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Ichirou Sohma

"Family is family. That's all that matters."

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a character in “Fruits Basket: It's Our Turn”, as played by THESexyMaid_001


Ichirou Suoh Sohma


❝I will always be here for my family ... no matter who or what.❞


❝The Basics❞

| Full name |
Ichirou Suoh Sohma

| Gender |

| Age |

| Role |


❝Deeper Description❞


| Eye Color |

| Hair Color |

| Height |

| Weight |
170 lbs.

| Skin Tone |
Light Tan

| Distinct Markings |
Ichirou has a few scars scattered over the surface of his torso, along with a few on his legs. He also has a tattoo of a snake on his arm, the tail starts at his elbow and winds around his arm till it reaches his shoulder, where the head rests.

| Physical Description |
Ichirou stands at about 6'4” and weighs about 170 pounds. His soft black hair reaches to about his chin, occasionally covering up his deep black eyes. His skin is a lighter tan color due to his constant being outside. Ichirou usually wears a white button up shirt with most the buttons undone. He has a nice athletic build, because he works out constantly. He also sports jeans and sneakers. You might catch him in different looking clothes occasionally, but not often. He always has his sleeves rolled up to about his elbow. Ichirou has a stunning smile that he is almost always sporting. He has the type of aura that make him completely approachable by anyone. But when angered, he wears a scowl that would send chills down even the toughest spines. Most leave him be when he is angry. When he is working as a body guard or ... other things, he often wears a bullet proof jacket, very ahead of its time, and all sorts of black clothing. He sports a holster for his guns and knifes, but it is easily hidden and unnoticeable by his jacket.


Image| Special Skills |
✔ Knows Everything About the Sky and Stars
✔ Can Read Pretty Fast
✔ Good Painter
✔ 'Can Fix Anything'

| Likes |
♥ Cars
♥ Girls
♥ Stars
♥ Night
♥ Partying

| Dislikes |
✖ Anyone That Hurts Keiko
✖ Being Bossed Around
✖ Messes
✖ Party Poopers
✖ Sadness/Depression

❝Welcome to my Life❞

Image| Personality |
Ichirou is extremely nice, good-mannered and tasteful. He’s somewhat of a perfectionist, take a look at his office and apartment and you will see. He enjoys helping others and is an extremely good companion until someone close crosses him, then look out! He’s rather intelligent, always seeking more knowledge, and exclusive. If he’s not working in the garage, he is in the park reading and painting during the day, star gazing and 'body guarding' by night. He can make nearly anyone laugh or at least smile. Ichirou looks somewhat like an over confident rich guy from a distance, but if you talk to him, it’s nearly impossible not to love him. If you don't like him, he won't spend the time of day at your feet. He moves on, if you love him, good, if you don't, oh well. The only time you see him upset or angry is when someone he truly loves is hurt or betrays him. And when he angry, you might want to start running. Ichirou, when 'body guarding', is very ... serious. If you catch him on a job, you might think he was someone else entirely. He takes his work very seriously and prefers not to mix up his day life with his night life, seeing as the consequences could be severe.

| Theme Song |
Still An Obsession - Unknown

❝Who I Am❞

Image| History |
Ichirou wasn’t the most … controlled child. His parents just gave in to his every whim and let him go where ever, whenever. He partied all he wanted and drank. But when his curse got in the way of letting him get what he wanted with the ladies, he confronted the Head. The previous Head, the one before Akio, was still alive at the time, about to die. But he still gave Ichirou something to think about. After recovery, Ichirou only began seeing woman inside the Sohma estate.
Ichirou fell in love at 18, with a girl that attended his high school. But once she discovered Ichirou's curse, she left him behind. He spiralled into misery and major depression, drinking and smoking all the time, 24/7. He was out on the streets, no where to go. His parents had moved to a different country and he had lost his job and place. Ichirou was begging anyone for money so he could buy more alcohol ... that is, until he met Keiko.
He had known she was one of the other Zodiac Members ... The Rat if he was right. He had happened to run into her one day after a nice long drink. Keiko had become worried about him and his habits, so she took him to the Sohma estate where he was given a place to stay till he was better. Everyday, Keiko came and checked on him to make sure he was okay. One night, Keiko came for a quick visit which turned into a long visit. Ichirou couldn't hold it in any longer, crying on her shoulder, asking why she cared so much from someone like him. "It's because we share an amazing, unbreakable bond," she said. Her kindness had truly touched him and gave him something to live for.
Not to long after that, Ichirou was back on his feet, went to college and had a job in a car garage. Now, he owns his own apartment and often visits Keiko and takes her fun places. The best thing they do together is go to the park at night and go star gazing. But lately, Keiko had been busier than ever, hardly allowing her to do anything with Ichirou.


|Thoughts on Other Characters|
Hisako Sohma

"Cheeky little thing! Not just 'cause of the Monkey thing either. But yeah, she's cool. Of course I talk to her, not as much as others, but I do talk to her. Not like I see her a lot anyways."


"Cutest kid I know. Yeah, yeah I know he’s only three years younger than me, but he certainly doesn’t look the part. Anyways, I love his cooking. Waiting for the day he turns 21! Then we an go drinking together and I can see what kind of drunk he is! Hahaha!"


"She is mine and mine alone! No one can have her! If some dude wants to marry her, he's going to go through hell to earn it! Think I'm kidding? I don't kid about my little Keiko."


"We’re almost the same age and we both like to fix stuff. What is there to say? Now, I’m not going to say we are best friends, but if I had to spend my days with a guy, it would probably be him."


"Pippa is probably one of the less know of the Zodiac, for me anyways. She's absolutely adorable, I must say. I'm sure she is a fun girl to be around. According to Keiko she only talks to one person at their school a lot and it's a boy. Hope that girl knows what she is doing. I don't want her to have to suffer Aiko's wrath."


"Aiko ... oh Aiko. He's the Head, so there isn't much to say. I don't mind him, and he is nice to Keiko, so as long as it stays that way I don't think we will have an issue. I guess you could say I'm willing to harbor anyone in the way of his anger."


“She has to be one of the quietest girls I’ve ever met. It’s scary sometimes how void of life she seems to be. I mean, maybe she’s still figuring herself out? I don’t know. She’s only 14. She shouldn’t look so … empty. I personally don’t have a problem with her. I think she’s pretty cute and mature for her age. … And I don’t mean that in a perverted way.”


“A year older than me, loves to drink as much as I used to, and can be rather evil sometimes. Hey, I don’t really mind, but it does get scary. I think I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her more often. All I need is her number though, I can never seem to find her. Quite a beautiful woman.”


