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The Traveler

"Who am I? What am I? Where am I going?"

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a character in “From the Depths of Lore”, as played by Feyblue


The Traveler
โŒˆ"Who am I? What am I? Where am I going?

The more I understand, the more things I forget. I wonder... will I simply fade away?

...I don't want to disappear. I'm... scared."


18, making her the youngest Umbri of all... Probably.

She doesn't really have much of a concept of sexuality, due to her lack of knowledge of the world and fear of other people. That might change depending on who she interacts with, and how they treat her. On a basic level, due to her knowledge of society coming almost solely from the stories she's glimpsed with her eyes, and those stories most predominantly featuring a heterosexual outlook on romance, she would probably be more attracted to men than to members of her own sex.

For an Umbri, The Traveler's appearance is somewhat odd, due to her long, matted tail of hair being a shade of deep, raven black rather than the usual silver hue of her race. The reason for this is likely due to the shock of her powers first being used after a lifetime of neglect, causing a more drastic change to her body due to the overwhelming flow of information that was written and rewritten into her being than it otherwise would have. This does serve to mask her true nature to an extent, or at the very least to make it ambiguous to a casual observer.

Aside from this, her appearance is fairly normal for a member of her kind. Her skin is pale and soft, seldom scorched by the sun's searing rays, while her eyes, beneath the thick strips of brown cloth that conceal them, are a brilliant ruby red, seeming to glow with their own internal light due to the untapped power lurking within them. However, unlike most Umbri, who are quite old, The Traveler instead appears a mere youth, looking younger even than her 18 years would suggest. With round, vibrant cheeks that peek out from beneath the dangling folds of her veil, and full, pale pink lips hiding a set of surprisingly silvery teeth, from what can be seen of her face, she seems a maiden, fresh out of childhood and now come into her full, rose-like beauty.

Her body seems quite fragile, given the elongated thinness of her limbs, appearing elegant yet weak, like a porcelain doll. Possessing narrow shoulders, a gently curving, mature figure and a very thin waist, some might call her attractive, but others might say she looks starved. Both could be said to be true, to an extent.

Clashing with the maidenly appearance of her body, her attire instead seems more fit for a beggar than a woman. Consisting of several strips of black cloth wrapped and stitched in a haphazard manner into an overlapping "gown," of sorts, like a dress made of bandages, the overall cohesion of which varies at random as threads come undone, knots are tied, rags intersect and overlap, or come loose and flow free. With neither shoes nor stockings to cover her feet, and only a tattered, threadbare black mantle to help shield her from the wind, rain, and cold, she nevertheless possesses four seemingly random accessories that fail to match this ragged appearance completely, both worn around her bare neck. The first is a brass amulet hung from a matching chain, a featureless, seemingly pointless medallion recognizable as a simple charm worn for protection from harm, especially amongst Bellatores. The second, on the other hand, is an ornate metal collar, from the back of which dangle the last shards of a chain severed from its fastenings. This is matched by the latter two "accessories" - identical broken shackles worn on each ankle, the locks of which remain, but the bindings of which have been cut.

A very innocent and childish individual, The Traveler suffers from a crippling fear of other people, as she knows very little about them, and most of the experiences she has had with others have only ended in pain. Consequently, she tries her best to avoid others, shying away from direct interactions and only conversing when she has to. This is reflected in her style of speaking, which is slow, quiet, generally broken by long pauses or an infrequent stutter, and always either extremely blunt, to the point of stating the obvious, or very circuitous when she's feeling reticent, dancing around major issues rather than confronting them directly. She's not very good at expressing her feelings, and consequently can sometimes end up saying the exact opposite of what she means, and sometimes comes off as sarcastic when in reality, that word is one of the most incorrect ways one could describe her. Very earnest and serious, she finds it hard to make a joke, let alone to intentionally mock someone or to twist the meanings of her words.

