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Vespertine Maccaulay

0 · 375 views · located in Mt.Fuji woods

a character in “Friends of the Yokai”, as played by phooka


|[Full name:]|
Vespertine Shanon Maccaulay



Human || Scottish

|[Birth Date:]|
March 15


|[Current Residence:]|
Gotemba, Shizuoka

Chaotic Good

    121 lbs
    Slim, Athletic
|[Eye Color:]|
|[Hair Color:]|
    Red- Vi's hair is interesting to say the least. She has it cut rather short in the back while the front is long. Her hair is pretty thin and messy, she's not really one to play around with it and she doesn't really care about it enough to take better care of it.
    Right- Her dominant hand is her right hand, but she's able to use both while fighting and uses her left hand for her dagger.
|[Skin Shade/Color:]|
    Vi has small, scattered scars all over her body due to training and fighting demons. There's one notable, deep scar on her side where she was stabbed by a Yokai, it just barely missed her lung.

    Asexual || Demi-Romantic
|[Relationship/Marital status:]|
"They're all back home in Scotland."
    Mother (48)|| Ros Everett-Maccaulay
    Father (51)|| Erskine Maccaulay
    Older Brother (30)|| Gavan Maccaulay
    Older Brother (24)|| Kenzie Maccaulay
    Younger Sister (18)|| Cailin Maccaulay
    For the most part, intact
|[Mental Skills:]|
    Puzzles|| Vi is the type who likes to exercise her brain. When she has downtime, she can often be found doing things like Sudoku or crossword puzzles.
    Solitude|| Vespertine is a bit of a lone wolf and an introvert, she doesn't like being around other people if she can help it and so she relishes any type of solitude.
    Outdoors|| Vi does some of her best thinking when she's outside. She enjoys wandering aimlessly when she has the time, it helps her clear her mind.
    Busywork|| She likes to keep herself busy and will often keep little projects or unfinished puzzles with her to do when she has nothing to do.
    Being touched|| Vi is very standoffish and does not like contact, so physical contact is not something that she enjoys or is comfortable with, especially when it's from people that she doesn't know well or like.
    Leading|| While Vespertine isn't one to work in groups, on the rare occasions that she does she hates leading, she's very much a follower when it comes to group settings.
    Crowded places|| This goes with her introverted nature, Vi isn't one to put herself in situations or places that are crowded if she can help it.
    Writing|| Vespertine will often carry notebooks of unfinished stories with her in case she gets downtime to work on them. Oddly enough, she doesn't write because she wants to be a writer or has any real interest in it, it's just something that she does to busy herself though she's actually quite good at it.
    Puzzles|| As stated before, Vi likes to do puzzles and word games to keep busy and exercise her mind.
    Wandering|| When she wants to think, Vi will go out and try to get lost. She finds it relaxing.
    The main thing to focus on when considering Vespertine and her personality is that she is not a social butterfly and definitely isn't one who excels in any type of social setting. The type of person who sat alone in the crowded cafeteria at school, not because no one wanted to sit with her but because anyone who tried was sent away with a harsh glare. Most people tend to assume that she had a difficult upbringing which caused her to be so anti-social and introverted, though that was not the case at all and there's really no reason that she has such an attitude.

    That's not to say that she's disrespectful or incapable of any feelings other than indifference or anger, she's just not one to show them. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Vi lives to please, and most of what she does is in an effort to be appreciated and helpful. She's actually very big on respect, though her first impressions rarely show it. Same goes for her emotional range. She's not as open about her feelings or emotions as most, but she tends to show her appreciation for others in subtle ways though she'll get flustered if you bring them up. Also, despite her independent nature and lone wolf attitude, Vi is fiercely loyal and protective over those that she cares for and will go to whatever means necessary to keep those she loves safe and happy.


