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Terrian Mandalay

A simple gut-check decision can ruin your life forever.

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a character in “Fresh Poison”, as played by TBaccs



Terrian Orion Mandalay

Rian, Mandsy





Owes a loan shark more money than an average middle class family makes in a year.


  • Money
  • Girls
  • Sports
  • Freedom
  • All things Unique or Original
  • Social Interaction
  • Music
  • His Guitar
  • Being broke
  • Paranoia
  • Insects
  • Snakes
  • His singing ability
  • Large groups
  • Being controlled
  • College
  • He has a great natural gift for athletics, especially Basketball
  • He has musical talent. He is an okay singer, though he wishes he was better, and he is also very good with a guitar.
  • Thinks quickly on his feet. Has an ability to talk his way out of a jam, which is surprising considering his general lack of socialness.

  • He has social anxiety, and goes from somewhat outgoing to completely in a shell anytime he's in a group of more than 4 or 5.
  • Reading comprehension. He's definitely a learn by doing. He can read a story or instructions, and not absorb any of it, leaving him clueless after he's done.
  • Talking to females. He has all the tools one needs to be a ladies man, he just doesn't know how to put them all together.
[list][*]Being alone. Another contradiction. He's somewhat of a loner and prefers not to be around people, but he hates not having that one person he can go to whenever he has problems.
[*] Retaliation. At this point his secret has spiraled a little out of control. He has to walk around looking over his shoulder for fear that his loan shark is going to come collecting his debts.


Simply put, Terrian is an enigma. He carries himself with the utmost cockiness and arrogance on the basketball court, and thrives when he knows the crowd is watching. During everyday life, however, he couldn't possibly be more different. He's always attended all the parties and social events that the in-crowd would be seen at, but he usually tends to be over to the side, talking to one or two people. On the court he's the one yelling to pump up the crowd or another player. Off the court, he's more quiet than the average person. He has a very laid back, go with the flow personality, and is somewhat of a Ditto. He usually mimics the personality of those he's around. He's just as apt to be seen at the Coffee House reading a book as he is streaking maniacally down the street in the middle of the night. Though a leader on the court, he often follows his friends when around town, and often succumbs to peer pressure, especially if the pressure is coming from a trusted source. He is passionate about music, though he has never shared that with anyone, outside of his parents. He's never even told anyone he could play the guitar. He has a soft spot for children, and is often found at the local park on Saturday and Sunday, playing basketball with the young children of the neighborhood.


Terrian was a dominant basketball player in High School, earning multiple scholarship offers. Instead of taking his coaches advice and going with a basketball school, he instead decided to choose a power conference school, and accepted a scholarship to the University of Kansas. Under the impression that he was going to walk in and own the place, he was in for a rude awakening. Though he didn't struggle during summer camps or practices, he didn't excel either, and was selected to be redshirted. He sat through his redshirt freshman year, practicing but not playing, and wearing a suit on gameday like a good player, he vowed he wouldn't ride the pine again. He worked hard during summer camps after his redshirt year, and was told that he would be the third player off the bench. Frustrated with the coaches decision, as well as the stress of the difficulty of being a student athlete and his schoolwork, he opted instead to decline to remain with the team, and take his leave from the school.

Much to his parents chagrin, he came back home and settled into a life of doing nothing. He promised to at least finish his schooling at a local community college, but he spent most of his time during school hours down at the local sports bar instead. Searching for a way to fill the void in his heart where the game had been, he took up gambling on sports. He hit a few lucky bets in the beginning, which hooked him on the game, and gave him a false confidence, he soon began writing checks he couldn't cash, making more bets than he had money to cover. Using his family name as collateral, he took out a large enough loan to buy a middle-class house, and took it all to Las Vegas Super Bowl weekend, losing every penny of it. His parents gave him a minimal weekly allowance (by rich standards), he has so far managed to pay back just enough weekly to keep the loan shark at bay. He knows it's only a matter of time before the minimum payments become not enough, and that when that happens, his life could potentially be in jeopardy. He has recently taken to finding jobs anywhere he can, honest or not, in an attempt to make big money fast to pay back some of his debts.

Face Claim:
Jacob Artist


So begins...

Terrian Mandalay's Story


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The music was loud enough for Abbie to feel the bass in her chest. There was already a small crowd on the dancefloor, some grinding, some doing the dorkiest dance moves known to humanity, and some trying to work up the courage to dance. In one corner, a group was playing some kind of drinking game. Every so often, there was a cheer as somebody chugged a beer. Abbie was not engaging in any of these. She was sitting on a couch, holding a red solo cup and occasionally taking sips out of it. After saying that she wasn't drinking, somebody had found her a soda. She appreciated that- then again, in reply to her saying she wasn't drinking, the guy offering her a beer and simply said, "MORE FOR ME THEN!" and gone to find her a non-alcoholic drink. She'd been too nervous to ask her therapist if she could drink with her medication, and so wasn't going to take any chances.

Right now, she was waiting for Jason to show up. They'd agreed to meet at the party- Abbie had had a therapist's appointment, so not having to arrange to meet him gave her time to get changed,put her makeup on and get something to eat. She'd expected him to be here by now, but hadn't seen him yet. He must have gotten held up for whatever reason. She'd dressed up for the party. Instead of her usual t-shirt and jeans, she was in a sapphire blue cocktail dress, wearing silver heels. She would have been lying if she had said that she hadn't enjoyed dressing up. It felt good after having not done it in a while.


Callum could hear the party from several blocks away. He'd been forced to walk after his father had gone on a rant about "those goddamn faggots" and had left Callum far too anxious to ask for the keys. The conversation had driven Callum to his room, where he had to try and not have a panic attack. He'd failed, and had then had to calm himself down and pretend like nothing had ever happened. The walk had calmed him down again, and he was looking forward to knowing that he could actually relax for once. Not entirely- relaxing to much could lead to... things happening, and if that got out... That wasn't worth thinking about.

He reached the house, not surprised to see the door wide open. You didn't get invited to these parties, you just heard what time they were on at and where they were, and you turned up. That was why the cops were having such a hard time finding the killer- everyone at the party was a suspect, and there had been a lot of people. He'd had an interview with the police himself earlier that day. One of the officers had been incredibly attractive, and trying not to stare and give himself away had probably made him sound a little suspicious.

He entered the room where everything seemed to be happening and scanned the room, looking for a familiar face.


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(For anybody who's interested, this has been rebooted here! I'd love to see you guys back (: )