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Aryā Cole

"There is no way for me to ever forget."

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a character in “From the Depths of Lore”, as played by fading-into-eternity


"If the world is too silent, let out a roar."


- Metamorphosi -  אריא - Lion -
- Twenty One -
- Heterosexual -
- Arya has long, waist length milk chocolate brown hair that she usually wears up to keep it out of her face.  She is 5' 5" and does not look very intimidating with a slender stature.  However, her eyes are a stunning shade of green that are cat-like and are the only dead giveaway that she is a Meramorphosi.  She has rather pale skin and angular cheekbones that define her face-shape.   Arya normally wears a loose fitting black shirt with tribal patterns around the neck and edge of her sleeves that she tucks into a red skirt with black, nearly knee-high boots.

She is not very comfortable with her body, so rarely wears anything too revealing (despite the picture above).   Arya tends to sit up as straight as possible, since she hates people who slouch, and she always holds her head up high, unintentionally looking more and more like a lioness.  She often has to blow her bangs off of her forehead, but refuses to let them grow out or be cut any shorter than they actually are because of a scar that she has on her forehead that she rarely shows to anyone. As another note, Arya is mainly left handed in that she prefers to use her left hand to do things, however she is rather ambidextrous. -

- Arya appears very quiet, so many people assume that she is either shy or antisocial, which is not the case at all.  In fact, Arya quite enjoys being around people especially her friends or people that she can argue with.  She is not afraid to state her opinion, even if it will get her in trouble and, like a lioness, she is stubborn when things don't go her way.  She fights for her case and for things that she is passionate about, especially when they have to do with equality.  Arya is outspoken and courageous, but she accepts everyone no matter their species or past, though she is one of the few to do so.  Her past had led her to believe that all beings deserve the same level of treatment.

Though she does enjoy the company of others, Arya also enjoys spending time in solitude.  When she is alone she likes to listen to music, sing to herself, and think about life and the world.  She is often found with a dreamy, far-off look on her face, as if she isn't entirely there, but that is only when she is thinking hard.  Arya often loses track of time when she is doing things, and has learned to set alarms for herself or wear a watch at all times when she knows she has something to do.

Other than her emotions of anger or confidence, Arya rarely shows any expression unless she is with very close friends.  She comes off as cold and strong because of this, both of which are true to a point, but she is primarily a kind person.  When she is alone she likes to spend time in her lioness form, so not many people have actually seen her change into it or even seen her as a lion.  As a result people sometimes believe her to just be a Bellator with strange eyes. -

- Music - Or at least something that she can sing quietly under her breath when she is alone.  She can play the harp as well, and often uses her mother’s old lap harp to make soft music.
- Forests - Though lions usually prefer savannahs, Arya finds herself often drawn to forests, she especially likes them when the light shines through the green canopy on late warm afternoons after a long day.
- Warmth // The Sun - Like a lion should, Arya loves the heat and basking in the Sun.  Many times people are able to find her just laying out in the sunlight doing nothing except take in the warm air.
- The Starry Sky - At night, Arya likes it when it is just cool and clear enough to go outside and look up at the sky to see constellations and planets.  She dreams about the stars in the sky, and imagines them as little hearts beating out in the universe.
- Spontaneous Trips - Sometimes Arya gets out of bed and decides that she wants to travel, she does so with another person of course, since it is dangerous to travel alone, but she enjoys seeing new places, though she never stays for long.
- Warm Pastry - Just as pastry comes out of the oven Arya can smell it.  Her favorites are raspberry danishes and small apple pies.  Of course she loves anything warm to eat.
- Thunderstorms - They usually happen in warm weather, and Arya loves the feeling of rain hitting her face as an insanely powerful forces crashes light into the distance.  To her, thunder sounds like a roar, a call of the wild.
- Cold Coffee - Or any cold drink that is supposed to be hot.  It just tastes wrong.
- Bugs // Small pests - Surprisingly she is rather afraid of bugs, they just seem creepy to her, though she does not freak out when any bug comes near her, she just flicks them away.
- Extreme Change - Ever since her clan was killed off, Arya is not very capable at dealing with extreme change in anything, that is why she likes to keep her same friends, rarely makes new ones, and rarely lets people know her innermost thoughts.
- Loss - Arya cannot deal with losing anything, whether that be a person or a pencil, if she is attached to something she has a very hard time letting it go.
- Ignorance // Oppression - Arya cannot stand ignorant people or those who oppress others based on stupid social norms or any other reason.  She speaks from personal experience.
- Though she normally fights in her lion form, Arya usually carries a short katana with her at all times, just in case she is attacked suddenly or cannot transform.  She keeps it on her left side in a hook in her belt. -
- Her lion form is truly beautiful, but it is also deadly.  She can jump far distances and can travel for long periods of time on rough terrain without resources.  She is toned and can quickly give stron attacks or sneak up quietly on something.  Her claws are not extremely long, but they are exceedingly sharp, it is almost unnatural. They can cut through nearly everything, though they do have to be manually sharpened from time to time. Arya is also quite capable with a short katana, since her father taught her how to use one starting from a very early age. She keeps her sword at her hip at all times, and when she transforms she makes sure that it is always either nearby or tied around her waist. -
- Head-on Attacks - She is not very good when defending herself, but if someone or something needs to be protected or if she is on the offense, Arya is very skilled. She can take shots and attack directly or stealthily, but cannot be trusted in operations in which weakness is used because she likes to assert her dominance over her opponent.
- Stamina - Though she may not be the fastest of a group, Arya can usually outlast her opponent or teammate. she keeps a steady mind and pace and always makes sure to rest when she becomes fatigued, however in a fight or on the road, she released her energy slowly over long periods of time.
- Sanity - Arya knows how to keep her cool, even in times of extreme danger or fear. She seems to always have her head on her shoulders, ad can usually pull herself together or fake that she is alright until the time comes when she feels safe again.
- As mentioned before, Arya is afraid of loss and of extreme change. -
- Fire - Arya has an extreme fear of fire since the are where her clan lived was burned to the ground in front of her eyes, and she could do nothing to save it.
- Other Metamorphosi - Arya does not trust many others of her kind ever since her clan was destroyed. She is not afraid of them, necessarily, merely cautious when getting to know them or meeting them for the first time.
- Talpas - Though it is self-explanatory, Arya fears the Talpas, they are, in any case, powerful and deadly.
- Hiding // Holding Back - If someone needs help, Arya has to be there, so when she is not supposed to be seen, it is hard for her not to get up and fight, often ruining plans or strategies. She likes to be on the front lines.


