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Kotone Motosuwa

"Why don't we take a moment and eat together?"

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a character in “Friends of the Yokai”, as played by Keen




Image|Full Name|
    Kotone Motosuwa
    Koto, The Pale Priestess
    Human, Japanese
|Birth Date|
    December 27th, 1991
|Current Residence|
    Fujinomiya, Japan. She recently moved into town and is staying at the local shrine.
    Neutral Good


    127 lbs.
    Fit and healthy, Kotone is a girl who certainly eats well but under any of that softness lies a finely maintained body of unexpected strength.
|Eye Color|
|Hair Color|
    Silver. Clearly her most defining feature, Kotone's long and curly silver locks are an envy of many and is the primary aspect that earned her her namesake as the Silver Priestess.
|Skin Shade/Color|
    Pale and fair
    Koto's body is free of scarring of any sort despite any injuries that may have warranted such in the past thanks to her body's natural regeneration, she couldn't keep a piercing if she wanted to.


|Relationship/Marital Status|
    Kotone is an only child despite her parent's best efforts. She is Bato's cousin and has recently been transferred to Fujinomiya in reaction to the rise of Yokai related problems. The two were never very close but Kotone holds him in high regard and respect.
    While many might call Kotone 'strange', insane would be a bit of a stretch. She has a rather fine control over her emotions and has developed quite the poker face to use when the need arises.
    Kotone is generally a very friendly woman to human or yokai alike. She has been friendly acquaintances, particularly back home, but tends not to develop too many close relationships since most people don't quite treat her as an equal but rather as someone to be respected.
|Mental Skills|
    Kotone possesses a rather focused and disciplined mind, but even she has her limits. Under extreme duress her emotions can get the better of her though this is something that rarely happens. Aside from this she is also quite the actor and is quite good at bluffing.
    Food | Snow | Children | Helping others | Clothes & dressing up | Anything soft or fluffy | Frogs & insects | Getting lost
    Wasting food | Fighting | Technology | Pain & suffering | The heat | Tomatoes | Being rushed while eating | Weapons
    Eating | Shopping | Taking long walks | Collecting secrets | Dressing other people up
    Kotone is a bit of an enigmatic being. Though she often comes off as a whimsical woman with strange interests and hobbies and as someone who's warm and caring and kind, she can, at the flip of a switch, make that all disappear behind a flat poker face that could only belong to someone who is deadly serious. Though she seems to prefer to show off her playful side she never hesitates to put it aside as the situation requires. Takane likes to surround herself with cute, innocent, or fluffy things and often comes across as a motherly figure to those she's taken under wing. She's a very patient, tolerant, and open-minded woman (at least when it doesn't have to do with technology) and is someone who usually gives off quite a calming and relaxed aura. While her pace might be slow by most standards it's a speed she prefers and she rather dislikes being or feeling rushed.


    While Kotone carries no physical weaponry she does possess ability to manipulate a living being's vital essences via touch and spiritual energy.
|General/Preferred Style|
    In truth Kotone prefers not to fight at all, if she can she will always try to defuse a situation through words rather than violence. Should that fail, her primary objective is to avoid harm herself and avoid harming the other party in any serious way as she attempts to bring the conflict to an end.
    Kotone is primarily trained in Judo as a means of hand to hand combat, preferring this method of using an opponent's own strength against them and tossing them about or taking them down as opposed to the more strike-focused nature of other martial arts.
|Special Abilities|
    Aside from the more typical training most shrine maidens or priestesses would receive Kotone possesses a single unique ability referred to as 'The Touch of Life and Death'. By making physical contact with an individual and the careful use of spiritual energy Kotone has the ability to manipulate the life force that flows through every living creature. Kotone's expertise in the ability certainly lies in the 'life' side of things, adept in healing wounds and curing illnesses or even restoring life to the very recently deceased. As for the 'death' part, the worst Kotone could do is make someone sick to their stomach, but vomiting does have a tendency to end many fights rather quickly.


