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"It'll cost you, of course."

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a character in “From the Depths of Lore”, as played by Deiocculus


Erebus Caligo
"Let me guess, you expected someone older."



Asexual || Panromantic

Erebus is, to say the least, a very easily recognizable person. He stands at 5'10" and is a slender-built person. Make no mistake however, he isn't slenderman thin, he still has muscle and fat to him. He has, like much of his kind, pale skin and very conspicuously purple eyes. His hair is, strangely enough, naturally styled in a way that seems to defy gravity itself. The most noticeable part him, other than his eyes, are the two tufts of hair on the sides of his head that go upwards of their own volition, reminiscent of cat ears.

Erebus, regardless of whether or not its in style, wears suits, ties, bowties, and the such. He seems to have a tendency to wear clothing with the colors purple and black. Overall, he seems to carry an air of maturity and intelligence with him.


Erebus is... an interesting person, to say the least. He for one, doesn't necessarily care for the labels of 'good' and 'evil'. He could care less what people call him, as long as he can still get things done. On that note, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to get work done. If he needs to kill someone, so be it. If he needs to save someone, so be it. He doesn't let moral views get in the way of his work.

Calling him a 'villain' or 'heartless' however, would be a foolish thing to do. He has a heart, albeit he tends to have a lack of sympathy, but he still has a heart. He still loves, hates, feels lonely, and generally has all emotions expected from a human being. He's just not stupid, in his opinion, enough to let them be seen. He, through willpower, holds the expression of being bored, calm, cool, and collected. In layman's terms, he has a good poker face.

Erebus however, does have a life. He doesn't let his 'work' take over. He tends to spend a lot of his time reading books from libraries, adding to his own vast collection, playing piano, talking with his five friends friends, studying psychology, and a lot more things. He does however, not like physical activities like sports very much.

Erebus is despite his vast knowledge in psychology, socially inept. He can manage to keep a good poker face up in social situations, but he gets nervous very easily. He can, if shown signs of affection, get flustered quite easily. To say the least, he's an introverted person. He tends to be the person that waits for others to come to him instead of coming to them, instead of going out and making friends himself. If he sees someone that interests him, he'll probably end up spending more time deciding whether or not he should bother with trying to talk to them than actually talking to them. Most people however, mistake this as a dislike of people. He doesn't dislike most people, he's just socially inept.

Erebus has a slightly volatile personality. He can be sarcastic, passive-aggressive, and slightly intimidating. This is however, mostly due to people not generally getting along with those of his kind. Sure, he does easily find people to be annoying, but he treats those people much worse. If you'd just met him, you might get the impression of meeting a snob who thinks he's better than everyone else. This is however, mostly just a defense mechanism.

Erebus has a slight... temper. He doesn't get angered at the slightest thing, but he does get angered when pushed far enough. When he's angered however, you should be increasingly careful. He seems to be very dark and grim, with shadows circling around him. The worse part of him however, is that he can think when he's angered. He can efficiently use his rage to fight, instead of fighting blindly. He doesn't randomly go around beating everything and everyone, he calculates his attacks very carefully. He's, to say the least, venomous when angered.

Erebus is, surprisingly enough, easy to scare. Or rather, surprise. This is however, not recommended. He has a tendency to.. attack anything that scares him. If you were to suddenly tap him on the back, you should expect him to at the very least twitch or at most punch you. He isn't a very courageous person, to say the least. He does however, not even try to remedy this reflex, seeing it as useful. Still, there's the very distinct possibility that he could hurt someone he cares about on accident... again.

Quiet, literature, stories, writing, psychology, dark places, intellectuals, chess, technology, and 'magic'.

Idiocy, most sports, light, loud noises, crowds, mistreated books, being lied to, and having anything malevolent done towards him.

Erebus does not, for the most part, use physical weapons. He does however, have two needle-like knives that he likes to use when he can't quite use his abilities effectively.

Erebus, like all of his kind, has the uncanny ability to manipulate darkness and all that it entails. Darkness manipulation however, is considered an art by many. As it its considered an art, there are specialties people have. Or at least that's how Erebus sees it. He's relatively, to others of his kind, skilled at the manipulation of darkness, but specializes in using others as puppets and moving through shadows.