However, behind her quiet, distant exterior, The Traveler has a surprisingly different side to her, one that only shows itself rarely, when she forgets that she should be afraid. This is her truly childish self, taking delight in simple marvels she, in her isolation, has never yet beheld. The taste of good food, or the sound of a song, or perhaps an interesting story? Shown only to those she's come to trust, this energetic, innocent part of her holds in it a liveliness that is completely lacking in her cold exterior, yet is displayed as plainly as day in the company of any she comes to believe in.

Yet there is also a melancholy that lies beneath her indifferent attitude - hidden fears that she represses to hide her insecurities, and her lingering loneliness. Unable to connect to anything or anyone, she simply sinks within herself, watching people and things beyond her change and fade away. Above all else, she fears the fate she instinctively knows she will one day face: disappearing from the world under the weight of her own abilities, and fading into nothingness. With each time she opens her eyes, she learns more and more about the world, but she finds herself forgetting things she once held as obvious, and changing in ways she can't understand. It is only natural, then, that she fears above all else the collapse of herself, and desires someone to remember her, so as to give her some form of lasting tie to the fleeting world which she fears she will one day vanish from. Yet, due to her persecution as Umbri in her limited experience with fellow sentients, she is unable to even be remembered. Merely a nameless drifter, she can already see the end of her days, and has no way to escape from it - a fact which terrifies her. Her own fears of other people thereby force her to face her fear of death, driving her to push others away and eschew contact when in reality she wants nothing more than to reach out to people, even if she's hurt. A kind, desolate soul, she thus hides beneath her shell, alone for all time.

  • Food. She's actually an astonishingly big eater when she gets the chance, due to her deprived lifestyle. She especially loves sweets, but can seldom obtain them.
  • Singing. As a hobby that doesn't require the use of her eyes or body, she developed a liking for it during her long captivity as a child due to her natural talent and its nessecity - see backstory - and since her release, has become quite apt at it, with a siren-like voice.
  • Traveling. It should be obvious, given her "name," but she loves going new places, as it gives her a purpose, however brief. Better yet, one seldom meets other people on ill-used country roads, allowing her solitude and time for introspection.
  • Naps. After a long journey, a nice, good rest, however rare, is one of the best things a wandering vagrant could ask for.
  • Baths. She seldom gets the chance to have a long soak in warm water, and so appreciates the opportunity when it comes to her.

  • Being trapped, restrained, or otherwise having her movements restricted. After escaping imprisonment, she's come to hold her freedom very dear, and hates being tied down.
  • Being hungry. Having starved a great deal during her captivity, she loves food, and not having it troubles her greatly.
  • Being mocked or insulted. Due to her innocent personality, she takes a great deal of the abuse she receives as an Umbri personally, and can't understand why people hate her so much. While naive, she's quite intelligent and reasonable, and can't understand why her life has turned out the way it has.
  • The Talpas. She despises these more than anything else, and has a tendency to act rather unreasonable when confronted by one, oftentimes facing and attempting to exterminate it even if she gains nothing by it, and despite her own lack of combat ability.

A simple staff made of black iron, with a small brazier at its head, allowing her to light dead leaves and twigs within it to serve as a torch to guide her way on the road. The sharp points surrounding this brazier also make an effective weapon, as they are both heavy enough to pack a punch when used as a bludgeon, and pointy enough to pierce flesh if thrust like a spear.

