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Zeke Watanabe

An SeeD fugitive, now living as the vigilante named 'Desh".

0 · 299 views · located in Final Fantasy VIII

a character in “From the Ashes”, as played by Xeynar





200 lbs


Job Class


Zeke was changed greatly by the 'Fall of SeeD". Now a wanted fugitive, Zeke always keeps to himself, never trying to stand out or draw attention to himself as he once would have done. Over the past three years, Zeke spiraled into depression and alcoholism; often seen carrying bottles of sake or some other beverage at his waist. On top of drinking, Zeke also developed a habit for smoking, becoming rarely seen without a cigarette in his mouth.


Sakabato (Reverse-Edge Sword)




Fira - 75
Blizzara - 80
Water - 80
Cura - 70
Esuna - 70
Reflect - 50
Haste - 100
Tornado - 65


Zeke's history is unique among other SeeDs. While most everyone else was probably trained at their respective Garden, Zeke was actually trained by his father, Sensei Taijo Watanabe, head sensei and 10th Generation Owner of the Watanabe School of Swordsmanship in the Galbadia area (the school was founded by Masamune Watanabe, Zeke's ancestor). Zeke was raised and trained to take over the school as its 11th Generation Head Sensei. Zeke (the oddball he is), however, did not wish to follow the crowd and did what he refers to as "broke the family mold" by joining SeeD. His father, never approving of SeeD and its mercenary ways, became estranged from Zeke. Zeke left the Galbadia area altogether and joined the Trabia Garden at age 15. The only real training Zeke recieved was how to use a GF, as well as drawing and casting magic spells. His family swordsmanship (which he himself personally tweaked just to be different) was allowed to serve as his combat training. Now, all that stands in Zeke's way of being a SeeD is the Final Test that awaits him in Balamb.

Zeke passed the exam along with his teammates and was made a full member of SeeD. Afterwards, he accompanied the team to Esthar, where he had some choice words in response to being manipulated by the Estharians. After the Lunar Cry Fiasco, Zeke was sent with the others to the DSRC to retrieve sensitive data for a client named Dr. Kessler. The team was split into 3 groups, Zeke being paired with Alex Raines. As teams grew more separated, they were betrayed by their clients and captured by the secretive corporation called SCORPIA. The team was imprisoned in a GF Cloning Research Facility located on The Island Closest to Hell. While imprisoned, Zeke was visited by his father, and a horrible truth was made known. Zeke's father was one of the executive members of SCORPIA, and was using the Dojo to train agents. Zeke was meant to take his place.

Soon, Elia Barron managed to free the team, but during the chaos, Zeke slipped away on his own. He knew he had to confront his father, and how would the others not accuse him of being a spy? Zeke used his sword to cut his hair to a short length before donning a Galbadian Military uniform. Having no choice but to ditch his katana, Zeke took up a regular gunblade to use with his disguise. He was able to stow away on a ship bound for Deling City, and from there escaped to parts unknown.

Ever since then, Zeke has been completely off the grid. Some official wanted lists state Zeke to be KIA during the SeeD team's escape. The events of those days changed Zeke forever. He fell into a state of depression, developing a smoking and drinking habit. To prevent himself from being investigated too thoroughly, Zeke acquired a different type of katana called a Sakabato, a katana with the blade on the inward curve. This sword was meant to fight without killing, and thus Zeke could still pursue his enemies without leaving a trail of bloody corpses.

So begins...

Zeke Watanabe's Story