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Galen W Blair

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a character in “Friendship”, as played by JEDH3



Full Name: Galen Walter Blair

Age: 16

Grade: 10

School: Not sure what this is supposed to be, I will edit upon clarification.

Class schedule:
 Geometry 2
 Physics
 Grammatical Editing
 World History
 Weight Training
 German
 Advanced art


Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 165lbs

Skin Tone: light tanned

Wardrobe: Galen doesn’t have many clothes in general, having simple tastes. He only owns three pairs of jeans, and a few shirts of mostly plain colors or pictures of tv shows, movies, or comics he likes. However, he owns a grey jacked and a faded green patrol cap both of which he wears everywhere he goes. He also carries a Multitool on him at all times.

Guardian(s): 7

Other family: An Uncle on his Mother’s side, Father’s side is unknown.

Friends: Galen has very few friends, and even those he does connect with, he doesn’t keep in touch with after every time he moves.

Pets: He owns a cat named Blossom



Good Traits:
 Galen is very tolerant with people, often giving them more chances than they deserve.
 He is a very hard worker, focusing on completing a task quickly with as few breaks as possible so that he can finish sooner.
 He has a talent for fixing things with whatever he has on hand.
 He can draw anime quite well.

Bad traits:
 Galen tends to be emotionless, detaching himself from everything.
 Despite his patience, he often is quick to the violent approach, not caring about finding other ways to solve problems.
 He is too often sarcastic, being a bit rude to others.
 He doesn’t have much of a sense of humor.

 He cracks his fingers when he is nervous.
 He draws to help him think.

 Crowds
 Having his head covered

Medical Issues:
 He is diabetic
 He had chronic nightmares, causing him to constantly wake up covered in sweat, and shaking. He sleeps barely 4 hours a night as a result.

 Reading
 Drawing
 Animals
 Mechanics

 Socializing
 Inactivity
 School

Ethical Background: Scottish


Galen was born to Trisha, a teen mother who was in a relationship with an older man named Jared who was part of a local gang. She raised him with her Brother’s help until he was five at which time child protective services removed him from their custody after they were arrested for making and distributing meth. From that point onward, Galen was ran through the foster system being removed from families repeatedly through no fault of his own at first.
He was never a troublemaker, but he soon grew tired of putting up with so many new people that he developed violent tendencies. This started when he was ten, and one of his foster brothers picked on him constantly for being the youngest. Finally, Galen snapped, and hit the other boy, knocking him down. After that, the boy never bothered him again, and Galen saw how easy the problem was solved. As such, it wrongfully became his choice method of dealing with people. He is currently slowly learning that that may not always be the best method.

When he was 12, he discovered his talent for art when he was watching a cartoon with other kids he lived with and decided to draw one of the characters. It did not turn out fantastic, but it was good enough that he was proud of the drawing and continued to practice. Anymore, his pieces are much better, and he is learning to animate his work, and is considering a career in the field.

He was not quite excited when he discovered that he was being permanently adopted, and in truth, had his doubts that it would last, due to constantly being moved from home to home. Because of this, he did not feel anything when news of his former future family’s death reached him. As a result, the further news of his being taken in by his own manager, Maria, left him more confused than anything. He currently still has his doubts on the logic of the arrangement, but is looking forward to a smaller family, instead of another home filled with other foster children, no matter how short of a time it is.

So begins...

Galen W Blair's Story