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Eireen Devine

Human 2

0 · 441 views · located in Japan

a character in “Fruits Basket: A New Leaf”, as played by Zodia195


This is Me- The Showman
”This is all too weird for words.”

Name: Eireen Devin

Age: 16

Grade: 2nd Year of High School

Gender: Female

Role: Human 2

Oddities: Talks to herself, mumbles

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Romantic Interest: TBD

Nationality: American and Japanese

Job: High School Student

Ethnicity: American (with Irish background)

Hex Code: #436EEE


Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color/Length: Waist length red hair

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 118 lbs

Scars: None

Tattoos: None

Birthmarks: None

Piercings: None


Danger Level: 5/10

Dominant Emotion: Stubborn

Personality: Eireen aka Rini, get’s her stubborn streak from her father since both of them of Irish descent. She’s had to be stubborn too since she used to get teased for her thick Southern accent and appearance. She’s also a complete tomboy and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. In fact, she can lay someone flat on their back thanks to her judo training, despite her slim figure.

Despite her tough demeanor, she has a soft side since she still loves fairy tales and has a huge weakness for ‘fluffy animals’. One would have to look at her room to see this side for she has a lot of stuffed animals and drawings of fairy tales that were done by her late mother.

She does have a temper on her still too, depending on the subject. Like she can’t stand bullying and has been known to get involved when she sees a situation like that.

Likes: Judo, Taking pictures, her father, animals, fairy tales.

Dislikes: Bullying, whenever her father is away, animal cruelty, meat (she’s a vegetarian), feeling vulnerable.

Talents: Defending herself (and others), great visual memory, independent (she learned to take care of herself at an early age), cooking, staying focused.

Flaws: Stubborn, short tempered (with certain things), tendency to hide true emotions, blunt, often tries to take on too much for herself.

Weaknesses: Compliments, baby animals, anything strawberry flavored, her father.

Hobbies: Working out in general (especially judo and swimming), scrap booking (from all the pictures she takes), writing, traveling, reading.


Typical Attire: When not in her school uniform, Rini prefers to wear casual wear. She loves girly stuff, but rarely wears them in order to keep up her ‘tough girl’ persona. Most of the time she has her hair up too, or at least half of it back. She either wears glasses or contacts. She’s actually sensitive about her lack of ‘attributes’.

Keepsakes: Anything belonging to her late mom, especially the drawings she has. She’s always wearing a locket that has a picture of her parents inside of it.

History: Eireen was born in the US, but comes from a military family. She’s the only child of her parents too. They had actually struggled for 10 years to have a child, but for them Rini was well worth it. Rini was 5 when her father got assignment to move to Tokyo. Rini had a hard time adjusting to the change and stood out easily with her red hair and blue eyes and was bullied because she had a hard time learning Japanese and for her accent. Her mother did her best to comfort her daughter, even though Rini was start to lash out. However this would only get her into trouble, so her parents started putting her into different physical activities, hoping it would help her. One of these things was judo, which she took to naturally. It was through these activities she would start to make friends. However, tragedy struck her family when her mother got cancer, and she was already in the advance stages when they found out. It was very hard for Rini to watch her mother slowly die. By this time, Rini’s father, Sean, decided to retire from the military so he could be there for his wife and daughter more. He ended up getting a well paid civilian job. Soon after retiring, Rini’s mother died, when she was 7. It was a devastating blow to Rini since she was very close to her mother. As a result she became a bit more clinging with her father, but soon his more job became demanding and she had to start attending daycare until she was 13. Even though the bullying slowed down (for the most part) by the time she entered high school, other then a few friends she had since Judo, Rini has been a private person. Now that’s she in her 2nd year of high school, she is starting to think what she wants to do after she gets out. She’s actually having thoughts of going to college in the USA. Even though she’s lived in Japan most of her life, she has traveled back to the US to visit family, especially to see her late mom’s younger sister, who is a vet and was the one who inspired Rini’s love of animals.

Other: Only her father and friends call Eireen by her nickname, Rini. Eireen is now fluent in both English and Japanese. Interestingly enough, when she had to take “English” in school, many of her classmates came to her for help, which help stop the bulling significantly.