“She is just as gorgeous as Kaida. I think they are the prettiest out of the Zodiac girls, except Keiko. Hiiro has more of a womanly appeal to me though. I think what happened to her was terrible. But she got one hell of a surprise out of it. Yeah, I know about … the baby."

So begins...

Ichirou Sohma's Story


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Ichirou Sohma

Ichirou, are you almost finished?!

Ichirou jumped at the sound of his boss yelling, causing him to whack the top of his head in the hood of the car he had been working on.

Cool your jets, pops! I’m getting there!” Ichirou cursed under his breath as he continued on to tighten down the bolts on the engine block.

Well how much longer are you going to be?!

A god damn hour if you don’t stop yelling old man! Just let me work in peace!!” Ichirou scowled at his boss, the old man rolling his eyes as he exited the area.

Ichirou had been working there for more than two years, so he could yell all he wanted. The new kid however, just sat and watched with a terrified look on his face.

You’re just allowed to yell like that?

I am. I wouldn’t try it if I were you. I’ve been here for a while and I have gotten to know the old man.” Ichirou set the car battery in place and motioned for Saku to take over the job. “If you didn’t learn how to do this in your fancy college classes, I might just have to kill you.

Saku finished the job without a problem and they handed the car back over to the customer.

Here are your keys,” Ichirou said as he handed the woman her car keys. “Take better care of your vehicle from now on. You could even come in sometime and I’ll show you the basic stuff you need to know about it, alright?

The woman nodded with an incredibly visible blush staining her cheeks. She left not to long after.

You really have a way with women, don’t you.” Saku began tidying everything up while Ichirou washed his hands, arms and face.

Runs in the family. We are a load of gorgeous man and women who have such luck with the opposite gender it’s a curse.” Ichirou laughed at his own joke, leaving Saku wondering why it was so funny. “I’ll bring in proof sometime. Just for you.” Ichirou finished up and waved goodbye to his work partner.

Anyways, I have to go. I’m more than done for today.

Please be safe and see you tomorrow.

Ichirou’s car was parked out back in the midst of many junk cars. He loved his car to death and always took the utmost care of it. He could have gotten a more modern car, but something about it just yearned for Ichirou to purchase it.

It didn’t take much of a drive before Ichirou was in front of his apartment complex, a nice little place for someone like him. He never really bumped into any neighbours and the only ones her knew of were men. His apartment was freakishly neat and very clean. Most people are surprised, but he didn’t really care. Ichirou was just glad he had a place to live.
Way better than the streets.

That reminds me, I need to call Keiko and see of she wants to go star gazing.” Ichirou removed his cell phone from his pocket with a smile. “It’s supposed to be a beautiful night tonight.


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Keiko Sohma

A troop of middle school girls passed by Keiko, jogging with ease. They were truly luck to have such well built bodies.

“…Keiko-san.” Keiko jumped at the voice next to her and immediately bowed as an apology.

"I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to block the path." Keiko said quickly, keeping her eyes to the ground. When there was no reply, Keiko finally looked up to see Miuru Sohma, the resident Dog of the curse. "Ah, Miuru! It's so nice to see you are going to school!" Keiko moved next to Miuru with her usual smile, thinking of what else to say to her younger cousin. "Not saying that I didn't think you were in school ... I mean, I'm glad you are working hard! Are you headed somewhere in particular?" Keiko smiled more to herself than anything as she grasped the small angel hanging from her necklace. "I'm on my way to see Aiko. It's been more than a week and I thought I should go and see him today."

Keiko continued to walk with Miuru until she had to go her own way. "Bye, Miuru! Stop by my house sometime, alright?" With that, Keiko walked in the direction of Aiko's house. As she got closer, Keiko realized how nervous she really was. She was always like that around him. Keiko didn't want to say or do something wrong. But visiting Aiko had to be done, no ... visiting him was a privilege. Being in the presence of the most powerful person in her life was an honor bestowed on a lowly rat.

Keiko's cell phone rang as she approached the front doors. It was Ichirou.

Hey Keiko! The forecast is clear for tonight. Do you want to go stargazing?

I'll reply later, she told herself, placing her phone back in her bag.

Keiko entered house she was all to used too. A pair of house slippers waited for her and a small stand next to the door was willing to take her bag. After she switched to the slippers, Keiko made her way to the room Aiko usually was in when they visited. She cracked open the door and saw him, then entered and bowed deeply.

"Hello, Aiko," Keiko stood up straight and smiled. "It's very nice to see you again."


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Ichirou Sohma

No answer.

Ichirou knew she had seen it, he had bought her an iPhone for her birthday last year and she was too nice to turn off the Read Receipts. She was probably with Aiko. The one thing that bugged him was how much Keiko was attached to the Head. He asked more than a year ago if she loved Aiko. She replied with her usual smile and an, “Of course,” but he assumed she didn’t fully understand what he meant.

Oh well. I’ll find something to do,” he said, looking at his phone again, opening up the contacts. “Who to bug, who to bug,” he chanted as he scrolled through his contacts. “Maybe I call Hiiro … or Yuuto. They are always with Haruji, so maybe we can all do something tonight.

Ichirou tried Yuuto’s cell phone first. There was no way he was going to sit at home for the rest of the day without anything to do. No doubt he would go by Keiko’s house later and convince her to go to the park with him. But for now he needed other company while she was doing whatever Keiko did while she spoke with Aiko.


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Yuuto Sohma

If there was anything that made Yuuto want to curl up into a ball or run away; it was a meeting with the head and he wanted none of it. He watched as hiiro left cheerfully to get dressed at her house and once she was out of eye and earshot started to trumble. "Notyetnotyetnotyet! It'stoosoonandtheheadisstillpissoffwithmeaboutwhoknowswhatandifshegoesinnowwhoknows-" His manic rambling drove him to pace around the house a bit, forgeting haruji was even there. That is until his cell phone rang. The only problem was that is was somewhere in the house sounding off. "Hold on give me a minute!" He said, now physically shaking from the stress caused by the thought of being dragged to see the family head. It was a bit too much.

So much so that it caused him to be replaced by a big horned goat with a head topped with purple. But he didn't seem to notice as he still ran about the house, missing all sort of of glass sculptures and computer cases to find it Once found however, trying to hold and answer it was something else entirely."Damnitdamnitdamnit! Hello?" He answered, setting to phone down with his mouth, not frustrated with being a goat, while trying to work his phone. If the day hadn't gone bad in his mind, he didn't know what would make it any worse now.


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Ichirou Sohma

Ichirou rolled around on his bed as the phone continued to ring. Maybe he is working on something, Ichirou thought right before his fellow farm animal answered his cell phone.

Damnitdamnitdamnit! Hello?” Ichirou raised an eyebrow.

