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Alex "Alexi" Reed

"Why is everything so complicated? I just want to have fun...." (ALRIGHT, posting before anyone tries to shutt off my comptuer and make me lose my work. Its still a WIP, but mostly done)

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a character in “From Light to Shadow”, as played by Mr. Baneling Squishy


Alex Reed

Role: Caeli

Gender: Male
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Demitri (He uses it for his online name), Alexi,
Age: 13, but he looks like he could be younger.
Love Interest: None at the moment

Appearance: He is semi short for his age.

Preferred Clothing: (see picture)

Height: 4'7
Weight: 86 lbs.....he borders around being unhealthily underweight, which is surprising given his appetite.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Personality: Alexi is one of those people you can never predict. His brain runs at lightspeed, and he is able to create huge constructs and ideas, but he prefers to enjoy his time. He isn't a procrastinator, he will get work done, but don't expect him to be all cheerie about work. Although, he is in fact very cheerie about 90% of the time, except when stressed. The other 10% is when he should be asleep. However, he is an insomniac. He almost never sleeps. He has a journal he tends to write in, especially when things are complicated and there is conflict. NO ONE has ever seen its contents except him. Now, hes what you call a "Jack of all Trades", at least he wants to be. He likes to fly, drive, climb, and some school topics that are actually interesting. Doesn't mean he is the best, or anywhere close to it, or even relatively close to being somewhat near the best, but he has some skill.......mostly....

Of course, this caused him to get into a TON of trouble. More trouble then anyone like him should get into. But he did. A lot. Of course, he doesn't mind too much. His father was never around, his mother is dead, and he knows of no other family.

Oddities: Major Insomniac

Likes: Books, thinking, having fun. his friends, people he trusts, roller coasters, and food. He has a high metabolism. So he eats a lot. He also tends to like scifi/fantasy a lot. He is able to think better and focus better listening to music (actually, he even listens better when listening to music). He cant dance however.
Dislikes: EXTREMELY dislikes spiders, he also doesn't like bullies, jerks, and people/gods/creatures trying to destroy the universe. Also he cant dance. Don't ask how he knows. Additionally, he hates it when people lie to him. Or trick him. Or deceive him. He is paranoid. Losing his trust is a bad idea, because you might not ever get it back. He also doesn't take betrayal and stealing from him well. He also hates being taken advantage of. Its somewhat like betrayal.
Hobbies: Learning how to drive at the moment. He also plays a bit of soccer, and is the self proclaimed "Dodgeball master".

Fears/Phobia(s): He has a fear of spiders. And that someone is after him (so yes, he gets very paranoid).

Skills/Talents: He can cook, he can analyze, and he is actually pretty intelligent. He knows from this intelligent to try and enjoy all the time you can, because you never know whats around the corner....

Preferred Weapon: Well, he doesnt let anyone know, but he is skilled with a sword.

Power(s): Aerokinesis

Abilities: Aerosprint: Newton's first law states an object in motion stays in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force. Additionally, if an object is at rest, it stays at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. Air is an outside force. When running or moving in general, he can bend air around him, making it not affect him, and therefore, increasing his speed and agility.

Aeroblast: Blasts himself off the surface he is on (or direction he is facing) using a strong and powerful blast of air.

Aeroshield: A shield of condensed air, stopping projectiles.

Aeroweapon: Forms a weapon made of pure air (ranged weapons are harder then melee however).

"Force Push": Blasts air in a direction, knocking anyone and anything back.

"Force Pull": Instead of blasting, its pulls the air around a particular person or thing closer.

Tornado: Creates a Tornado of varying size. Although it is technically a hurricane if on water.

Cloud Control: with enough concentration, he can manipulate clouds and even lower them into a fog. Additionally, using this power he can affect weather, making clouds get closer together, and adjusting height and density. With the right condistion, say a damp feeling day, he can make it rain by adjusting the clouds into the correct position and forces.

Total Storm: Only possible in a heightened adrenaline and/or emotional state

Personal History: Alex has had a semi normal past. His mother died in childbirth. His father is always working. Alex is just all flavors of strange. oh, and he loves chess. Anyways, when he was young, he used to have dreams. Nightmares. Just, unexplained nightmares. they plauged him all throughout his childhood. No one seems to know how or where these nightmares originated from. But, they are extremely vivid, considering how they affected him.

When he was around 10 or 11, the nightmares seemed to stop happening daily. They still happened however. But there is no evidence of a specific pattern, or any evidence on what is causing them. Of course, no one could ever see what his nightmares coincided with after they stopped becoming constant: Violent and Lethal Crimes and such in the city happening at night. Now, at age 9, he just started to expand his interests. He wasn't satisfied with one specific skill group. He went for all of them. Or, at least a god amount. He actually tried to get a gun license as well. He was turned down though.

Around the age of 10 and a half, he discovered his powers. It notably coincided with where he stopped getting constant nightmares. He then worked on these powers in secret. Not much point to tell people though. he would rather not. He was already known for his nightmares. Now, additionally, he is pretty good at telling what someone is actually feeling emotionally. its not an ability, more of a....trait. Furthermore, at age 12, he began thinking about his powers, and started thinking of how perhaps his powers are energy based or something.

He likes to know A LOT of things.

Theme Song: [url=LINK TO SONG HERE]SONG TITLE AND ARTIST HERE[/url] (No song idea yet, will update when i do)

Other: He keeps his mother's locket. He always feels like there is some secret he doesn't know as well.[/size]

So begins...

Alex "Alexi" Reed's Story


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Alexi couldn't be more lost. For someone who usually knows his way, he sure does get lost a lot. He then looked up. Alexi was on a clock. He had to get back in time. He needed the skies. He quickly using his powers, and climbed up a building. It took him awhile for him to figure out his powers, but when he did, he started exploring. Of course, he didn't want people to know what he can do. He jumped up, and took off. He had the powers of air and wind. So, of course, this let him create his ability to fly. Now, flying was very exhausting however, and took a lot out of him. When he finally reached his house, he quickly took refuge in his bed, and dosed off.

Fire. Burning Fire. Destruction. Explosion. Number 352. Death. Destruction. War. Chaos. Danger. Luna. Money. Red. Blood. Running. Alexi.

Alexi woke up. He could hear his dad downstairs, talking to business partners. He was still in shock however about what just happened. Alexi is plagued with Nightmares. He still hasn't gotten used to them. They were always bizarre, making no sense. Although for the past 3 years they lightened up, not occurring as much, he still has them. He told his dad he was going out for a bit. He needed to clear his head.

