, we'll send you to a much worse place," The soldier said walking towards the man, his two allies still aiming at the man.

"Is that right? Where might that be?" He asked slowly, eyeing the three of them, trying to find a way out.

"Hell, we send useless scum to Hell," the soldier said raising his rifle.

As the soldier raised his rifle, the man reached out grabbing the muzzle of the gun, pushing it to the side. As his other hand grabbed the back of the soldiers head, and pulled him forward into his elbow breaking the soldiers nose. He quickly, spun the dazed soldier around, so that he faced his allies. He watched as the two soldiers raised there weapons to fire, but hesitated. The man reached down, and grabbed the soldiers handgun. He raised it up to face the two Chinese soldiers, and opened fire, sending three bullets into each of the two men before he put one through his hostages head.

He could hear the other soldiers coming in the distance, at least a dozen of them. He picked up his assault rifle, and ran out of the alleyway heading towards an intersection up ahead when several bullets flew by his head from the soldiers coming up behind him. He found himself running even faster down the road, quickly approaching the back of what looked like a bar or restaurant of some sort. He slammed into the back door, but it barely, budged. It must have been locked, or barricaded. He hit the door again desperately trying to open the door, before the soldiers turned the corner on of the intersection. He slammed into the door again this time, it budged, and almost seemed to flex inward. He hit the door a third time, and the door opened, as it did he stumbled in and closed the door.

He pressed his back against the door, listening for the soldiers. They had passed by when the man looked up to see two people. One was a young woman and the other was a youthful man aiming a handgun at him. "Don't shoot, I'm not one of the Chinese," He said looking around the room to see a lot of crates full of ammo, and what he thought to be a missile launcher on the table. He could see a bar, and some intact furniture, but most of it was destroyed.

"Your flashy entrance almost made me. You busted the lock on the door and now anyone can walk into the back, and when you have a major arms cache like this, it's not exactly something you want to be found. Who are you?" the man asked quietly as to not alert anyone outside.

The man smiled and replied in less than a whisper. "My name is Jean Havok, and I'm looking for a Ryan Jacobs."

"So I have a reputation now?"


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Fortunately for this man, Alexis had yet to load her weapon. For if she had, she would probably have fired instinctively. The man's sudden entry was nothing short of startling; she felt her heart almost leaped out of her mouth thinking the Chinese had managed to discover their hideout so quickly. For a brief moment, she felt like picking up the rifle as instructed. In such a situation now with Ryan and his gun raised at the man, she felt awkward being the only one without a weapon raised.

However, it seemed the man meant them no harm. Incidentally, he was looking for Ryan himself. Jean Havok was his name; Alexis found herself focusing on 'Havok', linking it to the havoc he has almost caused in the bar with his startling entry. With the shock of his entry fading, Alexis took the time to observe the man's appearance. This man had clearly seen a lot of battles. Scars marred several parts of his body, maybe more under the shirt, Alexis didn't want to know.

His face was rugged, which at the very least suggested he was a normal man in these harsh times. His stare, however, suggested that he was beyond the average man on the street. It was a menacing stare, one that made Alexis wonder if it was due in part to the scar that ran through his eye. Or maybe his rather awkward-looking nose. Those eyes seemed to bear deep into a person's being, and when she saw them rest on her briefly, she almost shivered.

On a more positive note, he was quite possibly running from the Chinese, which meant he was on their side. Even better, he was rather muscular - a sight for Alexis to feast her eyes on.

"Oh right, I'm Alexis, by the way," said Alexis, half-smiling as she regarded him with a mix of interest, curiosity and suspicion. For the moment, she figured she would let Ryan decide what was to be done with this man, and instead, go for the magazines as instructed. Walking to the corner of the bar, she reached into the crate and took with her four magazines before she returned to the table with Ryan.

Against her better judgment, she looked to Jean and beckoned him over. "Come on, take a seat and talk," she said, before she reached into the boxes of bullets that Ryan had taken out for her. She took a bullet and tried experimentally to load the magazine. Ryan made it look so easy; she had no idea if she was doing something wrong, or if she was simply not used to it. Still, it was better that than to join the conversation between the two men. From the way things looked, it seemed it was going to become a serious talk, and Alexis was no stickler for seriousness in the lighter moments before a serious mission.


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"You don't know how to load a clip do you?" Jean said looking at Alexis as he walked over extending his hand and taking the clip. "You see what you do is you push in the tip of the bullet, then just move your thumb back, and the bullet will click in. When you hear the click release the bullet, and then load the next one," He said showing her how to put in a bullet, he gave the clip back to her, and sat down across from her. He pulled up his rifle, and laid it across the table as he ejected his magazine it was empty. He began to rummage through his pack until he pulled out a small box filled with bullets he laid it on the table. He took out four other assault rifle magazines and laid them out, they were empty as well. He began to load his magazines with bullets.