Hey, Yuuto, it’s Ichi. I was wondering and your two house wives wanted to go do something. I’m up for anything, I just need to get out of my house and have someone pay attention to me,” Ichirou said with the most obvious fake whine he could muster. “I mean, it’s been forever since we chilled anyways.

Ichirou new he sounded playful, but he truly was dying to spend time with someone. All his other friends were probably at work. It was about time Ichirou got to know everyone better anyways.

Anyways, I’ve been meaning to come check on you. So I’ll probably show up at your house no matter what. Maybe we could have a nice and peaceful family dinner with anyone that’s willing to come. Put Haru to good work, see what he can really do.

Ichirou laughed. He didn’t have a problem with anyone in the family, so there wasn’t a reason they couldn’t all be together. They were family after all. All they had was each other in the end. At least that was how Ichirou felt. He knew a lot of the others might not have felt the same, but he wished he could just make everyone see the good in each other instead of the ugly. Just like he wanted Keiko to open around everyone instead of individually, she was the silent one in the back whenever they got together. But he had seen her interact with Pippa now and again. She seemed like a normal girl talking to a friend.

That was why Ichirou hated the curse. They could never hold someone they loved. The only people they could be with without changing was each other. It was stupid. Ichirou had fallen ‘in love’ plenty of times, but for once, he would like to hold a woman he could call his. He wanted to start a family. All his friends had kids and were married while Ichirou sat on the sidelines, wishing it was him that could watch his little girl grow and teach his son how to play football. But as far as he was concerned, that would never happen.

To him, the stupid curse wouldn’t be missed. He wanted to break it for him and everyone else. That was something he always had set his mind on.


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Yuuto Sohma

Ichirou? He didn't hear from him all that often. Then again, he wasn't one to talk to most without them coming to him. And what was with everyone checking up on him? Was he really that much of a hermit? Yuuto's hooves clacked and knocked against the phone as he tried to hold it up to his ear. It wasn't like he wasn't a goat at the moment or something.

"Oh hey man! I'm a little bit hoofy right now and Hirro's givin' me hell right now but come over when ever, hopefully I'll be human by the time you get here man!" He said as he came back out with his discarded pants on his pants on his back, looking more like the was about to run out of the house. He clicked the phone closed to hang up, and soon ran out of the house with out a word.

The streets were barren, normal for that time of day since all were either at work or at school, never a better time to walk out of your house as a goat without any questions. The only thing he had to worry about was the hell Hiiro was going to give him when he actually got there. Though thinking of a probable lie to tell that would keep the heat of him was something that wasn't all that hard. How does one explain not liking having a hug every now and again?

Once at hirro's door, Yuuto found himself in a bit of a predicament. He wasn't one to really knock but reaching and holding the door knob was proving to be a tougher challenge than he thought as he tried to manuvurer the knob with first his hooves and then his mouth and soon just resorted to headbutting the door lightly. Not like it really hurt him in either form.


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Keiko Sohma

Aiko stood in front of the door for a moment before turning to Keiko. "You need to keep me better informed." He commanded her in a low, hushed tone. Keiko dropped her shoulders and nodded. Her heart was beating heavily as though she had let him down ... again.

No. She couldn't let her negative thoughts influence his mood. Keiko knew she needed to keep smiling.

"Anything you wish, Aiko," Keiko said in such a hushed tone as he had.

"It is good to finally meet you Miuru, please step inside. Your father has spoken quite highly of you. I've actually been looking forward to speaking with you for some time. I trust you are not too busy to speak with me while we go retrieve this undisclosed item you were speaking of?" Keiko stayed glued to her spot. Aiko may have waned to speak with Miuru privately, so she wouldn't follow unless she was told. Her eyes locked with the ground and she stayed to the side. Keiko could feel her eyes hollow and her smile disappear. Not that she was sad, but it was habit when she was in the presence of Aiko and another zodiac member. Though she expected most of the others to hate her, they grew fond of her.

Keiko was thankful for that much, but something about Aiko made her want him to think she was there for only him. She had been told about the previous Rats'. She had heard the maid's of the Estate say that none of them were as idiotically loyal as her. Her love for the Head wasn't idiotic ... was it? No. It was just as it should be. She was a servant and he a master.

Ichirou Sohma

"Oh hey man! I'm a little bit hoofy right now and Hirro's givin' me hell right now but come over when ever, hopefully I'll be human by the time you get here man!" Ichirou raised his brow until it clicked. Yuuto, the resident Ram of the zodiac had just magically poofed into his given creature. He did sound rather stressed out about something.

Before Ichirou could even answer, Yuuto had hung up in a hurry. Not that it bugged Ichirou in the slightest. It just got him curious as to what had gotten Yuuto worked up so much.

"Guess I'll find out later," Ichirou said with a shrug as he moved to the doorway. There was a lot going on around the Sohma household moment ... it made Ichirou wonder if everything was okay with everyone. It had been a while since they had all gotten together.

It was a rather lovely day, so Ichirou decided to respect mother earth and walk instead of drive. The Sohma Estate wasn't that much far all. And if he wasn't mistaken, Yuuto's house wasn't to far off that path. Ichirou had needed to take a breather anyways.

"Just don't try to convince yourself something that isn't true," Ichirou said as his mind began to wander and his feet travel to their destination.


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Haruji stood there, looking at the goatish Yuuto with concern, still looking about them, hoping no one would notice a goat loitering their streets. Thus, when the front door swung open, Haruji was taken aback, stepping back in surprise before looking at the sight in front of him. Hiiro had, indeed, gotten ready, looking quite nice for the meeting to come, her green kimono a lovely shade… Then again, Haruji was a bit biased, after all, green was his favourite colour…

He got a bit distracted with this fact, his concentration snapping back upon seeing Hiiro’s disapproving face. What was wrong?... Was it because there was a goat and a young kid floating outside her house, making quite a bit of noise? Haruji never thought of looking fancy for the Family Head, and was taken aback once more upon Hiiro’s request that they return home to get prepared. Before he could respond, Hiiro returned once more into her place, leaving Haruji and Yuuto outside, Haruji himself looking quite stunned. He lifted the sleeve of his coat up to his face, sniffing it.

”Do I smell?” Haruji asked aloud, looking down at Yuuto, who had already turned around to return to his house, huffing and puffing about Ichirou and the Family Head. Although Haruji was quite happy, at the proposition of meeting another cousin of his, it was a strange time to feel optimistic, as the Family Head meeting was stressing them all out.
Yuuto began walking away, still in goat form, towards his house, apparently not seeing Haruji’s presence at all, however this did not deter Haruji’s interactions with his goatly cousin at all.
”I’ll see you there, Yuuto!” Haruji called, going the opposite way. Desperate times called for desperate measures; he would have to return home and at least grab a tie and sort out his hair and maybe grab an ironed shirt… it was still the afternoon, which meant minimal danger, although one had to be careful; it was dangerous entering the house at any time.

