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Katra Sohma

"Let's have some fun." WIP

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a character in “Fruits Basket: N Generation”, as played by Horseygirl


Katra Sohma

Katra Sohma



Zodac Form:

Deeper Description:
Let's just say. . . Kat isn't shy about her appearance. She as raven black curls, with red highlights. Her eyes are a bright, clear crimson that go along with hair. She has tanned skin, with a dash of deep pink at her cheeks and full lips.
Katra has a curvy body with almost no fat whatsoever, and long legs. She weighs 110lbs, and stands at 5'3". She is very attractive, like most of the zodiac.

Katra is. . . Not a very cautious person, to say the least. She throws caution to the wind, and loves to have fun. But if you chose to hang out with her, then you're sure to have a lot of fun. She hates being bored, and is constantly getting into trouble. She doesn't tolerate being pushed around, and won't hesitate to push back. If she thinks someone is being a little too high and mighty, Shes not afraid to take them down a peg. She doesn't care about what others think of her.
She'll do anything just for the thrill of it. She loves to laugh, and have fun. She is very good at convincing people to do these things with her, and usually people either hate her afterwords, or love her for it.
Shes rather friendly and naive, even to people she's never met. Behind the reckless part of her, She is actually quite gentle and loving. She is fiercely loyal once she is attached to someone, and will always stick up for them no matter how many times they might have hurt her. You never lose Katra's trust, once you have managed to earn it. Alice is still very tender and affectionate.

Kat is not one who takes to being pushed around well. She is very strong-willed and hates being thought of as weak. It's hard for her to ask for help with things, not wanting for people to think of her as needy. Kat is very independent and determined to do things on her own. If you dare say shes too weak or small to do something, there's no stopping her. She'll try and try and try until shes done whatever it is, ten times better then you ever could. Even if it means getting hurt.

When Katra is around her loved ones, she is very teasing and lighthearted. She loves to laugh, and see others smile. When Kat like this, it's often hard to believe that she could take anything seriously.
Kat is also quite the flirt. She is very alluring and has a terrible habit of leading people on. But really, some people are too easy- with a swing of her hips and a bat of her lashes, they're hers. She likes a challenge. But that still doesn't stop her from seducing people very easily. Rawr!

Special Skills:

-Having fun
-Being with friends
-A challenge
-Feeling safe

-The head of the family
-Boring people
-Feeling forgotten
-Feeling used

History: (paragraph please)

Anything Else:

So begins...

Katra Sohma's Story


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Yoshino Mei Sohma

Yoshino woke up during the early hours of the morning, early enough to sit and enjoy watching the sun rise before she thought about preparing for the long day ahead of herself. She was in the shower when she heard her fellow Sohma's, or at least the one's she lived at the Shrine with, get up and begin their own day.

This was her cue to get a move on and she quickly finished up, dried off and got dressed in the high school uniform she was required to wear. By the time she was ready to leave her room she had dried her white-pink hair and placed the long strands in two loose ponytails below her ears and her school blouse and skirt were perfectly creased in all the proper areas. A quick glance in her mirror told her she was good to go and, without another moment's hesitation, the Tiger of the Zodiac grabbed her school bag, shoved her feet into her shoes and confidently strode from the room.

She had a meeting, then school, to attend.


After the meeting, Yoshino tiredly rolled her piercing red eyes as she stepped from the large house the 'God' lived in. How she hated to enter that place, to sit under Rin's cold glare as she made sure that everything in the Sohma family was in order. That thought sent shivers down the confident teenager's spine as she quickly left the porch of the detested building behind her and came upon the group that gathered at the gates though she didn't stop much longer than a moment as she called to the others who would be attending school with her.

"See you at school!"

She kept walking as she half-turned to shoot a cheerful smile and wave at the others before continuing on to attend classes. This was just how Yoshino was; confident, cool yet kind, and determined to always be on time. Sure, she didn't like being alone but being late certainly trumped that any day.