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Feng Chen Shun

"...I may come from a 'Light' Family...but my hands are always soaked in blood..."

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a character in “From Light to Shadow”, as played by blackwolf


Feng Chen Shun

Role: The loyal one

Gender: Male
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): The Cursed weapon, The Death's right hand man, The Demon with a child face, The Red Death
Age: 19
Love Interest: TBA

To identify himself, Feng cuts his hair short and let the silky brown hair grow naturally on his head. It gives him a wild, bad boy look and Feng proudly says that it's not 'as girly as Wei's hair', earning him a scold from his brother more often than not. Even though he's slightly shorter than his brother, his build is more muscular than Wei. His build is more suitable for closed ranged combat as he's quite strong and quite flexible. However, he's very clumsy and his movements are somewhat...'out of control' due to a mental disease he had when he was young. Just like his brother, his skin is smooth, soft and cool...glowing softly under the moonlight...His eyes are very...abnormal. Because of his eye-damages when he was young, his eyes don't have a certain color and their color change every time the light shines in a different direction so from the day until his eyes were damaged, they're never be the same again...The most commonly seen colors are red and yellow. But like I said, the colors change because of the light so technically, his eyes can have two colors...if the light's in a certain direction. It is said that his eyes used to have a light, baby-blue color but Feng and Wei both avoid talking about the past so no one knows for certain. His lips always curl into an ever-present dark scold and his voice is low but harsh and loud. He tends to 'shout' rather than 'talk' most of the time no matter how much Wei disapproves of it.

Preferred Clothing:
Feng is always the one with strict code of dressing and he always wears the traditional clothes even if they're very uncomfortable. The Shun's family has the traditions of dressing boys in blood red or dark red as they believe it will bring luck to the children and the family. Therefore, Feng's clothes are always in red, blood red to be exact. He will always claim that he only dresses like it because blood can blend in with his red clothes but Wei can always tell that he loves the color red...not that Feng will ever want to admit it. His Changshans are tight but they don't restrict his movements. They are all made out of soft silk but that doesn't make them any less comfortable, especially when it's hot...He carries with him a sword, though he never uses it and it's mostly just for show...who needs to use a sword when you yourself can turn into an awesome katana? And of course, we can't forget his cute panda pet - Xing, right? it is a white, fluffy animal with very cute ears and Feng loves to cuddle it. It follows him everywhere and both his brother and him love it very much.

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown - Black
Eye Color: Unknown

Unlike his older brother, Feng is more aggressive and rash. While Wei likes using words, Feng loves using his hands because 'actions speak louder than words' after all. A young man who is seemingly bighearted and innocent, but is in reality childishly cruel. He comes off as intimidating without even saying a word, his cheerful smile and disposition only intensifying the aura of dread which seems to constantly hang over him. Feng is described as gentle and naive, and not malicious, but insane. Though he is capable of being incredibly cruel-minded, Feng himself is unaware of it. He often causes troubles and argues with almost anyone on a daily basic, which is the main cause of his brother's problem. He depends heavily on his brother's decision and has claimed many times before that if his brother is the mind then he is the body. He is also has a habit of speaking in profanity, particularly the words "bastard" and "dammit".

However, to strangers, instead of using his 'villain mastermind' mask to hide his timid nature, Feng uses the aggressive way to do it. He may come off as a self-centered bastard and overall an overbearing arrogant person but he actually hates human contacts as much as his brother. He pushes everyone away, and dislikes making new friends with a passion. To sum up, to other people beside the ones he trusts, he acts like an angry child that has his favorite toy taken by someone else and is incredibly thick-headed. It often takes a lot in order for him to trust someone else and even though he might trust them, his trust is fragile. He's also very bitter and sarcastic, always says that it is his job and duty to release some stress for his brother.

But, when he's alone or with his brother, his rash nature disappears and is replaced by a sad aura which both brothers seem to carry with them everywhere. His obsession with the nature, while not as sicked as his older brother, is not a very healthy one. He openly despises humans because they have caused the planet to be destroyed and he strongly believes in his brother's ideas of a 'perfect world'. He also harbors a twisted sense of admiration for butterflies because of their 'cuteness' and 'freedom' and often takes the pleasure in capturing them and watching them squirm or releasing them into the wild depends on his mood. Even though his mental illness is quite obvious, there is no doubt about his loyalty towards his older twin brother. He can die for Wei without a second thought and care for Wei above everyone else.

Oddities: While not having a strange oddity such as busting into tears while watching the nature being destroyed like his brother often does, Feng has his own flaws. He's extremely clumsy, often slacks off and sleeps when it comes to chores, though he was rather clumsy when he actually tries to do them, maybe it has something to do with the fact that he had the disease Choreia as a child.