Manipulation - Erebus is, as was said before, skilled at manipulation. He can, through the use of his power, control others. He can also however, control others through mental means. No, he does not have telepathy or mind-control. He can manipulate others through the old fashioned way of using their fears, desires, and the such.
Intelligent - Erebus is by no means an idiot. He has a vast intelligence and can think of ways out of most situations, something that's useful in his line of business.
Night person - Erebus is, unlike many, a night person. He's most energetic at night, meaning that he works best at night. This gives him an advantage over those who prefer to sleep at night, and the ability to evade most Talpas with ease.
Quick - Erebus is, to counter his lack of strength, fast and agile.

Ants - As much as this may sound strange, ants utterly terrify Erebus.
Physically weak - While Erebus can manipulate darkness and has a great intellience, he's physically weak. He wont be, if he's unable to use his manipulation of darkness and in a heavily lit room, able to escape any time soon.
Night person - Erebus is, unlike many, a night person. He's most energetic at night and not-so-energetic at daytime.

Light - Erebus, like many of his kind, dislikes light. It also, in large amounts, weakens him.


Erebus doesn't 'live' in a specific place, like many of his kind. Instead, he prefers to go to places where his business has taken up residence, like many of his workers. If you're looking for him in a town, he'll most likely be at one of the Nyx business places or renting a room.

Erebus is a solitary person, as is most of his race, but he does have workers. They tend to, for some strange reason, revere him, but that doesn't allow for 'friendships'. There's also the fact that they tend to be younger than him, as to allow for freshness of mind, a sense of adventure, and all the perks that come with being young.

Erebus was born to two Noxi parents, Khas and Voed, who uncharacteristically were social Noxi and lived in a village with Bellatores as the main inhabitants. The problem was however, that he was one of six Noxi in a village of 54 Bellatores. As good as one person may be, people as a whole usually are not. As such, Erebus and his parents were ocstracized by most of the village. His parents however, being rich, were left alone in public. They were talked about behind thei rbacks, but were otherwise left alone. Erebus however, being a child, was considered a pariah by most of the children of the village. He did have a friend, a Noxi girl, but otherwise had little social interaction. It was this, coupled with boredom and a love for books, that led him to begin reading books. He for the most part, was relatively fine. He passed his studies in the classroom for his kind the Bellatores school, a classroom with only two students and a teacher, with perfect scores.

Erebus grew up with his friend in the village, doing things that one would expect from a person like him. His quiet days however, didn't last very long. His friend, having had a smile that strecthed from ear-to-ear and a benevolent personality, ended her life. The details will not be elaborated upon, as to allow you to draw your own conclusions. The point is she, the child people assumed to be happy and care-free, ended her life. This came as a surprise to Erebus. It was also a reason for him to leave the village he had lived in for so long. He had, after the solemn burial, left with consent from his parents.

He began exploring the world and ended up, through some strange occurrences, starting up a business named 'Nyx', named after his friend. His business ended up, to the public, being a messenger system. He hired Noxi as messengers, using their affinity for travelling through shadows to his advantage. As such, the Noxi people became slightly more respected in the world, regardless of their previous standing. His business however, was also secretly one of information brokers. People could pay money for information, information they could not get otherwise. There are also rumors circulating that hits could be ordered on people, but that's just a rumor, right? Either way, his business boomed. It is still however, a relatively new business and has yet to reach a global level. You most likely wont hear of it if you were to move to the other side of the world.

Erebus however, decided to take a simple break. He decided to, once again, go exploring the world, after leaving his business in the hand's of someone he trusted of course.

