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Friends in the Void.

Friends in the Void.


A Supernatural Entity older than time and one Human in way over their head must put a stop to a Corporation's goal of World Domination.

And maybe they kill a God or two. [1x1]

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They had existed for as long as the Universe itself. Flitting through shadows and keeping themselves just at the edge of Human comprehension. Daemons. Creatures of great power that had always observed Mortals but very rarely did they make their presence known. They kept to themselves, donning disguises only when they were required to cross the line between our world and theirs. The Reality of Daemons, called The Void ran parallel to that of Humans, but never did they intersect. Never did they interact.

Until recently.

For reasons, unknown Daemons began to breach the boundary between worlds and making pacts with Humans. Some of the Daemons seek companionship and an opportunity to experience a world not their own. Some of the Humans seek a power that can only be afforded by a Daemon.

And some seek to leave both worlds in complete shambles.....



Rasteva had never liked Humans, this much was true. They made no secret of their dislike and mistrust of them, but their feelings never extended beyond general disdain. They were small. They were weak. They were foolish. To even consider interacting with such creatures, to GRACE them with the presence of a Daemon was something that defied all logic. Humanity was not worthy of the power that Daemons held. They had never been, and never would they be.

But this did not stop Rasteva's kin from meddling in their affairs all the same.

It started innocently enough. A wish here, a small gift of power there. Those Humans who were deemed worthy(wrongfully so in Rasteva's opinion) were quick to use their gifts to achieve what their kin never could.

Sometimes even for good.

But more often, for evil.

Rasteva did not care. It was not THEIR problem. The Humans could wipe themselves from existence and Rasteva would not care any more than they already did.

But the behavior of their kin began to bother the Daemon.

Some of them felt that tossing a rare few Humans a piece of power was thinking too small. Some saw Humanity's eagerness to destroy for the sake of power amusing and wished to test the depths of that eagerness. Others still saw a tool begging to be put to use. The realm that Daemons dwelt within was not interesting. A featureless void stretching off into infinity. But Humans never stopped filling the space that they existed in, and for as long as they'd existed the fledgling race desired to expand their territory even beyond the stars. A few Daemons saw in Humanity a potential that needed to be cultivated. The Humans would answer to the power of Daemons. They always had. With their guiding hand, the Mortal race might rise beyond the limitations of their nature, and subsequently, they would bend the knee to the masters that had bestowed it upon them.

Rasteva could not let this stand.

They had no love for Humans, but already they could see the effects that the Mortal race had upon their kind. Daemons turned on one another, each one vying to be seen as a God among nothing more than ants. They had become beings of chaos, completely illogical. Rasteva saw what the future of their kind held, and it was nothing more than each of them turning on themselves until nothing but dust remianed. Rasteva was counted among the oldest of their kind. One of the most powerful. If the others would not restore order, then they took it upon themselves to do so.

And once they had, Humanity would be stricken from existence for daring to cause such disarray among the Daemons in the first place.

They had not expected backlash from their kin, but it came anyhow. Thousands upon thousands of dissident voices all silenced in on fell swoop. Rasteva would not be stopped, they could not be stopped. They cut down countless Daemons, all in the name of restoring order.

And still more rose in their place.

Rasteva became overwhelmed, and amidst the roiling storm of supernatural power did a voice speak.

"Rend them asunder."

Rasteva felt their form being pulled in every direction, supernatural energies older than stars leaking from their form. Countless Daemons sprung forward to snap it up hungrily, eager to add their Elder's power to their own. Rasteva's strength waned, every drop of it consumed by their greedy brethren. Some gained more power than others, but all that partook became more powerful than they had ever dreamed. They gorged themselves on Rasteva's energy, and even when it was almost gone, they still hungered. They still wanted more.

And so they turned on each other.

The Void rocked violently in the battle, each and every Daemon struggling against one another to gain the upper hand, to consume their own kind in the name of becoming stronger still. In the chaos, Rasteva slipped away. As they made their escape, they sensed several powerful forms breaking away from the pack and breach the boundaries of the Void. The storm of energy still raged, and Rasteva knew that it would only grow and spread. This was the true curse of Humanity, spread to Daemonkind like a sickness. A desire to consume, to grow.

A desire to become more than what they were.

This could not stand. Rasteva would never allow it to stand.