As he walked, he, for some reason, took a semi different route. This took him close to Xibalba, but not actually in it. He took a right turn, running into a police officer. "Something wrong?" Alexi, asked, only to get a reply "Ah, yes, hello boy, Officer Harro, Officer Badge #352. Have you seen anyone acting strange in the area?"

Alexi HATED being called "boy". Hated it. But, he held it in, this guy being a cop and all, and told him "No, not really". Alexi continued walking, pash a few stores and a bank. Alexi then felt something hit the back of his head after large explosion noise, seeing a red bus of some sort crash as well. He barely could see at the moment, still recovering from the head injury, but it looked like a car crash. It had tried to divert from hitting this one red car, but this car also turned not to hit, and hit another. The other had hit the bank.

Not good for the owners either, although cars being very uncommon, probably means they are rich enough to get them repaired.

Well. Not Alexi's best day.

But, he has had worse. Well, singular. He had a worse day. This is his second worst at the moment.

Alexi got up, looking at the damage. A few dead, some injured, bleeding.


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Alexi took a bit of a detour, avoiding every major street, before he got to a blue phone box. He put a magnet on the phone, his paranoia kicking in again. The magnet was to ensure that no one could listen in or retrieve any possible call logs. Of course, its been noted time and time again that those things aren't even possible or don't work by government officials, but again, paranoid. He quickly began to call two people in particular he know he could trust with his revelation. The first was Nicoletta. She wasn't at her house, but her mom provided her intended destination. The second was Tam Monroe, but everyone called him Tammy. Tammy picked up. He didn't say anything, but he could tell. Well, that's exactly how he could tell, no noise at all. "Tammy, its me. We need to meet. First of all, promise me you wont tell anyone about anything about this". Tammy's reply was simple, but clear...ish: "Ribbit". Which pretty much meant yes. Tammy was unique that way. Alexi then added "Alright, meet me at 'The House of Cards' to meet Nicoletta. See you there!"

Alexi took off, but not before taking the magnet off the phone itself. He then made his way to The House of Cards. Avoiding attention, he walked there. Not much was going on. A guy in a blue cap was talking to his neighbor apparently, some guy in a white business suit. However, Alexi was getting tired again. He continued to walk at first, but found himself getting incredibly tired. He momentarily sat down again. His Nightmares did take some energy out of him. He fell asleep for just a moment.

"Chaos. Trouble. Searching. Nicoletta. Tammy. Armed men. Book. Parts. Scar. Box. Tammy again. Cards. 5s."

He quickly woke up again. He looked around and then up at the sky. He was only asleep for about a minuet. He quickly got up, and began heading towards the store. When he got there, Tammy was already there.......doing a head stand. Alexi only had one thought about that: "Typical Tammy". Tammy then waved, and sort of fell over, and smiled. Alexi walked over to Tammy, helping him up, before then heading towards the store. Tammy was also wearing a long sleeve shirt that looked like it was 1, maybe 2 sizes too big. However, he heard someone, and turned to the store. He then found Nicoletta. "Cole!" he exclaimed, walking up. "Cole, listen, i just discovered something big, but i need you to promise not to tell anyone first. And i mean not anyone". Tammy was already pretty much certain not to, since he rarely says a word.

However, before Alexi could say anything, some official looking people came up behind him. They passed them, practically pushing Alexi into Nicoletta and Tammy to the side. Tammy made a noise of what Alexi could guess was pain. These people just went in, without a warrant, and began searching. The government's people to be exact. Apparently, someone believed this place to be a threat to the government. He could see a variety of things. A book for starters. THere was also a box of parts and stuff.

This one man with a scar then looked at Alexi. "What are you doing here?" "Just coming to meet up with my friend here? Nothing wrong is there, officer....?" "Not important, but very well, be on your way then....".

Alexi could tell however, from a slight hand movement, that he had his men keep an eye on him. Or, you know, his paranoia was acting up again.

The setting changes from Manus Luna to The House of Cards

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Syd Lastern

Things were getting way to out of hand, but it made Syd so confused that one simple girl brought so many random people into his store.

He waited patiently for her response, until she did something bizarre: She gave him some mockingly weird from of salute, which was responded with an extremely confused expression from Syd. Was shy saying that he was her superiour, or was she just mocking his formalities? His brows furrowed a little before she spoke, and his dulled face resumed. Just do whatever it is you need to do, the code you’re going on about, or whatever, I don’t know anything about that sort of stuff. That explains a few things... Syd thought to himself as she continued. It became extremely apparent that she had no clue what she was doing when she spoke next: My mom runs the store, I normally have nothing to do with it, and besides, I wasn’t the one who got into that package. She was. The lady Nicoletta gave him an odd sort of smile, like she was agreeing with him or something, and he gave a little 'Ah' before grabbing the box to examine it.

Sure enough, everything was slightly disorganized - what do you expect from another person who received the wrong package? - until he found what he was looking for. It was in the shape of a deck of cards, but this one was slightly different, and he could tell instantly: It had the Deck's trademarked D on it, and he smiled slightly to himself. To most, it looked like a regular deck of cards, nothing more, but inside were calling cards for clients, weapons drops, the jazzy stuff. The supplier of the package was a business partner, once a rival group, whose agreement with the Deck was simple: The other group (whose name cannot be mentioned due to confidentiality) would use their extremely large influence in Portum Animas to get the Deck weapons and jobs, while the Deck wouldn't take any jobs against them. It was the only standing alliance that Syd had ever agreed to go into, for they did it out of fear.

He wasn't paying attention to her, instead reaching for the 'deck of cards' when he heard the teen say something, stopping him cold. Y’know, you kind of look like my older brother. . . . Syd whipped his head around, his attention gone from the deck that was now in his hands, and he stared at her. He raised an eyebrow, but underneath his exterior was a very panicked Syd. Don't say it Syd. You know what will happen to you if you do, so don't do it. You have a job tomorrow dude, don't throw it away! That's right, keep thinking about the job tomorrow... No, wait! His inner mind screamed at him, but it was already too late: Syd spoke in a softer voice. "Interesting. It so happens that you resemble my..." He faltered, almost able to stop himself, but instead of halting in his tracks, reworded what he was originally going to say. "A girl I once knew." Anger, pain, distraught, vengeance, and a multitude of depressing and violent emotions streaked through his body, yet only being able to be seen through his pain stricken eyes.

