Grothan of the Southern Wastes

A dirty, slim, and outlandish-looking man with a ragged beard and filed teeth

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Physical Description: Grothan is a rough sort, and he looks it. He's of average height, but his slight slouch makes him seem somewhat short. He has short, dirty dark brown hair that looks as if he's been cutting it himself with a rusty knife and a bushy but unkept beard that wraps around the whole of his chin. He is almost always covered in a thick film of dirt and wasteland dust, and he seems to like it that way, though it may be somewhat abhorrent to those he comes in contact with. He is thin but not unhealthily so, and his body is covered in long, lean muscle, perfect for quick getaways or skirmishing. He almost always wears the same clothing; a cloth jacket that never fits quite right, a hard leather cap, and dirty goggles that seem as if they've seen a lifetime or three of use, as well as a pair of brown leather patched trousers and military-style boots. He carries his supplies in a patchy linen backpack with many pockets, and he has a holster of some sort on his right hip, supported by a tattered leather belt. A rusty oil lantern hangs off the belt as well, though whether it still works is questionable. He almost always wears a wide grin, revealing his teeth which have been filed to points, presumably for more than just cosmetics.

Personality: This man is not the nicest fellow. He's rough, rowdy, and deceptive, though at times he can also be brutally honest. He tends to make civilised people dislike him fairly quickly, though he has gained somewhat of a good reputation among his fellow Wastelanders.

Equipment and abilities: He possesses a long, scoped, worn rifle with several tribal-looking designs painted all over it, and this is his primary weapon. While a bit old and having seen much use, the rifle is still quite powerful and fairly accurate, able to punch through most types of armour. His sidearm is a small, ancient-looking copper pistol with two barrels and a longer than normal clip. He also wears a shield beneath his backpack that is made of a strange golden material that appears to be of a finer make than his other items. He rides upon a strange contraption unknown to Caledonia, a monstrous self-propelled structure of metal, with an exposed roaring engine and several pipes winding around to the back of the machine that belch out black smoke. A harpoon weapon rests upon the front of the machine, to the right of the cockpit. The front is of a hammerhead design with bladed edges, and it has three wheels, with one large one in the back and two smaller ones in front. It measures at about ten feet from front to back, and the cockpit rests in the center, a dirty glass wind visor protecting the operator. Grothan calls it a "dust rider".

Historical background: Hailing from the Rashan faction of the Southern Wastelanders, Grothan had a very rough life growing up. From a young age he was forced to learn the ways of combat, both ranged with rifles and hand-to-hand with strange, bladed gloves not seen in other places north of the wastes. He took to this life quickly, however, and was soon the toughest in his age group, regularly fighting in the pits of Dust and winning most of his fights and escaping alive from those he lost, which is a feat in itself. His first raid was carried out at the young age of 14, and he performed excellently, killing three full grown men and capturing four others for enslavement. Since then he has been steadily rising to the top tiers of the Rashan castes, and has even claimed his own dust rider. He had quite a bit of wanderlust by that point, so he decided to take his rider north, where he hasn't yet explored, and this is how he now finds himself roaming the strange and alien land of Caledonia, where more "civilised" folk live and slavery and battle are frowned upon, and rich people ride in boxes like poor people and poor people walk like dead people. Grothan has become rather enamoured by the mystery and possible riches that the kingdom contains, and has thus decided to stay for a little while and see what he can loot.

So begins...

Grothan of the Southern Wastes's Story

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A sound begins to form in the distance, like a constant rolling thunder. And then it begins to grow louder and louder until it becomes so loud that it sounds as if there is a great legendary beast at the gates. Everyone in this area of the city has quieted and looks to the gates. The sound subsides momentarily, and there is the sound of guards shouting and a loud crack, as if a small explosive charge has gone off. And then, suddenly, a massive harpoon explodes through the gate, the many large splinters it creates impaling a guard who looks on curiously, leaving the gate completely defenceless from this side. And then, the harpoon retracts back into wherever it came from, and pulls the gate off its hinges with it, throwing it aside like a used toothpick. Then, the roaring grows to massive proportions again as an equally massive machine made of iron bursts through the opening, shaped as one of the hammerhead sharks that inhabit Dragonsgate's bay, the front covered liberally with blades and points. A large projectile weapon containing a harpoon within its barrel also sits upon the front, swiveling of what seems to be its own volition. The people in the square all begin to scream as soon as the situation truly hits them, the section of the city turning to chaos in an instant.

If Gem were to say anything, it would go unheard, as Korzion scoops her up and mutters, "Change of plans," running towards a different section of the city. The massive machine of iron drives itself into the square on wheels of metal and rubber, copper and brass pipes curving from beneath it belching black smoke into the air, causing mild suffocation to any surrounding it. And then, from behind the dirty glass that protects the round cockpit from wind stands a dirty-looking man with a scraggly brown beard and a cap, goggles strapped over his eyes and obscuring his gaze within their foggy, scuffed glass surface. How anyone can see in those is a mystery.

"LISTEN UP!" He bellows in a rough, heavily accented voice, "Yer bein' raided! 'And over yer women and wine if ye'd like ta avoid a sufferin' most unpleasant." He raises the L-shaped contraption in his hand so that the opening at the end points toward the sky, and a bang rings out with a puff of smoke from the thing. Needless to say, this attracts the attention of everyone in the city. "Me mates'll be arrivin' shortly, an' I'd like ta 'ave this place cleared out by then. Understand?" He grins widely, revealing teeth filed into points. A raider from the Southern Wastes is unheard of this far north, yet clearly here he was, demanding their valuables with no fear at all, despite the guards closing on his vehicle, moving slowly as if that will make the man's attention shift from them. It does not. He smirks as he lowers his contraption to point it at one of the guards, and pulls the brass trigger...