The house in question being Haruji’s own home, not any of the residents of his family, no. It was quicker to climb into the first-floor of the two-storey house, into his room, the window always open for his return. It would take a while to return to his loving grandparents and after he explained the whole situation it would late in the evening. They cared, yet they spoke too much and, after all, all Haruji wanted was a tie.

To get into his bedroom, Haruji climbed up the drainage pipe that ran along the side of the house, swinging into the window with the ease of a professional. He knew for certain his father had a tie or two in his room, which was the place Haruji planned to take the tie from. His own bedroom in the house was quite sparse; one bed, an empty desk, a small wardrobe; there wasn’t much to come home to. Even his father’s room, a room someone actually lived it, was equally as empty, everything in its place and neatly kept. Haruji threaded carefully, sure no one was in the house yet still cautious.

It took him little time at all to find a tie, a lovely dark, rich colour of green. He almost laughed, thinking how it would compliment Hiiro’s kimono, yet it felt out of place to laugh in that room. Instead he put the tie on with no problem, smoothing the creases in his white shirt with his hand; he was still in his work uniform, which was plain in itself, put it would do. Haruji also took his coat off, making him less messy-looking than before; he would carry it with him instead, not trusting leaving it in the house.

Once he made sure his hair was fixed, his shoes quickly polished and his shirt tucked into spare black trousers he found in his own wardrobe, Haruji was forced to leave the house from the front door, fearing of getting dirty on his descent down the pipe. The kid didn’t take his time once outside the house, walking quickly away as fast as he could until he could not longer see the house on the horizon behind him. He survived the infiltration that day; which was lucky, since he did not wish to spoil the day with any unsavoury interactions… even though he knew he would, eventually, return that week to do as such. However it was not the time to think about the future, when the present already had to be addressed.
As he was closer to the Sohma estate than Hiiro or Yuuto’s living places, Haruji decided to head there instead, believing he would meet them there. He did not rush down the avenues towards the house, his beige-brown duffle-coat folded and held at his side, looking quite formal indeed with his shirt and tie. Hopefully it would meet Hiiro’s expectations.

As Haruji continued to flatten the mess of hair he had with his hand, Haruji paid little attention to what lay in front of him, eventually bumping into someone in front of him, nearly falling over. Attempting to preserve his pristinely black trousers, Haruji caught his balance just in time knowing, since he did not transform into a rabbit, whoever he ran into was male.
”I’m so sorry!” Haruji cried, bowing down as low as he could without kneeling on the concrete side-walk, not taking the time to even look up to whom he was speaking to ”I wasn’t looking where I was going, and I’m in a bit of a rush and-”

Haruji kept his bowing position, continuing his apology, yet to realise that he had bumped into his cousin Ichirou who was also on his way to the Sohma estate...


If Miuru was surprised by Aiko’s warm-enough welcome into his abode, she did not express it, nor did she express any gratitude of sorts for said warm welcome; she simply took a step in when offered, with a soft ”Thank you” as she went along.

She took a moment or two, once inside to respond to the latter half of Aiko’s greeting, slightly distracted by the sight of Keiko in the house also; although the silver-haired senior had made it evident that she was visiting, it was another to meet her there; it was a new experienced, visiting the house with little escort of external forces. It almost seemed that Keiko was moreso a deer rather than a rat, a deer caught in the headlights, frozen on the spot and looking down at the floor in a suspicious manner. Miuru raised a quizzical eyebrow at this behaviour, yet did not carry on with her curiosity within the conversation.

Instead she turned her gaze once more on Aiko, not quick with an answer, acting like a sponge, intaking the atmosphere she had taken a step into. It was heavy, yet it was not uncomfortable being there; besides, she wasn’t there for frivolous matters that the atmosphere would obstruct her goal. Ignoring the compliments that were simply relayed from her father to which, in her eyes, were unreliable, Miuru decided to finally get to the point of her visit.

”... I do not mind speaking with you whilst searching for the item. My time is not bound, Sohma-san... “ Miuru stated as clearly as Miuru could, remembering to always address the Family Head with respect, despite the fact that her father would prefer she went home as quick as she could. Miuru knew little of the Family Head, yet her father had already drilled her, in fear, before, to always show respect. Perhaps it irked her a twitch, showing respect to a stranger, however said irritation was quickly soothed by the fact that, since she knew little of Aiko, outside of rumours, she had little cause to not show him respect, especially since he did care for the family as their Family Head in many ways, explained to her before that incident.
At the thought of respect towards the Family Head, Miuru turned her stare to Keiko once more, who remained frozen in the spot she stood in.

”Keiko… fancy seeing you there…”
Her statement was quite confusing, especially since Miuru did, indeed, know of Keiko’s visit to Aiko, however in her monotone voice the small joke probably lost, if you could call it a joke at all. It was meant to “lighten” the mood, which was difficult, in such a dead-pan and serious tone.

Nonetheless, Miuru entered further into the house towards Keiko, giving a respectful nod to the Family Head on her way, her green irises slowly surveilling the room, wondering where her father had dropped his precious notebook.


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Ichirou Sohma

Deep in Ichirou’s gut, he felt as though the day was only beautiful because it was trying to trick him; all the pretty young women walking around in their sundresses as they shop with their friends, kids running around and playing tag, the sun warming him almost to the core. Yeah, something was bound to happen. Maybe it would be really bad or really good.


Ichirou held his breath in as he waited to transform. When that didn’t happen, he sighed in relief somewhat louder than a normal person would.

I wasn’t looking where I was going, and I’m in a bit of a rush and-

Ichirou turned to look at the much smaller figure. “No worry about it, kid,” he laughed as he pat him on the shoulder. The boy looked familiar, but considering his deep bow, it was impossible for Ichirou to see his face from that angle. So Ichirou kneeled down and looked at the boys face. It was Haruji, the Rabbit.

Haru!” Ichirou squished Haruji’s face between his hands as he stood up, roughly but not enough to hurt the smaller man. “What are you doing zoning out here! That’s dangerous for a soft little guy like you.

Ichirou proceeded to pinch Haruji’s cheeks before letting go. The only other Zodiac member he saw often was Keiko. So it was refreshing to see the others once in a while. Being one of the oldest, he found it interesting to watch the others grow. Not that they had much opportunity to grow, a lot of them had gone to all boys or all girls schools.

Maybe I’m just being narrow minded,” Ichirou scolded himself out loud. The when he realized he wasn’t talking in his head, he smiled sheepishly and turned back into the direction he was heading. “So are you heading to the Sohma Estate? I was hoping to get some fresh air and hang out with Yuuto, but I have a feeling something is going to happen.