The girl had placed her hand on her mouth, but she had already done the deed: what made it worse was that her little... thing (Syd couldn't tell if that person was human or not, crimson eyes were not usually normal) walking up to Nicoletta and musing over how the miss was correct about the fact. He stared down at the magic tricks, how all of them were completely useless in light of his situation. He wished that he could stop hurting, stop the nightmares, stop the torment, but he knew of no way to. And the more he brought her up, the more this kind of thing would happen. He could faintly hear Nicoletta speaking once again, but he was tuning her out. Ah, I’m sorry about that, I sort have a tendency to think aloud, um, I’ll just leave you to it then. He looked back up at her, finally back in control of his emotional state. But before he could say anything, two new customers showed up in his store, both looking under the age of 12. Syd frowned slightly, wondering why two preteens would be wandering around the fringes of Xibalba, but it was day time still. He would be slightly concerned if it was past 6.

As they conversed, Syd heard a knock from the Employee's Only door, and opened it to find the 9s carrying boxes and textiles. "Here they are." Syd nodded, and indicated with his head where to put them, which was on the counter. After slowly putting the 2 boxes and the one role of textiles on the counter, they went back downstairs and shut the door behind them with a soft thud while Syd turned back to the counter. He was going to call out to the now distracted Nicoletta and tell her that her goods were ready for her to take, but that was when something bad went down: Men in business suits entered. Syd's facial expression remained neutral, but his emotions were slightly tightened with annoyance and caution. Only 2 types of people wore suits in Xibalba: Conmen, and Government Officials. And Conmen at least attempted friendliness.

The officials instantly started snooping around his store, which began to irk Syd slightly. Possiblities swirled through his head, trying to piece together reasons, hoping that they hadn't discovered the location of the network. They had a small force with them, not enough to take out the Network's members that were present, but that wouldn't solve their problems: The government would just come back later. They were even keeping an eye on the kid that just showed up, which made Syd suspect that they believed this place to have some form of foul play. However, Syd kept his expression blank and spoke up.

"Excuse me there, sirs. Do you need something, or can I just see the search warrant that you were issued to search my store?" Syd said with utmost politness. This time he wasn't even having to fake it, he had gotten tips from Azariah when he joined on how to make yourself sound sincere always, and get away with it every time. Syd just hoped that they were just cops searching for clues to a bomb or murder and not with an actual warrant.

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Why can I never seem to keep control over my brain? she thought as she turned about on her heel, facing away from the shopkeeper who happened to bear a bit of a resemblance to Vincente. With a still red stained face, the teenager honestly felt like a total idiot for telling someone she’d just met that he looked like her brother. Although, she had heard him say, almost begrudgingly, that she indeed looked like someone he knew. In a way, even if his words had not been the happiest of the bunch, the fact that the man had said that she resembled someone herself, it made her feel a little less like an idiot for blurting out that he looked like her brother. Of course, just flat out saying something like that to anyone was anything but normal. . . . One step at a time, Nicoletta, one step at a time. It’s a problem, you’re aware of it, and you are trying to remedy it best you can, so relax. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she did her best to regain her composure, and to stop feeling like a damn fool.

No matter what happened, she always seemed to have a tendency to go ahead and think aloud, and to make things as awkward as hell for other people. Eventually, she somehow managed to make it happen. Scratching the back of her neck in an uncertain manner, Nicoletta simply allowed herself to take a couple of steps forward, moving around the store while trying to figure out what to do while she waited for the business exchange to be completed, magic and sleight of hand, neither were things she could say she was particularly interested, unlike the twins it seemed. Momchil remained where he had been before, curiously seeming to examine product after product, perhaps attempting to figure out and understand what made the items so ‘magic.’ Amalia, on the other hand, was still standing at the counter, staring at the blonde man who was going to be looking at the package she’d brought in for her mother. The false humanoid’s pallor face was near expressionless, save a semblance of intrigue that was barely notable on her features. Whether or not Momchil and Amalia were slowly becoming more and more humanlike, the two still were unaware of the simple decencies of manners, which included not staring at people for long increments of time. . . . The very sight of seeing Amalia with her faze transfixed upon the man’s face caused Nicoletta to sigh to herself, and place a hand to her forehead.

It wouldn’t matter if she went and told the girl to stop, because Amalia would end up just doing what it was she choose to. . . . The only true sorts of orders she followed from her human sister were those pertaining to labor, or things to do with the Sundries shop. While it was that Nicoletta was looking at her ‘sister,’ that someone shouting at her, using one of her nicknames caught her attention. "Cole!"

How many times have I told people to not call me Cole? she thought, feeling a touch of annoyance well up in her. Nicoletta wasn’t sure how many times she had told people to not call her ‘Cole,’ but she had done it a lot. . . . Though the girl had a powerful urge to give the person using the nickname a good tongue lashing, she refrained from doing so, because the voice was coming from a child, or one whom she considered as such. And . . . also, she knew who it was. Although she wouldn’t go so far to say that she was best of friends with the boy in question who was calling out to her, she did at the very least know him enough to call him a ‘friend.’ Of course it’s him, he’s one of the only people who will not stop calling me ‘Cole.’ she sighed, turning herself around to face the entranceway of the magic shop, knowing full well where he would be coming from.

Sure enough . . . it was him, Alexi. He darted right up to her, getting into the space Nicoletta liked to call her ‘personal bubble.’ The result was a startled look on her face, and her taking a small step backward before the boy could continue with what he had to say to her, "Cole, listen, I just discovered something big, but I need you to promise not to tell anyone first. And I mean not anyone.” he informed her, his voice sounded both serious and frantic, okay, she knew enough about Alexi to know that when he was serious . . . he was indeed serious, whatever he had to say was obviously important. But, the need to go and make her promise not to tell anyone was sort of ridiculous, because, the boy knew that she herself barely had anyone in her life she could call a friend. Yes, she had her brother, but that’s what he was, her brother. . . .

The instance of Nicoletta being called by her unliked nickname garnered the attention of both Momchil and Amalia, who turned their distant gazes to look upon their human sister and the one she called her ‘friend.’ Yes, they knew him too.
Although she found it pointless to go and vocally promise the boy that she wouldn’t say anything about his news to another, the blonde teenager went ahead and opened up her lips to do so, but before the words could even leave her throat . . . Alexi was suddenly shoved right into her by a man she did not know. A man who was not alone, Nicoletta did not know them, but she at least knew where it was they were from. Government agents . . . just like those who detained Aylin. While a small exchange took place between Alexi and the man with a scarred face, Nicoletta felt her small hands tighten into fists at her sides, a terse expression passing along her face. Her jaw tensed up as she bit on her tongue to keep herself from fully speaking her mind toward the arrogant acting bastards.