And so the Daemon, now only a faint shadow of their former glory launched themselves from the Void with their remaining energy, seeking the very same creatures that had so enamored their kin.

Rasteva was not above using whatever tools were left in their disposal.


Rasteva is a Daemon stripped almost completely of their power and is seeking to reclaim it. In order to do so, the proud Daemon will require help from a Human to not only navigate the world they've found themselves in but to aid the Daemon in dispatching their foes. Daemonkind has recently become addicted to the power gained from consuming their own kind and a select few have found specific Humans that would help them in this endeavor in exchange for a portion of this power. The Rich and influential, Government officials, and a few notable criminal masterminds have allied with the most powerful of Daemons, and each of them is vying to overthrow any competition that would stand between them and complete domination.

Yet despite the storm brewing on Earth, the one in the Void grows ever larger and threatens to break the seams of the Daemon's reality. If left unchecked, Daemons will not stop at consuming each other. Their hunger for power will grow exponentially and they could potentially seek to undo all of creation.

You, the player are forced to ally with Rasteva. Utilizing what power the Daemon has left in them to defeat weaker Daemons and consume their power so they may grow stronger. In exchange, you the Player may take some of this power for your own and should you be successful in your quest Rasteva will use their regained power to grant you any wish that you may desire.

Rasteva cannot project a physical form in their weakened state and must possess a vessel of the Player's choosing until they have the energy to discard it.

This does not come without drawbacks, as utilizing Rasteva's power will leave you both strained should you stretch it too far. Humans were also never meant to contain Supernatural energies within their bodies, to begin with, and more reckless users will be left disfigured or kill themselves outright.

You, the Player must not only assist Rasteva in regaining their power but uncover a plot within your own city that threatens the safety of not only all that dwell there, but the world itself.

And naturally you have to juggle all of this while maintaining the image of a perfectly normal life.

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#, as written by Rasteva
This was not good.

This was in fact, the single farthest thing one could get from good short of being dead.

The cool fall evening meant that many people would not be out at a time like this. Just as well, Rasteva would hate to be seen like THIS. Leaves rustled wildly as something small and dark zipped over them. A cloud of smoke so black that it absorbed all light coiled and darted across the ground. This in and of itself was already odd. Even odder that the cloud of smoke was TALKING.

"Absolutely unacceptable! to think that I, Rasteva would be degraded in such a manner!" The Cloud darted across the ground erratically, all the while a deep voice bellowed from within. "Such an embarrassment, that is all this is. To be laid to ruin by WEAKLINGS, my power stolen by the unworthy. How could I allow such a thing to happen?" Only the wind answered the cloud of smoke, and it was an unwelcome answer at that. The cloud began to thin, almost in danger of dissipating completely.

Needless to say, the voice was not amused.

"Unbelievable! To think that I would be stricken down by a mere breeze! I must hurry if I cannot find a form I-"

The voice stopped short, footsteps echoing towards them. Someone was coming.

This was good, better than their current predicament. Whoever it was that approached was sure to have something on them that Rasteva could use as a temporary form. Once there they could make plans to regain their former strength.

But they had to act quickly.

The wind was beginning to pick up tremendously and Rasteva cursed themselves internally. Each gust of air only dissipated their smoke form further and they were getting dangerously close to falling apart altogether. The Daemon tried to collect their form as much as they could only to have someone walk straight through their body, causing them to unwind once more.The Daemon let out a sound of irritation as the Human rushed past "How rude! If I had a good and proper body, you'd be regretting that!"Rasteva silenced themselves, realizing that the human had long since left and wouldn't have heard the Daemon anyway. And what could have Rasteva done if they had? Given them a severe coughing fit? The Daemon's ego shrunk a few sizes, the realization of how powerless they were fully hitting them. When they had a body they were strong, but now they were nothing.

Less than nothing.

But that could all change.

Shaking off the intrusive thoughts Rasteva resumed their previous course of action. "A body. I need a body. Any body will do. And once I am strong enough I can begin regaining my former glory. But until I have a physical form-" The Daemon cut themselves short, taking notice of a human idling nearby.


Or at the very least, better than nothing. The wisp of smoke darted towards the unwary Human, quick as a Viper hunting their prey. All the while the Daemon was hoping, praying, that the Human held the one thing they needed.

Only then could the real work begin.


