From Fear in the Eyes of Madness

From Fear in the Eyes of Madness


The Gauntlet comes around every 250 years, testing its entrants skill and tenacity. Warring factions of Lycan, Witch, and Vampire, as well as many others fight to gain the fame. Will you be able to obtain the treasures that lie ahead?

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Every two hundred and fifty years a competition is hosted in the land of L'ore. This competition is called the Gauntlet, by those that compete in it. This year's competition is a treacherous and grueling scavenger hunt for magical talismans, amulets, and other mystical riches over the entire world. The rules forbid killing-until the final round that is. Any other trickery or violence is by all means encouraged.

This scavenger hunt is open to all immortals alike be them Witch, Vampire, Lycans, Valkyrie, Furiae, or Wraith. The Lore is only known by those in it and in history the only known reference is in a single line of text from a book long forgotten. ‘Those sentient creatures that are not human shall be united in one stratum, coexisting with, yet secret from, man’s.’ This time the competition is taking place during the accession which is known as a time that shall pass during with all immortals beings in the Lore, from Valkyrie, Vampire, Lycan, and Demon factions, to the Phantoms, Shifters, and Sirens. All must fight and destroy one another.

What will happen? We shall soon find out!

Are you brave enough to enter the Gauntlet?

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1. Be literate.
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3. I have no "LIMITS" please let me know of yours.
5. Have fun!
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The setting changes from Modern Day to L'ore Forest


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Thump, thump, thump, thump. The sound of padded feet pounding the foliage that lay on the wet ground was barely audible amidst the flurry of other jungle sounds. Every once in a while, the sound of wildlife would echo throughout the moist air. Had the owner of the paws been any normal animal, they might have stopped in curiosity, quirking an ear up to listen for any threat. However, this particular animal, wasn't an animal at all. Well, by all human standards, this animal was just that. A wolf. To a trained eye, however, this was not a wolf at all. To the trained eye, this specimen was far to large, far to intelligent to be a common wolf. Besides, wolves didn't tend to run on two legs, now did they? No, the being that ran through the jungle alone was not a wolf, but a much more fierce animal. This dark grey, rather menacing animal known to most as a lycan. More commonly thought of as a werewolf, but incorrectly so. A werewolf was something quite different. A lycan can control when it changes form, usually. A werewolf is subject to the full moon, which I might add, is rather unfortunate. Alas, over the many years of mythical lore, people formed the common misconception that they were one and the same. The lycan race looked down upon werewolves, seeing them as pitiful. Well, lets face it, the lycan race looked down on pretty much all other races, most of all vampires, second of all witches.

This particular lycan was on a mission. The Gauntlet. Something he'd aspired to enter since cub-hood. To win this, was to win fame. And let's face it, who doesn't want to be known as the bad ass who took the gold? The lycan's destination was drawing closer by the minute, as he charged forward, dodging trees, and other obstacles with an odd grace. This particular lycan was known as Alucard the Bloodied, however the distinct irony of his name did not amuse him. He instead preferred to be called Zero. Why Zero? Well why not? Where do nicknames hail from anyway? Zero, in lycan form stood at a staggering 7'3, with muscles that bulged from years of training.

His fur was a deep grey color, with a very distinct crescent moon shape over his left eye. On his underbelly, the fur faded into a soft white color, with darker flecks of grey laced in and out. Around his frame he carried a leather satchel, the contents of which were some human clothing, and a few essential things. He called them his 'just in case' items. You never know what will happen in todays world. His eyes were like yellow orbs, scanning the terrain for the destination he had in mind. A tomb, no doubt decrepit and dank, full of perilous beasts, or impossible passages. Never the less, inside the tomb was a treasure he sought. Twelve points, not anything to get excited about, but would add quite nicely to the fifteen he had already managed to acquire. What was the object inside said tomb? A headdress, hidden within a sarcophagus. He'd heard this particular headdress was made of gold. Regardless, it had his name on it, and had anyone dared get in his way, he would make sure they didn't live obtain it.

Zero was not the biggest, or strongest, or even smartest lycan in his clan, The Immortal Kinship. He was not the youngest, he was not the bravest, but he was well known. Family was important in his clan. Each lycan watched out for the other, as any family should. Though Zero was a force to be reckoned with, he wasn't all muscle and a hard exterior. He had a heart. He was, after all, partly human. Only, that part of him wasn't often used. He didn't often have need to take his human form. Had he been in human form, he'd have stood at a much less menacing 6'5, and his grey fur would be replaced with a golden tan skin, hardened by the sun, but still soft to touch. His eyes, now yellow as the moon, would be a deep blue. The sort of eyes that took your breath from your chest, for just a moment. His hair would be a dark brown color, and fall just past his chin, curling outward. To the world of humans, he'd look to be in his late teens, early twenties. His real age however, was a bit more. Lycans aged differently than regular humans. Each year for them equaled about five or so for a human. Not immortal beings, lycans, but long lived.