Control, keep control. she told herself, her heart beginning to pound in her chest from the anger. Ooh, how she loathed these sorts of men. If they even had the rights to be called ‘men’ for what they went and did. They just bust into a place, shove a child out of the way and begin to aimlessly search about for no stated reason. They also went about aiding in taking children away from their families, and they made those left with ‘gifts’ live in fear within Portum Animas’ bounds. Why had he spoken to Alexi? What did that man want with a child like him, or his friend Tammy? Who knows what these asinine, supercilious nimrods are up to. . . . What they could want. There was an obvious look of anger on Nicoletta’s young face, and her very presence had shifted from one of normality, to a slightly foreboding one. One look at her, and it could be easily deduced that she was not happy. The truth was, while she herself was a Gifted, she should have been scared to be so close to those sorts of people, but Nicoletta was just filled with rage. She hated them; she hated all officials from the government like them. . . .

Alexi still standing in front of her, and her still having an apparent glare on her features, Nicoletta set her eyes upon those men while Momchil and Amalia stood as silent as before, being the natural onlookers they were. Oh, those two false humans knew well the extent of their human sister’s displeasure, they knew. . . . "Excuse me there, sirs. Do you need something, or can I just see the search warrant that you were issued to search my store?" the voice of the store’s keeper came from behind her, almost startling Nicoletta from her rage induced transfixion, but it didn’t do enough. She could hear the civil tone in his voice, but at the same time she could hear it, she could feel it was a false one.

With that heart of her still pounding away within her chest, and her body beginning to quiver from the mounting irritation . . . Nicoletta could feel her body beginning to grow a little too warm, a certain heat was beginning to come from her skin that could not be considered a natural occurrence. No, no! Not now, not now! she mentally hissed, realizing just what was happening to her. What her anger was doing to her body . . . to her powers. A few minutes ago, the girl’s upmost concern was the fact that she’d just acted like a total idiot toward the man who she was suppose to be making the exchange with, and now she could not have been in a more opposite situation. Now she had to make sure she did not lose control over her powers in front of the worst people possible, no one could know of her status, what she was. Only her family knew . . . not even Alexi had been made privy to what it was she could do.

Just calm down Nicoletta . . . c-calm down. she told herself, breathing out a shaky sigh, trying to quell her raging heart, and to suppress the unnatural heat beginning to come from her bones.

It was when Momchil spoke up, that the girl was utterly caught off guard however, “Sirs,” the boy began as he set the item he’d been holding onto to the side, “May I please inquire the reasons of your being here? Though I do believe I know the reasons of your presence here already. . . .”

Following this, Momchil’s words were followed up by Amalia’s own, “If your persons would happen to be at this location based upon the threat of bombing within Xibalba or Dominion Hecate, I believe the location of your investigative efforts is wrong. Am I correct, brother Momchil?”

To this, Momchil nodded calmly, “Yes, sister. I am certain that it was reported within the very news this morning that areas under threat for bombings lay upon another street, two blocks over.”

“Indeed so, brother. That is what was stated, or, was it that false information was given out?” Amalia accused, her voice without emotion. This little accusation caused Nicoletta to stop breathing . . . the things Amalia said at times sent a true fright through her, she was so unabashed, fearless.

Nervous now, heat still radiating from her skin, Nicoletta took a step to the side, and forward, ahead of Alexi, “She is not mistaken, Amalia’s memory is never wrong . . . sir.” the blonde strained herself to show even that much respect to the scarred man, a look of obvious tenseness and irritation lay over her as she spoke. “You coming in here and beginning to simply ransack the place without stating a reason, or asking permission from the store’s owner is a violation of the law, being from the government and all, however, I would expect you of all people to know and understand this simple matter.” Nicoletta’s voice took on a sarcastic edge to it, “ After all, that is one of the most basic principles of our city’s existence and establishment, is it not? A certain granted freedom to its citizens, both private and otherwise. So, you are either have proper designation to be on these premises, to carry out a search, or you don't. If the case is the latter, well, then it might be best for you to leave.” A very, very bitter look took over the girl’s face as she had spoken, that mouth of hers running on again. . . .

Even if the store in which she was in was not hers, and even if she were not truly associated with it in any manner beyond the exchange she’d come to carry out, Nicoletta could not hold back her tongue toward men such as them. So, whether she seemed to be a fool or not, that was simply something she could not help.

The setting changes from The House of Cards to Manus Luna


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Alexi wasn't thrilled with them either. Of course, its more of self defense anyway, due to his gift. He then, after thinking through the anger at fear at them, he then backed up a little and noted "Oh, sorry Nicole". Granted, pushing into her wasn't really his fault at all, but Alexi was nice that way. he then asked Nicole "Are you okay? Come on, these people are not worth the time.....". Thats when the man with the scar grabbed Alexi. "Careful what you say there boy....sort of looked like there you were Gifted there......". Now the threat, that made him mad. He was about to hit him as he turned around, but Tammy caught his arm, stopping him. Alexi struggled a little, but Tammy made a noise in protest. Alexi regained himself, but he still wanted to beat the crap out of the guy.

"I cant place it, but i swear iv seen him before...." he noted. Alexi tried to hide it, but he always got a bit more tense around government officials. However, this guy was completely different. Something inside Alex wanted this guy dead. In fact, it felt like Alexi's entire body wanted to rip that man to shreds. He was really tense. Tammy was still holding his arm. Tammy then also looked at Nicole, most likely it was his "Don't do anything youl regret because these people are not worth it nor is it a good idea" look. Well, it was that look, or is "I'm Hungry can we go get ice cream?" look. But Alexi could tell its the first.

Thats when the store keeper ask about a warrant. Most of them kept searching, but Alexi saw one have an annoyed look. But, that one guy with the Scar stepped in, noting on how "this area is known to house criminals". Okay, granted, THAT is true. This is Xibalba. But then again, that is also why it is BS. There is crime everywhere in Xibalba. EVERYWHERE. And the government has never really done anything before.

Actually, thats when it iht Alexi. This is the first time he saw Government people in Xibalba. This couldn't be any ordinary incident. But what? What could have set off this "bomb threat....".

Thats when it hit him. the Car Crash. He was right there. And so was that officer. Harro. The Car, it swerved off the road, but the one that exploded, causing a few more explosions. It didn't hit ANYTHING. it just.....blew up.

It was a bomb.

Alexi was about to suggest they leave, but then, Nicole's siblings started talking.
May I please inquire the reasons of your being here? Though I do believe I know the reasons of your presence here already. . .
If your persons would happen to be at this location based upon the threat of bombing within Xibalba or Dominion Hecate, I believe the location of your investigative efforts is wrong. Am I correct, brother Momchil?
Yes, sister. I am certain that it was reported within the very news this morning that areas under threat for bombings lay upon another street, two blocks over.
Indeed so, brother. That is what was stated, or, was it that false information was given out?