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Haven spent most of the morning at the shelter, and even stayed later than she should have. Someone couldn’t make it to work, so she was stuck cleaning all of the cages. She even had to walk the dogs on her own. To make matters worst, a foster mother dropped off a puppy that was too rowdy for her. At the moment she was walking the puppy in a park. No one knew what exact breed the puppy was. It looked like a pit-bull and husky mix. It had the body and shape of a pit-bull, but the short hair and eyes were the colors of a husky. The current name for the puppy was Blue.

Once the puppy had became tired, she sat down on a bench. The puppy walked in a circle and curled it. He fell asleep as walking tired the poor thing out. She leaned forward and opened her email app on her phone. Haven needed a break from walking too. Her long hair fell forward to cover her face as she marked emailed and replied to the easy ones.

Haven had a ring on her left ring finger. She wasn’t matter married or engaged. Haven mainly told the truth if people asked, but sometimes a lie was needed. The ring was made of gold. It looked like it was made of gold branches with small leaves intertwined. Throughout the ring were small round emerald stones. They were a bright green color. The ring had belonged to her great grandmother. She got it in the will she left.

As the wind began to pick up, Haven tied her hair up into a ponytail. It would just keep flying into her face if she didn’t. Blue woke up and start growling. Haven ignored it as she quickly typed on her phone. They were going to have an adoption event at the shelter in a couple of days and of course now were when issues popped up. When Blue began to bark, she slid the phone into the inside jack pocket of her leather jacket. She tugged on the leash lightly.

“What’s wrong?” she asked as the pup looked at a cloud of smoke. She tried to grab the puppy’s face to make it look at her, but it refused to turn its head. Haven sighed and looked around. She couldn’t see why the puppy was barking. Her eyes didn’t even notice the smoke. A sigh escaped her lips as the puppy continued to bark. She grabbed her black book bag and pulled out a doggie cookie. Haven held the small red cookie in front of the pup. He didn’t go for the yummy treat.


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#, as written by Rasteva
The barking of the dog irritated Rasteva more than words could ever hope to express. For a split second, the Daemon reconsidered approaching at all, sure that the creature's noise would alert the human sitting next to it. The woman seemed more concerned with calming the small furry creature than taking note of her surroundings, however. Had Rasteva been at all capable, they'd have breathed a sigh of relief but instead focused on the task at hand.

The cloud zipped forward, surging up and around the unwary woman and dissipating wholly into the ring on her finger. It did not seem as if she'd noticed what had happened, and so Rasteva allowed themselves to relax for the moment.

Their new form was small. It was weak. But it was the best that Rasteva could do on such short notice. They simply lacked the power to channel and project a form of their own, though they hoped that they would be able to discard their current body for a more dignified one later one.

The colors really did not suit the Daemon.

Rings also did not move.

Rasteva was not sure what to make of the Human, never having observed one up close. She was odd looking, but the Daemon was of the opinion that ALL Humans looked strange. They could sense no power coming from her either, so Rasteva was safe under the assumption that she'd not come across any other Daemons. This was good, thus far. In their present state, Rasteva could not afford to clash with another of their kind. Especially after what had happened.

The Daemon felt a surge of rage at the thought. Their power had been torn from them, unrightfully so. And now it rested in hands that didn't deserve them, scattered all over the planet. Rasteva was not sure HOW they would go about locating even the smallest fraction of it. But the Daemon would not rest until they'd regained their former strength and glory.

But how to go about wrenching it from the unworthy?

The Daemon regarded the Human again, mulling over every available option laid before them.

The Human. She was the key. She would be the one to uplift the Daemon.

There was only the small matter of convincing her.

Richard watched the digital display over the Elevator's doors in silence, the numbers on it changing at what felt like a Snail's pace. He wasn't late for his meeting with the CEO. He was never late. But that didn't make the wait any more bearable. The Chief of Security grumbled softly, a gloved hand coming up to fiddle with his tie. These meetings were not uncommon, Lorette took the safety of the building and all inside of it as seriously as she did the rest of her duties. However, she rarely called Richard to her Office so late in the evening, especially without making sure to schedule an appointment with him beforehand. He knew that the matter had to be serious if Lorette was willing to go off schedule and mentally prepared himself for the worst.

