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From Light to Shadow


A rather average looking bookstore, there really seems to be little about it that would raise alarm in anyone. . . .
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The Store of Knowledge

A bookstore dedicated to the high pursuit of knowledge, if one is looking for information regarding a sparsely covered subject, then this place just might have the answers.


The Store of Knowledge is a part of Finitor.

2 Characters Here

Feng Chen Shun [1] "...I may come from a 'Light' Family...but my hands are always soaked in blood..."
Wei Zhen Shun [1] "If my brother is the weapon...then I am the Master"

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Characters Present

Character Portrait: Wei Zhen Shun Character Portrait: Feng Chen Shun
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Wei Zhen Shun ~ Feng Chen Shun

"...please, brother...those bastards deserve it!!!"

" careful with your language...and the answer is still no"

"...pretty please?"


"...come on...don't be such an ass, brother...I promise I...we won't make a scene"

"for the last time, Feng...I won't just let you go out and kill someone because you feel like it...we have to keep our cover!"

Wei growled out finally and turned his head, avoided his brother 'super puppy eyes' as they stared at him pleadingly. Who did his brother learn it from he would never know. But personally, Wei would prefer if he never figured that out. He sighed and covered his nose as he continued dusting the old books, completely ignored his younger sibling. It was a rather hot day today and truth to be told, Wei would love to have some relaxed time, eating ice cream, feeding his birds or watching the sunset ...or even simply laying on his bed, sleeping. Of course, he couldn't do that now, could he? The nineteen-year-old boy refrained himself from sighing again as he put some books on their respective places. He ran a hand through his sweaty long hair, silently admitted that he was quite bored as well...maybe a change of scenario was what they both needed right now. He turned his head and looked at Feng, whom, at the second of seeing his brother's defeated look, had begun to jump up and down, grinning like a fool. Wei snorted and said finally, empathized each word he said "don'" Feng just continued to grin and jump up to hug his brother, resulting in the older of two blushing furiously "'re the best brother in the word, Wei!!!" Wei pushed Feng out as he turned his head to hide his pink cheeks, pretending to busy himself with another stack of books "...just shut up, you damned brat..." Feng chuckled and waved his hand in a dismissive manner "...yeah, yeah, love you, too, Wei..." Wei pursed his lips and said after a while "...though we won't go anywhere until we close the shop, you understand?"

Feng was having a fun time teasing his brother. Wei was so shy that he could freely tease his brother and still get some kinds of reactions from him. Seriously, teasing his brother had become somewhat of a new sport for him now and Wei's blush could always make Feng grin wider. He nodded his head frantically as he heard his brother asked him a question. Well, he didn't say they had to go out now. He just wanted to stretch his legs...and hands...and everything else after so many hours sitting in this crampy bookstore and acting nice to the customers. Why did he even agree to sell books again? Oh yes, his brother had practically forced him into doing it...with those blasted eyes of his. Feng rolled his eyes. What time was it again? Oh yeah, still had 4 more hours to go. 'Just great!' Feng thought sarcastically 'at this rate, we'll turn into old men before we could even think of helping the nature' Wei sent him a glare. Apparently, he could read Feng's facial expression...again. Feng could only look apologetically. 'Well, sorry for doubting you when what we only do is selling information for some cheap cents' Feng thought heatedly with an irritated huff. He vaguely heard Wei spoke slowly, as if carefully explained himself to him again. Dammit! Feng was not some kinds of toddlers. He understood the plan perfectly. He just didn't understand why it had to take them so long to prepare. He wanted some actions. He was stirring crazy here!

"Feng, you must understand...we have to be patient...It's the key to success! And it's not some information we are selling for cheap cents! By selling them, we can to a certain degree, access to a person's information...and we know what they know...don't you see it?" Wei said, nearly in tears because of his own anger and helplessness in making his brother realize how important their jobs were right now. Feng looked at his brother and bit his lips as he saw the other teenager had nearly usual. He sighed and patted his brother's back "...stop crying, Wei...I'm sorry...I shouldn't haven't been so...impatient...It's just...It has been so long since I last...had a mission...and I couldn't bear feeling like a sitting duck" Wei sniffed and wiped his face with his sleeve "...I'm sorry for being such a crybaby...I just want to make you understand..." The bell rang and Wei looked up, hastily wiped his face before Feng's hand stopped him "...I will go and talk with the stay here and clean your face..." Feng finished sternly.

Wei hiccuped and asked silently "'re sure you can handle it...I can help you if you-" " need to make a fuss of everything, brother...there's no bastard I can't handle" Feng said confidently and pointed at his chest before walking out of the room. Wei corrected his brother half-heartedly "...language, Feng..." but shut up after Feng had walked out to handle their job. He sighed and mumbled " I have to be such a weakling?..." But no one could answer Wei and right now, Wei didn't have the answer to his own question. He would have to wait then...He looked out from the window. It's getting dark...He hoped he could close the shop soon...maybe a trip to lake Kalliope would help him clean his head and 'de-stress' himself...God knew he had worked a little too hard lately. He checked the wall clock. Wei wondered if there's any 'special' customer tonight...