- She used to live with her clan in their designated territory, but since she is the only one left she now travels either alone or with friends, but never stays anywhere for too long since she is afraid of losing her home again. -
- Before the death of her clan, Arya would have gone into an arranged marriage with a boy from her group. His name was Kaplan and she loved him unconditionally, since they they taught her much of what she knows how to do today. Other that the rest of her clan, Arya has never had many friends since she usually does not encounter others in her journeys. She was traveling with some new found friends for a while, but they went their separate ways. -
- Born into one of the most powerful Metamorphosi clans in her area, Arya grew up knowing nothing but love and acceptance without ever really having to face trouble. She was the daughter of Reshith, the chief of the Autumn Moon clan, and his wife Rebabah, both of whom were loved by their clan, and so Arya was loved too. She was named after the Hebrew word for lion, אריא. Arya lived by the rules of her clan and never ventured out past their territory's borders unless instructed to do so. Her best friend, Kaplan, was also to be her husband, and they loved each other unconditionally. The two did many things together, often hunting, singing, and play-fighting. Their mother's taught them music while their father's taught them how to fight. Arya's mother secretly taught her how to fight in her human form as well, though most of her youth was spent in her animal form.

Their clan never had many enemies, since they were the strongest in the area and never oppressed their brother clans. However, out in the distance the growing power of the Spirit Hollow's was becoming a threat to Arya's home. The opposing clan was slowly enclosing on the Autumn Moon clan, and was conquering the clans in all of the surrounding lands. In an act of fear, Arya's father put the clan in defense mode, and everyone was on their guard all of the time. the young Metamorphosi, including Arya and Kaplan were confined to the school building/s basement for safety, not knowing what was happening in the outside world except for the several times a week that a clan mother would come by to restock food and relay news. The last mother to come down was Arya's own. That would be the last time she saw either one of her parents alive.

After her mother came to visit, the mother's stopped coming and the young ones began to become hungry. Kaplan volunteered to go out of the schoolhouse for the first time in weeks to find food. There were several moments of tense silence before a gunshot. Oh, how she had cried. Some of the clan outside were in their human forms while others formed a snarling dangerous circle around the schoolhouse and for what felt like years but was really only a minute, nothing happened. And then from the small basement windows they could see the burning lights outside and the young ones smelled the smoke and burning flesh. Chaos ensued. Arya can't specifically remember how she got out, but she does remember someone snatching up all of her belongings and shoving them into her arms all the while yelling for her to run. And she remembers seeing the tiger body of Kaplan lying bloody in the flames, and her parents and the elders strung up like bloody laundry burning in the smoke. And she remembers the run, it must have lasted for days, and in the end she came to the sea.

Arya tries to block out all memory of that day, and still not many people know about the mysterious disappearance of the Autumn Moon clan and the strange loss of it's young heir to its power. She travels now, usually under the guise of a fur and meat vendor (she catches the animals herself). And so she travels, and so she forgets.

The Great Estates - Freelance Whales
- We beg rebirth to take us up
Parade our souls out by the back gate
Some claw the ground
Some cut the air
Some warm the seas
But what will you be and when?
And I swim through dirt to find you out
And a whale without his family history is
And I used to shout to find my way in the water
Find my distant memory failed
Look into the reigns of a great estate
Better lights pull you out of the ground
Seep into the wood of the great estates
Animals your soul will guide
Give into the reigns of the great estates
Better lights pull you out of the ground
Seep into the wood of the great estates
Animals your soul will guide
Give into the reigns of the great estates
Better lights pull you out of the ground
Seep into the wood of the great estates
Animals your soul will guide
Give into the reigns of the great estates
Better lights pull you out of the ground
Seep into the wood of the great estates
Animals your soul will guide
Give into the reigns of the great estates
Animals your soul will guide. -

So begins...

Aryā Cole's Story