Ichirou smiled at the path ahead of him.

I just hope it’s a blessing and not another curse.” Ichirou breathed in deeply. Something about the weather was just getting to him. It was perfect … perfect for a family outing.

We should have a bonfire or something Haru! We can have everyone come! That way we can get to know each other more! What do you think?!


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Haruji was uncertain whether he felt flustered due to the fact that he bumped into someone, or simply relieved that it was a man and not a woman; nevertheless, he kept his head down whilst apologising, his eyes slightly closed, his face red out of humiliation.
“No worry about it, kid,”
Haruji opened his eyes, recognising the voice, and saw the face of Ichirou Sohma up close to his, the Rabbit Zodiac member was given such a fright to warrant staggering back a step or two. Not that Ichirou was scary in the least, of course, no; however Haruji did not expect it to be the person he just so rudely bumped into. As Ichirou began to get to his feet, Haruji began to regain his composure, unsure what to do other than make sure he looked presentable.

“Haru!” Ichirou began, the fall not spoiling his mood in the slightest, it seemed.
“Ichirou-kun!” Haruji sputtered, his face a mixture of happiness and surprise, however whatever he wished to say was cut off by his cousin squeezing his face, as if he was a doting grandfather greeting his grandson. Haruji didn’t complain, however; it could have been a lot worse, and it was good to see Ichirou, especially since he survived the accident with no qualms. He seemed rather fine, in fact, and as lively as ever, towering above Haruji, despite the fact that both were in their early twenties.

“What are you doing zoning out here! That’s dangerous for a soft little guy like you.” Ichirou began, after the face-pinching. However Ichirou did ask a good question; what was Haruji thinking, zoning out there? In his rush he neglected his surroundings and, thus, endangered not only himself but the Sohma name.
”Sorry Ichirou-kun; I guess I was in a hurry, and kinda didn’t pay attention at all, heh…” Haruji responded, giving a sheepish grin whilst flattening out his messy-hair. However it seemed like Ichirou was in a world of his own, slipping into a contemplative state that made Haruji take a step closer to his cousin, with a quizzical expression. Sometimes, of the odd occasions Haruji did actually meet up with Ichirou, he often seemed to be doing such, especially in the park; as if he was in a deep state of thinking.

”Ichirou-kun?” Haruji asked, waving a hand in front of Ichirou’s face, receiving the response of ”“Maybe I’m just being narrow minded,” in return. Haruji was unsure what to think of this, so instead of words, Haruji gave Ichirou an uncertain smile; bright and big, yet slightly confused on what Ichirou had stated. Ichirou gave a gingerly smile of his own, realising that, whatever he said did not quite fit the conversation and hustled on to change the topic.

“So are you heading to the Sohma Estate? I was hoping to get some fresh air and hang out with Yuuto, but I have a feeling something is going to happen.”
At the mention of the Sohma Estate, Haruji’s face lit up, as if he just remembered what he was rushing for in the first place, however his expression somewhat dimmed at the proposition of ‘something happening’. Haruji was never a fan of conflict, nor was he an expert by any means; he was usually the one in the background, meekly trying to find a middle-ground, even if both oppositions denied that there was any.

“Yeah, I’m heading to the estate just now! Although, last time I checked on Yuuto he was a bit, uh, busy, so he might be a bit late but… but you don’t think something will happen, right?”
Haruji’s expression darkened ever so slightly once more, into a small frown, as if he never considered the dangers of wandering into the estate and the issues that could be brought up. Hiiro was pregnant, with lone motherhood a potential future. Yuuto disdained the Family Head to the point of pure hatred. Haruji was a bit oblivious and, if not a bit, ignorant to never realise the dangers of waltzing in with an innocent mindset. His small frown almost developed into a rare large one, however Ichirou’s continued dialogue distracted Haruji a bit more.

“I just hope it’s a blessing and not another curse.”
The optimism in the statement, although laced with a bit of pessimism, lightened Haruji a bit more. The Family Meetings shouldn’t always be feared; sometimes it was good to meet up with everyone again. Whether Ichirou meant it like that or not, it brought a big smile to Haruji, as he seemed to perk up in less than a second. Before Haruji could interject, however, Ichirou carried on.
“We should have a bonfire or something Haru! We can have everyone come! That way we can get to know each other more! What do you think?!”
Haruji’s face was similar to a child’s when confronted with sweets at a candystore; the notion of a bonfire brought on the notion of barbeque, and barbeques meant cooking, which meant good food to him.
”Ichirou-kun, that is the best idea ever!” Haruji exclaimed and, in excitement, began to run down the path of Ichirou, stopping after a step or two ”Come on! We have to tell the others!”

It was difficult to negotiate with someone whose eyes seemed to sparkle right in front of you, and was also almost skipping down the road ahead of you. It was difficult not to think of Haruji as a young high-schooler interacting with his much older cousin; his own flimsy expressions and behaviour was quite childish. Despite Haruji’s innocent demeanour, however, he himself quite understood his actions, almost accepting that the world seemed a bit brighter by acting bright...


Miuru, herself, felt a bit suspicious of the Family Head Aiko Sohma; from what she had heard, he was suppose to be… well, not polite and welcoming into his abode, that was for sure. Keiko’s behaviour was quite suspicious also, yet Miuru had yet to comment on it. For all she knew, this was the norm, and said normality was nothing that her opinion should oppose upon. Unless they started blood sacrifices in the middle of the lounge together, Miuru did not concern herself with how they held themselves; at least they let her in to begin with. After all, it was her own father’s silliness that caused her presence, which was equally as suspicious; she wondered how longed he planned for this meeting, or if at all; maybe he was losing his mind, and she did not even know about it. Whatever the case was, Miuru’s current cause was to find the notebook and survive whatever meeting was occurring; it could have been worse, honestly, to Miuru.

"Excellent. Perhaps I can serve as your guide through the house for the time being while we search for said item and discuss various topics. Naturally as it is your first time here you must be unfamiliar with the setting, no doubt a hindrance to finding this possession belonging to your father."
He did speak an awful lot, despite the fact that Miuru spoke so little. Whatever, he was going to provide her a guide, if not through someone else; she could nosey around a bit for the lost item, at least… The only bit that concerned her was the ‘discuss various topics’ sections. Miuru was not so lost in her own psyche not to establish the solid fact that she was flawed in conversation skills. However the Family Head seemed ever so eager to speak, if not even a bit, and Miuru found little ground to refuse a little chat at least.