Another oddity he seems to have is that he extremely hates his powers. Some may think that after 15 years living with them, he has gotten used to them and maybe even like them but he never does. He only uses his powers for the sake of his brother and reluctantly uses them without his brother's presence.

  • His twin brother - Wei
  • His pet panda - Xing
  • Butterflies
  • Peace
  • Nature
  • His brother's music
  • Nights
  • Being near his brother

  • Losing
  • Being injured
  • Animal Cruelty
  • His family beside his brother
  • His powers
  • Being separated from his twin brother
  • Being asked too many questions
  • Being laughed at or looked down
  • Worms

  • Moon-gazing
  • Catching butterflies
  • Listening to Wei's songs
  • Playing with animals

  • His brother dying
  • Being alone

  • Good observation skill: Due to the fact that he has to observe a weapon first before being able to take its form, Feng has developed a very good sense of observation, studying about the body language as well as the human's emotions. He is no where near his brother's skill but he's getting better everyday. He doesn't really like the idea of 'studying something' and often goes against it but he knows which skills he should need and therefore, he begrudgingly let his brother teach him his own observation skill.
  • Good with animals: The Shun's children are always good with animals, all kinds of animals because of the way which they have been raised in but both the brothers are somehow better with animals than other children. The evidence can be found in the fact that butterflies extremely attach to Feng and are often seen flying around the teenager like some sorts of companions that Feng keeps.

    Preferred Weapon: None

    • Self-Healing
    • Weapon-Forms
    • Steel-skin

    • Self-healing: Basically, this power does exactly like its name. It heals Feng and anyone that has the same type of DNA as himself aka: his twin brother from any kinds of injuries, from minor cuts to deep wounds and life-threatening injuries. The speed of this ability depends heavily on the type of wounds it has to heal. Minor cuts only take seconds to heal while deep wounds will take hours. It won't leave any kinds of scars behind and therefore, both Feng and his brother have perfectly smooth skin despite their gruesome past. It also heals him from diseases and poisons even though it will take longer to heal than wounds. It is quite draining but since it's an automatic system, there is nothing much Feng can do to stop it from doing its job. To heal Wei, Feng has to touch him and even though they share the same DNA, the ability will take Feng's energy, not Wei's.
    • Weapon-Forms: This is Feng's special ability. This power gives Feng the ability to shift and mold himself into any kinds of weapons, from swords to claws and bo-staffs. Of course, this power goes with limitations. He cannot mold into any kinds of self-destructive weapons such as bombs. Damages on the weapons equal damages on himself and he can die in his weapon-forms if he has been damaged too much. He can mold into guns or grenade launcher but cannot fire without the proper bullets. Also, he has to see a weapon and feel it before he can turn into that type of weapons. He cannot, under any situations, turn into a fantasy weapon such as: a magical staff or an ice sword. He can only turn into weapons that have existed before and he has seen it with his own eyes. He usually turn into a bamboo flute, a sixteen-chord zither, a katana or a sword for his brother to use.
    • Steel-skin: This power is a minor one and is not as strong or as potent as Feng's other powers. However, once it has been combined with his weapon-forms, it is a deadly ability. It allows Feng to have skin as hard as steel, maybe even more because diamond is the only material than can cause injuries to Feng when he's using this power. This is not an automatic power so, for the lack of better words, he can 'turn it on' or 'turn it off' to his will. He usually use this when he is in his weapon forms and it is draining. Therefore, when Wei is fighting with weak opponents, Feng often doesn't use this power. When he doesn't use it, his weapon form is only as hard as normal material and is not as deadly.

Personal History:
His family - the Shun Family, is proudly to be one of the very few families in the entire world knowing the true meaning of the world 'normal'. They are absolutely normal, with no power, no special ability, no 'freakish, abnormal' gene and they have 'remained pure' for generations - at least until Wei and Feng were born. Wei is the older twin - born 5 minutes earlier than Feng. It was the happiest day of the whole Shun family because according to their traditions, if a Shun woman is able to bear healthy twins, it's a sign of luck and wealth. Both Wei and Feng used to be treated like princes and spoiled like no other child could ever hope to be...until one day. Now, before I continue with the history, let's study something about the Shun Family. It is a very old and strict family. Some legends in the family say that they have existed since the beginning of the world. They despises humans with non-human power and often call them 'freaky things'. It is said that there used to be some members in the family that had powers but they all died early in 'unknown accidents'. Over all, the Shun Family hate superpowers. The Shun Family also love the nature with a passion and they dislike what the humans are doing - destroying the nature with technologies. They teach their children the love for nature at a very young age and until now, there is no information recorded about anyone in the whole family that disliked or destroyed the nature. Now, let's get back to the story. As I have said before, Wei and Feng were the princes of the Family. They're the Head of the Family's children and they received only the best kind of things possible. Both of them, like the rest of their family, love the nature and both are very bright boys. It brought join and happiness to the family knowing that their children will one day grow up to be great men just like their father.

