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Kasna Serje

0 · 379 views · located in North America

a character in “From Desolation We Rise”, as played by Lashun


Data of Recruit #3

Name: Kasna Serje
Nickname: Song Bird, Angel, Cassie
D.O.B: September 11, 1963
Height: 5' 10''
Weight: 128
Eye Colour: Blue Grey
Hair Colour: Jet Black
General Appearance: Lucky for Kasna, the radiation didn't affect her physical appearance. She carries an innocent yet ghostly glow about her and her stare seems distance, even if she is focusing on something. She smiles quite often, despite the world's current status, and people tend to hang around her just to have a reason to smile back (even Vaughn gets irritated because he can't help but crack a smirk). She usually wears a navy blue
hoodie thats cut just below her chest over a white tank top and blue jean boy shorts. Her grey converse shoes, along with her hoodie, have no laces. She always seen with either her guitar on her back or a set of headphones around her neck, connected to an MP3 Player that is always around her wrist. When alone, the headphones are over her ears or she's playing her guitar and singing in solitude.
Skills: Kasna knows how to sing and play the guitar. After getting infected, she learned how to wield several different blades and whips with some form of “dancing” martial art.
Mutation Effects: Ever wondered why blood had that taste of metal? That would be because of the iron that is in your blood. Kasna “suffers” from Hemochromatosis, which means she has more iron in her blood than any human bring should be able to handle in their bodies. Once she's made a free passage out of the body (usually through a cut on her finger or back of the hand) she manipulates the iron to give her the ability to “blood-bend”. She can, then, morph the blood into various weapons according to her will. So far, she has only mastered whips from her fingers and blades from the backs of her hands; she may just keep it that way.
Weakness(s): Using her ability for a long period of time can lead to hysteria. Radiation poses itself as a life source where the blood is absent and, although it helps and is not as bad in small doses, it can get to the brain and ultimately harm her and others around her if not careful. This becomes more of a problem if she decides to change her weapon. If the next weapon is bigger than the previous one, she uses more blood; if smaller, she may not be using more blood, but that blood merely sheds off and doesn't return to her body. She takes iron tablets constantly and has to stay on an high-iron-based diet, as if she has anemia.
Private Message:
Your sanity lies within your voice. Don't stop singing for ANYONE.

Data of Recruit #3: Authorised Access Only.

PersonalityThis observation was provided by: Dr. Junette: Kasna is a very responsible individual that certainly cares about the welfare of others, thus causing her to distance herself on occasion. When around people, she displays herself as a carefree spirit and is very friendly. If you haven't studied her long enough, you could naively say that she's the most sane of all the recruits. However, when she by herself, and without music, she seems to fade away from reality (see mental disorders). Keep this subject in a social environment and NEVER, I repeat, NEVER take away her MP3 and headset. As much of a joke this may sound, she'd be far from a teenager with a tantrum without it. Heed my warnings and this subject will not reach Code Red.

Mental Disorders: Not only is she subject to hysteria, but she has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Since she is of the paranoid type, she hallucinates and, sometimes, drifts off into a world that's seems to be far more chaotic than ours that only exists in her mind. The symptoms to not arise when she is amongst others, surprisingly. However, as previously stated, music “keeps her sane” when alone. This condition also does not bode well when she reaches the point of hysteria. The mix could be detrimental to everyone's safety, including her own.

Biography: Kasna was born in a family of traveling artists. Originally from Florida, her parents had come to New York City in hopes of opportunity around 1961. Her father, a bard, and mother, a dancer, performed together for natives and tourists alike. Even when her mother was conceived with Kasna, they never did stop their performances. In fact, once Kasna could walk and talk, she sang and was given the name “Songbird”, which increased income for the family.
They were doing rather well; enough to make a living in the big city, until October of 1966. Kasna and her mother were the ones that survived the blast. At the time, effects of the blast weren't apparent, so the two came off as Normals, and were there when Sanctuary was first established. Despite the gloom and doom atmosphere, the torn family still found a reason to dance, sing, and make music. In the year 1986, Kasna was immediately sent for brain wiping after the sudden death of her mother. What happened is uncertain, but should remain unknown. The event may cause even more stress and negatively affect her mental illnesses.

So begins...

Kasna Serje's Story