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Declan Nyx

The evil director of SCORPIA.

0 · 202 views · located in Final Fantasy VIII

a character in “From the Ashes”, as played by StandardFiend


Nyx has spent the majority of his life as a soldier, and is thus built like one. He is tall and robust, sporting finely toned features that seem to have not aged a day in many years. Despite his appearance, Nyx actually is getting on in age, nearing the mark of forty. However, he is still strong and capable, and his intelligence and cunning have only grown more intense. His standard attire is not what one would expect from the director of a corporation; rather, Nyx looks like he should be sneaking around on some kind of secret mission in his dark cargo trousers, black turtle-necked sweatshirt, and highly reflective sunglasses. Nyx doesn't wear the glasses just to look cool, though; he experiences a slight sensitivity to light, especially unnatural sources. He has become so accustomed to wearing them that even in darkness he often won't take them off.


To his followers, Nyx is a cold but wise and respectful man, worthy of the position he holds. To his enemies, Nyx is a heartless tyrant. Nyx makes no moves without first thinking through them thoroughly, and he attempts to account for every eventuality. When things go far awry, Nyx's usual level-headedness disappears almost entirely, replaced by mournful rage. His cold indifference is off-putting to even his most trusted employees, leading them to steer clear of him whenever possible, and there is always a heavy tension in the air surrounding him. Nyx is not one to share his feelings or develop any kind of intimate relationship--in his opinion, that is how he rose to the top. Emotions are an exploitable weakness, so Nyx makes every effort to hide every one of his. He harbors an extraordinary amount of pride, especially regarding his position as the now-sole director of SCORPIA.
Nyx is an intelligent man, and he knows when to run. Perhaps that is his most intriguing quality, as he exudes the utmost confidence in himself and in SCORPIA; yet when faced with what he perceives as insurmountable odds, if such odds even exist for him, he will perform a hasty retreat. This makes him a voracious foe, one not to be trifled with.


Nyx wields no specific weapons. His only possession that might be considered equipment is his sunglasses. That doesn't mean that Nyx is not well-versed in the art of combat. He is a soldier, after all, and can use a variety of ranged and melee weapons with expertise.


From an early age, Declan Nyx knew he wanted to fight. His childhood consisted of an extraordinary amount of violence and very quickly he learned to defend himself from the dangers of the world around him. His parents were literally afraid of him, and of what he might become if his current tendencies were not checked, and so when Nyx was fifteen years old they packed up him and shipped him off to Galbadia Garden. There, they reasoned, his violent urges could be funneled into a productive talent--and they knew he would be taken care of in a way they could not provide.

But Nyx had other plans. He had no intention of joining Garden--no, he hated Garden. Nyx broke away from his parents during the trip to Galbadia Garden. They chased him for a long time, even got the police involved, but Nyx managed to evade them, catching a train to Deling City. Such was no place for a fifteen year old boy on his own for the first time, but Nyx was a different kind of animal. He was only too happy on his own. Almost immediately, Nyx applied to the Galbadian military, adding two years to his age to meet the minimum requirement. Given his life and tendencies, Nyx was practically a shoe-in, regardless of the recruitment agents' skepticism about his age. In the army, Nyx flourished. He excelled in his training and exercises and was promoted to captain in just two years' time.

It was about three years after that when Nyx met Luca Kessler, a young but brilliant scientest working for Esthar. Kessler was working on a project and was interested in hiring a private military force. Holding Nyx's reputation in especially high regard, Kessler offered him the chance to head up that force. For Nyx, the military was great, but Kessler was going to pay a lot better than the Galbadian government; the choice was easy. He and Kessler became fast friends, realizing that they differed, philosophically, on very little.

Kessler's operations were taking place outside the sanction of the Estharian government, and not entirely legal. Kessler's identity remained secret, but the Estharian government caught wind of his operation and quickly tried to put a stop to it. They were obviously met with heavy resistance from Nyx and his men; failing to stop Nyx on their own, the Estharians contracted SeeD to aid them. With the strength of the Estharian military and the power of SeeD, Kessler's secret organization was very quickly ground into dust. Nyx managed to escape, and Kessler's name was never revealed as being connected, but the two men held an especially intense grudge.

They wanted... needed revenge.

The pair eventually met Taijo Watanabe, current head of the Watanabe School of Swordsmanship. He was a quiet and secretive man, but it was clear he held no love for SeeD. Nyx and Kessler realized they could use Watanabe, and the pair became a trio.

The formation of SCORPIA was a collaborative project between the three, and they agreed to run it as a board. They started small, gaining minor influence here and there, knowing that eventually their power would avalanche and entire governments would collapse before them--and that was precisely their plan. No one was going to hand them the world on a silver platter, so they were going to have to take it.

When SeeD became intimately involved in SCORPIA's plans, Nyx knew that their plans were going to have to be accelerated. However, Nyx quickly discovered that Kessler was not up to the task. Having repeatedly failed to take down the team of mercenaries, Nyx finally removed Kessler from the equation, dismissing him not only from the board of directors but the company altogether, and he made it very clear there was nothing Kessler could do about it. Seeing this, Watanabe quickly backed down, resolving to stay with SCORPIA but out of Nyx's way. Nyx became the sole director of SCORPIA, and he knew this was just the turn he needed to bring his plans for the demise of SeeD to fruition.

So begins...

Declan Nyx's Story