Alexi found that whole conversation a bit on the creepy side, but he never voiced that. Tammy never really voiced anything, so who knows what he thinks about all this. Alexi was about to recommend they leave again when Nicole cut him off this time, saying
She is not mistaken, Amalia’s memory is never wrong . . . sir.
You coming in here and beginning to simply ransack the place without stating a reason, or asking permission from the store’s owner is a violation of the law, being from the government and all, however, I would expect you of all people to know and understand this simple matter.
After all, that is one of the most basic principles of our city’s existence and establishment, is it not? A certain granted freedom to its citizens, both private and otherwise. So, you are either have proper designation to be on these premises, to carry out a search, or you don't. If the case is the latter, well, they it might be best for you to leave.

Alexi, seeing their looks on their faces, quickly suggested to Nicole "Nicole, I highly recommend we leave before we get charged with whatever they come up with. Come on, they aren't worth it.... Besides, we need some place a bit less crowded". He looked at the man with the scar. He didnt like him. He seemed familiar in a creepy way.....


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She heard Alexi urging her out, to leave this whole mess of a situation so that they could speak about whatever matters he wished to inform her of. Nicoletta however . . . she did not move. Alexi’s fears were not at all unreasonable, his urgings were not either. The truth was that he was probably very much right in wanting to leave. Those who worked for the government were not people to trifle with, the things they could try to do to a person and their lives was a frightening thing to say the very least, regardless however. They detained people whom were gifted, they took people down who got in their ways, and more or less they did whatever they felt like doing. There was one matter though, the fact that they themselves were bound to the law as much as any other person if there was more than a few people around.

With a firm look still on her young face, Nicoletta stood her ground, her stance showing that she was ready for a fight if it came to it. Her mind was made up, and when her mind was made up. . . .

Standing right next to one another were Momchil and Amalia, both without anything in their sleeve covered hands. The two twins stood to the side of this, looking on at the two groups, the officials and their sister, and her friend. They knew, they knew quite well what was going to happen, that Nicoletta was not going to relent now that her temperament had been set. Dull expressions set on their pallor faces, the boy and girl looked at one another for a moment, a knowing glint through their eyes despite the silence. Looking at them in such a state, one could’ve almost thought that they were talking to one another via telepathy, in a way, it was almost unnerving seeing the two as that.

Nicoletta herself remained silent in all this, simply, she kept her owl-grey eyes on the man with a scarred face, he was bigger than she was . . . rather so. His very presence was disturbing, one that kept you on edge. Even if she should have been backing down and just minding her own business, going on ahead to just take her mother’s goods and return home, she just couldn’t bring her legs to move. These goons, what they were doing to the magic shop, why they were even there, none of it concerned her. No, all that mattered was her and the twins moving onto taking the textile bolts and leaving with Alexi and Tammy in tow. But, I can’t just go and disappear can I? No . . . I went and opened up my mouth, let it run free and stuck myself into the situation. Simply leaving now wouldn’t do any good. I’m in this.
A sigh left Nicoletta’s lips as she took her gaze away from the scarred official, something of a . . . smirk came over her face, as she shook her head.

With this, both Momchil and Amalia looked back to the blonde, the most placid of expressions upon their faces. They knew that reaction, and with it, Nicoletta’s choice had been made. Quietly, Amalia drew her crimson gaze upon the young Alexi, and the girl’s lips opened, “Master Alexi, I believe this is where sister Nico would ask us to apologize on her behalf.”

Next Momchil spoke, “As it would seem, your request for departure has been heard, but it has been denied. Our sister seems to have made up her mind to remain here, no matter the consequences.”

“Right, as usual you two.” Nicoletta said, her voice sounding almost worn out. “I’m not leaving. Even if none of this is my business, no one said I was quite done with the errands to which I was attending to here, right?” the girl’s voice spiked up, an almost mocking tone had taken root in it. At her sides, the teenager’s hands had clenched up into tight fists in the fabric of her coat. She was nervous, beginning to shake even as she remembered the incident with Aylin, and her own situation, her powers, her status. What could happen to her if anyone beyond her family found out about what it was she was capable of. Taken away, I’ll be detained.

“I’m sorry Alexi, but I’m not leaving yet. What you have to tell me, it’ll have to wait a bit, but if you want to, you and Tammy can go to my place, and ask my mom if you can wait there for the twins and I to come back from our errands.” She said to him, giving the boy a smile. If he really wanted out of the situation, she didn’t mind him leaving and meeting up with him a little later on, but . . . she couldn’t leave, her stubborn head wouldn’t yet let her. A slightly ironic came from her lips and she turned her neck back and looked at the man who was actually in charge of the store, and she apologized. “I’m sorry for sticking myself in matters which don’t concern me. But I’m not quite leaving.”


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Alexi looked at Nicole. "We are not leaving you here....". Thats when one of the men, who were now approaching them, shoved Alexi to the ground, and then one of them noted "You know, your friend being here, he could be informing criminals, spying on government actions. Thats treason you know? perhaps you should just move along. After all.....your brother and sister....they definitely look like they could be gifted....". Thats when the man looked at them, and something struck his mind. "....or maybe they actually are...".

Alexi meanwhile hit his head on the sidewalk, so it hurt like hell. Tammy helped him up. Before Alexi could even ask what that was for, the government agent shoved him back down, saying "Halt. This is a Government Investigation. You shouldn't trespass.....". Tahts when Scarface (again, not his official name, just nick name) came back out. "I assume you gave them our reasons for doing so?". "Of course, purely business". "Good". Alexi then finally woke up and got up again, having momentairily passed out. He had not been shoved once, but twice, to the ground. He then heard a car horn.

But wait, Alexi almost never has a good sleep.....and....he saw something.

"Horn. Rampage. Government. Pain. Running. Scarface. Nicole. Tammy. Run. Momchil. Amalia. Danger. Beast. Sun. Roof."

He walked over to Nicole, to tell her they were all leaving together or all staying together, when Scarface pushed him back down. Tammy looked at them which definently showed some kind of question, probably about their maturity, or sanity. They wee literally brutalizing him for no real reason other then pressure and oppression. When the person who shoved him first walked forward to over Alexi, right as he walked past Tammy, he just seemed to trip, face first, into the sidewalk. Tammy made no noise, no sound, nothing.

But Alexi could see the edge of the roof of the building next to them, and the sun was right in his eyes. But he could make out one thing on that roof looking right at them. He looked back, only to see the Government people had just packed up and left now, like they weren't here. Like they always do. They come, mess up things, usually pull an innocent child from their family, then disappear bee anyone could make any real accusations.

