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Fruits Basket: Hyde and Seek



a part of Fruits Basket: Hyde and Seek, by NasiaWords.


NasiaWords holds sovereignty over Japan, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Japan is a part of Fruits Basket: Hyde and Seek.

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Turi Shoma [43] 'Quiet and as quick as a cat. Hated as a black cat on Halloween.'
Gengaku Sohma [41] "Yes, I will cook for you. No my personal life is up for debate."
Callista Nroiji [39] "If you insist on breaching the distance I hold you at ... At least help me make a beautiful melody ..."
Yamato Sohma [22] "The day you're free is the day you die."
Miyako Sohma [21] A good thing about music, when it hits you, you don't feel pain.
Kaze Sohma [19] "Let's do something fun, shall we? My entertainment meter is in the negatives."
Tomaya Sohma [16] "Don't m-mind me ... I-I was just here ... Straightening some papers, looking at some books ..."
Akihiko Sohma [16] "Let's go get some cake together, okay!?" {Minor WIP}
Ren Sohma [16] "Hey Guys! Wanna race? Oh! Or maybe we can play tag! Or even- Wait! Where are you going?!"
Aurel Landvik [12] WIP

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Character Portrait: Gengaku Sohma Character Portrait: Callista Nroiji
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Callista Nroiji

"What am I to do ... When my destiny is as uncontrollable as my mind?"

Callista only nodded in response to his question. She turned to face him, fresh tears welling up in her eyes.

What Gengaku said was true - he had told her that there was nothing she could do or have had done to her that would warrant him forcing her to leave his house. That mere fact alone made a warm feeling spread through her chest, but as her eyes fell on Gengaku, she couldn't prevent the trembling that began in her lower lip.

Why? Why was he so kind to her, when no one else had ever been even remotely so? Here he was, confronted with the perfect opportunity to rid himself of what she considered to be a nuisance - herself - and yet he denied that she leave, instead confirming that she could stay.

No one had ever been so kind to her.

Turning her face away so that he couldn't see it, she swallowed down the thick ball that had risen up into her throat. It ached and her eyes stung as she fought back fresh tears, but she rubbed at her cheeks nonetheless, causing them to become even redder than before. Finally, once she felt a bit more composed, she faced him once more and closed the distance between them. In the only way possible due to his curse, she hugged him, her alternative something that had become something special between them - at least in her own opinion.

She simply lifted his hand and curled her pinkie finger around his, once again trying to shove down the aching lump in her throat.

"Thank you, Gengaku," she choked out, her emotions still causing the lodge in her neck to persist. She went on her toes and pressed her lips to his cheek, the only other thing that she could think to do when a hug was not allowed, before stepping back and releasing his finger.

The sound of commotion in the front of the building called her attention to the fact that her bakery was open, and she immediately jolted back to what had just recently occurred.

"Oh, that asshole had better not have scared my customers away," she growled out.

It didn't take Callista long to reach the entrance to her restaurant, and when she saw Yuki and Aurel going at it, while a pile of clothes sat almost completely behind the register, scattered across the floor. It took her several minutes but she finally connected the dots, and as she studied the clothes, it struck her that whoever had been in those clothes had been female. A closer inspection of them betrayed the owner to have been Miyako Sohma, a close cousin to Gengaku.

Turning to the man in question, she gathered the clothes and nudged him out towards where Aurel and Yuki were bickering. "You had better stop them before they rip each other's heads off," she suggested, starting towards the back, where Miyako had undoubtedly scampered to when they hadn't been looking. "I'll take care of Miyako." With that, she disappeared through the curtain that separated the two parts of the building, setting the pile of clothes on a chair as she passed by it.

"Miyako? It's Callista. Callista Nroiji? I live with Gengaku and own this bakery. We've met a couple of times. You can come out - I promise not to scream," she said, her knowledge of the rat's form forewarning her of what she would see. "And I promise that no one will see you if you do. I'm the only one back here, and am also the only who works in this place. Gengaku helps out every now and then, but obviously you don't need to worry about him," she said, a small smile cracking across her face. "So you can come out - you don't have to be afraid."


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Turi Sohma


Turi hadn't expected the man to freak out so much. It was almost laughable. 'Yo dude. Calm down. You are pretty shaken up.' She grinned almost evilly. 'Unless you are really going insane then in that case I'd be happy to call someone to fit a straight jacket for you.'

With a groan Turi stood and offered a hand to the red head. 'Whatever man. How do you know that perv Gengaku anyway?' To be honest she was a bit curious. And maybe even a bit jealous. Why did Gengaku get to be around so many normal people. This red head guy obviously didn't know about the curse due to the way he acted but Turi was sure Callista did.

After a few moments Turi rolled her eyes. 'Oh look. Here's the perv.' Turi offered a small wave to Gengaku who had be shoved towards them by Callista. 'So how's your lover doing perv? I still think this guy is some ex coming to take her away.' Turi jerked a thumb at Aurel. 'Maybe you should go a few rounds with him cuz. I'd love to see you fight.'


5 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Gengaku Sohma Character Portrait: Callista Nroiji Character Portrait: Miyako Sohma Character Portrait: Turi Shoma Character Portrait: Aurel Landvik
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Aurel Landvik


Aurel facepalmed at Turi's remark, knowing ful well that not only wasn't Callista even his type, but they hated eachother's guts with a passion. "Why would I ever take away someone who hates me? Besides Gengar, I didn't realize you were into cotton candy." he scoffed as he shivered.

To be perfectly honest, it was good to see an old roommate again. It hadn't even been a decade yet and it still felt like one of those reuinons that old people have. Then again, most people wouldn't also be deathly afraid of said roommate as the realization knocked the wind out of him like a body blow from a sumo wrestler.


Gengaku Sohma


As his old roommate freaked out over the thought of fighting him, Gengaku sighed in irritation. It was a common mistake or insult that was thrown as he and Callista were always together in some capacity. Whether it be from helping her out here at the bakery or at home just vegging out on the couch with bad B-movies. Neither of them would say that they were friends, but they did have a close bond to each other.

"If I wasn't already tired from being here I would throttle him right here and now. However... He looked over his shoulder as he grabbed the red headed male out of the store by the shirt. Literally dragging him by the shirt until they were out of ear shot outside of the shop.

"What in the flying fuck are you doing here yelling at the poor girl? She' been through enough with you asshat."
"I didn't think she was still around! She went missing after that year so I thought nothing of it until she started going all bitch mcgee on me."
"Yeah. I'm sure about that you twit. Now what do you want?"
"I need a place to stay gengar. I ran out of money and technically I'm on vacation still before I have to be back so...."
"So you want to stay with me like old times, but Callista does live with me and having you two in the same house together will cause the sparks to fly."

Gengaku sighed before taking out a piece of paper and scribbling down his address with a mini-pen and shoving it into his chest. "Hop the fence into the back yard and there's a guest house in the back. You can stay in there and keep yourself out of sight for hathor's sake." Aurel nodded as gengaku came back inside looking obviously irritated, but less so than before he went out there.