However, fate doesn't want to give them what they wish for. Since an early age, Wei and Feng both knew they were different from the rest of the family. Not their faces or their hair or their eyes but the inside...they knew they were...not normal. But both of them didn't say anything in fear of what their family would do when they knew their children were 'demons'. The first sign of their power was showed when Wei and Feng were just 4 years old. Feng was playing in the garden when he fell and had a deep cut on his knee. Wei was fussing over Feng but a magical thing happened before their very eyes - Feng's leg was healing on itself - without the aid of anything. They were all afraid, so very afraid that their family would find out about this and so, they hid the accident very carefully. A year later, the same thing happened but this time, Wei was the one that received the injury and Feng, worrying about his older brother, touched his knee and healed him subconsciously. This time, the boys knew that they were 'tainted' and realized that their family would kill them if they knew about this. Accidents after accidents happened and Wei also discovered his first power - Memory Manipulation while he was trying to cover for one of his brother's 'accidents'. They tried their best to become the best of the best, hoping that if one day their secrets were uncovered, their family would still think of them as the same - the brightest children of the Shun Family.

Oh, how naive they had been! At last, the cat got out of the bag as one night, when the whole family (30 people) were having a huge dinner to celebrate their children coming to their age to inherit the title 'Head of House', both Wei and Feng (at the age of 6) were extremely happy because to the clan's tradition, once the males became the heir, there couldn't be anything to stop their position and both were ready to tell the family about their power right after the ceremony when Feng, being the clumsy one, accidentally cut his fingers and in front of the entire family - it was a freaky way. Their family were both shocked and outrage by the fact that some 'snotty brats' decided to cheat on the Shun Family and hide their demonic powers and even their father couldn't stop the family from reaching the decision that they both had to be burnt alive according to the family's traditions. The time drawled near as Wei and Feng were tied into a large tree, ready to be burnt to death...Feng, still being the naivest child out both brothers, cried out that 'there was nothing wrong with having a power' was the first one to be burnt alive and Wei watched in horror as their family -their aunts and uncles, father and mother burnt Feng's eyes. He struggled but it was no use. As last, Feng snapped. The boy turned into a katana and cut the rope before flying into his brother's hands. That was when something changed in Wei as well as the boy cut the rope and suddenly, his head was filled with knowledge of how to properly use a katana and he had killed his entire family in one single night before fleeing with his brother by his side.

But the damage was done anyway. Feng's eyes were never the same again...the fire had damaged him and therefore, even if he had healing factor, his eyes were forever 'abnormal' than the others. Wei had collapsed in tears after they left the house because he was always the gentle one but he had to be the one that killed the entire family...Feng could only comfort his brother and give him the support he depressedly needed in those dark hours. After that, they had joined the 'underground world' and lived a life of death and darkness. But even so, Wei wasn't happy and Feng knew that. But what Feng didn't know was that his brother, after killing the family, had some mental damages as well and the older boy had begun to imagine a world - 'a perfect world' to be exact and in that world, there would be no human, no technology, only the nature, the beautiful mother of all. Wei and Feng had gone back to their old house - the Shun Family - now was nothing but a dead graveyard as they both searched for the 'hidden library' according to one of the legends. Their actions were not in vain. They were able to find the library, millenniums years old as they read and read and found out about the history of their own planet, how their planet had become this...Wei had finally decided that he had to tell his little brother about this intention and he was extremely surprised when he heard that his brother agreed whole-heartedly with his plans and with that, they came into Portum Animas in order to do some 'researches' and scheming. With Wei's ability, he quickly became the information collector of the underworld and he and his brother became the assassin, doing jobs for the mafia. But they wouldn't lay low for too long...all they needed now was to find the right chess pieces in order to fulfill their plans...'Humans, wait right there...we will show you the results of your deeds...the moment you decided to destroy the nature, you have sealed your own fate'


Theme Song: Trail of the Angels -Unknown

Other: Wei and Feng share very special bonds that only twins can have and they understand each other to a degree that there is no need for word or actions. They understand each other's emotions and thoughts and can even complete each other's sentences. Oh, and did I mention that he has a pet panda named Xing? He carries her everywhere with him and loves her very much...Second after his brother, of course.

