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Ellie Santos

The fun, caring worrier.

0 · 290 views · located in United States

a character in “From Chatroom to Real Life”, as played by Beffiye


Name: Ellie Santos
Age: 17
Birthday: March 3rd

Height: 5”4
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown

How did they come across the chat room?: Ellie found out that her older sister, Nova Santos, was using it so she made an account too, eager to make new friends.

5 likes: Ice cream, music, dancing, blue, shoes.
5 dislikes: Sprouts, failing at something, bullies, show-offs, lazy people.
5 fears: Airplanes, rats, trains, escalators, lifts/elevators.
5 things they hate about themselves: Clumsiness, eye colour, nose, height, hair.

Personality: Bubbly, fun, caring, the worrier.

Biography: Ellie was born into a rich, high maintenance family, along with her older sister Nova. Like her sister, she never really had many friends, but from time to time she would become close to someone. When her father committed suicide, she cared for and looked after both her sister and her mom, and worried deeply about her sister’s mental state. Both her and her sister still have nightmares, though Ellie’s are nowhere near severe and she usually does not wake anyone else up, rendering them almost unaware of her internal struggle. When her sister found a chartroom on the internet and seemed happy there, Ellie joined too.

So begins...

Ellie Santos's Story