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Rikona Katou

An outcast reunited with her clan and quite displeased about it.

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a character in “Fruits Basket: A New Leaf”, originally authored by CabbageAngel, as played by RolePlayGateway




Destruction - Joywave

"I am not a Sohma."

Name: Rikona Katou

Age: 17

Grade: C/D

Gender: Female

Role: The Cat

Oddities: Never brushes the hair from the right side of her face and is very protective of it.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Romantic Interest: TBD

Nationality: Japanese

Job: High School Student. Part time job at a Roller Skating Rink.

Ethnicity: Japanese


Eye Color: Dark blue-violet.

Hair Color/Length: Dark-blue violet, jaw length.

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 149 lbs

Scars: Right side of face, under her hair.


Danger Level: 8

Dominant Emotion: Apathy.

Personality: Rikona has learned to keep her personality subdued. What you may find on the outside is a very stoic, standoffish and blunt person. She's got a wall of ice that refuses to be melted and a tongue that wields observation like a guillotine. She doesn't look like she gives a damn, and she probably doesn't - but actions speak louder than words, and she is known to throw fists at the slightest insult.

She is in fact a very shy person, and does not know how to respond to praise or any kind of positive reinforcement.

Likes: Expensive sushi. Cats. Challenges. Victories. Late night adventures.

Dislikes: Water. School. The Sohma family, especially the Rat. Canned tuna. Being patted on the head.

Talents: Roller skating. Street fighting. Roof hopping. Hiding. Soccer.

Flaws: Easily goaded into a fight. Apathetic. Holds a grudge.

Weaknesses: Social situations like parties. Drawn to conflict. Studying. Bets. Water.

Hobbies: Roller skating. Causing trouble. Ditching school. Playing soccer with herself and a wall. Trespassing.


Typical Attire: Rikona prefers to wear dark attire that keeps herself hidden but doesn't restrict movement, like hoodies and yoga pants.

Keepsakes: A juzu bead bracelet that never comes off.

History: Rikona was never part of the Sohma family. She turned into a monster in her mother's arms. Her mother couldn't handle it. But what truly outcast her was what happened when she was just six years old, which resulted in the scar on her face. Even Rikona doesn't really remember what happened, but that was when she was sent away to prevent her bringing shame to the Sohma clan. She was adopted by an elderly couple, took another sirname to not be associated with the Sohmas any longer and was taught to keep her emotions subdued to keep the monster at bay. But now her adoptive grandparents have passed away, and Rikona has been sent back to live with some members of the family she was told she does not belong in.

Rikona had spent her life living in shame and being taught to ignore and hide from any Sohma she came across. But when she discovers the truth behind the incident and her exile... There will be hell to pay.


So begins...

Rikona Katou's Story


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By four in the morning, Hugo Sohma's kitchen was sizzling with the smells and sounds of a balanced breakfast. He placed his meal on the table, perfectly placed and arranged for one. Steamed rice. Grilled salmon. Pickled vegetables. Miso soup. All in tiny bowls and plates and steaming. He looked up from his meal to the blank wall opposite him and clapped his hands together.

"I gratefully receive," he announced.

... From myself, went unspoken.

After scoffing down his lonesome meal, he rushed to make himself presentable for work that day. As he opened the fridge to retrieve his lunch on the way out, he noticed a plate of animal shaped pastries - taiyaki, but none were shaped like fish. There was a big mouse, a cow... some more discernible shapes... Huh, wonder what he made those for again. He slammed the fridge without even glancing at Kira's note stuck to it and ran out the apartment...

"Ehhh?! I took the day off?!"

Hugo stood in the kitchens of Uptown Eden, his face slack with disbelief at his coworkers. "What could be important enough for me to do something like that?!" He whipped out his phone to scroll through notes, settling on one: Highschool Festival. DO NOT trade family for work again - do you want the gossip?

"La vache," he muttered under his breath, throwing a glance to his watch. Around six... He nodded his head firmly and rolled up his sleeves, shooting his coworkers a firm smile. "I have the time to help with prep. Let's have a successful day, everybody!"

Forty-five minutes later, and Hugo's bike was hurtling off the premises so fast he was generating dust clouds. He nearly zoomed past his apartment block when he remembered and skidded to a halt, sprinted up the stairs (a chant of, "Merde, merde, merde, merde..." going up with him), and rushed back with a plate of personalized cold Taiyaki and different clothes. A corner away from the highschool gates, and his warpath came to an end. He dismounted his bike, smoothed over his hair, and took a deep breath to calm himself. Then he walked his bike and taiyaki around the corner with his usual calm, confident smile as people parted for him. Huh, only Izumi was here now. If the other Sohmas didn't show... there was really no point in taking off work to turn up himself.

"Good morning!" he called to them, "Kira-chan, Izumi-kun. It's been too long." He held out two pastries for them, fluffy and heavy with sweet red beans. One in the shape of a cute mouse, and the other a sheep with flowers etched into its wool. "I brought you something. Just in case you'd forgotten that you missed me," he shot them a wink, "Thought your taste buds might remember better~"

A girl looked down at the scene from within the highschool, her arms folded and face inexpressive. So, the Sohmas were gathering here. She glanced up and her vision readjusted to focus on her refection, not the sights past the window. She instinctively tugged her hair down to try to hide her face more.


Rikona nearly jolted at the shrill cry and turned to see three of her female classmates rushing her. She considered taking up a defensive stance, but just stood still and watched blankly as they swarmed her, eyes wide with both fear of her, and something else.

"K-Katou-san, you're Yui-chan's understudy, right?!" Rikona nodded, and suddenly, she was seized. "Good! You're needed backstage, immediately! Yui-chan can't come in today! You - You do know her part, right?" Rikona shook her head. "O- Ok, well, all the princess really does is sleep through half of it - here, read it along the way!"

Rikona was dragged limply by three girls in elaborate costume and stage make-up, a script shoved into her face. Ah, good, she really didn't have to say anything. That's a relief. Probably the reason she was the understudy for this character. By the time she was squeezed into a frilly pink dress and was refusing to move her hair for her make up team, she read the last page.

The Prince embraces the Princess.



"The - The understudy is escaping!"

"G-Get her!"