Toumei Answer - Sung by Jubyphonic
Running by all those arid days
Where each day is the same
Sitting alone just one desk too far away from sunlight
"Well, what are you waiting for?"
As if it's quizzing me
Batting an eye lash at that textbook with no answers

If you wanted to know my grades
I guess I'd say "The same."
I don't know why they make these tests so very easy
While you smiled at me timidly
You sat right next to me
Keeping a grin all while you held closely such a bad grade

Out beyond the sky, I just can't help but sigh
Maybe it's because I see the world for all it is
"Isn't that too sad? The world is much more fun! "
Back then, you always seemed so glad

I just can't take you
Playing with a heart that only wants to disappear
Once again, I can't find a thing that makes me want to remain here
Ringing in a tone that only whispers " You're a cruel and callous fool"
And even then...I know it's kinda true
So even if a miracle occurred and somehow answered all of this
Surley in ten or twenty seconds I could figure just a bit
Even if I die right now I know that I will soon just be replaced
And then again, saying crazy things like that, isn't it just silly?

Flying by those airy days
Where each day is the same
When you were gone that space started making me uneasy
Well 'nuff said anyway, my test scores stay the same
Even alone I know all the answers to the problems

As I ran through those hazy days
There must have been a change
I couldn't see your tree in the forest of the problems
That shade of your flowing hair
That smile, without a care
It's likely that most of them will forget it in a heartbeat

That empty desk I'm by, and out the pane of sky
What is it that I am waiting to be echoed back?
Even though I tried, your words would pass me by
In the end, I didn't solve a thing at all

By getting just a little closer to you, I think I could find it out
Just so these days would never ever have to end without a doubt
Ringing in a tone that slowly died and will never restart again
And all at once, I know everything is gone

She couldn't take it
Living with a heart that only wants to disappear
Keeping her feelings hid behind a smile that stretched from ear to ear
Even when the smile had folded up and died from soaring from the window
Even then, I don't think that I'll forget, such a pretty smile

So begins...

Erebus's Story


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A simple time-keeping device ticked away the seconds as the young Noxi sat at his desk, writing with haste, yet neatly, in a notebook. It was dark in the room, but that didn't bother the night-enamored male. He was used to darkness, and quite frankly preferred it. It was, after all, easier to see in the dark if your people have lived in it for a while. Nonetheless, this aversion to sunlight was one that had partly caused his social ineptitude in his old village, but that's a story for another time.

This routine continued for more seconds, which turned to minutes, which turned to hou- "Damn it!" Something had startled him, causing him to spill ink over his papers in an attempt to attack whatever had done so. He, mildly annoyed, turned his pivoted his head to face the very bothersome source of annoyance source of his surprise. A messenger. This turn of events was surprising. His workers knew not to bother him while he was in his study unless it was absolutely imperative. Erebus however, was not stupid enough to the point this out. He, instead, waited patiently. People tended to tell him more if he didn't ask. Otherwise they tended to tell you what you wanted to hear, not what you needed to.

"There are rumors going around. Very interesting rumors. They say the Talpas are acting stranger than usual. There is also rumor of there being an item that's causing this." The worker, a young female Noxi, seemed content with having been the one to deliver this information. She didn't however, seem to notice the implications of what she had just said. An item that could affect Talpas? It sounded fantastically impossible, but there was still a small chance it was a true rumor.

Our course of action?" She seemed determined to get Erebus' input. He had however, completely forgotten she had been there before she asked her question. Erebus furrowed his brow, then a smile if you could call it that appeared on his face, "So this isn't localized..." He said this mostly to himself, thinking of the fact that he had noticed slight variations in the behavioral patterns he had noticed from Talpas.

This information, or rather lack of, wasn't however, enough to put out a large scale investigation. He'd need more concrete evidence or could risk having had wasted a lot of time. Still, he couldn't exactly ignore it. That would be risking wasting a perfectly good opportunity to get information. He made his decision with his usual quickness.

"Get four other of your co-workers and investigate it. Report what you do or don't find to me in ten days time." Erebus dismissed the worker, who disappeared with a singular nod. He didn't however, think much of what happened and returned to his work.

As it turns out however, it was very hard to get back to work when you've lost five pages of work to an ink spill. As such, Erebus gave up, shrugged his shoulders, and left to the annoyingly bright outside. He had, to his slight comfort, a cloak on. Still, it didn't do much. Either way, he continued walking down the path he was on. In all honesty, it wasn't necessarily the sun that was too bright, but more so the landscape. It was just too... full of life? It was hard to put it into words.