The Elevator dinged softly as it finally reached the top floor, and the doors had barely opened before Richard stepped through them. The floor was eerily silent, the Receptionist's desk empty in the dimly lit area. The Chief of Security set off at a brisk pace towards the imposing double doors situated just beyond the large desk, his footfalls muffled by the plush carpet on the floor. He didn't even make ready to knock as the CEO's voice rang loudly from within her office. She had expected him to arrive on time as he always did and wasted no time in bidding him to enter. Years ago, Robert had found her perception and timing unsettling, but now he could only appreciate the efficiency it afforded him. The massive office was as dimly lit as the rest of the floor and Richard could make out Lorette's form as she stood facing the floor to ceiling windows at the opposite end of the room. The many lights illuminating Arnvista cast a soft glow around the room, and for a moment the CEO was silent as she stared out at the busy streets.

"Lorette, do you think you can skip the dramatics this time and tell me why you called me up here?" Richard closed the heavy wooden door with a small grunt before turning to face the woman once more. Lorette pivoted sharply on a heel to face Robert, a stern glare leveled on him. A lesser man might have shrunk back from her gaze, but Robert had found himself under it for many years now and it had long since become exhausting to constantly cower before her.

"I will be leaving for Tokyo in a few hours. Ms. Oshiro will be accompanying me there. As you are well aware by now, Sato-Yamasaki Genetics will be doing business with us going forward and I will be visiting their Headquarters to finalize our agreement." Richard sighed and sank into the chair seated in front of Lorette's imposing black desk. "I'm going to go ahead and assume there's more. I can't imagine that you'd call me all the way up here for something you could have told me in a text message." Richard leaned back in the plush chair, spinning it side to side as he eyed the CEO carefully. As was usual, her face betrayed none of her inner thoughts, but the man was not stupid enough to believe that she had nothing else planned for him. "This is a very crucial time for us Mr.Solberg. Sato-Yamasaki will, of course, be sending some of their own people overseas to assist in future projects here in the States. And while I have the utmost trust in them you are well aware of what is at risk should we allow anything to slip past our notice."The Chief of Security nodded silently, waiting for her to continue. "I need you go about finding a security force for our new Research facility. Nikhil will give you the details on what he needs specifically."

Richard leaned back in the chair to stare up at the ceiling in silence for a moment, not quite ready to voice his thoughts. He could feel Lorette's gaze continuing to bore into him and knew that she would not wait all night for a response. "So, you're taking the Lieutenant on a vacation overseas and leaving me to round up some new people along with maintaining the security of this building AND a Research Facility out in the middle of nowhere with Nikhil?" Robert looked back at Lorette, his blue eyes narrowed. "Did you know that I own a home, Lorette? I have a house, with a roof and a bed. At some point this year, I'd like to sleep in it." Lorette's expression and tone did not change, seeming unbothered by the man's quips. "Junior Officer Kinnaird is more than capable of carrying the workload with you Robert. Her....exuberance aside, she's proven to be more than effective at her job. She can handle things here while you are out with Nikhil. Allister will be staying behind as well and I'm sure that he can keep an eye on things while we're both away."

Lorette moved away from the windows, her footsteps ringing loudly on the polished stone floor as she approached the sulking Chief of Security. A gloved hand settled gently on his shoulder and gave it a small reassuring squeeze. "It will be fine Richard. I know that I'm asking a lot from you right now, but you that it's only because I know you're capable of doing it." Richard glanced up at the woman, the small smile gracing the edge of her mouth not escaping his notice. "And besides, it's not as if I sleep in my own house any more than you do in yours. Sometimes I wonder if I'll forget where it is one day." The hand moved away along with Lorette as she walked away before coming to pause before the double doors of her office."I will contact you when we land. Please turn the lights off when you leave." Robert didn't bother watching her as she left, and once the doors had slammed shut the Office descended back into silence.

Richard rubbed tiredly at his face and resigned himself to his fate, knowing there was no point in crying over things as they were. Reaching into his jacket he pulled out his phone and tapped at the screen, pulling up a familiar number. The phone rang twice before the person on the other side picked up. The voice on the other end was thick with exhaustion, no doubt its owner had been asleep before Richard had called, but he wasted no time on that. "Kinnaird. I know you're off but I need you back at the Office. Something has come up-Are you crying? If you want to cry, then do it on your way over here. Now move your ass." Richard ended the call to loud tearful protests on the other side before tucking his phone away, muttering balefully to himself. "At least she can say that she got some sleep tonight...."