    Born to a family of priests and priestesses, Kotone knew from a young age that she would be carrying on this tradition and upholding her family name and tradition as a priestess herself. It wasn't long into her training that her rather unique talent was discovered and once it was, her life took a slightly unexpected turn. Her life was no longer that of just an ordinary priestess, her status was instantly elevated and the focus of her life was shifted to honing her special talent. It would be hard to say that her life was average or uneventful, but in the grand scope of things she had rarely had to deal with anything particularly dramatic or traumatic.

    Kotone has always been a force for establishing good relations between the Yokai and humanity and tried to be a diplomat and mediator for the two communities. With the rising tension between the groups thanks to the recent surge of conflicts this has kept her a bit busier as of late. Very recently however she's been called to change posts from her home shrine to one at the base of Mt. Fuji in reaction to a spike in violent and troubling happenings.
    Kotone belongs a long family line of priests and priestesses. While they're not particularly large or well-known, they are well respected and quite celebrated in their local community.

    So begins...

    Kotone Motosuwa's Story


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    The chill autumn wind blew across the red and orange leaves of the forest, sending a shiver down the spines of its many inhabitants. One such occupant however, didn't seem to be bothered by the breeze. The red haired oni sat next to his fire pit, poking at the red hot charcoal with a sturdy branch, waiting eagerly for the large rabbit he'd caught to cook through. He wasn't hungry, yokai have no actual need for food, but he enjoyed the taste of many foods. "This is really taking much to long..." complained the oni as he glared at the rabbit, and before he realized what he was doing the flames tripled in size and intensity, instantly turning his snack into nothing more than a hunk of carbon. He sighed heavily and picked the charred carcass out of the flames and inspected it. Not one bite was salvageable. He shook his head and tossed the wasted food over his shoulder before standing up. The fire died as he began to walk away, towards an all to familiar path. How long has it been since I was last in town...? 50 years or so? Wonder what all has changed."

    As he made his way down the path leading into town, a small tengu resting in the trees saw him coming... rubbed its eyes and looked again, only to confirm that he was indeed seeing the Mountain King headed into Fujinomiya. Its tiny face paled and the tengu immediately took off at full speed into town, screaming at the top of its tiny lungs "The Mountain King comes!" as it flew through the streets of the town, knocking over a woman's flower pot, a tip jar, and throwing up a woman's skirt. The yokai in town, of which there were thousands, heard the tengu's cries... and immediately began to run in a panic, screaming the same at the top of their own lungs. In mere minutes, everyone in town who could know of the Mountain King was made aware that he was coming.

    The setting changes from Mt.Fuji woods to Fujinomiya Shrine

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    #, as written by Senpai

    That Damned Monk

    "Ah! Hey! Easy on the hair, now! It hurts if you pull on it too hard!" A bellowing laugh would follow the loud exclamation and fill the air of the temple. Anyone who had not already seen would more than likely have turned their heads to see the scene. It was a familiar scene, but a heartwarming one nonetheless. Bato, the monk of this temple, had about four kids using his body like a jungle gym. A giant man towering over most other people at the height of seven-foot-ten, kids often enjoyed gawking at him and marveling his gigantic stature. Laughter was coming from both him and the children, though there was nearly a tear in his eye with the pain of a young girl on his shoulders pulling at his hair.

    "Sorry, Mr. Monk man..." There was a sincere and sad sound to the girl's voice and she swiftly wrapped her arms around his forehead in an apologetic hug.
    He reached up to pat her arms only to be met with a surprised shout of a child who was hanging on his forearm. "Oh! Sorry there, little Daisuke. Forgot you were there!" Another laugh escaped the enormous man as the young boy called Daisuke laughed with him.
    "You're so mean, Mr. Monk! Forgetting about me!"
    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Forgive me kiddo."
    "Only if you promise to come back and play with us again!"
    "Haha, okay, kiddo. You got it. The next time I'm free I'll come and play with you all again." The children let out all sorts of sounds of excitement as he crouched down to let them all get off safely. These children were the closest thing he would ever have to his own so long as he continued to live the life of a monk. Though the man craved a family of his own, he found himself fortunate enough that he could find some happiness with these children. It helped fill the void that his potential children weren't. With a big smile and a wave, he said his farewells and picked Kirin Horn off of the wall.