”Thank you for cooperation…” Miuru noted, pushing the bridge of her spectacles up her glasses, her behaviour formal, rigid and her ordinary, in regards to Miuru’s interactions. The Dog Zodiac member obientant tailed along the Family Head as he began to motion further in the foyer, Keiko still curiously in her spot, deserving another blank stare from Miuru. It did not seem she was joining them on the tour either, as Aiko requested her to “welcome the other members inside” before turning once more into the house, permitting Miuru with words and indications that she was welcomed there in a sense. His welcoming, although warm in one aspect, seemed quite awkward, in the least, as if Aiko was rowing against the tide.

Miuru didn’t seem to care much, however, about this, and it meant little whether he was smiling or frowning, laughing or shouting at her; if he was willing to let her get inside to retrieve the item, that was enough for her. Not even Aiko’s note of “getting lost” in the house stir any remarks on Miuru’s empty face, as she simply lay her eyes on the smaller cousin of hers, her face hard to read beyond ‘indifferent’.
”I… I shall not stray.” Miuru confirmed with a nod, following Aiko into the house, her eyes scanning the area around her ”I… simply wish to find… notebook…”

It seemed like that was the only description Miuru had for her father’s lost item; ‘notebook’. She had a feeling that she would know it once coming across it, and hoped that no one had been going through it. Miuru had yet to figure out what was concealed within this secret notebook and, although Miuru had no solid ideas, she was beginning to slowly realise what may lay within it. It was either a registry of medicines and dosages given to patients or… no, he was not stupid enough to bring it outside of his house, Miuru hoped. This made her eyes seem all the more livelier in comparison to her face, searching as though there was something to be hid...


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Hiiro sighed once again and she began to twirl her fingers around a small strand of red hair that had already escaped from the bun on top of her head. Of course, she had an odd feeling about all of this. She never knew why it was such a big deal to go meet the head. It seemed to stress a lot of people out. 'Will it stress me out?' She thought, 'Would that hurt the baby somehow?' She thought again, a worried expression flashing across her face. Maybe this was all a bad idea. Maybe she shouldn't even bother going. It was sure bothering everyone else. But she knew she had to. She had no choice. She looked up at a nearby by clock that was hanging up on the wall, and sensed that the boys were already heading to the Sohma Estate instead of coming back here. She turned around, twisted the knob on the door, and opened it.

Once she stepped out of her house, she lifted the small doormat and took out a tiny bronze key and locked the front door before putting the key under the mat again. She stood her small stature up straight, lifting her chin high. She smoother out the back of her kimono that had gotten all crunched up from leaning on the back of the door. With two fingers, she stuffed that pesky strand of hair back in the bun and continued on her way. She just hoped that the boys at least tried to look their best...Even though she can't imagine what men say is their best...

She continued walking down the path to the Sohma Estate, feeling a sort of anxiety build up inside of her now. She felt as if someone was tugging on her sleeve and telling her to go back. 'Ugh. Cut it out, Hiiro!' She mentally thought, thinking that her mind was playing tricks on her. She continued walking until she saw a small figure in the distance. Hoping it was one of the boys, she quickened her pace up and realized it was Haruji.... and someone else beside him. Haruji, himself, looked very bouncy for some reason...

"Oh, there you are! Wait up!" She called out, quickening her pace up quite a bit to meet with him, "Do you know where Yuuto went? Is he heading over to the Sohma Estate, too? My gosh, why are you so far away?! It's hard for me to--" Her sentence was cut short once she had gotten up to him, looking up at him and taking in his full appearance.

Weee~ :D

"You look like you're over-dressed." A mans voice said quietly behind her. Of course, she would recognize that voice anywhere. "I am not! Maybe you're just...under....dressed..." Hiiro snapped back quickly, her voice fading away at the end of her sentence. There she was, in fact, over-dressed. They were just going to a very fancy dinner, but she felt the need to look her best. She was wearing a soft pink kimono, a colour that some would get confused with white because it was such a light pink colour. Her hair fell down it curls, with hair accessories and flowers stuck in her hair. She was standing near a window, looking outside with her arms folded in front of her. She didn't even bother to look back at her fiancé.

She could hear a small chuckle behind her, only making her stick her chin up higher with what looked like a slight annoyed look on her face. Her fiancé, Daisuke, knew she wasn't really mad. It was just the way she acted. Even though she acted mean, he knew she really wasn't. And for some reason, he loved her for that. She could give him the meanest look, and that'd only make him love her more.

"I'm just kidding. You look beautiful." He said with a serious expression on his face. She turned around, finally looking at him. His hair was smoothed back with gel, the first time she has actually ever seen it look that way. He was wearing a plain black shirt that buttoned up with matching black pants. He was trying to get his stubborn tie to it would look just right. The tie was a dark shade of green, just like that of a Laurel Leaf Willow trees leaves. She smiled.

"You don't look so bad yourself."

Yay~ :D

Tears were starting to build up in Hiiro's eyes just from the memory. Hiiro wasn't the one to cry, let alone cry in front of people, but she couldn't help it. It pained her. The memories she got every so often. She suddenly realized that Ichirou was there with them, so she quickly turned around and wiped away the tears that were starting to fall from her eyes and down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It's just these hormones...It's so hot out here and all. I'm sorry."
She quickly said, all while brushing away her tears and using her hand as a fan to bring the heat off her face. "Hello Ichirou. I'm sorry. It's just....Today isn't my day." She half laughed, half cried. 'God, this is embarrassing! Stop!' she mentally told herself, but somehow she couldn't stop crying. She couldn't go to the head like this. She had to stop.

"I'm going to...go find Yuuto. I'm sorry again. I hope we can meet up soon, Ichirou. Haruji, meet me...somewhere." She rushed quietly as she held a hand under her now plugged up nose. She quickened her pace up again, leaving the two boys to think about what the hell just happened. She mentally cursed at herself while she continued walking away, looking for Yuuto.


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Ichirou Sohma

Ichirou-kun, that is the best idea ever!” Haruji exclaimed and, in excitement, began to run down the path of Ichirou, stopping after a step or two “Come on! We have to tell the others!” Ichirou smiled at the bouncy little adult in front of him. It was always nice, from what he could remember, to be around Haruji.

Before Ichirou could follow the rabbit to respond, a distant voice approached the two.

"Oh, there you are! Wait up!" Hiiro called out, quickening her pace up quite a bit, "Do you know where Yuuto went? Is he heading over to the Sohma Estate, too? My gosh, why are you so far away?! It's hard for me to--" Out of nowhere, the woman stopped in her tracks and stopped her speech. Ichirou looked at Hiiro, concern clear on his face. He only took a few steps towards her before she snapped out of what ever trance she was in.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It's just these hormones...It's so hot out here and all. I'm sorry." She quickly said, all while brushing away her tears. "Hello Ichirou. I'm sorry. It's just....Today isn't my day." She half laughed, half cried. "I'm going to...go find Yuuto. I'm sorry again. I hope we can meet up soon, Ichirou. Haruji, meet me...somewhere."

