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Daniel Fletcher

"Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes."

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a character in “Friends?... or More?”, as played by CyberGlowfly



Sign, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours (Cover) | Josh Kaufman - Hide and Seek (Cover) | Christina Grimmie - Heaven (Cover) | Jake Worthington

{ "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." }

{ Name }Image
Daniel Brandon Fletcher

{ Birthday }
March Twentieth, Seventeen

{ Sexuality }
Omnisexual, Panromantic

{ Couple }

{ Face Claim }
Josh Hutcherson

{ "Books are as useful to a stupid person as a mirror is useful to a blind person." }

{ Likes }
β—† Strawberry Shortcake β—† Vegetables β—† His dog, Smokey β—† Cherries β—† People β—† Music β—† Challenges β—† Stimulating Conversation β—† Respect β—†
{ Dislikes }
β—† Discrimination β—† Jocks β—† Disrespect β—† Rap Music β—† Spicy Food β—† People treating him as weak β—† Being treated like a kid β—† Bullying β—†
{ Strengths/Talents }
β—† Heightened Hearing β—† Singing by ear β—† Listening β—† Talking to people β—† Consoling People β—† Giving Advice β—†
Image{ Weaknesses }
β—† Unaware of his surroundings β—† Blindness β—† Too Kind β—† Bleeding Heart β—† Cinnamon β—† Bees β—† Peanut Butter β—† Penicillin β—†
{ Personality }
β—† Proper β—†
Proper etiquette has quite become a thing of the past. Luckily, Proper people still remember the old ways and conduct themselves by a code of honor. Or at least a code of nice manners...
β—† Virtuoso β—†
Virtuosos have a natural gift with musical instruments and are often considered the best musicians.
β—† Dog Person β—†
Dog People absolutely love dogs and often have many but at least one.
β—† Light Sleeper β—†
Light sleepers toss and turn throughout the night and are woken up by the slightest bump in the night.

{ "What a blind person needs is not a teacher but another self." }

Image{ Hair Color }
A deep brown with blonde highlights in the sun

{ Eye Color }
Light glazed over blue

{ Skin Color }

{ Height and Weight }
5'9" | 135 lbs.

{ Scars, Tattoos, Piercings? }
Several scars around his body from years of bumping and tripping over things.

{ "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." }

Image{ History }
WIP - Still have to collaborate

So begins...

Daniel Fletcher's Story


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Sophia Reese

ImageSophia sat in her bedroom, It was painted a pale cream color and was covered in posters of bands that Sophia listened to, they were mostly rock and punk bands which her mum didn't approve of, but Sophia didn't care.

She gazed out at the rain. It was a typical Winters morning she thought and looked at her watch, it was 5 PM. Her mum had left her a list of jobs to do around the house but she hadn't even looked at it yet and the thought of school tomorrow made her sick. I should do something to pass the time she thought.

Sophia sat up and looked at the list her mum had left. The first thing on the list was ''Buy Milk'', so she decided to walk to the local shop. She grabbed her iPod and raincoat and walked out the door. Even though the rain wasn't quite as bad as she had anticipated she still put on her coat.

Sophia arrived at the shop, It was small but it stocked most of the essentials. She hoped that she wouldn't run into anyone from school at the shop as she had barely brushed her hair and was wearing tacky clothes. She picked up a carton of milk and began to make her way towards the checkout.


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Katy sat on her little wooden box, holding the neck of her guitar she'd had since she was a little girl. She learned to play her first notes on it, and she was damned if she even thought about giving up such a precious memory. It was the only thing she had from either of her parents. Her father to be exact. Her hair was long, reaching all the way down her to the small of her back in curls.

With what little money she made, she could go to the shop just around the corner, and buy things to her heart's desire. Sometimes, she even got "donations" from friendly passerby who couldn't or didn't want to give money. These "donations" included guitar picks, nail polish, and old clothes.. not really old clothes, more like modern clothes that they never wore or something.

Katy felt a cool breeze of wind pass through her hair, ruffling the curls a little, but they just fell back into place. She loved her hair in curls. It was easier to maintain than it's natural straightness. Katy had on some old, worn jeans, a black leather jacket she was donated, a white tank, broken-in, brown leather boots, a black beanie on her head, and her nails were freshly painted black by a friend. She often would "crash" at some friend's houses. Mainly the ones who were either like her, or the ones whose parents didn't give a flip what they did. Katy spent the most time at Daniel's ,her best friend, house.