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Atsuhiko Sohma

"I kind of think all of this is a load of crap."

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a character in “Fruits Basket: It's Our Turn”, as played by ShyFox


Atsuhiko Sohma


❝What the hell am I doing here really? I'm better off on my own.❞


❝The Basics❞

| Full name |
Atsuhiko Sohma

| Gender |

| Age |

| Role |


❝Deeper Description❞

| Eye Color |

His eyes are Heterochromial with the right being blue and the left being brown.

| Hair Color |

| Height |

| Weight |
145 lbs

| Skin Tone |
Slightly tan

| Distinct Markings |

Having never lived in the Sohma main house before he has yet to receive the treatment that many cats before him have. He however he does have a few scars from his own home life before now. He has a scar on his right ankle about the size of a quarter where he broke his ankle receiving a compound fracture while playing soccer in the third grade. Atsu also has a small slash scar underneath his bottom lip, he was punched in the face in a school yard fight in middle school.

| Physical Description |

Atsu has blonde hair and is usually seen with his school uniform. His most significant feature are his eyes, where one is blue and the other is brown. Tall for his age, many are intimidated by his height, however he doesn't weigh much to put much power behind his fists. That's not stopped him from getting into fights. He often has a disheveled look about him unkept hair, his tie loosened and hanging around his neck, wrinkled clothes, he tends to not really worry about how he appears to someone else. He is supposed to wear glasses but never puts them on unless he desperately needs to see something. Atsu also has a small hoop piercing in his left ear that he is rarely seen without.


| Special Skills |
Very smart and intellectual. (but chooses not to show it)
Good hand eye coordination. (and who said video games were bad)
Origami (shhhh... don't tell any one else and make him look like a dweeb)

| Likes& Dislikes |

Playing soccer
Being independent
Being belittled or looked down upon.
Being underestimated
Loosing a fight
The stigma of being the cat.

❝Welcome to my Life❞

| Personality |

Atsuhiko is a very cocky and prideful person, and tends to anger easily. Although he complains often and appears to be lazy, in school, Atsu has proved that he is hardworking, completing all that is asked of him. He also seems to be a very determined person, sacrificing things important to him in order to reach his personal goals, as he showed when he was playing soccer and tried to do something extreme to win a game. Unfortunately this incident caused the ankle break that ended his team soccer days reducing to only playing soccer as a hobby.

Atsu is determined to prove his worth in the zodiac and to break through the barriers that other cats before him adhered too. He is easy to temper and will fight if he feels strongly for the cause, but if he feels that it is foolish he does his best not to even to get into a physical altercation, most of the time he chooses to verbally fight his cause. Not because he likes to, but because he feels strongly for whatever is being argued. For the most part, Atsu likes to keep to himself not because he feels he doesn't have a right to interact with the others, but just because he likes being alone to himself. He especially likes being his room and doing origami, it soothes him when he is angry or upset to sit at his desk, fold paper and listen to quiet music.

A habit that Atsu has picked up in the past few years or so is smoking, he started on a dare in the first year of high school, and now has become somewhat of a chain smoker. He hates that he smokes and has tried and failed several times to quit, he mostly does it out of nervous or frustrating emotional situations, however as of late he's had allot of those in his life. He doesn't like that his habit can harm others, so when he does smoke he tends to go away from other people out of respect for their health and his own embarrassment of being so weak willed he cant quit.

| Theme Song |
Underdog - Kasabian

❝Who I Am❞

| History |

Surprisingly Atsu was really unaware of the curse of the Sohma family or anything with the zodiac for many years. His father was a distant Sohma that was not a member of the zodiac. Feeling that maybe his branch of the family was free from the curse, he moved away from the main house at a young age and got married. Little did he know that less than a year after he and his wife got married that she would give birth to a son, who was not only cursed as one of the zodiac, but also cursed as the cat. As Atsuhiko grew up his mother soon grew weary of everything that was wrong with her son and abandoned the family. So fir many years it was just Atsu and his father.

Despite his father knowing about the curse, he felt that this was all a punishment for his rebellious nature and leaving home. He looked down on Atsu, as a curse and a punishment. Burying himself in his work and leaving Atsu to the care of a male nanny. Atsu grew up lonely with few friends, sheltered within the confines of his home, knowing something was wrong about him and the fact that at times he turned into a small cat. He was taught at home in his younger years, but when he got older his father chose to put him into a private boys school. This is when Atsu's temper and slow temper began to surface, he felt abandoned once again. Sadly in his second year at the boys school, his father died with no living relatives other than the Sohma's at the main house Atsuhiko is sent to live with the family. He still does not understand the curse, but he knows now that it is a problem with the family and that he isn't the only one. He has also learned of the stigma of being the cat, he thinks it's stupid, and really doesn't like the fact that he is looked down upon and wants to change

|Thoughts on Other Characters|

Atsuhiko is very new, and not really familiar with the other family members, he'll form an opinion as time goes on.




