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Mitsuki Sohma

Sorry but do I know you?

0 · 620 views · located in Japan

a character in “Fruits Basket: A New Story”, as played by Luna Star


Mitsuki Sohma
Image Image


Zodiac Animal:
Cool right!


Appearance: She has long ivory colored hair, which go down to her bottom. Her eyes are a pale sterling blue. Her eyes always look like she is in the state of a dream. She always looked daze, and at times she smile like everything is okay.

Brief Description:
She is around 5'1 and is rather skinny.

Mitsuki is calm and usually always happy. But at times she can cry for some apparent reason.

+To comfort many
+having a mother relationship with many children
+Playing instruments and painting landscapes as well as people
+She good and home ec stuff
Not much but its useful right?

+Sweets such as cake
+Korean Barbeque
+Her family
+gentle winds
Sweets Sweets~!

+The past

+TO die
+To be forgotten and hurt

"hehe secret~"

Mitsuki used to live in a kind family. She used to have perfect health back then, until she found out something her "kind" parents. They were going to sell her to a man they don't even know. She couldn't believe it so she ran away. But they seem to know of her plan to escape and caught her. she was taken by a strange man and was abused. And one day the man came back extra mad and drunk. Mitsuki was then about to be raped and it frighten her so she ran off. She never stopped running, until her heart stopped, she fell down on a road. Because of her small frame, no one saw her body and some family hit her with a car. When she woke up, she was told she was slowly forgetting everything. Why? she doesn't know, but doctors say because she was in a trauma. Soon, the sohma's took her in realizing she was the boar. then Slowly after she became even more and more weak so she stays in the household.[/center]

White chocolate!
oh and she grows very weak because of this brain loss/sickness

[except for white ivory hair]

So begins...

Mitsuki Sohma's Story