The Traveler lacks control over her abilities as an Umbri, her limited knowledge of the world and its properties restricting her from tampering with any major laws of reality. For example, she couldn't alter the effects of gravity to allow herself to fly, or change the heat of something by exciting its component matter, as she doesn't have an alchemist's grasp of natural laws and properties of the world. However, she's much better when it comes to concepts which have an easy-to-grasp basis in something, allowing her to freely manipulate the properties of objects she can see by making them more like other objects she observes. For example, she could throw a rock on a riverbank and give it the unrelenting force of that river's current, making it strike with the blunt force of a rapid cascade of water washing over the target. However, this ability has several limitations. Firstly, she must be able to clearly see the objects she's tampering with. So, for example, she could not add to the wind the sharpness of a naked blade when there is none present, since she cannot physically behold the wind, nor could she take the idea of sharpness without having a reference at hand. Secondly, the concepts she alters have to be physical in nature, or else abstracts she understands keenly, as she cannot analyze an abstract, as stated above with the "wind" example. So, for example, she could, in theory, add the concept of "love" to a person, but only if she herself completely understood the "love" in question, and only if the "love" was towards the same thing as the "love" she understood. For example, suppose she deeply cared for a puppy. She could make someone else share that same affection, since it is a feeling she is familiar with, and the target of the feeling is the same. She could not, however, use that feeling of affection to make someone care about her, nor could she give to someone a feeling which she does not herself empathize with or personally feel. Thirdly, she can only tamper with concepts to a limited extent. If she attempted to alter things with a great difference in magnitude, it would take her a great deal of time, and strain her eyes greatly. Attempting something such as giving a speck of dust the weight of a mountain would only result in erasing herself from existence. Consequently, her abilities are very limited in their utility, due to her need to analyze the ideas in question, grasp them fully, and then alter them. However, if she only uses the first step of her powers - analyzing the place of an object within the "story" of the world - she can grasp its nature with ease, a skill that is especially useful when confronting Talpas, as she can grasp their stories, and thus discern their weaknesses, even if she finds it difficult to exploit them herself.

When she uses her powers, a bright, ghostly blue glow appears both around her and the items she is manipulating, indicating to some extent her intentions, making it difficult for her to take anyone by surprise with her manipulations, and quite simple to prevent her from going through with her plans by simply obstructing her vision, since her powers work on a line of sight basis.

Belying her small frame and weak appearance, The Traveler actually possesses rather astonishing physical abilities, being incredibly flexible, agile, and quite unexpectedly strong. This is due to her replicating these ideas to the best of her ability from a certain Bellatore, from whom she also received her amulet and staff. Another replicated skill is her proficiency with this "weapon," which allows her to wield the staff with a great deal of skill, unexpected of one with such little combat experience.

Keenly analytical, her greatest advantage is her ability to understand almost anything she looks upon, making her sight, while limited, a great boon to any who might become her allies. Furthermore, her abilities have a great deal of utility outside of combat, allowing her to be of use in mundane scenarios as well as fantastic ones.

Very bad at communicating her feelings and desires, she isn't exactly an easy person to get along with until one earns her trust. Furthermore, she isn't much of a team player due to her fear of others, necessitating kind treatment and a great deal of patience, or else overwhelming force and cruelty to cow her into submission, if one wants her assistance. Due to her free-spirited nature, she isn't one who will accept slavery, however, thus making any attempts to coerce her a temporary solution at best.

She's also not a very good fighter when faced with opponents wielding magical powers, so although she can defend herself from mundane adversaries, she needs to be protected in some circumstances, making her a liability rather than an asset under the wrong conditions. And, although she has a tremendous stamina due to her constant travels, she isn't very resilient to injuries or pain, making her easily incapacitated.

On the road. As is made obvious by her "name," The Traveler seldom remains in one place.

Essentially none. The only person yet to earn her trust died a long time ago, and she does not have any known relatives or friends.

The Traveler does not remember her parents, nor how she came to be captured. All she knows is that the first 14 years of her life were spent locked away, chained within the highest room of the highest tower of a long-ruined castle, guarded by a horrible Talpas dragon. The embodiment of the traditional tale of a maiden held captive by a mad beast, she was only saved from death by her songs, which amused the monster, lulling it to sleep each night when it came to devour her. And, while the dragon slept, a Bellatore knight would steal into the castle, bringing the imprisoned maiden food and water, slowly chiseling away at the weakest of the dragon's scales over the course of several years, until at last, the beast's hide was weakened. Then, on the next night, when the dragon had been lulled to sleep, enchanted by The Traveler's song, the knight came once more, and plunged his sword into the fracture in the monster's scales, piercing its heart. However, the dragon did not die immediately, and, in its dying throes, it struck the knight with its mighty talons and gravely wounded him. As his dying act, he freed the imprisoned maiden from her shackles, and then passed on.

