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Hitomi Sohma

Taming such a wild spirit ... good luck.

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a character in “Fruits Basket: A New Leaf”, as played by LucyHeartfell


Pound the Alarm- Nicki Minaj
"Can't stop, won't stop!"

Name: Hitomi Sohma

Age: 21

Grade: First Year College Student

Gender: Female

Role: Horse

Oddities: Very Loud

Sexuality: Bisexual

Romantic Interest: TBD

Nationality: Japanese

Job: None


Eye Color: Black

Hair Color/Length: Black/Tushie Length

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 140 lbs

Scars: None

Tattoos: A Horse Galloping on Her Back Right Shoulder

Birthmarks: None

Piercings: Both Lobes, Right Helix and Left Conch


Danger Level: 7/10

Dominant Emotion: Wild

Personality: Hitomi is full of energy, albeit a bit too much. Both studious and athletic, she is a strong believer of chasing after dreams. Rather than wealth and fame, happiness is what motivates her. Hitomi expects others to operate at the same speed as her and don’t understand why others can’t.

Contradicting characteristics come from the fact that she has ever-changing emotions. Hitomi has a short temper and becomes angry quickly. But once it’s over, she forgets quickly. Her biggest fault is that she is blind to her own faults. She is beautiful and give off a refreshing aura. Sometimes she is a gentle pony, other times she can become a wild stallion. Regardless, she is impressive and good at what she does. Motivation and help from others aren’t important. As long as she is doing what she like, she will succeed.

Hitomi can be a chatterbox and has a clear division between like and dislike. However, she is usually indecisive. Rather than having a clear plan, she leaves things to fate.

Likes: Being Active, Going Out With Friends, Summer, Horses, Anything Blue

Dislikes: Being Alone, Authoritative Figures, Sleeping, Sitting For Long Periods, Cocky Attitudes

Talents: Extreme Endurance, Bottomless Stomach, Tae Kwon Do, Heavy Weight Drinker, Flexible

Flaws: Too Blunt, Doesn't Sleep Often, Disobedient

Weaknesses: Her Parents, Thunder, Family Head, No Street Smarts

Hobbies: Sports, Horse Back Riding, Fighting, Eating, Hiking


Typical Attire: Hitomi usually can be found in anything that doesn't limit her ability to move. Mostly shorts and an athletic tank top. But once nighttime rolls around, since she usually goes out with friends, her style turns a little more ... skimpy.

Keepsakes: A lucky horseshoe that hangs above her bedroom door that she got the first time she ever rode.

History: Hitomi was one of the unlucky Sohmas born to a not so accepting family. Her mother was appalled at Hitomi, calling her a freak and a monster with her father agreeing wholeheartedly. Because of their lack of love, Hitomi and Rikona quickly grew into the little devils they still are. Skipping school, sneaking out and drinking with her friends in the back alleys. It wasn't too odd for her to be brought home by the police. The one person she could never refuse was the head of the family himself. Since he was only a year younger than her, she was taken to him often to 'play'. They felt more like torture sessions to her. But she always stayed. After a couple of years, Rikona was sent away as a order from the head of the family. Hitomi never quite knew why, but for some reason, she never felt the need to ask. “She’ll be back soon,” a voice always told her. With this disappearance, her attitude became even more closed off and distant.

Hitomi eventually accepted her position and became quiet around the rest. She often went to see him, only to meet the same ending she came to know. Despite all the abuse, Hitomi never scarred from it, only mentally. A upperclassman, named Shiro Kazumaki, approached her one day. Though Hitomi was rebellious at first, he convinced her to join sports. She gave it a go and it turned into a drug for young Hitomi. All of the anger, hate and sadness gave her fuel. She started coming to school just so she could play. Shiro and her became very fast friends, and eventually Hitomi grew a crush on him. When she confessed, something she never expected happened. Shiro accepted her feelings and fully returned them. They began dating, Hitomi being careful of her curse.

It was only a matter of time though till Shiro found out about her. When he finally saw what she became, he cried. But not in fear, in sadness. He told her, "I don't know how hard that could be for you to deal with." They continued to see each other until the Head caught word about Hitomi's indiscretion. He summoned her immediately and brought his wrath with him. He ordered for the boy's memories to be wiped and for Hitomi to transfer to an all girls school.

A few years passed and Hitomi adjusted her environment in due time. It was time to graduate. She had been watching Shiro from afar. Hitomi planned on going to the same college as him and everything, following from behind in hopes he might remember. She moved to her own house inside the Sohma Estate, fairly close to the Head to her dislike. But now she could be without the authority of her parents and only have to deal with the Head when she was summoned. After only a couple months, something happened between her and Shiro, something she never talks about. So she went running to the Head of the Family, her feelings of anger and defeat following close behind. She practically became his doll in looking what she couldn't ever have with Shiro. She dropped out of the college and went to the one the Head chose. Her love for sports never died, and Hitomi continued to play and go out with friends, trying to keep herself as busy and surround as possible so the old feeling would never return.

