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Panteleimon Banders

The Bandersnatch, beast of the twins Dee and Dum, and as loyal as he is lethal.

0 · 220 views · located in Wonderland

a character in “From the Rabbit Hole”, as played by Animality Opera



[Bandersnatch Form]

Name: Panteleimon "Pan" Banders
Role: The Bandersnatch
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Appearance: At just 5'6" with a slim, vaguely feminine build, a pretty face, and red hair just past the shoulders, Pan is easily mistaken for a girl at first glance in human form. His vivid hair and bright yellow eyes - the latter of which take on a faint glow when in darkness - set him apart from human, though such features are far from unheard of among Wonderlings. His skin is pale, and prone to sprouting the spots of his Bandersnatch form if he grows stressed, upset, or fatigued.

As a Bandersnatch, Pan is a beast with great, fanged jaws on a long, serpentine neck. He has small eyes at the front of his snout that use infrared vision, and feathers around his head that can fall up or down with his mood or temperament. His body is long and slender, sporting four pairs of agile legs which in turn have bird-like claws adept for grasping and climbing. He has no tail, his hindquarters ending in a short tuft of feathers, and his lower back lined with sharp spines. He is colored in vivid red, black, and yellow, and covered primarily in tough scales with the exception of feathers at his head and hind end.


Likes: Food, forests, climbing, new things, scaring/surprising people
Dislikes: Fire, sunlight, wide/open spaces, being wrong, sour or spicy foods

Personality: Frequently irritable as he is always hungry, Pan is not the easiest of creatures to like, though he is very easy to befriend. Offer him anything to eat and you will have earned his loyalty then and there - so long as its not something spicy. Appetite aside, Pan makes for a very reliable friend, and a relentless enemy. He is just as capable of talking your ear off as he is of biting it off. He is one to hold a grudge against those who wrong him, and does not easily forgive nor forget. He is however, more lenient with people he likes... Pan does not beat around the bush; so if he likes you, it will be obvious, and if he doesn't, it will be just as clear. He is quite curious and very interested in anything and anyone he hasn't seen or met before. This makes him quite knowledgable about Wonderland... but due to his reputation, not many are willing to go to him about something they might want to know.

Strengths: Though far from intimidating in human form, Pan's alternate form is a force to be reckoned with. Ravenous, fast, and fearsome, the Bandersnatch is one of the top predators of Wonderland. Eight legs allow Pan to rocket along at roughly 50 miles per hour, and the dexterous claws equipped to each leg make scaling almost any surface easy - including climbing completely vertical and even upside down. Not least of all, the Bandersnatch's toothy jaws can clamp shut with around 2000 pounds per square inch of bite force.

Weaknesses: In Bandersnatch form, Pan sees with infrared(heat-sensitive) vision. This makes him more adapted to hunting at night, as a hot, sunny day can be blinding and uncomfortable for him. In this way fire, too - especially at close range - can disorient him. Though his aforementioned bite is formidable to say the least, the strength involved in opening those jaws is much less impressive than that involved in closing them... If his jaws are tied shut in any way, his bite force is a moot point.

Fears: Fire
Secrets: Dating the White Rabbit - a match no one would ever have imagined.
Romantic Interest: The White Rabbit


The twins Dee and Dum once saved Pan's life when another kingdom was trying to capture him, and since then the Bandersnatch has been something like their loyal pet. Though he spends most of his time doing as he pleases in the woods - and occasionally venturing into other kingdoms, unbeknownst to their rulers - he is sometimes sent out to kill anyone Dee and Dum tell him to. Usually victims are people who have offended the twins in some way, or who are otherwise chosen on a whim by the pair. Pan has gained significant infamy for his job, and his beastly form is so renowned that people often don't recognize him in his human shape.

Other: Tally Approves~!

So begins...

Panteleimon Banders's Story