And the was looking right at them. "Nicole!!! We have a Problem!!!!" he noted, pointing out the Hunter.

Meanwhile, noticing everything but not saying anything, Tammy was playing with some rope he found in the alley nearby. Typical Tammy.


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Syd could only raise an eyebrow at the entire situation: It seemed completely absurd.

For one, the girl was actually defending his shop. Defending it. If that alone didn't make today qualify for the most odd of the year, it would soon get better. He watched as the government agents ignored her, and the kid - whom he found out just by listening that his name was Alexi - was trying to get her to leave. It was then that things got weirder, for Nicoletta actually decided to stay in this mess, for which Syd was confused. He had to retreat into his mind just to figure out what was going on.

Alright, so we have a bunch of government agents without a warrant rummaging through my store - bad idea on their part, since they probably don't know the rooms of Xibalba very well. Syd gave a little smirk, and his thoughts continued. Then we have this girl who wanted her textiles, Nicoletta. Seems to me she is extremely... what's the word... ah yes, stubborn and headstrong are 2 good ones. She doesn't want to leave something alone that she feels is wrong. Good job she doesn't know what's behind that door. Then we have that kid Alexi - not really sure what his business is.

I’m sorry for sticking myself in matters which don’t concern me. But I’m not quite leaving. Syd retreated from his thoughts only to find more trouble brewing. With a blank expression, he faced the girl and said in his usual manner, "That's alright. While you are a customer who is actually here on business, these government agents," He tossed them a sideways look. "Are the ones that should be leaving, for I have yet to see a warrant, and until I do, I may have to teach them the first rule of Xibalba." He turned to a government agent who had been eavesdropping. "Without a warrant, you are no different than the rest of us, and the rule is: Rummage through a store, and the owner can fire without warning." The agent got tense, so Syd continued.

"I have no reason to shoot anybody here, for you have all just ignored my requests to see the warrant. It would be nice if I could." It was then that a man shoved the kid to the ground, and Syd raised both eyebrows, startled by the randomness. They started going on about how it was treason for the kids to be interfering, yet in reality Syd could call up the cops and arrest these morons if they didn't show a freaking warrant soon. Syd shook his head, then narrowed his eyes. "Brutalizing children now, are we? Is this the government I know?" He was hoping to provoke them, cause he really wanted to shoot them by now: even his neutral-placement in the world had its limits, especially to those who ravaged his store.

The kid who had been pushed then screamed something about a hunter, to which Syd gave a quizical look. Who was this Hunter? Did he mean somebody from my network?


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They pissed her off, they pissed her off so damn much. They always did. Whenever they showed up, she almost always lost herself to it by the time they would up and vanish. The memory of Aylin’s detainment was enough to nearly cause her to spiral out of control, to let her powers just utterly consume her. But no matter what happened, that was something she couldn’t allow was it? For the sake of her family, for Momchil and Amalia, she couldn’t just lose it again . . . she had to remain calm and collected. For their sakes, for all their sakes. They were all she had, and if she gave herself up, they were what she would lose.

Haven’t we all lost enough for one lifetime? the blonde thought to herself as her hands remained clenched up at her sides, her gaze had turned downcast, away from the shopkeeper to whom she’d given a haphazard apology for butting her nose in business that wasn’t hers.

The man had said her presence was fine, since she had actual business in his store, but he’d gone onto try to pull the agents into a fit to allow himself proper reasoning for self-defense it sounded like. During all this, Momchil and Amalia simply remained side by side one another, looking onward at the whole of the scene before Alexi’s shout caught the ears of Nicoletta, and they. Though her control still wavered and waned with her powers and her temperament, the sound of her friend’s evidential distress was enough to wrench the blonde teenager from her thoughts, and from wallowing in her own doubts and fears. Bringing her neck back upright, a look of anxiety seemed to play over her features. For Alexi to actually sound distressed, that was certainly something.

She bit down on her lip, shoved all of her worrisome thoughts to the very back of her mind, and did her best to ignore the prickling sensations she was beginning to feel in her palms, a bit of forming heat. No time for this, I can’t let it consume me. And with this, the girl took a flighty step forward before picking up the pace and quickly stepping out of the doorway of the shop to find what it was that had gotten Alexi’s attention.

Her heart skipped a beat in her chest as true anxiety hit her small body, “Oh dear Goddess. . . .” she said quietly, knowing what a Hunter was. It simply stood there, upon the roof of the building across the street, eyeless face turned right toward them, teeth and fangs showing to them fully. “Alexi . . . you and Tammy, get back inside. Now.” Nicoletta murmured to the boy as she very slowly reach her right hand down toward her leg. Even with the threat of a monster looming overhead, she couldn’t conjure up her powers in broad daylight, no she had to take other measures against it. That was the only way.

All of this just had to happen to her on the hottest day of the summer so far, didn’t it? Her mom had to send her and the twins to make an exchange at an obscure shop in the shadiest part of town, with the sun beating down on their heads . . . Csilla just had to go and send her daughter into this mess. . . . And here, all I wanted to do was stay at home, and read. Nicoletta thought to herself, keeping her grey eyes locked on the hulking monster above as her fingers slowly crept toward something kept around her upper leg.

It happened in flash, without warning, the beast suddenly sprung up from the post it had been maintaining upon the building and came flying down, right at her. Just as quickly, Nicoletta had drawn what it was she had been carefully reaching for from a holster placed around her thigh—a small revolver. Before the Hunter could land, Nicoletta had the gun aimed right at it, a tense look upon her face, “Alexi, Tammy get inside, now!” And with those words, she pulled the trigger.

The setting changes from Manus Luna to Xibalba


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Alexi heard the bang. He also saw Syd tackle Nicole. The Hunter turned towards him. "Woah, how about we just get out of your way, and you us...." he noted, backing up with Tammy, but it swept its arm at Alexi. Now, while it may have been near impossible for Syd or Nicole to see, or and still hard for Tammy to see even, but when the hunter swung, some sort of barrier made of air formed, softening the blow. This sent Alexi back into a wall though. And with a large bump on his head. He also blacked out for split second.

Left. Left. Right. Top. Bite. Right. Tammy. Nicole. Alexi. Blood. Park. Hunter. Wound. Shot.

Alexi, after regaining his head, stood up. That was......something more then archaic. It made less sense then normal. Thats when he saw the Hunter swiping its claw at Tammy. He quickly pulled him back. The hunter then swept the same claw again at Alexi, while Tammy went behind him and started doing something. Alexi moved to the right, and then back to the left as the Hunter swung its right claw. Constantly stepping back at the same time. The Hunter then however lept at Alexi, but Alexi ducted down out of the way. However, the hunter had cut Alexi off from the store. Alexi accidentally tripped and fell back however while backing away.