Mulling over this thought however, he didn't notice the tree he was to invariably walk into. "Ow..." He rubbed his elbow, having fallen back and scraped it. It wasn't a serious injury, but it still hurt. This sudden pain however, alerted him to the fact that he had walked into a dark forest. There was also a lot of water, annoyingly enough. Alas, the darkness was preferable to the light. Still, the forest was annoying to maneuver through and he had no idea where he was. The fall had disoriented him, so he couldn't exactly just go back the way he came. Still, it was better to just keep walking, and hopefully come across someone that could help him. He was however, still wary.

The chance that a Talpa could come to him was very high. They were an unpredictable variable, more so than usual. He was also vulnerable, or at least more vulnerable than he would have been at night time or if he was somewhere he recognized. As much as he hated to admit it, he needed to get some help.


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Eir Yates

The gateway that marked the path into the small village of Umbri was unlike most other gates. While the hands of wood and stone workers, industrious people with a desire to protect their homes, often create its kin, the Umbri’s gate was much different. The land and its desire to protect the dying race created it.

Two ancient trees, both easily twice as large and twice as tall as any other in the forest, stood parallel to one another on each side of the worn path. Their bark was white, like ash, and the leaves that grew along their limbs possessed just as little color. Both trees were painted in scars and wrinkles, symbols of their age and how they valiantly served their purpose as protectors of the path they stood on. Their branches reached out and entangled themselves above the heads of travelers and they both wore snowy vines adorned with timeless scarlet blossoms. It was these floral robes that traced the expanses of the proud porters and hung before the path creating a veil to keep the curious eyes of unwelcome travelers from seeing beyond that point. However, the path and village were not the only things these sentient guardians protected. From amidst their heights birds fluttered and squirrels settled. These small creatures were the children of the gate and, following in their parent’s footsteps, did all they could to guard the path as well.

Pale hands gripped the handles of two unique blades as a solitary figure tensed high within the branches of one of these trees. Silence. It echoed louder than the usual noises of the small creatures nestled into the brush. The woman that protected the old gate was anxious. Her petite colleagues had put her on edge with their fear-induced stillness. Something or someone was coming.

Her grips shifted as her fists tightened and twisted around the hilts of her blades, digging them into her own palms as she kept herself prepared to draw the weapons at a moments notice. Her muscles twitched with the strain of keeping herself coiled and ready to spring forward like a cobra ready to strike. A light breeze passed through the forest and played with the silver strands of her hair while she waited. The silence was broken for a moment as the leaves of the forest shared secrets with that same gust of air as it passed them by. The young Umbri listened closely to those voices, hoping to hear news of her visitor. But she was told nothing. Nonetheless, she knew that it was only a matter of time before her guest made an attempt at the gate. Her company always tries to break the rule. The only rule she had in place. No one passes through the gate.

It had been drilled into her head hundreds of times throughout her lifetime. Time and time again she had been told this law. Time and time again she had passed it on to others. Yet, it always seems to be ignored and she is forced to play the part of judge and jury and delve out punishment.

Her nostrils flared as a familiar and overpowering stench filled them. It smelled metallic, like copper. Her head twitched and tilted as a twig broke to her left, making her very much aware of the heavy breathing of the one who had broken it. It wasn’t the sound of exhaustion, but rather it was the panting of excitement that is often heard among large carnivores that have come across an easy meal.

Talpas. The young Umbri’s thoughts were verified by the unnatural and monstrous snarl that escaped the creature as it tried to crawl onto the path before the gate. It was tentative at first. The burning sunlight left a trail of blisters on the creature’s pale, bald skin, which forced it to retreat back into the shade of the tree line. It wasn’t until Eir felt the heat of the sun disappear that she heard the creature step bravely out of the shadows. It stood still, waiting for what it knew must be there at the gate. Her. The gatekeeper. However, she made no attempt to leave her perch. She made no move at all except for the light tilt of her head in another direction due to the subtle sounds and smells of other similar creatures still hiding in the shadows.