So begins...

Eireen Devine's Story


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Eireen liked being on the Newspaper club since it allowed her to take pictures. But she didn't always like the big events she had to go to, especially since she always stood out with her red hair. By this point though, she'd come to be use it by now. It was her school's big school festival. Thankfully as the photographer of her school, she didn't have to interact as much as her fellow newspaper members who were the ones who did the interviews. When she first entered high school, she decided to go with the Newspaper club over the Yearbook due to it being smaller of the two clubs. Eireen still preferred smaller groups to big ones due to her introverted nature.

Today Eireen could already tell though there would be more people to this festival. That did not put her in a great mood, but she 'grinned and bared it', as her father would say. At the moment she was having a break with the rest of her Newspaper group before the Festival really got underway.

"Isn't this exciting! I always loved this festival!" exclaimed the club president, 3rd year Miroki Kentai.

"We're right here Miroki-sempai, there's no need to shout." said 2nd year member Tadaka Jiro.

He was the most practical member of the group and Eireen got along best with him the most and they were good friends.

"There are so many people. I hope I do well here." added 1st year, and new member, Kaito Uzuma.

"You'll do fine, Kaito. Just still with me okay?" Miroki suggested.

"Will you be okay with this crowd, Rini?" Tadaka asked her.

"Yeah I will be," Eireen said.

She looked around and just happened to see someone she didn't expect to be here. Kira Sohma. The junior high student just happened to be someone she tutored. She liked the young lady and her natural blonde hair made her stand out easily. She only just started tutoring her so she didn't know her too well. And she was currently with two people she didn't recognize, but they obviously knew her. Not wanting to keep on staring, she turned and looked elsewhere.

"Okay you guys, let's get to work. Takada and Eireen, you two know what to do. Kaito, just follow my lead." Miroki said, before heading off, Kaito following her wake.

"You heard the boss." Tadaka said.

Eireen nodded and followed her friend as she started taking pictures.


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"Hey! Kira-kun!" A voice reached out to Kira's ears and when she looked, she saw Izumi Sohma weaving her way through the crowd towards her.

"Izumi-nee!" Kira waved back gently. Once Izumi made her way to Kira, she grabbed both the Rat's hands and smiled up at her. "I'm so happy you could make it today Izumi-san. I was worried no one would come. But even if you are the only one, I will be very happy." Kira was thoroughly convinced at the bottom of her heart that no one would come. But she understood. People had lives, jobs, and school, things much more important that the request of a middle school student.

"Good morning!" Another voice approached the two girls. "Kira-chan, Izumi-kun. It's been too long." Hugo Sohma was walking towards them with treats in tow.

"Hugo-nii! It really has been to long." He held out one of the most amazing and beautiful pastries she had ever seen. It was a adorable sheep-shaped taiyaki. Kira took the treat and bowed in gratitude. "Thank you very much!" It was almost to amazing to eat, but her spot for sweets couldn't resist. Her heart felt warm and light, as though she was going to cry. Only two Sohma so far, but that felt like enough for her. She was grateful beyond words that they actually cared. They were a family, but they all had their own logic and reasons to avoid each other. It was a whole new feeling to be surrounded by each other while not in the presence of the Head. "You look beautiful today, Izumi-nee. Much like every day."

"Kira-chan! Izumi-chan! Hugo-nii!" Kira looked up in surprise. Hitomi Sohma was jogging towards them. Another Zodiac had arrived! The young girl couldn't help as a few tears fell.

"Hitomi-nee! It's lovely to see you!" Kira wondered if anyone else was going to show. Should they wait? Maybe it would be good to talk for a bit before entering the festival just in case anyone else decided to show up. "What has everyone been doing since our last encounter? I believe the last time I get to have the honor of seeing you was at the New Years Banquet."

Kira caught a glimpse of a red-headed beauty through the crowd. It was definitely her tutor, Eireen. The high school girl was one of a kind and absolutely beautiful to Kira. She would have to find her and introduce her to everyone.