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Shinjiro Ichirou Sohma


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a character in “Fruits Basket: N Generation”, originally authored by NasiaWords, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Shinjiro Ichirou Sohma



Age: 23
Gender: Male
Zodiac Animal
Position: God


Description: Shinjiro stands at about 5’8” and weighs a mere 120 pounds. His soft black hair reaches to about his chin, occasionally covering up his deep grey eyes. Shinjiro has very pale skin and always looks tired. He is always sickly, so he is rather frail looking, but strong. Though small, he has an athletic build. Shinjiro only wears his amazingly beautiful kimonos around the Sohma estate. When he is out, he often wears suit, unless of course he is sneaking out. When he sneaks out, he wears his favorite disguise: a hat, black trench coat with a turtle neck underneath, gloves, black jeans and boots. Shinjiro looks the same, but different. When he disguises himself, he looks much younger than when he wears his kimonos. As Suoh, he has a warm and inviting presence, but as Shinjiro, he has a cold, mean presence that no one would mess with.



Personality: Shinjiro seems, at first glance, like a stuck up jerk that cares only about himself. It is true, but that is only part of who he really is. To the Juunishi, he is cold, unforgiving and a menace. Very few truly respect him, the other only do because of the curse BOND makes them. Deeply, he is lonely and like a child, hanging onto the last bit of what he holds dear. As far as he is concerned, the bond will never break and he will have all them to himself, not allowing the dirty and disgusting outside ruin them.

Special Skills:
- Reads fast

- Quiet
- Flowers
- The Bond
- Books
- Being in control
- Purple
- Lettuce

- Loudness
- Being looked down on
- Being forgotten
- Outsiders
- The Cat


History: Once Shinjiro was born, he was treated as a king and a prisoner at the same time. For the first three years of his life, most all the Juunishi were old and on their way to greet Death. Thankfully, once he had the ability to remember better, all the new Juunishi came. One by one, he met them all, whether instantly after birth or years later. He had instantly felt a special bond with all of them. A bond where he controlled their every move. He had never felt better. Shinjiro was weak though and was always getting sick, pushing him further and further. The only way he covered up his weakness was by hiding or lashing out on whoever he could. As he grew older, he figured out who each of them were and how they ticked. Now he feels as though he has complete control, and anyone who tries to get in the way, will be punished.

Anything Else:
- Loves to paint flowers in his room



So begins...

Shinjiro Ichirou Sohma's Story


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Yoshino Mei Sohma

Yoshino woke up during the early hours of the morning, early enough to sit and enjoy watching the sun rise before she thought about preparing for the long day ahead of herself. She was in the shower when she heard her fellow Sohma's, or at least the one's she lived at the Shrine with, get up and begin their own day.

This was her cue to get a move on and she quickly finished up, dried off and got dressed in the high school uniform she was required to wear. By the time she was ready to leave her room she had dried her white-pink hair and placed the long strands in two loose ponytails below her ears and her school blouse and skirt were perfectly creased in all the proper areas. A quick glance in her mirror told her she was good to go and, without another moment's hesitation, the Tiger of the Zodiac grabbed her school bag, shoved her feet into her shoes and confidently strode from the room.

She had a meeting, then school, to attend.


After the meeting, Yoshino tiredly rolled her piercing red eyes as she stepped from the large house the 'God' lived in. How she hated to enter that place, to sit under Rin's cold glare as she made sure that everything in the Sohma family was in order. That thought sent shivers down the confident teenager's spine as she quickly left the porch of the detested building behind her and came upon the group that gathered at the gates though she didn't stop much longer than a moment as she called to the others who would be attending school with her.

"See you at school!"

She kept walking as she half-turned to shoot a cheerful smile and wave at the others before continuing on to attend classes. This was just how Yoshino was; confident, cool yet kind, and determined to always be on time. Sure, she didn't like being alone but being late certainly trumped that any day.