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a character in “Friends of the Yokai”, as played by Alphawolf565

Description ... iro_cb.jpg

Alias/Nicknames: Demonic Swordsman
Species/Race:Half-Human Half-Yokai
Birth Date: Does not know but he assumes he is 17
Age: 17?
Current Residence: No ware currently on the run

Weight:170 lb
Build: Athletic, has a set of fox ears and six fox tails which he keeps hidden under the jacket that he never takes off.
Eye Color: Blue with a silver ring and slighted ires
Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Sexuality/Preference: Females but so far none have detracted him from his goal.
Relationship/Marital status: None
Family/relatives: None
Sanity: fine towards humans but has a unspeakable hatred for Yokai
Friends: None
Mental Skills: quick to figure out problems
Likes: Destroying Yokai
Dislikes: Living Yokai
Hobbies: Destroying Yokai
Personality:Generally he is a friendly if guarded person, he is never one to judge on first appearances alone. He tends to have an optimistic attitude and likes to take things in stride. Despite this he does have a darker side and when it is brought out he he tends to be cold and ruthless. He is extremely intelligent, particularly in combat situations.

Weapons: Kami no raiha (Kutana) literally means divine lightning blade

Weapons Style: Iaido

Personal History/Background: He does not remember much about his family other then the fact that they where murdered in front of him as a small child. That scene was forever burned into his memory and it is the fuel that he uses for his hatred of all Yokai. He later found out that his father was a successful Yokai hunter and even possessed a divine weapon that he used against the Yokai. Inazuma found the weapon and immediately formed a connection with it. After that he was relentlessly chased by other Yokai seeking to consume him in hopes of gaining power. He eventually found a a dojio that specialized in the Iaido style which promoted fast reaction and speed when dealing with your opponent. He safely grew up there and quickly learned the style and even took it farther then most and perfected some of his own techniques. At the age of 16 he adventured out into the world with one purpose, to destroy all Yokai that cross his path. Which made it unfortunate that the first one to cross his path was a Nine Tailed Fox of a First Class caliber. Surprisingly he was able to land a lethal blow but almost died in the process. The Nine Tails did not die as he expected thou. Before she could die she pumped as much pure Yokai energy into him as she could which forced him to black out. When he came to he was awakened to a voice yelling "you killed me you brat, now that you are half-Yokai lets see how you deal with becoming the thing you hate the most. He looked all around but could not find the source of the voice and realized it was coming from inside his own mind. When this new horror dawned on him he heard her laugh at his dismay, "that's right kido I'm in your mind now and despite the fact it did not kill you or fully turn you into a Yokai it made you into half of on," letting out a giggle she added, "this looks like the start of a long and interesting relationship." To his dismay he found that she was not lying like he had hoped. When he looked into the reflection of a near by pool of water he saw plain as day a set of fox ears on his head and behind him six set of fox tails. When closer inspected he saw a strand silver ring inside the blue of his eyes and his pupils had became to slits. On his face you could see distinct whisker like marks. He reeled at what he saw before him, he had become the thing he had set out to kill. After that day people who spotted him would whisper about his appearance and comment on how he looked like a "demonic swordsman" which eventually stuck because even though he learned how to hide his appearance he could not hide his Yokai presence which always alerted exorcists to his presence and after awhile when none could beat him or could even catch him they started referring to him as the demonic swordsman. Now that the hunter has become the hunted Inazuma finds himself in the place where our story starts.

(P.S I hope people do not think I am trying to create a first class Yokai at best he could be classified as a second class but I was a bit confused on how exactly to best categorize him and also on another note the fact that he was able to beat a fist class in the first place is going to be left up to the simple fact of luck. If he was to face another first class of equal or greater power he might no be able to win.)

So begins...

Inazuma's Story