Matsuko grinned stupidly at her phone's screen, a string of expletive-riddled messages displayed prominently on the backlit surface. "Audrey is PISSED. This is wonderful, she's probably going punch the first person to start with her.....Oh God, I hope it's Allister. I would pay any amount of money to see that." She looked across the aisle towards Lorette, the CEO's expression as unreadable as always. "Tell the Junior Officer that if she plans to assault Mr. Schoen, that she needs to do it when she's not on Company time and property." Matsuko let out a short laugh, tapping idly at her phone. "So what's the plan once we get there? I'm not sure that I'll be of much help, Allister usually goes with you to these things and I don't like leaving Richard and Audrey alone unattended." Lorette continued staring out the plane's window, her voice even as she watched the clouds roll by. "Don't be ridiculous Ms. Oshiro. Your presence will be indispensable at this meeting. I will need you to remain observant once we arrive at Sato-Yamasaki Headquarters. Pay very close attention to their Security measures, and keep a close eye on the people that they choose to present to us. We are there to forge an agreement with them, but I'd feel better knowing how they operate."

A gloved finger tapped idly at the armrest of her seat, and Lorette pressed on. "And I need you to translate for me." Matsuko lofted a brow, eyeing the CEO quizzically. "You speak Japanese pretty decently if I remember. What do you need me to translate for?" Lorette's gaze slid over to the Lieutenant, her voice remaining even. "I speak the language well enough, but not enough to catch any subtle nuances in everyday conversation. Something that is quite important when conducting business."Lorette resumed staring out the plane's window. "And as far as they know, I don't speak it at all. I want them lulled into enough of a false sense of security that they might think me ignorant of everything that's going on. They may very well let slip something that they don't want me to hear."

Matsuko pursed her lips, brows knitted together. "You think they might be up to something?"Lorette did not make any movement to confirm or deny the other woman's question. "Hanshiro Sato does good business, but I hear that he enjoys gloating. He has no love for Americans either, though you wouldn't know it. Currently, I don't know if he plans to make the same offer that he's giving us to any of our competition. But I do know that if given the opportunity to gain the upper hand, he will take it. I want you to keep your eyes and ears open while we are there Ms. Oshiro. Is that understood?" Matsko nodded silently, knowing that Lorette would see it one way or the other. "You've got it." Matsuko grinned at Lorette. "I hope you aren't keeping tabs on me like this, you know."

"No, I am not. I've seen how you live Matsuko and the thought of having to watch you depresses me."

"That's pretty rude coming from someone needing my help as much as you do!"

"If you thought that by leaving Audrey and Richard behind, that you'd be free of any suffering, you were wrong Ms. Oshiro."



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Haven gave up and put the treat away as Blue was acting if she was invisible. She stood and slid her bag on. Now Blue was growling at her. She picked up the puppy and walked to her car. She owned a small red hatchback. She flinched when the puppy nipped her ring finger. “Hey, stop it,” she snapped and just put the puppy in the cage. She looked at her finger and still saw the ring was on. [i/]What the hell is wrong with this puppy?[/i] She took the ring off and slid it on her right ring finger. Her left one now had two small red dots and those dots stung.

Once in the car, she put her seatbelt on and began to drive. She had to drive back to the shelter to put Blue in a cage. It wouldn’t be safe if she kept him with her. He was actually hostile. It wasn’t much better at the shelter. Every animal seemed to be losing its mind when Haven walked by. I don’t have time for this. She put Blue in a cage and quickly left the shelter. It only took her a few minutes to drive home. She greeted her parents before entering her room. In her room she changed into a white t-shirt and gray sweats. Then she sat at her desk, and opened a book to read. It was a fictional book about a dragon.


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#, as written by Rasteva
Rasteva internally recoiled as the dog's slobber filled mouth covered the ring that they were hiding in. Had the Daemon not been trying to keep such a low profile, they'd have scolded and then killed the beast in short order. Instead, Rasteva resigned themselves to being dragged along to wherever the Human needed to be, angry dog in tow.