The Hunter tried to bite Alexi, but when he tripped, it actually helped dodge it. But then, the hunter slashed at him again, slightly wounding him. However, that's when it was hit in the head with a trash can, covering the hunter in trash. Tammy was standing behind it. "Tammy, get ba...." he started, except the hunter then looked at him, not Tammy, when he spoke. The hunter was just hit with smelly, Xibalba trash. It couldn't smell them. It couldn't smell anything really.

Now, as long as Alexi doesn't make a noise, he would be perfectly okay. He was wounded, there was some blood, but it wasn't too lethal.

The setting changes from Xibalba to Manus Luna


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Smartass. . . . That was the only thing Nicoletta could muster up from her thoughts after she’d been tackled out of the Hunter’s area of landing. She had well heard what it was the shopkeeper had said about the textiles. The teenager wasn’t really sure what had happened, but the blonde was sure of something, that it had happened too fast. The shopkeeper had gotten her out of the Hunter’s way too fast for him to have just up and done it normally. Not to mention how damn hard that had been on her, he tackled her out of nowhere, at a pace that was far above normal, and then she’d wound up getting slammed into something. Nicoletta wasn’t sure what it was she’d hit—maybe a lamppost since the pain she was experiencing was localized to one relative area and not a large part of her body.
It was her shoulder that was throbbing, her left one. Getting smacked up against something at some random speed was not good for her body . . . Nicoletta knew enough about health to get that bit of information down pat.

It took her a moment to regain her composure, and to get a bearing for her current situation and position, what was happening after that. By some ‘miracle,’ she was still holding onto her revolver through all that, and she was also slouched over, something was against her back, probably a lamppost like she thought, but she was definitely lying halfway against the ground—the pavement of Dominion Hecate was rather warm against her skin. Then, there was the pain, when she tried to move herself even a bit, Nicoletta could only muster a seethe in response, yep, her left shoulder was definitely screwed up at the moment.

Okay, the pain is not important right now . . . the Hunter is, and so are Alexi and Tammy. I can’t lie here while that monster is around, capable of hurting those two. . . . My injury can wait, as can what the hell that shopkeeper did. she thought, moving her right arm with her revolver still her grasp, using it to force her torso upward. “Y’know something, I don’t really give a damn about the textiles right now, they are my mom’s anyway, not mine. All I care about is making sure this monster here dies!” she shouted, again drawing the attention of the garbage covered Hunter toward herself. It’s head reared in her direction, and the thing’s teeth showed while Nicoletta remained where she was, breathing heavily due to the discomfort her shoulder was giving her.

The sensation of heat prickling in the palms of her hands was beginning to return to her again. . . . At this rate, Nicoletta had a feeling that what control she had over her powers was not going to hold out much longer.


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(sorry for the delay)

Alexi stood up, still bleeding, but not excessively. Tammy was standing a few fet away. Any noise and it would follow, the stentch was still strong on it. But it was slowly falling off, and it was getting used to the smell. But their smell was newer, because of the sweat. Sweat from panic, fear, and such. Alexi looked for anything that could help. But other then a street light, there wasn't much.

Of course! Alexi positioned himself in front of a street light, and Tammy looked around, grabbing a piece of wood and staying back a little. The hunter was hurt then, a bullet exploded mid air. Alexi found himself curious, noting "Since when do bullets explode in mid air?" That got the hunters attention. Thats when Alexi whistled. The hunter looked at him, and it leaped forward. Alexi dove out of the way, and the Hunter knocked over the street light sort of, making it tip over and revealing some wires, along with leaning on the store they were at before. No real damage though.

THats when Tammy through the piece of wood away from Alexi, and it started to follow it, but its sense of smell was regaining, and it began to look at Alexi and Tammy. Tammy and Alexi ran over to the street light, putting out a severed cable. The hunter leaped towards them now, but they stabbed it with the loose electric cable after ducking out of the way. The hunter had a ton of electricity go through it, essentially electrocuting it.

"I don't like Hunters. They don't play fair" Alexi noted, before collapsing. Too much action. Now he needed bandages.


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Syd Lastern

Syd had originally questioned the girl when her bullet exploded, but shook his head, dismissing the question. Sure, he was pretty sure that a girl armed with a petty revolver would not have the scientific know-how to somehow make a bullet explode in mid-air, but weirder things had happened before. Syd knew that first hand, so judging wasn't really in his best interests, nor was judging. The Hunter was disoriented from the blast, that was all that really mattered, but now he was starting to get slightly annoyed by the fact that he couldn't claim the kill of this thing for himself - with the Aces on the roof, they would recall the tale later that night, and most likely the Network would dismiss the slaying as a group effort. This got on Syd's nerve, since he seriously wanted to take on one of those things by himself and butcher the crap out of a creature most of the planet feared.

What caught him off guard were the two little pip-squeaked characters that knew Nicoletta - if he recalled correctly, he had heard the names Alexi and Tammy called in their general direction, so that was probably their names. The one with the brown hair started to question Nicoletta's mystery bullets out loud, which Syd knew was a stupid decision. However, he instantly saw through the plan of the kid, and gave a small grin. The Hunter smashed into the lighpole, and then jumped right into the electrical cables of the street lights, and Syd watched as the massive creature was zapped til death. His smile was short lived, and turned into a small and narrow scowl - not only did he need assistance, but somebody else killed the damned thing, not even using their own skills. Just dumb shit luck. He gave a sideways glace at the barrel of Azrael's sniper, only to see the Aces simply shrug their shoulders, and his scowl deepened.

I don't like Hunters. They don't play fair" Syd seriously wanted to make a very rude comment at that moment, somewhere along the lines of 'No shit Sherlock' but he kept his lips closed. Now wasn't the time to aggravate children, especially with the possibility of cops flooding the area soon. It didn't help that cops were already in his shop, and his eyebrows narrowed slightly. He turned back to his shop, and then walked toward the Hunter that was still attached to the live electrical current. His shadowless body slowly paced its way over, and instantly touched the monster. Instantly his body began to course with electrical energy, but he didn't mind it at all: it was more like a recharge than a deadly dash with death. While he touched the beast, he also examined its odd body, looking for weaknesses in its armor-like skin and ways to exploit them. When he was finished, he removed his hand and stood straight up, and stared at the sky. A small smile grew on his lips as he spoke out to Nicoletta.