    Blade/Pistol Combo Apparatus|| A gift from a friend of her godfather's, this custom creation is Vi's main weapon and the one that she uses primarily. (x)
    Holy Dagger|| Vi bought this dagger shortly after she finished her initial training and began fighting Yokai in earnest. While probably more effective than her Apparatus at defeating Yokai, she keeps in on hand mainly for if she's in a tight spot or for finishing them off after weakening them with her primary. It looks out of place next to her Apparatus, but that's only because it's a very old relic. (x)
|[General/Preferred Style:]|
    Evasive || Focus on attacking weak points || Quick, well placed strikes
    Vi isn't weak and she has had training in hand-to-hand so she can do it if she needs to, but she doesn't feel as comfortable without a weapon in hand and isn't as good as with her weapons.
|[Weapons Style:]|
    Her Apparatus strapped onto her right arm and her dagger either in her left, or readily available in a sheath on her hip, Vi will attack long-range with the pistol, then come in closer and fight with the blade on her Apparatus and finish the opponent off with the Holy Dagger.
|[Special Abilities:]|

Image|[Personal History/Background:]|
    Born in Bruntisland, Scotland, Vi led a quiet and happy life. Though her personality was never really 'excitable' or 'chipper', Vespertine did mellow out a lot with age, and as a child was much more high energy that the woman that she is today. With two older brothers and a father who had been secretly hoping for another son, she never really had a chance of being the 'girly-girl' that her mother wanted and was raised on sports, wresting, and settling arguments with her fists, something that came in handy once she ended up in Japan fighting Yokai.

    Her road to Japan was a simple one, around the age of 16, Vi was considering applying for an exchange program to go to school in Japan. One of her father's close friends, and Vi's godfather, lived in Japan and offered to pay for her to take a trip there to see if it really was something that she would like to do. During her trip, however, she kept seeing strange creatures that others around her didn't seem to see and when she finally brought it up to her godfather, his face paled and he explained to her what she was seeing. He explained that the Yokai were a growing problem and that, in these days, any person who could see them would be an important asset in the fight against them. For some reason, Vespertine felt inclined to help, and she ended up applying for the exchange program when she returned home and found herself back in Japan before the start of the next school year.

    Her godfather got her in contact with a man who was training people to fight the Yokai and she trained with him during nearly every spare moment that she had. Once she finished high school, Vespertine contacted her parents with the news that she was staying in Japan and rented an apartment for herself. She has been training and fighting Yokai for around 6 years now and, though her main residence is in Gotemba, close to where her Sensei and godfather live, she's been living in a run down motel in Fujinomiya due to a recent spike in Yokai activity in the region. Vi will occasionally make the 45 minute trip back to her flat for supplies or if she needs something, but has been spending most of her time in Fujinomiya for the past two months.
|[Clans (Family Clan or Otherwise):]|
    Accent|| Despite being in Japan for a little over three years, Vespertine still has a rather heavy Scottish accent which can make it difficult for people to understand her at some times. It gets even more pronounced when she's feeling intense emotion such as anger or excitement.


So begins...

Vespertine Maccaulay's Story


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The chill autumn wind blew across the red and orange leaves of the forest, sending a shiver down the spines of its many inhabitants. One such occupant however, didn't seem to be bothered by the breeze. The red haired oni sat next to his fire pit, poking at the red hot charcoal with a sturdy branch, waiting eagerly for the large rabbit he'd caught to cook through. He wasn't hungry, yokai have no actual need for food, but he enjoyed the taste of many foods. "This is really taking much to long..." complained the oni as he glared at the rabbit, and before he realized what he was doing the flames tripled in size and intensity, instantly turning his snack into nothing more than a hunk of carbon. He sighed heavily and picked the charred carcass out of the flames and inspected it. Not one bite was salvageable. He shook his head and tossed the wasted food over his shoulder before standing up. The fire died as he began to walk away, towards an all to familiar path. How long has it been since I was last in town...? 50 years or so? Wonder what all has changed."

As he made his way down the path leading into town, a small tengu resting in the trees saw him coming... rubbed its eyes and looked again, only to confirm that he was indeed seeing the Mountain King headed into Fujinomiya. Its tiny face paled and the tengu immediately took off at full speed into town, screaming at the top of its tiny lungs "The Mountain King comes!" as it flew through the streets of the town, knocking over a woman's flower pot, a tip jar, and throwing up a woman's skirt. The yokai in town, of which there were thousands, heard the tengu's cries... and immediately began to run in a panic, screaming the same at the top of their own lungs. In mere minutes, everyone in town who could know of the Mountain King was made aware that he was coming.