Had you been close to Zero, you would know that he could be funny, sarcastic, and charming, that is when he wasn't trying to rip your flesh from your bone. His mother was close to the Alpha of their clan, his father was dead. Zero had three siblings, two older sisters, and a twin brother, Ichiru. Zero and Ichiru seldom acknowledged each others existence. When they did, it was usually unpleasant. The two had once been close, but as is the cast for most twins, one is always trying 'one-up' the other. As time went on, they simply stopped talking. Had you been very close to Zero, which few were, you'd know that he hated what he was. He wanted nothing more than to be human. However, this was not possible. Not to his knowledge anyway. So, he had a choice. Deal with it, or self-loathe for the rest of his life. He chose to deal with it.

His thoughts had been wandering aimlessly, as they often did when he ran, when the most alluring and delicious scent caught his attention. As soon as it passed his nostrils he'd known what it was. Somewhere, not far from here, and not too long ago, there was a witch. Stopping dead in his tracks, he lifted his large head, and took in the scent. His mouth salivated at the thought. What to do? Follow the scent? Get the gold? Follow the...? Get...? His head was swimming. This was too much for his animal instincts to take. He decided that the treasure was more important that a feast. Reluctantly, he returned to his human form, and donned the clothing in his satchel, which now looked rather silly, almost like an over-sized purse. Making his way on the path he had set out on before, he could still smell the witch, however in this form, it wasn't quite as potent and half as delicious. Oddly, as he made his way to the tombs entrance, the scent of witch got stronger. It then became obvious to him, as it should have long before, he was not alone in his quest to obtain the headdress. He readied himself for a fight, and entered.


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Rishi awoke when the sunlight hit her eyelids. She hadn’t planned on sleeping in for that long. She rolled over gently and stretched, tensing up each muscle before relaxing again. She looked over to the other side of the bed. Byron was breathing softly. Gingerly, she rose from the mattress and began to gather her things.

Her pack was easy to get together. There wasn’t much of a need for unpacking these days. Her clothes however, were strewn about the hut in a pattern of passion and lust. She was missing a boot, and she located it on the side of the bed where Byron was sleeping. Carefully, she tried to gather it without waking him.

She heard his breathing stop, and looked up.

“Where are you going?”

Rishi sighed, “You know I can’t stay. This was only temporary.”

Byron rubbed his eyes and let out a groan. “Until what? They all just forget about you and leave you alone?” he touched her arm tenderly, the healing pattern she had tattooed still fresh on his wrist, “Stay with me, you can forget about all of this. You’re safe here.”

Rishi shook her head. “They’ll find you, and me.” She turned away and stood up, “It’s not safe. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Byron leapt out of bed to grab her by the hip. He pulled Rishi in close to him and kissed her gently.

“Stop it.” She said, “I have to go.” Rishi picked up her pack, taking one last glance at Byron. He had his sad pup face on, one that he never seemed to grow out of. “Goodbye Byron. Perhaps we’ll meet again.” And she was gone into the woods.

Rishi liked to run. It was always so freeing to her, a good way to clear her head. She ran away from the hut and the guilt of leaving Byron behind. But it wasn’t safe for him. She couldn’t stay any more than he couldn’t come with her either. She just had to move on.Trees blurred passed her vision as she ran with the fullest of her ability. Running to get her energy up, running to get away from danger. Her long auburn hair billowed out behind her, keeping the sweat from it's heavy weight out of he way. Suddenly, she came across a tomb. She stopped her running to catch her breath. Around her the jungle was alive with the sounds of waking. Beside the tomb grew a berry bush, and Rishi’s stomach was growling with hunger. Perhaps she shouldn’t have left Byron’s hut before grabbing bread. The berries would suffice. As she grabbed them though, a jolt went through her body that caused her to sieze with surprise.

This place had known magic.

Forgetting her hunger, she placed a bare hand on the stone of the tomb. It was coming from beneath the ground. The magic was obscured by the stone encasing it. Perhaps this is where one of the artifacts is for the Gauntlet. She reached into her bag for one of her candles. “Levis.” She whispered, and a flame leapt green and bright from the wick. She turned into the darkness of the tomb.

The tomb was simple, but to hold a magical object, there must be traps within to deter robbers. “Ostendo sum vestri.” She heard a rustle from beyond, and increased the size of her flame.

A devil dog stepped from the shadows.

Rishi wasn’t the least bit frightened. She had dealt with the beasts before, the trick was to keep them from changing into their hellish form and to make them feel that they had nothing left to protect, then they will disappear into smoke.

“Bonus canis.” She spoke softly, “vos tutis is peteus.” (you’ve protected this well)

The dog bowed and whimpered. “Vos palpo mihi, tamen ego no retineo vos obduco.” (you flatter me madam, but I cannot let you pass

“Quis es vos tutela?” she asked, the magic seeping through her clothes as she knelt on the tomb’s floor.

The dog gestured towards the sarcophagus, “My mistress’s headdress that she wears upon her death.”

“Might I see?”

The dog’s heckles raised.

“I have no means to take it; I just mean to have a look.” The magic of this place was intoxicating, she feared that the dog had sensed her desire.

But she realized that the hellhound was not growling at her. It had sensed the presence of another animal, she stood suddenly and turned towards the entrance. Only to see a young man in front of her, with eyes of intent and aggression.

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Modern Day

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L'ore Forest

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This is where the adventure begins for all.

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This is where the adventure begins for all.

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