The gatekeeper was outnumbered, and her company was laying out a trap, making them intelligent enough to communicate and cooperate with one another. Yet, though faced with the threat of intelligence, Eir was calm. Past experiences with far stronger, far faster, far smarter creatures made these crudely intelligent pack hunters seem more like killers of boredom than killers of people to her. Still, she would not rush headlong into combat in a situation like this. Both Eir and the Talpas would wait for the first move. It would become a battle of patience since both parties knew who ever came forward first would surely be the first to die.

Fortunately, Eir is a very patient woman. She could wait all day if need be. Though it was not necessary.

The first monster dashed forward towards the cloak of flowered vines. Her blades scraped against their sheathes as she drew them, and the tree creaked as she threw herself from it; she brought one blade down, aiming for the moving beast. Fast on its feet and quick to respond, Eir’s blade met with rock as the beast halted its advance and leapt backwards. With little trouble on her part, the woman’s feet found the earth and she stood up. Taking a rather hostile stance against the creature, she spoke, “No one passes through the gate. Turn back now or die.”

It didn’t speak to her, but did retaliate with a bloodthirsty roar as it charged at the guardian; the other two hiding among the shrubs burst forth and followed suit. Digging her feet into the earth, Eir lowered her body and raised her blades further in preparation for combat, “So be it.”

The initial clash happened in an instant, and the untrained eye could easily question what happened. Those that could see the swift, subtle movement would observe something akin to a deadly yet graceful dance. As the closest Talpas grew nearer and lashed out with its clawed hand, Eir shifted her weight to the balls of her feet allowing her to spin just slightly around the approaching beast thus eluding its attack. Using the momentum of her movement to add power to her strike she swung her blade striking the creature deeply in a weak spot beneath its arm. Blood sprayed the surrounding area as the monster screeched before its body faded into dust.

Still using the force of her original step, Eir brought her other sword up in a powerful swing that parried and knocked away the second beast’s arm with ease. The creature moved to her right and it’s companion moved to strike her back. With the same poise and simplicity of her original movement, she stepped to her left and swung the sword in her right hand back to meet the face of the attacking Talpas. There was the sound of tearing fabric as the beast’s claws ripped into some of the loose material of her outfit. At the same moment, there was a brief resistance as her blade grazed the beast; a sense of satisfaction filled her chest knowing she had avenged the blouse she had fashioned earlier that week, but she quickly beat that feeling back into submission.

Feelings were a distraction.

Distractions on the battlefield led to death.

The injured beast yelped in pain and skidded to a halt as the gatekeeper turned to face both monsters once more. The threesome stood still for a moment. The two intruders emitting an aura of blood thirst and rage that was met with the calm soothing stillness of the guardian. The beasts were foolish. Their auras made reading their movement easy for the blind warrior. If they had been calm it would have been far more difficult for her to do so. Unfortunately for them, she would not give them the opportunity to learn from this experience.

The silence was broken once more by the chiming of chains as Eir once again raised her weapon. The sound served as a starting bell and her two opponents once again engaged in a lethal dance with the gatekeeper.

The birds were singing again. And the other little creatures of the forest were scurrying about. Life had returned to the listless forest. As had daylight. A mocking jay flew from its perch at the top of the ashen gate and rested upon the snowy white head of a young woman. Startled, she flinched and the bird took flight again, landing in a branch above her. She didn’t move to look at it; she couldn’t see it or anything else. Instead she simply listened to the song it sang.

Eir had forgotten what it meant to feel sad. But she suspected it sounded a lot like the bird’s lullaby. Perhaps the bird’s song was meant to reflect what she thought she should feel, what she might have wanted to feel as her hand traced the white bark before her. A fresh scar had been added to the gate’s skin. A sign that it was her comrade in arms against the Talpas that sought to harm what was on the other side. As well as a sign of how much she lacked in her abilities to protect.

The Talpas were dust on the wind now, but they had left their marks on both the ancient tree before her and her own skin. They always did.

She pulled her hand away from the tree and held it against her chest. As she did so the songbird quieted and flew away on a quest to find some other creature to sing to. Perhaps one who could understand the emotions it sought to relay.