"Well, your textiles are waiting for you and your siblings on the counter of the shop. I advise you to get them quickly before the cops fill the streets, armed with their papers and pens." He gave a dry smile before he looked her way, then started heading back into his shop. "Ah yes, I guess I should get rid of this Hunter as well." He stopped, then dismissed his thoughts and continued to walk towards his shop. "Never mind, Xibalba always has a way of getting rid of things."


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As the best fell to electrocution, Alexi fairing little better from the injuries he’d taken from the Hunter himself . . . Nicoletta found herself not doing quite so well herself. Her shoulder was aching, and her body was throbbing with the need for her inner fire to release itself from the previous battle. It desired to incinerate something. . . . But, there was nothing left o burn up without revealing herself, her status as a Gifted. Death no longer loomed over her head, her life was no longer threatened . . . so why was it that her powers still desired destruction? In this state, what would happen to her? Could she keep control over herself, and resist the urge to burn?

She heard well what was going on around her, and she remembered why it was she’d come to Dominion Hecate in the first place, who’d she come with. The textiles, Momchil, Amalia . . . here for her mother. Her family was still there, and she still had something to do on that hot day, she had been sent to do something simple and had wound up getting caught in a battle with a monster like her sister fought. Mom. . . . I said I’d get your bolts of cloth. Nicoletta reminded herself, her eyes shutting as her small body began to shake from the sense of her powers beginning to overwhelm her. The blonde stood where she had stopped after the battle had abruptly ended, her head cast down toward the ground, her arms hanging limp at her sides, the gun still in her hand. While her shoulder ached in pain, Nicoletta herself had begun trying to stave off the heat that was coming from her bones.

At this rate, she was going to be consumed.

"Well, your textiles are waiting for you and your siblings on the counter of the shop. I advise you to get them quickly before the cops fill the streets, armed with their papers and pens." she heard the shopkeeper speaking to her, but . . . it sounded muffled, completely so. The sounds of Portum Animas were dull in her ears. So, though it seemed rude indeed, the teenager gave no response to the man’s words, simply she stood there as before.

I’m losing the battle . . . the fire is going to win, isn’t it? she questioned herself, body beginning to quiver as her heart sped up in her chest. A nervous gulp came from the girl as in her moment of panic, she found the grip upon her revolver loosening to the point that she let it go, the thing clattering to the pavement below. If I let go now, I’ll end up following in Aylin’s footsteps, I’ll be detained, and forced away from everyone.

Nicoletta didn’t want to have to let go of herself, she wanted to keep a hold on this, of herself and her power, she didn’t want to be shown as a Gifted. But, she wasn’t even sure if she could keep on going as this felt, her body was beginning to ache so much from it. . . . The heat was beginning to consume her from the inside out, her bones felt as if they were on fire, her skin and muscles felt as if they were melting. Tears began to run down the girl’s face as she continued her inner struggle to keep her grip. But, without meaning to, words slipped from her lips as she found for control over her own body, “C-Can’t . . . I can’t keep this up. . . .”

Without warning, she dropped to her knees and her body lolled to the side hitting the hot pavement with a thud. No, Nicoletta was not yet unconscious, but she couldn’t keep standing and holding it at bay. “Go-going to lose it.” She mumbled, voice wavering as her form suddenly tensed up, and her eyes clenched shut. And . . . just as it felt as if she were going to go up in flames and consume everything around her with her fire, incinerate and burn so much, something broke her of those terrible feelings and thoughts.

A voice called from nearby, a voice she knew so well, “Nicoletta!!” Even if she did at times pretend to be annoyed by the owner of that voice, at that moment, the blonde girl could not have been happier to hear it.

Her body felt like it had gone numb for a moment, as she struggled to move her head to look in the direction of the voice who’d called for her. Tears still came from her eyes while the throbbing resumed, yet a weak smile worked over her face as a name came from her lips, “V-Vincente. . . .”

Into view, a sword-toting young blonde man came into view, sharing the same grey eyes as Nicoletta, a look of worry etched upon his face. Nicoletta looked at him, happy to see her brother then. “Nicoletta, what happened to you?!” he cried out, running over to her collapsed form, kneeling down.

“Al-almost lost it,” she told him, her voice soft. “But, I-I think I have control over it now.”

A look of concern overtook Vincente’s face, “You don’t much look like you have control over it sis. . . .”

Nicoletta shook her head, “I think I’ll be all right, it was just an aftereffect of fighting . . . the battle’s over now, and there are more important things to worry about than me,” the girl weakly moved herself up and pointed over to where she’d last seen Alexi with his injuries, “Al-Alexi’s gotten a nasty wound from all this, he needs medical attention. . . . Then, there’s Momchil and Amalia too, they’re still in the shop, waiting to gather the textiles for mom.”

“Nicoletta, the textile bolts don’t matter right now, mom might not thrilled if she doesn’t get them today, but she’ll understand that your health, as well as Alexi’s, comes first. Same for the twins.” Without giving his sister a chance to respond, Vincente looked around and spotted the shopkeeper who looked a bit like himself, of course, while Vincente had much the same thought about that as his sister, unlike her, he didn’t suddenly go and spout it out. “I’m going to assume you’re the one in charge of the shop our mother’s shipping order got sent to by mistake; I apologize for this, but we’re going to have to leave those with you for the time being, Nicoletta’s not doing so well and her friend is injured.”


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Alex had fallen into a state of sleep momentarily after passing out. At first, he could see a face. A strange face. But he couldn't quite make it out. Also, his head hurt a lot. His mind also seemed a bit...blurry...or clouded.

Heal. Health. Blood. Wind. Nicole. Blurry. Family. Blurry. Street. Blurry. Blurry. Textiles. Explosion.

Alexi woke back up. Alex tried to get up, but at this point, the adrenaline was gone, the pain was kicking in, and he had a good amount of pain. Alex then noted "May I suggest we get to someplace with proper healing supplies......just a thought....". Alexi then coughed up a hacked cough, and Tammy tried to help him up. Thats when Alex added "I think....there is a place close by..."

Alexi then started to get a headache. Tammy took off his sweatshirt and let Alexi use it as a sort of bandage kind of. Alexi then started to fall over, but Tammy caught him. Alexi noted "Ill be fine, im alright", which was blatenly obvious that it was a lie. Although, he was actually much better then everyone thought and then how he looked.

Just then, Alexi became aware of what everyone else was saying and doing, including the necklace of bullet casings, although he didn't really register that as strange or anything important. Thats when Alexi also was about to say something, but then decided against it, instead saying "Tammy, I think Nicole needs your help more....". Alexi was fairly clueless about how bad his own injuries were, so he really had no idea if she was more wounded then him or not.

(Beta, this place would be where your characters long lost sister is? Or you want that to be later)
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