The Traveler, indebted to the man who had sacrificed himself to save her, asked of him one question before he breathed his last.

"Why? Why give your life for that of a person you do not know?"

"Why do any good or just thing?" The knight replied with a smile. "One should not need a reason to do what is right."

Awestruck by the man's resolve, The Traveler wished nothing more than to save him. Desperate, she opened her eyes for the first time in her life. In that moment, she understood everything about the knight: a former thief, shamed and exiled by his people, and forced to wander far from the comforts of home that his kind held so dear. Taking on the identity of a nameless knight, he had wished to do one last good deed before finding his resting place, and hearing the song of the despairing prisoner, had vowed to save her, no matter what the cost. In the end, he had his wish, and The Traveler was free.

But despite her knowledge, she found that she could do nothing to change his fate. Even as she attempted to give some of her overflowing life and vitality to him, he perished. So, as a final thanks to honor the man who had saved her, The Traveler took on his identity as a nameless wanderer, heeding his last words as her personal code. Her hair grew dark and matted, like the man's own, and his strength became her own. Taking his amulet - a last token by which to remember the homeland that had forsaken him, the staff by which he had lit his way, and the mantle he had worn on his travels, she ventured forth into the world without a map to guide her or any knowledge of where she was going. She simply wandered, from place to place, doing whatever she could to earn her daily bread, even thought she was hated as he had been. The stars above were the roof over her head, and the road was her home. This was her life. But was this all that she would ever be? Only time would tell, for her tale had not yet reached its conclusion...

โŒˆCras Numquam Scire - "Tomorrow is Never to be Known"โŒ‹
In the sky, the moon is whispering
Though her voice is far too soft to hear
And the tides she moves so gently
Are her vanishing thoughts

And the stars are arcane witnesses
Writing songs that only gods can sing
But from them there flows a river
Bringing knowledge down to Earth

How can I hope to reach the firmament,
Stretching wide as my time moves swiftly?
Is it arrogance or futility?
Shall these words rot into the soil of a dead world?

Even so, I shall continue on
Without reason, I shall raise my voice
May it echo in the heavens
Bringing light to one more dawn

In the sky, the moon is whispering
Though her voice is far too soft to hear
And the tides she moves so gently
Are her vanishing thoughts

And the stars are arcane witnesses
Writing songs that only gods can sing
But from them there flows a river
Bringing knowledge down to Earth

When the darkness finally answered me
Laughing mockingly at my folly
I reached out into the emptiness
And I grasped at the wisdom swept up in the cruel wind

Oh despair, now come and cleanse my flesh
Make these dreams of anguish fade away
In the pale glow of twilight
I shall walk towards the dawn...


Psst. Also, Slender Man!

So begins...

The Traveler's Story


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#, as written by Feyblue


The wind blew powerfully over the town, rushing between the wooden walls on either side of the open lane. Wincing as her low-hanging hood beat itself against her blindfolded eyes for the fiftieth time in the past few minutes, the lone pilgrim sighed, brushing it back with a practiced motion with her free hand whilst at the same time prodding the cobblestones ahead of her with the end of her long staff to ensure there wasn't a gap or some other unexpected obstruction that would send her toppling if it caught her unawares.

The sounds and smells around her were overwhelming. To the left, the heavy trotting of a horse caught her attention, driving her to instinctively sidestep, hugging the buildings to her right to ensure she didn't stumble out into the bustling road and find herself trampled to death. Around her, she could hear footsteps adjusting themselves to accommodate her sudden movement. It seemed she'd brushed up against a small crowd, who, seeing she was blind, had decided to move themselves to avoid coming into her path. She grimaced underneath the hood of her mantle. She must have been getting in their way.