Hiiro rushed off towards the Sohma Estate, leaving Ichirou utterly confused in her dust.

Well, I guess Aiko is getting a ton of visitors today … I hope Hiiro is okay by the time she gets there.” Ichirou turned to Haruji and scratched the back of his head. “Did I do something?


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"Oh, there you are! Wait up!"
When it seemed that Haruji and Ichirou were to return to the road towards the Sohma estate, they so happened to meet up with Hiiro, who she, herself, was making her way towards the estate, just as planned.
”Hey Hiiro!” Haruji began, giving a warm smile in Hiiro’s direction, however it felt as though the Snake Zodiac member was a bit occupied with herself. Although she looked quite beautiful in her sanguine kimono, with her hair and make-up nicely done, she seemed… well, very stressed out. Well, that was a given; after all, they were heading over to the Family Head, where Hiiro was planning to tell Aiko Sohma of her lone pregnancy. However her earlier, optimistic behaviour threw Haruji slightly off reality, and it was only when he saw Hiiro in her anxious state. Nonetheless, Hiiro continued on, still looking quite occupied with her own introspective-self.
"Do you know where Yuuto went? Is he heading over to the Sohma Estate, too? My gosh, why are you so far away?! It's hard for me to--"
At the mention of Yuuto, Haruji recalled what had happened earlier, also hoping that his goatish cousin had returned home safely. Yuuto, also, seemed quite occupied at the time; a family meeting was turning out to be quite a hectic and panicked affair. This was proven more evident, as Hiiro, once again, spaced out, almost as though she had forgotten she left a cooker on at home there and then.

”Hiiro?” Haruji inquired, taking a step towards his red-haired cousin, however it seemed as though she could not hear him, caught up within an intense thought of hers. It didn’t take Hiiro long, however, to snap out of it, looking a bit worse-for-wear from whatever she was thinking of. She was quickly to regain some composure, however, at the sight of Ichirou; she must’ve been wondering why Haruji was bouncing down the street only seconds before by himself! Nonetheless, Hiiro hastily brushed aside her odd behaviour as [color=#]”hormones”[/color], and was hastier to leave their company in search of Yuuto.
”Hiiro, hold on!” Haruji began, taking a step or two forward after her, however, once Haruji realised that it was futile to follow her, the young man let out a pensive sigh, rubbing the back of his head. Indeed, family meetings were chaotic indeed.

“Well, I guess Aiko is getting a ton of visitors today … I hope Hiiro is okay by the time she gets there… Did I do something?”
Haruji turned around to see Ichirou scratch the back of his neck, looking as mystified as Haruji; well, Haruji, at least, some part of the story, however he was starting to get the feeling that he knew quite little about Hiiro, despite how close he thought they were. Or, again, the family meeting was getting to everyone…
Oh, you did nothing!” Haruji exclaimed, facing Ichirou with a nervous smile ”It’s… just a rough day, I suppose, hahah…”

Haruji’s laughter trailed on awkwardly, however he was capable of still maintaining a smile.
”Anyway, we better head for the house! Otherwise the meeting will begin without us!”
Without another word, Haruji continued down the path the same as earlier, with a joyful step, however, unlike earlier, his doubts were eating more and more at him; will it be alright? Haruji couldn’t care less what the Family Head did to him, no; he had enough physical and mental lashing to gain a tolerance for it over the years. It unnerved him, however, to think of others in that situation… and yet there was no solution to the problem without conflict. It felt as though they were running into a rabbit trap, yet there was no where else to go, other than the Sohma Estates.

”Come on Ichirou, get a move on!” Haruji added cheerful, trying to boost his courage up as much as possible...



And so the journey through the Family Head’s house began and, despite everything, Miuru would be lying to herself if she did not ever fester a curiosity for what lay inside the mysterious house. Such stigma and rumor had hovered its property over the years, a house Miuru had yet to step into until that very day, however it did not live up to the suspicious expectations that were thrust upon it. Whether or not it was the environment itself or simply Aiko’s calm and efficient way of guiding, Miuru could not tell, yet her eyes seemed more active than they usually do in a normal day. Who knew when she would be able to return to the house, to satiate her curiosity, and thus the girl planned to make the most of her visit, even if she did not seem to be enjoying the guide externally.

Her interest contrasted the dark atmosphere that garnered the house like a heavy piece of cloth, as not only the hallways contained an almost eternal darkness, but also the people within were more shadow like than human. They did there job with efficiently, yet there was no liveliness in the work.
Not that Miuru was complaining, no; she never did hold a sentiment for a lively environment, yet even she noted that it was all a bit strange, if not even abnormal. She simply nodded as Aiko moved on from the kitchen, as if she was only noting the layout, and nothing more. It was hard to navigate through the hallways, as the light was dim and weak in the house. It was also a strange thing to note, but with Aiko’s lead, it caused little hassle.
She wondered how her father could walk these halls; most likely due to experience, yet Miuru doubted the man’s eyesight quite a lot… yes, the same father who sent her on this odd errand. She had yet to fully figure it all out, as she kept silent and kept the time not wasted on words to think about [i]why
she was there; to find a notebook. Why? Well, it was important. But then again, he could have went in her stead, what was so important about that day-

"You can see the portraits of my father, the family head and each family head preceding him.
My ancestors have all had their place found upon this wall."

Miuru snapped back in concentration, naturally following Aiko around without even thinking. She was grateful that she did not fall over or even bump into the host in her deep thought; whatever was occurring within her household, she had to focus on the task on hand. The family portraits, indeed, hold Miuru’s interest, however whether or not it was the intense style of the portraits or not, it was uncertain. Nevertheless, Miuru took a closer look at the paintings or, at least, as close as she could without it being considered rude; they stared right back at her, each portrait containing the illusion that the figures within them watched passersby. There was only one portrait left empty, with no inscription to the nameplate.
“Who…” Miuru whispered, however it was barely audible, and Miuru did not elaborate on the question; if it was of importance, something would have been said.

