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Alexandra Raines

A quick and agile young woman specializing in stealth operations.

0 · 213 views · located in Final Fantasy VIII

a character in “From the Ashes”, as played by StandardFiend



20 years old

Height - 171 cm
Weight - 51.4 kg

Job class: Thief

Alex is a slender girl, with powerful, agile muscles hidden beneath her small frame, like coiled springs ready to launch at the drop of a hat. Hers is a body shaped specifically for the tasks entrusted to her, and, after years of careful training, is honed to perfection. Flips, dives, tumbles, and wheels, as well as invisibility and silence, all come as naturally to her as breathing. Her long, sleek hair is of a slightly unnatural pale pink hue; Alex usually wears it draped over one shoulder. Her sky-blue eyes that are usually half-hidden beneath the shadows of carefully trimmed bangs hold a combination of soothing softness and piercing intensity, meaning at first glance her emotion is difficult to gauge. Her soft, light, unmarred skin is a testament to her usual modus operandi of lurking in the darkness and striking from secrecy.


Before the fall of SeeD, and before the death of the one person to whom she felt closest at the hands of SCORPIA, Alex was friendly, outgoing, and charming. As a female in a largely male-dominated world of soldiers, she was constantly in search of validation from her peers, and oftentimes this would show in her determination to excel.

Now, the world crafted by SCORPIA for her and the remnants of SeeD, as well as the loss of the only home she ever truly had, has turned her once-cheerful outlook into one of bitterness. Even so, she remains the heart of her team, and often the glue that holds it together in the toughest of times. Alex knows the value of a comrade, and that of a companion, and will fight with every fiber of her being to protect either.

In battle, Alex is cool-headed and thoughtful, strategically flanking opponents while her teammates head the assualt. Those who have seen her fight may consider Alex cold and cruel, and where enemies affiliated with SCORPIA are concerned, this is entirely true. For SCORPIA, there is no room in Alex's heart for mercy.


The infiltrator's weapons of choice are small, light, and agile, and Alex's arsenal is no exception. Her main weapons are a pair of small, single-edged, recurved daggers crafted of finely polished carbon steel. She also keeps a small stock of throwing knives within easy reach.

Alex's standard professional attire consists of lightweight, tight-fitting clothing perfect for unhampered slinking.

Guardian Forces:
Quetzalcohuatl and Odin


Alex was born as a child of Esthar amongst the sky-high cerulean pathways, vast feats of structural engineering, and technological marvels. Her parents were wealthy individuals, as her father, Casey Raines, was one of Luka Kessler's direct subordinates in the Department of Foreign Affairs. He was rarely home, but Alex got to spend a lot of time with her mother, Rebecca, during a very luxurious childhood. She did not feel spoiled, but looking back at her younger years it is easy to see that she was.

Unfortunately, good things never last. When Alex was still a toddler, just two years old, her father was diagnosed with a very rare and terminal form of cancer. Even with the disease, he continued to go to work--in fact, he spent more time at work, coming home at most twice a week, and always at late hours. This caused him to become estranged from his family. Alex's mother told her that it was because, with the thought of death looming over his head, he could not bear to be around them; the real story was far more sinister. Five years later, on Alex's seventh birthday, the disease finally won and her father died. It was a sad event for both Alex and Rebecca, but the worst was yet to come.

Over the years of working under Kessler, Casey Raines had accumulated a large amount of wealth. It was more than enough to keep Alex and her mother living comfortably for a long time to come. However, three days after his death, it was discovered that he owed more than ninety-five percent of his fortune to various gambling debts. It was a problem that neither his widow nor his daughter had ever heard about before, but now that the man was dead, the debtors had come to collect. Rebecca had no choice but to give away everything.

Rather than subjecting Alex to a meager life, her mother opted to put her on a train with her few belongings and send her to Garden for education and training. Rebecca hoped the girl would aspire to a nonviolent career, but Alex developed different plans and went down the road of the mercenary soldier.

At the time, Balamb Garden's admission fees were high, while the newly rebuilt Trabia Garden's were surprisingly low, likely due to the remote location. So, Rebecca sent Alex little girl to the snowy, mountainous north. A smaller, more modest Garden would prove easier for Alex to fit into.

In Trabia, Alex made friends rather easily. She was by no means an ace at her studies, but her achievement level was high enough. Choosing her specialty wasn't difficult, either. From the beginning Alex was drawn to gymnastics and exercises that emphasized speed and agility over strength. She spent ten years in Trabia Garden, never really knowing much beyond. Her geographic world is centered around the facility--she barely has a concept of Esthar anymore, having been away from it for so long.

Passing the SeeD exam with flying colors along with her soon-to-be closest friends, Alex's career as a full-fledged mercenary was exciting but short-lived. It wasn't long before her team's missions led them straight into the heart of SCORPIA's deception.

So begins...

Alexandra Raines's Story