"Pardon me," The Traveler said, slightly ashamed at the knowledge that she'd unwittingly forced busy to make way for her passage. Concentrating on her surroundings as best she could, she tried to get a good mental picture of the area around her. The click-clacking of hooves and carriage wheels passed her by on a fairly regular basis, allowing her to get a good notion of the flow of traffic in the area. Footsteps, meanwhile, moved about wildly, making it a bit more difficult to guess where pedestrians might be, and where it was safe for her to walk. Still, she thought she had a fairly good idea of where she could go from the place she now stood, and decided to follow the flow of the crowd towards what she presumed was the center of town. With any luck, she'd find a market there, and, although she didn't have much money to her name - her purse was occupied solely by a half-dozen copper pieces, only enough to buy a few slices of bread and perhaps some water, if she was lucky - she hopefully wouldn't have to beg for her dinner, which was at least an improvement over her usual state of affairs.

Just then, however, an unexpected sound caught her attention. Click-clack click-clack click-clack click-clack. It came in sets of four, each pair almost, but not quite, simultaneous. It sounded like something was scurrying across the pavement nearby, far too small to be a horse, but not nearly tiny enough to be a rat, rabbit, or other small creature. Then... what was it? A sudden sensation from her leg drew her attention downward to her feet as something fuzzy brushed against them, followed by a cold nose rubbing itself against her knee. She winced at the tickling sensation, and drew back, a gesture which prompted a small sound of displeasure from the creature in front of her. "Boof," chuffed the beast, moving closer with a small scuffling of paws against the pavement as it apparently seated itself in front of her. What did this creature want from her? Tentatively leaning down, she reached out a hand to touch the creature, placing it gently atop the animal's head. She could feel two ears of a roughly triangular shape on either side of its fuzzy pate, and a soft coating of warm fur all over it. Running her hand down, she located the offending snout with which it had prodded her a moment prior. Recoiling, the animal let out a quiet bark of surprise as it stood once again and began to circle her. Something - she could only assume it was the animal's tail - brushed against her leg repeatedly, as though it was batting back and forth, before once again the creature stopped in front of her, as though expecting something. Nervously, unsure of what else she could do, she gently reached out and rubbed its head. The scruffy creature barked again, startling the young maiden. She drew back, not knowing if she'd done the right thing or not. She felt quite troubled, not sure whether or not she should stay or go. She didn't want to upset the animal, but...

"Is that dog giving you trouble, girlie?" A laughing voice asked from behind her. She turned to face the speaker, trying to guess based on the tone who it was, exactly, who was addressing her. The voice was gruff and deep, indicating the one who had called out to her was male. She couldn't guess much else about him, though, from simply knowing that.

"Dog...?" She murmured. Oh, that must have been the creature that had accosted her. So that was what it was called. She wished she could have removed her blindfold to get a good look at it so she could remember it for later, but sadly, there was no chance of doing that in public without getting the whole town up in arms against her. "Yes... I suppose..." She said at last. "It seems friendly, but I don't know what it wants..." She turned her face away uneasily, not liking the feeling of being scrutinized by a person she couldn't see, who she knew so little about.

"Go on, shoo, mutt," The man said with a laugh. "Look at her, ya' think she's got any food for you?" The animal gave a quiet whimper, then hastily retreated, prompting another laugh from the stranger.

"...Pardon me..?" Repeated the Traveler uneasily. The last thing he'd said might have been intended as a joke, if his tone was any indication, but it sounded more like an insult to her. What did he mean by that, exactly? Was there something strange about her appearance? She was all covered up, had her blindfold, and had taken a bath in a river beyond the walls of the town just two days ago. Surely she was at least presentable, wasn't she?