Having lost the sound of the bird’s wing beats to the distance, Eir soon turned and marched into the surrounding forestry for the second time that day. However, this time she sought out the river she knew ran to the west of her current position. The stench of blood was an aphrodisiac to Talpas and would draw them in if it was not washed away. Unfortunately, she would quickly realize she did not actually head west since she did not reach the river as soon as she would have if she had.

What she discovered instead was yet another unwelcome visitor. Although, this one seemed far less threatening and far more lost than her last guests.

She did not greet him immediately, choosing to first observe him while hidden in the shadows. She could hear his erratic movements as he ventured from side to side. It seemed to her that he was looking for a way out, which supported her theory that he was probably lost. Then there was the faint odor of blood that drifted past her nose, enough to tell her that he probably scratched himself somewhere along the way but that it was nothing life threatening.

Though curious to know the reason he had ventured off the road and into the forest at all, Eir had no choice but to turn him away from his current path. It seemed to her if he continued to head in that direction, towards the gate, she’d have to make him leave, and the idea of injuring, or worse killing, the lost traveler did not hold much appeal to her.

Discreetly, much like a ghost, Eir moved to stand unnoticed behind her visitor. She might have remained unnoticed if she hadn’t spoke. “If you keep going that way you’ll probably die.” She spoke with an unnerving amount of indifference, especially considering the content of the message and the tattered state of her clothing. However, she was not trying to make him comfortable and she did not plan on remaining long, so whether he was alarmed or not was of little concern to her.

Predictably, the odd encounter between the lost stranger and Eir proved extremely brief since soon after speaking she turned around and started to head back in the direction of the gate – or at least the direction she assumed the gate was in. Although, she did not leave without first offering him some subtle kindness by giving him directions out of the forest with a minor tilt of her head, “Go that way.”

And with that, Eir disappeared back into the forest where she hoped to find that elusive river and wash off her injured arm.


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Erebus wasn't very fond of surprises. They were annoying, to be quite frank. As was being scared. He couldn't however, do much about this dislike. Emotions were an unwanted consequence of being alive, as it was. Either way, the point is: he didn't so good with surprises.

As such, Eir sneaking up on him didn't do much good for him. "If you keep going that way, you'll probably die. She spoke with a sort of detached apathy, or so Erebus imagined. He couldn't very well analyze the person, nor would he have been able to at that moment. In fact, rational thought would have most likely been impossible for those few seconds.

Fear. An instinct used to aid the endeavor of survival. Erebus knew it well. He also knew that not doing anything to destroy fear was dangerous. As such, it would be expected that he reflexively made a knife from the shadows under him, turned around, and stopped. He was, at the very least, able to resist the urge to attack. As macabre as her words sounded, he couldn't quite attack yet. The inquisitive part of him wanted to know why she had said what she did. It sounded interesting, taking into consideration what had been reported to him earlier. He was however, given no explanation. This information, or rather lack of, gave him all he needed to know. There was, most likely, something important up there. He'd have to send someone to investigate later.

That is, if he got out of the situation alive. He was a pessimist. "Go that way." She didn't answer his unasked question, as he had hoped should would, but she did tell him to go somewhere. He looked in the direction she had pointed to, wondered what could possibly be over there, then turned back to where she had been, "Why would yo-" He spoke to air. "Great, that was really helpful."

He decided to not head in the direction the girl had pointed him towards. He wasn't, to be blunt, a very trusting person. In retrospect however, he probably should have followed her directions.

a few minutes later


Water fell onto the floor of the forest Erebus was in. It was a rhythmic noise, yet it severely annoyed him. It wasn't necessarily the fact that the water was dripping, but more so the fact that he was just mad in general. He was getting impatient. He had to admit it. Completely and utterly lost. To his increased disdain, he seemed to be walking in circles. It ended up coming to the point where he had to mark trees so he wouldn't be lost. This was probably very dangerous, seeing as he was giving anybody who wanted to follow him a literal trail, but he wasn't concerned with that at the moment.