So begins...

Feng Chen Shun's Story

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Wei Zhen Shun ~ Feng Chen Shun

"...please, brother...those bastards deserve it!!!"

" careful with your language...and the answer is still no"

"...pretty please?"


"...come on...don't be such an ass, brother...I promise I...we won't make a scene"

"for the last time, Feng...I won't just let you go out and kill someone because you feel like it...we have to keep our cover!"

Wei growled out finally and turned his head, avoided his brother 'super puppy eyes' as they stared at him pleadingly. Who did his brother learn it from he would never know. But personally, Wei would prefer if he never figured that out. He sighed and covered his nose as he continued dusting the old books, completely ignored his younger sibling. It was a rather hot day today and truth to be told, Wei would love to have some relaxed time, eating ice cream, feeding his birds or watching the sunset ...or even simply laying on his bed, sleeping. Of course, he couldn't do that now, could he? The nineteen-year-old boy refrained himself from sighing again as he put some books on their respective places. He ran a hand through his sweaty long hair, silently admitted that he was quite bored as well...maybe a change of scenario was what they both needed right now. He turned his head and looked at Feng, whom, at the second of seeing his brother's defeated look, had begun to jump up and down, grinning like a fool. Wei snorted and said finally, empathized each word he said "don'" Feng just continued to grin and jump up to hug his brother, resulting in the older of two blushing furiously "'re the best brother in the word, Wei!!!" Wei pushed Feng out as he turned his head to hide his pink cheeks, pretending to busy himself with another stack of books "...just shut up, you damned brat..." Feng chuckled and waved his hand in a dismissive manner "...yeah, yeah, love you, too, Wei..." Wei pursed his lips and said after a while "...though we won't go anywhere until we close the shop, you understand?"

Feng was having a fun time teasing his brother. Wei was so shy that he could freely tease his brother and still get some kinds of reactions from him. Seriously, teasing his brother had become somewhat of a new sport for him now and Wei's blush could always make Feng grin wider. He nodded his head frantically as he heard his brother asked him a question. Well, he didn't say they had to go out now. He just wanted to stretch his legs...and hands...and everything else after so many hours sitting in this crampy bookstore and acting nice to the customers. Why did he even agree to sell books again? Oh yes, his brother had practically forced him into doing it...with those blasted eyes of his. Feng rolled his eyes. What time was it again? Oh yeah, still had 4 more hours to go. 'Just great!' Feng thought sarcastically 'at this rate, we'll turn into old men before we could even think of helping the nature' Wei sent him a glare. Apparently, he could read Feng's facial expression...again. Feng could only look apologetically. 'Well, sorry for doubting you when what we only do is selling information for some cheap cents' Feng thought heatedly with an irritated huff. He vaguely heard Wei spoke slowly, as if carefully explained himself to him again. Dammit! Feng was not some kinds of toddlers. He understood the plan perfectly. He just didn't understand why it had to take them so long to prepare. He wanted some actions. He was stirring crazy here!

"Feng, you must understand...we have to be patient...It's the key to success! And it's not some information we are selling for cheap cents! By selling them, we can to a certain degree, access to a person's information...and we know what they know...don't you see it?" Wei said, nearly in tears because of his own anger and helplessness in making his brother realize how important their jobs were right now. Feng looked at his brother and bit his lips as he saw the other teenager had nearly usual. He sighed and patted his brother's back "...stop crying, Wei...I'm sorry...I shouldn't haven't been so...impatient...It's just...It has been so long since I last...had a mission...and I couldn't bear feeling like a sitting duck" Wei sniffed and wiped his face with his sleeve "...I'm sorry for being such a crybaby...I just want to make you understand..." The bell rang and Wei looked up, hastily wiped his face before Feng's hand stopped him "...I will go and talk with the stay here and clean your face..." Feng finished sternly.

Wei hiccuped and asked silently "'re sure you can handle it...I can help you if you-" " need to make a fuss of everything, brother...there's no bastard I can't handle" Feng said confidently and pointed at his chest before walking out of the room. Wei corrected his brother half-heartedly "...language, Feng..." but shut up after Feng had walked out to handle their job. He sighed and mumbled " I have to be such a weakling?..." But no one could answer Wei and right now, Wei didn't have the answer to his own question. He would have to wait then...He looked out from the window. It's getting dark...He hoped he could close the shop soon...maybe a trip to lake Kalliope would help him clean his head and 'de-stress' himself...God knew he had worked a little too hard lately. He checked the wall clock. Wei wondered if there's any 'special' customer tonight...