So begins...

Atsuhiko Sohma's Story


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#, as written by ShyFox


He sat in the back seat quietly as things zipped past, his hand resting just under his chin while leaning his elbow just on the edge of the car window.

"Atsu... we should be there soon, you should prepare yourself." said an old but wise sounding voice from the drivers seat.

Atsuhiko gave a long drawn out sigh not really responding to the man driving the car. Part of him was sad that he would never be scolded by the older man, and another part of him was glad to get away from his nagging. Either way deep down he was going to miss Masa. The now elderly man had been caring for him since before he could talk, but now that Atsu was on his way to live with the other Sohma's there really wasn't a need for the caretaker any more. Caretaker?.... Atsu remembered the first time he had called Masa the "nanny", it was an almost hour long explanation of the difference between himself, his job, and that of a nanny. Atsu could remember just wishing he would have been scolded and sent on his way instead of talked to death. But that was just the way Masa was, he would much rather talk to you then raise a hand to you, so in a way Atsu believed he ben grateful to the old man for not beating the snot out of him.

"Masa-sama.... what do you think, they'll think of me?".

It was a simple question that made the older man take in a long drawn out breath then release it. The old caretakers eyes looked at the young man he had seen grow from a babe to a young man over the years. He had never truly been familiar with the curse that his new employer had spoken to him about when he took up the task of caring for the young child. That was until an accidental bump into one of the maids young daughters. For a while Masa had thought that maybe his employer was just a little touched in the head for believing that such a curse existed, but how could he deny it's existence any longer when he watched his young charge morph into a cat before his very eyes.

"Atsu... all I can tell you... is to be true to yourself no matter what. You were told of the curse and... the cat... sadly I will no longer be with you to protect you from the unknown. So the best thing for you to do is... know yourself. You know that you are not what some of these other family member might expect you to be Atsu... prove to them that you are not the cat from the story. That you can become something much more than that, show them that you do not believe that this curse runs your life and that you will rise above it. Other than that.... I wish the best for you. You have my cell phone number, and the address of where I am to take up my next employment. If ever you wish to talk to me, write me, or even visit, you know how to contact me.", Masa's voice actually sounded slightly emotional with a small hint of sadness in it.

Atsuhiko looked out the window again as the car stopped in front of the Sohma main residence. He knew that he would not be staying in the main house, because he was the cat, but he had to be 'introduced' to the rest of the family... before he was shoved in a corner somewhere. He turned his glance from the home back up to the drivers seat where Masa gave another sigh and turned around to look at Atsu. The young mans eyes almost pleaded with the old man, begging him to just drive away and take him along to wherever he was going to next.

Masa felt for him, the last thing he wanted for the young man that he felt for like his own child was to be taken somewhere he knew he would surely be mistreated, and shunned. But what other choice did he have, there had been no sign of the boys mother since she abandoned the family, and no other living relatives than his fathers family.

"Be strong Atsu... and I'm sure in the end... all will be well. One day, you will be able to leave this place, or you might find someone to share your life with. I just hope that whatever it is... makes you happy." Masa reached out to shake the young mans hand.

Atsuhiko nodded at the man he thought of like a father, reached out, and grasped the elder's hand and firmly shook it in his.

"Thanks Masa... for.... everything." before things could get more emotional than they already were. Atsu, opened the door and got out of the car. He then went to the trunk that had already been opened, pulled out a couple of suit cases and set them on the sidewalk in front of the gate to the Sohma main house. There was a casual wave to Masa, the car started up, and began to pull away. Masa glanced back several times at Atsuhiko in the rear view mirror, before he had gotten too far away and could no longer see him. He almost felt as though he was abandoning his child, but ultimately, he was just the boys caretaker... and he had to move on.

Atsu watched for a while till the car was out of sight, a couple of times he almost felt like tears might be forming in his eyes, but he forced them back. After a moment or two, Atsuhiko took his suitcases, one in each hand, and with a deep breath stepped through the gates of the Sohma estate. The walk up to the doors felt almost like an eternity, like his feet were encased in cement as he trudged up to the main house.

With another deep sigh he made it to the front door, setting his suitcases on either side of him.

"Well.... here goes." and with that he reached up and knocked on the door of the Sohma main house.


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Keiko Sohma

Keiko had been feeling as though no one would show, but it was probably just the silence that was making everything dragged on. At that, she began to slightly hum the piece she had been working on for piano. Not long after, she began to tap her side to keep time. Knock knock, it threw her off completely, but she should have known better than to dwell on her thoughts instead of stay sharp.

The smaller silver-haired girl slid the front entry way door open and bowed.