"Anyway, there somethin' you need, girlie? You look pretty lost to me," Said the man, changing the subject. The Traveler pursed her lips, a slight pout coming over her expression. What had he meant about her appearance? Seriously, was it that difficult to just tell her? And here she might have been walking around with bird dung on top of her hood, or a piece of her clothing loose, or some sort of embarrassing stain on her garb, with no way of knowing without him explaining himself...!

"Er... The market," She said quietly. "I'm looking for the market." She repeated herself more clearly, hoping to get a straight answer this time.

"The market?" The man asked incredulously. Nope, no straight answers here, it seemed. Her intentions evidently hadn't been what he was expecting. What, was there now something wrong with her going to the market? Why wouldn't he just tell her what it was about her that was so strange?! This was so embarrassing... With all these distractions, she'd already lost her mental map of the area.

"Yes. The market. Can you tell me where it is?" She repeated herself innocently, trying to make her intentions plain as day in case he somehow hadn't understood her, not realizing that it sounded more like she was sarcastically mocking him for not answering her to begin with.

"Yeah, it's right ahead and down the road. But why's it so important, anyway? They don't allow begging in the commercial district, you know," He said. Oh, was that the problem? He thought she was going there to beg? Well, that misunderstanding would be easy to clear up.

"I'm not begging today," she said, a hint of pride entering her voice. "See? Six copper pieces. My meal tonight is certain." She held up her money pouch and smiled innocently. "Thank you for your concern, though." She added, fearing she'd come off as a little too confident.

The man laughed again. What exactly was it that he found so funny? The Traveler cocked her head to the side, confused as something - or rather, several somethings - fell into her hand.

"And now you've got 17," Said the man with a guffaw. "Get yourself something nice, girlie."

"Huh?" The Traveler exclaimed. "But... I never asked for..." She stammered, uncertain as to why the man had suddenly decided to give her money.

"Trust me," He laughed. "If six copper pieces is that much to you, then you need that change a lot more than I do."

"But...!" She protested, embarrassed by this unwarranted act of generosity.

"No buts," The man said. It sounded like he was turning away from her. She listened, hearing his footsteps growing more and more distant amidst the bustling crowd. "May the tale bless ya', girlie!" His voice called back. She opened her mouth to reply, but by the time the words escaped her lips, his sound was already gone.

"But I never got to say thank you..." She mumbled to the wind.


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#, as written by Feyblue


The maiden sighed as the bustle of the crowd consumed the sounds of the man who'd been so generous to her. She wanted to thank him, or perhaps return his gift - the money wasn't something she'd asked for, and even if she sorely needed it, it felt wrong to just take a gift of pity, almost like her very existence was stealing away the hard-earned pay of others. She didn't mind generosity - far be it from her to shun such kindness - but at the same time, it made her feel guilty for needing aid in the first place.

With nothing else to do, she'd just pocketed the money when something caught her attention. The crowd around her grew quiet, an unnatural stillness falling over the road as voices abruptly became hushed and footsteps moved back, an unexpected flow of people slowly retreating around her, several brushing against her and nearly toppling her to the ground. She didn't understand. What were they moving away from? Had something happened? It couldn't have been a wreck, or an accident, or else she'd have heard something.

"Who is he...?"

"Is that a sword?"


The Traveler's brow furrowed beneath her blindfold. Something was very wrong here. Had there been a fight? Her grip tightened on her staff as she heard a familiar voice - that of the man who had just accosted her - crying out several surprised expletives and hastily retreating. Uneven footsteps brushed over the pavement a few feet ahead of her, punctuated by some sort of sharp grinding the likes of which she'd never heard before, somewhere between the clunking of a cane and the sound of a blade being dragged across stone. She was so focused on trying to discern the identity of this noise that she almost missed a much more urgent sound in the air behind her. That is, until a feeble, desperate voice - likely belonging to the source of the strange sound that had drawn her closer - cried out a single word of warning.