Other: Hitomi has a slight attachment problem if she thinks she will be alone, she will do anything to avoid it.


So begins...

Hitomi Sohma's Story


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Another sunrise, another start to a new day. Hitomi wiped the sweat of her brow and took a deep breath. Nothing felt better than a early morning run. She had to keep in shape for the softball team anyways. Despite her income from the main estate, Hitomi's college was paid for entirely through sports scholarships. Which made her insanely proud of herself. The head was never happy about her active participation in sports, he felt as though it took away their time together. But she always assures him that he will always be her number one. Hitomi was just happy he didn't make her quit. She watched the sunrise for a few more moments before turning around and making her way back to the estate. The horse wanted to run full speed, but with the danger of running into someone, especially a male, she kept it at a light jog. All of her energy could be expended at practice later that day. Plus, she had something very special to attend today.

The way home was etched into her memory from the possible thousands of times she ran this course. Not only in the mornings, but whenever she felt upset and needed to clear her head. Which was a lot more than she wished. "Oh well, I guess it comes with being cursed ..." After about thirty minutes of jogging, she finally made it back to the Sohma estate. The front gates stood tall and intimidating. She was granted entry with ease and within five minutes of walking, she was to the inner gate. Her house wasn't too far from the gates, making it a lot easier to get in and out.

"Good morning, Hitomi-san. Will you be seeing the head this morning?" One of the family maids stopped her at her door.

"Of course ma'am. I haven't missed a day yet, have I?" The woman smiled and left. Hitomi entered her house and went straight to the bath. After all, she was a sweaty mess. The steaming water felt amazing on her skin, especially on a chilly morning like today. Within a few minutes, she was out and dressed. Since today was special, she had decided on a mid-thigh length black skirt and a navy blue tube top, along with black sneakers and thigh-high navy blue socks. As she waited for her hair to dry, Hitomi cooked a large breakfast full of protein. Twenty minutes later, she was full and ready for the day ahead of her. An invitation hung on the fridge and a sweet smell filled the area around it. Today was the local high school's cultural festival, which Kira Sohma had seemingly invited all the Zodiac to. It had been a while since Hitomi had seen any of them, since quite a few live on the outside.

But first things first, she had to go and see him. The thought made her feel excited and sad at the same time. Part of her loved seeing the Head of the family ... but the other half dreaded it. The horrible things he could say. But who loved her more than he did? Hitomi left her house and within seconds, was in front of the Head's door. It slid open with ease.

"It's about time you show up." His voice was icy and impatient. "And looking like that. How disgusting."

Hitomi sped walked her way towards the school, hoping she wasn't terribly late. It took a while, but she finally arrived and spotted Kira's blonde little head in no time. Along with her was the Rat, Izumi, and the Dragon, Hugo. She was surprised that she was the third one to arrive. Was no one else planning to show?

"Kira-chan! Izumi-chan! Hugo-nii!" Hitomi jogged to the others, joining right as Hugo was dispersing some adorable looking snacks. "Long time no see guys!"


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"Hey! Kira-kun!" A voice reached out to Kira's ears and when she looked, she saw Izumi Sohma weaving her way through the crowd towards her.

"Izumi-nee!" Kira waved back gently. Once Izumi made her way to Kira, she grabbed both the Rat's hands and smiled up at her. "I'm so happy you could make it today Izumi-san. I was worried no one would come. But even if you are the only one, I will be very happy." Kira was thoroughly convinced at the bottom of her heart that no one would come. But she understood. People had lives, jobs, and school, things much more important that the request of a middle school student.

"Good morning!" Another voice approached the two girls. "Kira-chan, Izumi-kun. It's been too long." Hugo Sohma was walking towards them with treats in tow.

"Hugo-nii! It really has been to long." He held out one of the most amazing and beautiful pastries she had ever seen. It was a adorable sheep-shaped taiyaki. Kira took the treat and bowed in gratitude. "Thank you very much!" It was almost to amazing to eat, but her spot for sweets couldn't resist. Her heart felt warm and light, as though she was going to cry. Only two Sohma so far, but that felt like enough for her. She was grateful beyond words that they actually cared. They were a family, but they all had their own logic and reasons to avoid each other. It was a whole new feeling to be surrounded by each other while not in the presence of the Head. "You look beautiful today, Izumi-nee. Much like every day."

"Kira-chan! Izumi-chan! Hugo-nii!" Kira looked up in surprise. Hitomi Sohma was jogging towards them. Another Zodiac had arrived! The young girl couldn't help as a few tears fell.

"Hitomi-nee! It's lovely to see you!" Kira wondered if anyone else was going to show. Should they wait? Maybe it would be good to talk for a bit before entering the festival just in case anyone else decided to show up. "What has everyone been doing since our last encounter? I believe the last time I get to have the honor of seeing you was at the New Years Banquet."

Kira caught a glimpse of a red-headed beauty through the crowd. It was definitely her tutor, Eireen. The high school girl was one of a kind and absolutely beautiful to Kira. She would have to find her and introduce her to everyone.