    A short ways of walking through the shrine, his master, a bald man very on in years, was waiting for him. "Bato."
    Bato bowed deeply in response. "Master."
    The man grinned, motioning for Bato to rise. As he did so, the ancient man began speaking. "You are a master in your own rites, Bato Motosuwa. You have no need to bow before me... But I wish I were here on casual terms."
    "Yokai?" Bato immediately understood.
    The old man gave a single sage-like nod. "Yes. A very powerful Yokai has shown himself nearby in the woods. He is heading towards the city... Rumors have it that it is the Mountain King."
    "The Mountain King, eh? I thought he was just a rumor. Ah well, guess it can't be helped. I'll go check it out for you."
    The man smiled, nodding once more. "Remember... There is no need for immediate action. Observe and act only if necessary."
    It was Bato's turn to nod now. "Of course, Master. I protect both innocent humans and Yokai alike."

    Exchanging final farewells and pleasantries, Bato departed from his master. If this truly was the Mountain King and he had intentions of causing harm, Bato was not too confident in his ability to handle things by himself. Not to mention that if there was a powerful Yokai around it was fairly certain that there would be others nearby for their own reasons. No, Bato decided to request a bit of help this time. And for this, there was no one better than family to ask. "KOTONE!" He called out loud, cupping his hands over the sides of his mouth to project his voice further. With his mighty voice, it would probably be enough to summon her from whatever it was she was doing. "KOTONE! YOUR DEAR COUSIN BATO NEEDS YOU!" Yes, Kotone. A shrine maiden, and a damned good one at that. Her abilities would make her a valuable asset in case a fight broke out. It was all precautionary, of course. There was a good chance that nothing would happen at all... But in his position, it would be better safe than sorry.

    The setting changes from Fujinomiya Shrine to Fujinomiya


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    #, as written by Keen

    As she so often did, Kotone found herself wandering. She had only been at this new shrine for about week so the place and its surroundings were still unfamiliar to the woman. This alien and uncertain feeling however was one she quite enjoyed, it was something she didn't often feel within the comfort of her own home and town, it was a reassuring feeling in some ways, it made her certain she had a home, a place to return to. She was also aware however that this place would in time become more and more familiar to her as well, but even that thought was a pleasant one, this place could serve as a second home to her and that was most certainly a good thing.

    She had no destination in mind as she wandered randomly about the shrine, she simply let the wind take her where it would. The image would be rather idyllic really, a beautiful maiden, long hair fluttering in the gentle breeze surrounded by the wonder and mystery of nature. This image however was mostly ruined by the bright bag of chips Kotone was carrying and snacking on with wild abandon. It was a new, limited edition flavor that the woman found most intriguing, its flavor was strong and distinct, but not overpowering. This snack was certainly a good one.

    Lost in a reverie and off in her own little world like this, Kotone wandered, she wasn't sure how far she had gotten from the shrine by now but she didn't much care. Shattering the veil of natural sound and silence however came the booming cry of a familiar voice, apparently she hadn't ended up that far from the shrine after all. She wasn't sure what Bato needed, but for him to go on shouting her name like that was quite unusual. And so, she redirected herself back towards the shrine, moving at a swifter pace than in her wandering but certainly at a pace far below a run.

    Once at the shrine it didn't take her long to find the giant of a man. She cleared her throat to catch Bato's attention just as she began to stuff the last of the potato chips into her mouth in an impressive display graceless eating. With one hand she crushed the bag into a ball and the other found its way to her mouth as she began to clean the dust of flavoring that was left behind during her snack. "I trust this is something important, so present to me your back so that I may ride upon it and we shall be on our way, you can explain as we travel. Come come, let's not waste any time." She gestured for him to turn around before stuffing the emptied bag into her pocket, not wishing to litter in the shrine, before stepping up close to climb up atop the mountainous man.