A faint whistling as the air was split by incoming projectiles. Their sound was staggered slightly, but without enough distance between each object to indicate any sort of delay in their launch. Their angle was roughly the same, the noise of each incoming attack coming from approximately the same source, and moving in the same direction. Their target looked to be the exact spot from which the warning had come. Likely, she'd simply happened to stumble into the way. But that meant that she couldn't simply take up whoever had called out to her on his over. Doing so would mean endangering him.

In an instant, her honed instincts took over as she spun, raising her staff before her. The sound was closer now, a high-pitched whirr that was only a fraction of a second away from hitting its target. The pitch meant that they were probably small, as they lacked the distinctive "umph" of larger ammunition, while their distance proved that, while quick, their speed was nothing near a bow's. Throwing knives, then. An assassin's weapon. The man behind her was in danger, and given his tone, had already suffered some form of injury. He wouldn't be able to fend for himself. That only left one course of action.

Save him.

Throwing knives had blades, but their primary method of inflicting harm was their barbed tip. Neutralize that, and she could protect both of them. The projectiles were in range now. She didn't need any signal to strike. In an instant, the butt of her staff had swept itself up from the dust below as she sidestepped, twirling the weapon around in a rapid arc.

Clang. The head of her staff met the first knife, and sent it skidding harmlessly across the cobblestones.

Click-clack. The end of her staff rotated about in an instant, embedding the second in the ground beside her, before reversing its momentum and striking upward, deflecting the final knife into the air above. The Traveler spun about, bringing herself back and lowering the head of her rod to the ground as the deflected projectile arced upward, then fell down towards the earth. Giving an instinctive cry, she lunged forward, slamming the head of her staff into the falling knife and sending it hurtling back from whence it came. If she had estimated the angle correctly, it should have landed close to the point from which it had been thrown. Granted, she had no way of knowing if the blade, tip, or hilt would strike something first, or if the thrower had since moved, but actually hitting the one who had thrown the weapon wasn't her intention. Rather, if she'd guessed correctly, the attacker was an assassin, and such people's job necessitated secrecy and concealment. If the assassin knew that he'd been spotted, that might turn his attentions to escape rather than finishing the job. It would buy her time to get this man to safety. But, relying on that alone would be insufficient. She couldn't just hope that the attacker would give up. She needed to lose him completely. She hated to resort to something like this, but, without using at least a bit of her power, she'd never be able to simply disappear from the midst of a crowded street.

Shaking back her head, she allowed the hood to fall from over her face, at the same instant reaching up with her free hand and parting the blindfold over her eyes. In unison, twin crimson orbs opened wide, revealing to her every aspect of the street upon which she stood in a heartbeat. The number of stones in the pavement, the 2.7 degree angle at which a shop's sign was off-center, and the bright flame of the torch that burned in the open doorway of a store across the street. It was upon this last item that she focused, the firelight shifting to a brilliant, ghostly blue as the blood red glow of her eyes intensified, turning to look straight upward into the sky and settling upon a single, blinding point.

As the people in the crowd surrounding her looked on in terror, The Traveler stepped back, sweeping up her flowing mantle to completely cover the injured man behind her. "Cover your eyes!" She screamed as she pulled the blindfold back down over her own face, shutting her eyes tightly.

Then, countless screams filled the air as the torch upon which she'd set her eyes emitted a blinding flash of light - 1/100th the radiance of the sun upon she'd looked momentarily - a surge of utterly dazzling luminescence completely obscuring everything from view along the entire street, as though a star had fallen to the earth in that place. But she didn't need to see. She could hear the patterns of the crowd rushing about in a panic around her, knew to dodge to the left when a carriage came tumbling past, its horses out of control, and knew the paths that nobody would take. She already knew the outline of the street perfectly from when she'd opened her eyes, knew the path that would lead her down an unused alley and to an isolated warehouse the lock on which had long since rusted away. Laying hold of the injured man's shoulder, she rose, pulling him to his feet.

"This way!" She said, quickly tugging on his arm to lead him through the chaos. There wasn't much time. They had to flee, NOW.