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Mizuki Sohma

Do you...want help?

0 · 382 views · located in The Sohma Household

a character in “Fruits Basket: A Different Story”, as played by Luna Star


Mizuki Sohma

The Tiger.




Zodiac Animal

Luna is very well...quiet. Her face is usually emotionless, but sometimes she holds a small smile. No one really ever sees her smile, so they thought she didn't need affection. Though she really wants their affection. She tries to help people as much as she can. Luna doesn't hate anything, unless it gives her a good reason too, which most of the time a good reason was never made. all in all luna is a pretty nice person if you get to know her.

Deepest Desires
To have a close friend, since she doesnt have any sadly.
To break the horrible curse that keeps her from getting friends.
To have a close friend, since she doesnt have any sadly.
To break the horrible curse that keeps her from getting friends.
Find someone who loves her.
Also to get a big hug....

To help people,draw, collect plushies (especial ones that look like the zodiacs), wondering around, relaxing, napping,playing her violin, piano, play with smaller children,cooking,etc

Greatest Fear
Water, getting left alone, and the fear of losing someone dear to her

Mizuki parent cared for her dearly, until they found out she was the tiger, they started to abuse her. They used her secret as an advantage. Her parents forced her to steal things from stores when she transforms and things like that. They kept doing that to her until they left her at the sohma house.

Her parents were abusive and mean they forced her to steal things from stores when she transforms and things like that. mizuki didnt like the idea of stealing but she thought "if i do this mommy and daddy should love me again..right? So she did what she was told to do, never to get what she wanted, love. Until one day Hiroto, the god, found out about her, he forced her parents to place Mizuki in the zodiac household. Which they did and left Mizuki all alone..After that day she tried her best to help people, and maybe someone will love her.

n/a not right now

You and the World by Miku Hatsune

The world you were with me in is still
Wandering in my heart

You're far from me but still
Can you hear my voice?

Looking up to the sky of those days
I tried finding feelings that could connect to you

I'm walking up a hill alone
Feeling we can never be together

I feel everything as sad
Or enjoyable

I want to send it to you
Still hoping to send this song to you

It could gather our dreams
Right in front of my eyes

Our future is transparent

Even though you're away
Even though you're no longer with me...

How many of "my voices"
"my feelings" can reach you?

Please hold me, truth be told I'm lonely
All by myself

Eventually time drifted on
Erasing my memories

Because I can't find our shadows together
I'm still wandering

In the repeated world
I'm walking up a hill alone again

How far is the place
Where the sun can enter?

I'm hugging the memories
We shared together

Knowing its existence is
Disappearing little by little

I've been dreaming a dream
That can never come true


So begins...

Mizuki Sohma's Story