"It is quite interesting. As I've heard you are but a year older than myself yet we have only now met. Not to say that there were not valid explanations on both our parts as to why a meeting such as this never came sooner but I have seen almost each of the older family members, your father included, at least once before."
Aiko’s question did not catch her off guard, especially since it was the first time he approached their lack of acquaintance in their brief company. Aiko, indeed, echo a question Miuru also asked herself, however Miuru had an inkling why; the rumors surrounding the Family Head were suspicious at best, her father protective of his now sole child. Yet she could hardly answer him with such an answer, especially since Miuru was uncertain of it herself.
”I… I participate a lot… school activities…”
It wasn’t untrue; Miuru was, indeed, often caught up in sport events held by the school, however it was not the best answer to the question. The Dog Zodiac member felt there was none available to her at the time, thus kept her suspicions to herself. All she knew, herself, was there was a reason why her father did not quite allow her with the Family Head, albeit Miuru had yet to decide which reason it could be.

It seemed like the question was put aside, for the moment, as Aiko escorted her out in the garden, a glaring bright light of the afternoon that was welcomed from the dark corridors of Aiko’s abode. It was, indeed, a beautiful garden, in many regards; laid out well, yet still maintaining a natural imagery. The rock garden did impress her to some degree as Miuru, colour-blind to some degree, never understood the aspect of having a green garden.
The grey, stone garden space, although dull to some, was a welcomed changed, which was expressed by adjusting her glasses on her face. The ivory table situated in the garden drew her attention, like a bright centerpiece of the painting, the rib-cage fixture interesting her the most, especially the one bone that had gone awry… There was something familiar to the statue, which lead her to think back on what her father once told her… Did the current Family Head not have difficulties, in regards to his rib-cage? Alas, her father never indulged her with the details, believing that she had no use of said information…

This is the garden. It's a purely aesthetic segment of this house although it does serve a purpose quite close to me. You see, I tend to feed the crows which come here, hence the table. I do enjoy watching them come and dine."
Aiko once go interrupted her train-of-thought, and although his face did not seem lively in surmising an activity he claimed he enjoyed watching, there was some sort of enthusiasm in his voice… Miuru thought anyway.
She found he spoke a lot, and was hard to read thus, as if the more words he spewed, the more it concealed… Or perhaps Miuru had grown too accustomed to brief, broken conversations. Most likely the latter, regardless, whilst talking of the crows his tone did… seem to change. Or, rather, it was a different aspect to a stranger she knew through stories in the years before that moment. However, the further they trekked in this conversation, the more in-depth they were journeying…

"Your father has always been quite loyal, always serving my family to the best of his ability. He's been there for us in the best of times... And the worst of times."
All through the tour, Miuru rarely looked up, beyond looking at the floors or walls, rarely even made note in her behaviour to indicate any interest or the like. However, at the mention of her father, Miuru looked up at Aiko straight on in the face; her expression, of course, did not change, however it was evident that he had her attention. Despite her ponderings of him, Miuru could care less what others thought of her father, however at the mention of “the worst of times”…

"I've spent many years speaking to people well older than myself. I've only ever had seniority over others in title and training alone. Though you are indeed a year older than myself I intend to speak with you as an equal, if not in position within the family hierarchy then at least in age. That way I hope to foster a lack of need for such reservation as you've shown so far. Such intent is not ill welcomed, no?"
Miuru’s “reservation”; she gave an audible sigh, supposedly a substitute for a laugh, however, to strangers, it sounded more like a sigh of thought. She found Aiko quite suspicious in his comment, as she found suspicion in anyone who found her distant, to some extent; Miuru shifted her glasses on the bridge of her nose, in the process of thinking.
He did speak some truths; they were, indeed, around the same age, in comparison to other members of the Sohma clan, it was odd, in fact, that they had not bonded one way or another due to this alone.
Of course, probably due to his ailments, that would be impossible, however, was it so strange to request friendship from one almost equal in age? What was the protocol for these situations? Miuru continued to fiddle with her glasses, looking less likely to be thinking, moreso simply fidgeting for one reason or another.

”I… … An acquaintance would not be… ill welcomed…”
Miuru almost repeated Aiko, however avoided the topic of being equals; this was the Family Head she was conversing with, she could not simply waltz about whilst paying no attention to her surroundings. It almost seemed that Aiko caught onto her lack of conversation, which was little to none; now faced the challenge of interacting.
"I've spoken much already. How about yourself? How has life treated you in these many years we haven't spoken?"
Miuru mused the questions asked of her. How strange to ask how she were, was she not standing in front of him patiently?
Alas, it was a question… she was not asked of lately, or in the same manner posed. Her mother avoided her at all costs, becoming just another tenant in the house; her father inquired about her well being, but it was moreso to check if she did not go wild in front of others once more.
As such, she gave another little sigh, a replacement for a smile, and looked at Aiko’s face as she spoke; it was polite enough to do so.

”I… am well, Sohma-san… There isn’t… really much to life…”
Miuru finally stopped messing around with her glasses, having calmed down a bit more. It was not as challenging as she thought it would be, conversing to the Family Head. If all she needed to do was to say she was fine to interact with him, Miuru found the job easy.
”Yourself… Sohma-san… is there… life here?”
Miuru never comprehended how odd a question she posed, nonetheless she meant it, to some degree; despite the beautiful garden, a full-working staff and a large home… something felt amiss. Or, rather, just like the chefs before, it felt as though there were shadows, not humans, wandering the house… although that was a far too elaborate thought on the situation to actually express. Miuru had yet to realise that what she had just said was rather elaborate and, daresay, quite gloomy, regardless, since Miuru was having a little “streak” in dialogue, she continued.
”Father… is a stick in the mud… Mustn’t be much company…”
The notebook had yet to escape her memory, of course; as much as the conversation was quite nice, she was still there on a job, an errand. Yet there was no need to rush it; there was another errand in hand, to see another dimension to her father… For she did find him quite to be a stick-in-the-mud, regardless of the smiles and cheer he acted upon.

Whether she found Aiko to be a stick-in-the-mud… she did not know. The atmosphere around him was quite heavy and distant, however they were never things Miuru would actively complain about, for she would be similar, in the regards of being somewhat aloof. Yet he talked quite a lot or, rather, quite a lot to Miuru’s standard. As she thought before, it felt that he was hiding something away from her, through his questions and narration. Almost as though this was one half of a stranger… Then again, as a stranger, in some aspects, she found Aiko hard to judge.

Speaking of Aiko, it seemed he was thinking, to some extent, to himself, as it took a while for Miuru to respond to his questions, even when they were brief and simple.
”... … …I… can hear the cogs in your brain… turning from here…”
Miuru threw in that last remark, almost like a bad attempt to lighten the mood, however which would probably be blown into the wind, due to the fact that Miuru kept her monotone voice whilst saying it. Yet her remark remained the same; being quite brave, she wondered what he was thinking of. A brave thought, and an almost hypocritical one, as many could ponder the same about herself. Regardless, Miuru had little idea of whether she would ever be allowed to meet the Family Head again, and a notebook could always wait.
Let her curiosity be satiated before she returns to her “happy household” environment...