Their new location was not much better, it was, in fact, WORSE than before. Rooms filled with animals. Rows upon rows of the beasts, all barking and yowling. The woman that Rasteva had attached themselves to seemed flustered, irritated even. Had they been capable, the Daemon might have pitied her. But given their current state, Rasteva could not find it in themselves to care for anyone else. The Daemon attempted to block out the furious noise that all the animals were making, no doubt they could all sense the Daemon's presence around the woman. While Rasteva was currently no more threatening than any of the creatures housed within the building, the Daemon's presence was wholly unnatural and was enough to worry the beasts. The woman, fortunately, did not stay long. Wanting to listen to the fearful creatures no more than Rasteva did.

During the ride home, the Daemon considered their options in silence. They were unsure how to approach the Human without terrifying her. No doubt she'd be uncooperative with a being that had thus far caused her so much trouble in barely a few hours. The couldn't THREATEN her, at least not in the state that they were. Rasteva was in no position to do much of anything as they were, though the woman did not know that.

Their thoughts were cut off as the Human arrived at what Rasteva assumed was her home. She stopped to greet two more Humans, something that puzzled the Daemon. Were they companions? Caretakers? The Daemon had never bothered to reach out to Humans. Much less learn their customs as they considered even thinking of Humans for any stretch of time to be wasted energy. It was becoming more and more apparent that Rasteva really hadn't thought their grand plan through. It had been one born purely of desperation and no small amount of fury. But they knew that there was no turning back for them. They'd come too far, and had already settled on THIS particular Human. It wasn't as if Rasteva had any other options anyway. The next Human could very well be no better than the one that they'd chosen. They might very well be WORSE.

No. Rasteva had made their decision and would see it to fruition as best that they could.

The woman's living space was small and modest. She seemed to prefer quiet, something that Rasteva could certainly appreciate. Her attention was currently buried in a book of some kind, and from what Rasteva could see it was about a Dragon. The Daemon frowned internally at the word. This was one of many pieces of evidence of Daemon's meddling in Humanity's affairs. Many were the Daemons that took the form of great scaled beasts, breathing fire and soaring through the skies on wings large enough to block out the sun. The Humans had cowered beneath them. And later they wrote stories of Dragons. Of Monsters. Of creatures that lurked beneath the Ocean's waves and hid in the darkest of places.

They were all one and the same.

Rasteva continued to mull over their thoughts for a moment. The Human Woman seemed to have little patience for nonsense as far as the Daemon could see. Preferring straightforward results to her problems. Deciding to take what would amount to a shot in the dark, Rasteva decided to take a straight forward approach. If worse came to worse, the Daemon would make their escape and find someone that was hopefully more agreeable.

The Daemon's smoke like form seeped from the ring and into the book in the woman's hands. Quickly it spread over the page, blotting out all the words written on it with an inky blackness. A swirling white mass bloomed in the center of the book, leaving behind a series of words.


"Will you hear my tale?"

"Will you help me?"


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Oblivious. It was what Haven was as she continued to read. She only began aware of the smoke when it spread over the page she was reading. Annoyance filled her only for a season before confusion filled her mind. She stared at the book perplexed. What the hell? Why was smoke covering her book? She stared at the book somewhat in shock when words began to appear in the smoke. What the hell is going on? She read the words and took a deep breath. This was weird, but she’d go with it. Maybe she was dreaming anyways.

“Umm, hello. What is your tale and what do you need help with?” she asked.

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By creating Collectibles, you can reward your players with unique items that accentuate their character sheets.

Once an Item has been created, it can be spawned in the IC using /spawn Item Name (case-sensitive, as usual) — this can be followed with /take Item Name to retrieve the item into the current character's inventory.


Give your Universe life by adding a Mob, which are auto-replenishing NPCs your players can interact with. Useful for some quick hack-and-slash fun!

Mobs can be automated spawns, like rats and bats, or full-on NPCs complete with conversation menus. Use them to enhance your player experience!

Current Mobs

No mobs have been created yet.


Locations where Mobs and Items might appear.


You can schedule events for your players to create notifications and schedule times for everyone to plan around.


Add and remove other people from your Universe.

The Forge

Use your INK to craft new artifacts in Friends in the Void.. Once created, Items cannot be changed, but they can be bought and sold in the marketplace.

Notable Items

No items have been created yet!

The Market

Buy, sell, and even craft your own items in this universe.

Market Data

Market conditions are unknown. Use caution when trading.

Quick Buy (Items Most Recently Listed for Sale)

Open Stores

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