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Masahiro Sohma

If I can not have love, I will have fear.

0 · 296 views · located in Japan

a character in “Fruits Basket: A New Story”, as played by Everscale


Name: Masahiro Sohma

Zodiac Animal: God

Age: 17.

Appearance: Image

Brief Description: Masahiro is a rather short, remarkably thin young man, often mistaken for a woman. He wears his hair long, falling straight and generally lose to his waist. He is remarkably pale, with sharp features and vicious violet eyes. His face has rarely, if ever, been marred by the lines of a smile. He almost always wears a sort of arrogant frown, that tends to make other people nervous. He dresses almost exclusively in traditional Japanese garb, which is not a problem, as he almost never leaves the Inside. At first glance he does not seem a frightening figure by any stretch, but anyone who spends any time with him is rather quickly overcome by the aura of cruelty, command, and possessiveness that surrounds him. He rules over his zodiac with the hard hand of fear, emulating the image of the God who rules two generations before him, Akito.

Personality: Masahiro is a complex creature. He is cold, hateful, cruel, and almost always completely expressionless. The only emotions he displays are minor irritation and wild fury; otherwise he is a blank slate, and no matter what is showing on his face he is always, always dangerous. He is soft-spoken and to an outsider might almost seem shy, gentle even, but he is everything but. He has long since given up on acquiring the love of his zodiac, and has settled instead for the submission that comes out of abject terror. He can scream, but somehow it seems less frightening when he does. Usually, he whispers to his victims, tells them things that no one should have to hear. He breaks them with words, and if they are able to resist that, he breaks them with the fits of rage he is subject to as God. When a zodiac displeases him, they are punished severely, and the marks are often permanent. He has even been known to punish Sohma’s from the Outside, should they be foolish enough to try to get in.
All of it, however, is what he has become, not what he started out as. There was a time when he really was gentle and shy beneath that soft-spoken-ness. He was gentle, kind, generous, and sought nothing but the true and unconditional love of a true friend. It was a love he did not receive from his parents, a love he could not find, try though he might, as a child. He is emotionally weak, lost without any love, and he has given up on ever finding it. Thus, he has turned instead to pain and screams. He is remarkably unstable, and seems to have a split personality: one calm and unkind, the other murderously unkind. Only very, very rarely, and to a select group of people, does he display a personality that is… not quite so cruel.

Skills/Abilities: He is remarkably intelligent, and when he flies into a rage he can cause a great deal of physical damage. Mostly, he is good at twisting people, bending them to his will. He could probably make a goat believe that it was a lion, if he wanted to (and yes, that is an exaggeration).

Likes: Being loved, screaming, the fear of others, being in command, his own dominance, others’ submission, flowers, traditional Japanese clothing, traditional Japanese cuisine, sweet things (though no one would dare tell anyone), adrenaline, his own power as God

Dislikes: Being hated, being feared (which has been twisted into an enjoyment of it), his weak lungs (he has a severe lung condition which will eventually lead to his young and untimely death), the fact that he is going to die young, blood (it freaks him out and sends him even more over the edge), not being loved, spicy foods, sour foods, coffee, chocolate, tropical fruits, noisy birds, the Cat, any music at all, women, long hair that has not been tied up, anything red

Phobia: He is terrified of being ignored. Once he bid for love, and did not receive it, so he swung to the other extreme: if he could not be loved, he would be hated. He is also afraid of blood: it makes him sick, which can be a problem when he attacks someone. More than anything, however, he is afraid of the death that is bearing down on him so much faster than anyone else he knows. Every time he suffers an attack, he panics, which just makes it worse.

Crush: TBA

History: Masahiro was born into honor, and he was born into hell. Born with a severe lung condition, it is predicted that he will be dead before he reaches the age of thirty, which is never a good thing no matter how you look at it. But even worse than that is the position that his existence as God has put him in. His parents did not raise him. He was raised by servants of the Sohma family, far from his parents, who looked upon him not as a son, but as God. He is honored, formally celebrated. Every minute of his life seems to be surrounded in ceremony, and as a child that was very difficult for him. He saw the other children playing and wanted nothing but to join them in their games. He wanted to be one of them, to be normal. He grew to hate the curse, and hate himself as God. He tried to befriend the other zodiacs, but they all bowed to him, remained serious around him. It drove him mad: literally: that they could not conceive of him as one of them. They would not love him because he was their God, and they did not believe it was right to love him. He was fifteen years old when he snapped, when he finally gave in to his despair. When he first attacked one of his servants. He all but killed the girl, who was only trying to lay his clothes out for the day. And that was the birth of the monster who is God now.

My favorite candy is... um... uh.... does Pocky count? 'Cause that's it.

So begins...

Masahiro Sohma's Story