I apologize, but Aiko is on business right at this moment. But he should be done shortly, if you would like to follow me to the room he has requested everyone remain in until he returns.” Her usual apathetic state was interrupted by the confusion she felt, for when she looked up, there was a very unfamiliar face before her. “Hello there. I think you might have the wrong residence. Would you like me to help point you in the correct direction?” It seemed to instant as she changed to the Keiko everyone who wasn’t a Sohma knew. The Keiko that smiled instead of the one that seemed to stare into the distance with a blank expression.

Keiko noticed his eyed and let out a small laugh. “What curious eyes you have, sir. They are quite the oddity. I find them very mystifying if you don’t mind me saying.

She assumed that he must have been a tourist or just moved to town; otherwise he wouldn’t have wandered into the Estate. Keiko was sure that last thing any newcomer would want is to be yelled at for wandering into the wrong place. But there was a slight twitch in the pit of Keiko’s stomach. Maybe she had seen him around before?

My name is Keiko, by the way. Keiko Sohma.


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#, as written by ShyFox


Atsu rubbed the back of his head nervously, first rattle out of the box and he runs into a girl. Not his most ideal situation.. but from what he gathered she was a Sohma like him, so there were no worries if they bumped into each other or something.

"Uuuuh nice to meet you Keiko my name is.... Atsuhiko... Sohma.", he said with cracks and breaks in his voice just out of sure nervousness.

He wasn't sure how she would react, she clearly believed that he was someone that had wandered onto the Sohma house and was just lost. Granted he felt completely lost but he was sure that he was in the right spot. When she commented on his eyes like a curious child he kind of side glanced with a slight blush crossing his cheeks. He wasn't actually aggravated or upset about the question, he had dealt with questions about his eyes his entire life, but that didn't change the fact that it embarrassed him sometimes.

"Yeah... I know they're weird... listen. I was told I have to come here.... and then they would tell me where I should go from that. I'd really like to talk to whoever is in charge, and get that over with... ." he said with allot of nervousness and uncertainty.

He knew that the person he would more than likely be sent to was the head of the Sohma house, and from what he had heard that wasn't necessarily a good thing. The head or the 'God' was typically cruel to everyone in the Sohma family, bitter, ill and a complete control freak. But the head always certainly hates the Cat in the family. And the fact that Atsu was just now showing up... meant that he had years of cruelty to catch up on. But some how, Atsu wasn't really afraid of what might happen.... he was afraid of how he might react, and what the rest of the family would think of him if he acted badly. If there was one thing he didn't like it was someone that thought they could control Atsu by being a tyrant, and if this head of the family tried to get onto him telling him how he was the worthless, ignorant, useless Cat. Well he knew that his temper would fly, and he might not be able to control what comes out of his mouth. He didn't grow up knowing the story of the zodiac, or living by its stupid rules, so anything that the cat is supposed to be.... he didn't believe one bit.

As he looked down at this girl, he bent down slightly again picking up his suitcases. He didn't know what animal she was, or even if she was a member of the zodiac. He just assumed she was if she was in the main house. She was kind of cute in a small mousy way and he wondered how she got her hair to be the color it was. But to prevent himself from looking like a dumb ass he kept his mouth shut and the comment to himself.

"Ummm can I come in now?" he asked looking around what he could see in the foyer of the home.


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Keiko Sohma

… listen. I was told I have to come here … and then they would tell me where I should go from that. I'd really like to talk to whoever is in charge, and get that over with …

Atsuhiko Sohma … and he was sent here to talk to Aiko? He must be one of the Zodiac, Keiko thought. Now that she thought of it, he was looking at her like he was trying to figure something out about her. Keiko bowed to him, in order to apologize for thinking him an outsider.

I’m sorry for both my rude behaviour, oblivious actions and the momentary absence of Aiko. He should be back soon.

"Ummm can I come in now?" Keiko nodded and moved aside so he could enter. She wanted to ask which Zodiac he was, but she wasn’t sure if he really was. Keiko did feel something about him, the same something she felt around the other Zodiac members. But this one was slightly different.

This question may or may not apply to you, but you will understand what I mean if you have the ability to answer it. If I may ask, which are you? I am Keiko Sohma, the Rat.” Keiko slid the door closed and bowed again in introduction. She began to show him to the designated room for waiting. “I am sorry if I have met you before, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t. That or I don’t remember. I’m not in what you would call tip top shape.” Keiko laughed lightly, suddenly stopping. She looked away and motioned at the door. “I have to wait for the others to arrive, will you excuse me…

Her apathetic appearance emerged once again as she made her way to the foyer once more. Keiko wasn’t one hundred percent sure what she was thinking. It was a natural habit for her to be welcoming to a new face. She hadn’t even realized she had walked out in the middle of a conversation. Thank the heavens she didn’t realize. Keiko was always the type to scold herself uncontrollably for such rude behavior.