He did however, have a great idea. He knew of a method to find out which direction he was going. Abruptly, but with care, he stopped and went onto his knees. He didn't particularly care about getting his clothes dirty at that moment, seeing as he could quite literally make new clothes at a moment's notice. He did however, stop this train of thought. He had bigger metaphorical fish to fry.

He looked around his surroundings, then grabbed a stick off the ground. His next few moment's would be annoying, but they were needed. He looked upwards, at the canopy, then sighed. He went to the nearest tree, began using his ability, then climbed up it. Once he was at the top, he was slightly tired. He wasn't much of a physically fit person, to be blunt. Still, that tree was unnaturally hard to climb, or so he'd say.

He, after using his ability to make an axe-like tool, cut down branches and opened a hole in the canopy. Climbing down from the tree was harder than climbing up. This was mostly due to the fact that he had fallen down. He also happened to say a very vulgar word, but that was probably unimportant. At the very least however, he was on the ground.

He dusted himself down, then looked for a stick to replace the one he had lost. He then, after doing this, he began his method. The exact method was complicated and not worth explaining, but it should suffice to say that it took him 40 minutes to finish and get his bearings. He now knew where the cardinal directions were, and now knew where he was to go.

He, eventually and with a lot of luck careful planning, managed to get back to the spot where he had met the girl. It took him a few seconds, but he got his bearings, then decided that he might as well head in the direction she had pointed him in. If he had only not been so distrusting, he might have been able to leave the forest much earlier than he would. As it seems however, his distrust of people was a flaw he'd have to work on, as was shown by his wasting of time.

Eventually, Erebus managed to reach a city south of the forest, be it through terrible directional skills or the girl from earlier having given him good direction. If Erebus was correct, then he was probably in the city of Gorias. He had however, never been there as far as he knew, so he wouldn't know.


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Erebus, after the trees cleared up, saw the full city of Gorias. It seemed quiet, eerily so. He stepped forward and felt an arrow shoot past him, then ducked it. "Halt!" A voice shouted this. "Name and purpose." The voice seemed methodical with its requests. Erebus looked at the arrow that had shot past him and saw that it had a rubber point. It wasn't meant to kill. At least he hoped not. If it was meant to kill, then the person that shot it was most likely not very bright.

"That's not a very nice way to greet lost wanderers." Erebus was amused. He imagined that the voice couldn't kill him. Mostly for the fact that Erebus now knew where he should put up a shield should he need one. "I repeat: Name and purpose." The voice didn't falter. It sounded authoritative, as if it held power. A guard, most likely.

"Erebus Caligo, wandered away from home. Lost." Erebus spoke these words with calmness. He wasn't intending to reveal that he was a Noxi, not unless necessary, but he would if the situation proved to need offens- "Sorry. We've been under attack by Talpas a lot recently. Our city's managed to stand due to our fortifications, but it's getting a bit exhausting." The owner of the voice stepped out from the shadows and she, as the owner of the voice was female, pointed towards the large stone walls that seemed to go on for quite a while. Erebus imagined that these walls kept out intruders. "Come." She motioned for him to follow her and he did so, eventually arriving at a gate. The woman pulled out some keys and opened the gate. "Go ahead."

Erebus went inside and found that the gate had closed behind him. He wasn't however, worried. There appeared to be another guard stationed at the side of the gate he was at. He moved forwards into the city. It seemed lively enough, but there seemed to be a sort of sadness lurking in the air. He imagined that not only a few people were lost to the Talpa attacks. The situation was starting to seem more and more interesting by the minute. Just exactly what was happening?

Erebus went to a marketplace and bought food as well as a map of the area. In retrospect, he probably should have gotten one a long time ago. Regardless, he decided that he would continue moving... later. For that moment, he decided that he would just sit around one of the gates to the city. He wondered if the settlements near Gorias were doing well. He imagined so, otherwise they most likely would have sent for help. Then again, he mused that there could have just recently been an attack. It wasn't very likely, but it was something to think about.

Regardless, he was enjoying himself. Except for the light, that is. It was still annoyingly bright outside of his home, but there wasn't much he could do about that. He yawned. There wasn't much to do at that moment except for simply just sitting there.